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"I wish you'd show me your "loves," Boss ♡"

Yukino (Japanese: 雪乃) is a young student and Gyaru who made her debut in the DMM/Japanese Steam version of the 2017 PC version of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, entitled Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation during the February 21, 2023 livestream, as well as during the January 25, 2024 update for the Singapore Steam/Johren version.


Early life[]

Yukino grew up in a strict household, and also initially went to a girl's private school. Although she had friends during that time, she initially wasn't particularly satisfied with the fashion choices available to her. Her life changed when she by chance discovered a magazine cover featuring Tamaki, and grew to idolize her largely because of her cool demeanor as well as her background as a former swimsuit model that became a fashion designer. This ultimately inspired her to switch schools to a less strict one regarding fashion sense, which inspired her interest in people's "loves" due to how Tamaki inspired her, and was presumably what lead her to adopt the gyaru subculture.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation[]

She eventually traveled to Venus Islands due to learning via social media that Tamaki was located there. She started taking photos on her phone before witnessing a picture blowing past her in the wind. She grabbed the picture and returned it to the owner, also discovering a whole stash of pictures of various girls, including Tamaki.



Yukino has pale skin, violet eyes, and long hair tied into a ponytail, which either appears as brown or bleached blonde with pink highlights. She also wears an outfit consisting of a long sleeved white crop top, a gold chain and heart necklace, a leopard-print belt, a pink bikini, black and gold sandals with gold chains and pink heart crystals, a pair of black short shorts and gold chains around her shorts and waist.


Yukino is outgoing and has a bubbly personality, she spends most of her time taking selfies and being on her phone. Ever the outgoing and sociable person, she especially likes trying to find out other people's "loves", which she implies was rooted in her background. She also has a somewhat mischevious personality, as evidenced by her lifting her bikini strap upon noticing the Owner's eyes wandering to her breasts. While nowhere near as lewd as her idol Tamaki, she nevertheless is shown to be similarly more overt in displays of gratitude, which can catch her fellow Venuses off guard.

Prior to adopting gyaru subculture fashion, she had a more moe-esque personality, with traces of it occasionally popping up such as during a photoshoot after the Owner requested for a cute pose.


Yukino is a Japanese name that has varying meanings depending on the Kanji used, though the hiragana spelling generally means snow, either on a tree or in a field that's affiliated with a shrine or temple.



Yukino was a huge fangirl of Tamaki for her modeling career, even going to the Venus Islands due to her presence there, being aware of her participating in the Venus Festival due to social media sites. She was also the reason Yukino had a love of "loves" and presumably why she adopted the gyaru subculture of fashion.

She eventually encountered Tamaki in person when the latter groped her, shocking her, though she was nevertheless pleased to meet her. She then attempted to ask Tamaki for pointers on how to be a venus, although Tamaki, while appreciating how Yukino idolized her, nevertheless refused on those grounds, and instead suggested she find other venuses and question them on their passions so she could determine for herself a reason beyond emulating Tamaki, also promising to talk to her after she'd done that task. True to her word, Tamaki then talked with Yukino after she had questioned everyone on the island, with Yukino deciding she wanted to sparkle with love like the rest of the venuses. They then agreed to be friends and rivals, with Tamaki making clear she wouldn't go easy on her, while Yukino enthusiastically agreed she didn't even want Tamaki to go easy on her anyway.


Yukino met Misaki and Honoka while trying to ask around for various venuses "loves". Misaki mentioned that she loved bubble tea and suggested Yukino try it out with her. Yukino was impressed that Misaki had a part-time job, admitting that her own school doesn't allow for any part-time work, surprising Misaki. After Misaki had to cut their discussion short to get back to her job, Yukino vowed to take up Misaki's offer to have bubble tea together in the future.


During Yukino's first encounter with Honoka and Misaki, Honoka mentioned her fondness for her grandma, making her a "Granny's Girl" as Yukino put it, with Yukino admitting that was indeed what she pictured Honoka as. Upon learning that Honoka often sent the Boss's photos of her to her grandma, Yukino asked if the pictures included any sexy ones, only for Misaki to interject that Honoka's too naive to even tell the difference and that she had to constantly screen any pictures of Honoka before clearing them to be sent out to ensure she didn't end up accidentally sending a sexy picture. Honoka also suggested before leaving that Yukino go to the beach due to the time of day ensuring at least one venus should be there.


Yukino met Tsukushi on the beach just as the latter had considered trying to scout out venuses to brainstorm ideas for her manga, with Yukino in particular acting on advice from Honoka on where to find more venuses for her survey. Tsukushi was nervous of Yukino when she first met her largely due to her being an outgoing gyaru, which she considered her arch nemesis (implied to be related to her innate shyness as a nerd). However, she nevertheless was entranced enough with her interactivity to admit to her "loves" of manga and to a degree her liking of the islands' venuses. However, she did express reluctance to model Yukino despite the latter's eagerness to do so, causing her to wonder if she went to heaven or hell in response.


Yukino, partly due to curiosity of the room, met Fiona as well as Koharu in a Japanese-themed room where they were in the middle of teatime (specifically using matcha tea as well as sweets Fiona brought along). Afterwards, Yukino asked them about their "loves", with Fiona freely admitting to her admiration for the Boss and even that such had been the reason she arrived at the island. Yukino admitted it was very bold and to being impressed at this. However, she was reluctant to state her own feelings for the Boss when Fiona asked due to not being accustomed to the island yet. Fiona then told Yukino they're welcome to have another tea party later on when she had to leave abruptly to find more venuses to ask about their loves.


During Yukino's teatime with Koharu and Fiona, Yukino especially enjoyed the matcha tea due to having a chance at tasting the real stuff over the ice cream version. Afterwards, Yukino asked them about their "loves". Koharu was reluctant to admit to her crush on the Boss partly because of her focus on training to be a hostess, though she did cite her "love" of Japanese classic literature like The Tale of Genji. Afterwards, Yukino left abruptly due to still needing to find out various girls' likes. Koharu stated it was nice meeting her, though she also attempted to request that Yukino keep their specific girl talk a secret, which Yukino agreed to and upheld during her report to the Owner later on.


Lobelia met Yukino in a more awkward manner by entering the room after repeated attempts at knocking at the door while Yukino was admiring her new outfit. They made small talk with Lobelia learning about Yukino's love of aquariums and comparing it with her own love of flowers (as Lobelia was wearing a swimsuit for the upcoming festival that was modeled after goldfish). Lobelia then decided to have Yukino subject to a beauty treatment partly due to anticipating that Yukino ultimately wanted to show off her new swimwear to the Boss. However, she was slightly alarmed by Yukino's more overt display of gratitude afterwards.


Although she did not actually meet Ayane at this time, Yukino noticed Ayane's bromide picture fly in the wind after taking a selfie of herself upon arrival at the island, and handed it back to the Owner, noting she liked her outfit.

She later met Ayane in person after Lobelia had Ayane arrive at a spa bathroom to give Yukino a beauty treatment. Ayane was somewhat taken aback by Yukino's more outgoing character, but nevertheless accepted the offer.


Yukino met Monica as well as Momiji when the latter two arrived at her room as part of a pajama party, which was implied to be a traditional way of welcoming new venuses. Monica when asked about her loves during ice breaking chats made clear her love of casinos and especially showdowns qualified, with Yukino also expressing interest in trying out casino games, especially when she never experienced them before yet tended to have luck. Monica also took an instant liking to Yukino's cat-like outfit and assumed that it would be a lucky swimsuit to use against the Boss in a showdown. She also encouraged Yukino to show it to him after she sheepishly admitted she hadn't even gotten the chance to show the Boss yet, citing that the Boss was always serious even when playing showdowns with her and wouldn't mock her for any mistakes in the game.


Yukino met Momiji as well as Monica when the latter two arrived at her room as part of a pajama party, which was implied to be a traditional way of welcoming new venuses. Momiji when asked about her loves during ice breaking chats made clear her love of reading and knitting, also apologizing that this wasn't particularly interesting info, only for Yukino to reassure her that they fit her well, and if anything, she expected it due to pegging her as a big sister type. In turn Momiji also reassured Yukino that the Owner wouldn't tear Yukino down for her cat-like outfit by stating he wasn't the type to do so, and also offered to simply relay the information to him if she wished, though Yukino refused due to becoming more determined to find out from the Owner herself.


Dead or Alive series[]

Music themes[]

The following are the music themes used for Yukino throughout the series.

Theme Game appearances
I Like It Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation


Promotional images


  • She is the fourth character to be unveiled during a livestream, after Tsukushi (whose voice actress coincidentally appeared in the livestream Yukino was announced in), Amy, and Shandy.
    • She is also the third one to initially have a single voice actress be listed for the livestream, after Tsukushi and Shandy. Unlike those two, however, her voice actress Kaori Maeda tweeted her involvement in the game two days before the airing of the livestream.
    • Of the various characters who debuted in a livestream, she is the only one where her debut episodes have her directly interacting with the character whose voice actress was the focus of said livestream.
  • Although her nationality hasn't been revealed due to Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation not listing nationalities for their characters, she is implied by the Hiragana spelling of her name to be Japanese.
    • During the livestream, she was specified to have been modeled in overall design after the gyaru subculture in Japan.
  • She is the sixth girl to not use honorifics for the boss, after Misaki, Nanami, Elise, Tina and Amy. In her case, it's implied to be tied to her outgoing personality. She did, however, refer to him as "Owner-Jan" twice, once when introducing herself in the first daily login bonus of her debut, and the other time during her self-introduction episode.
  • Although various characters in the Dead or Alive series have had unusual hair colors, Yukino is the first girl to have her hair colors be an explicit dye job.
  • Yukino is the second girl to debut after her birthday period had passed, after Tina.
  • As of now, Yukino is the oldest 18 year old in the series.
  • Yukino is the second girl to use a cell phone's camera option in her debut episode, after Tamaki. Similar to Tamaki, her cell-phone also has a stylized back cover (in her case, red with hearts and tropical fish designs).
  • Yukino is the ninth girl to explicitly give the Owner her measurements, after Nagisa, Monica, Sayuri, Tsukushi, Nanami, Elise, Tina, and Shandy. She also implies her measurements were constantly growing due to mentioning they might have changed from "a minute ago."
  • Yukino is the eighth girl to have more than two paid SSRs (not counting birthday SSRs), after Leifang, Nagisa, Kanna, Sayuri (Steam version only), Elise, Tina, and Shandy, and is the third girl to have a paid collaboration SSR, after Elise and Tina.
    • She is also the only one of the three thus far to have her paid collaboration SSR be released in the Singapore Steam/Johren versions.
  • In the Japanese versions, she uses the first person pronoun "Atashi" to refer to herself.
  • Her anniversary gacha was released during her first anniversary of debut in the DMM version, making her the second girl to have her anniversary gacha debut earlier than the third year (after Tina).
  • In the first episode of the Nothing Beats a gyaru arc "Partner's Advice", Yukino mentioned previously owning goldfish in her aquarium, and also implies that her love of aquariums (which technically conflicted with her outgoing gyaru personality) was an extension of her love of "loves" due to the multiple colored fish.
  • According to the 5mm Tie-Up event episodes, Yukino requested for a beach terrace to be constructed on one of the Venus Islands' beaches due to recognizing its potential as a social media spot.
  • According to Famitsu's coverage of the sixth anniversary, Yukino was created to convey the idea of a gyaru who gave off a cheerful vibe, and credited Kaori Maeda for bringing said characterization to life. He also indicated that her alternate/natural hairstyle was meant to be black, but it turned out brown in the final versions of her girl episodes.
    • Concept art for her revealed that, besides her natural hair color originally being black instead of brown, she also had three differing hairstyles. The same designs also indicated that Yukino's gyaru dyed hair colors were originally supposed to have green highlights rather than neon pink.[1]

Notes and references[]

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