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Yohei Shimbori

Yohei Shimbori (新堀 洋平 Shinbori Yōhei) is a former member of staff at Koei Tecmo, as part of Team Ninja. He has worked on previous Dead or Alive titles, including Dead or Alive Ultimate and Dead or Alive 4, and the director for Dead or Alive 5 up to Dead or Alive 6 (sans the Xtreme series).


Shimbori has had a long-term passion for fighting games; he had a tournament of a "certain well-known fighting game", and held his own tournaments while he was a student. His personal goal was to make an online fighting game, so he studied IT and basic programming in college and around the time he started working. This led to Shimbori being hired by Tecmo to work on Dead or Alive Ultimate (the first Dead or Alive game to feature online co-op), mostly as a tester.[1]

After Ultimate was complete, Shimbori continued to work for Team Ninja during the development for Dead or Alive 4, primarily on the game's fighting system. Some of his ideas that made it into the final version of Dead or Alive 4 include bounce combos, critical launch height change, and ground strikes, as well as a lot of the changes in the strike system.

Shimbori was the director for Dead or Alive 5 up to Dead or Alive 6 (sans Xtreme series).[2]

On March 31st 2021, he left Koei Tecmo. On December 12th 2023, Shimbori was revealed to have joined Bandai Namco as an assistant director for upcoming 2024 fighting game Tekken 8. Shimbori later confirmed his involvement with Bandai Namco on December 17th 2023.[3]



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