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The Venus Islands are a small tropical archipelago in the South Pacific, which acts as the primary location for Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation. It shares some similarities to New Zack Island, including that Zack is the implied owner of the island.


The exact history of the Venus Islands is unknown other than Zack having acquired it at some point and presumably hired a skeleton staff for it. It was known for its Venus Festival, a female-exclusive festival designed to celebrate women's beauty and strength (although Ayane implies that it's created as an excuse to play Beach Volleyball). Supposedly, the Venus Festival originated when an Island God made a decree to form a festival to bring about happiness when a never-ending storm plagued humans and mermaids alike, as well as a festival of prayer to a moon goddess, although both of these were strongly implied to have been made up by the formal owner of the Island. Aside from these, Luna indicated that there was an ancient manuscript that had meeting of minds fortune telling at one point. A ghost of a young high-class girl that had a strong resemblance to Lobelia (implied to be a girl who got sealed inside a castle after a failed attempt at fleeing the castle with a stranger during a masquerade ball) haunted the island trying to seduce any man on there. The Owner built a beach terrace on one of the beaches on the island at Yukino's request due to its potential as a social media spot.

Besides the main festival island, there was also at least three other islands. One was a small island within walking, swimming, and boating distance. According to its occupant, Patty, it was small, teeming with life, and only had radios as a means to view the outside world, lacking an Internet connection or TV. Patty also indicated the locals of her island when celebrating the New Year hold an entire day-long festival that has a feast, music playing until dark, and lots of dancing. Another was a "Rich Young Ladies" island, presumably a high-scale resort island reserved for high-class women. The last one had a shopping district, with a confectionary shop opening.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation[]

At some point, Zack hired a tenant for the island to oversee the island's development into the ultimate resort, although he neglected to give full details to the newly-arrived owner, requiring Misaki, one of the workers at the island, to show him the ropes. Zack himself was implied to have conducted scouting duty for possible girls to be recruited to act as "Venuses", with only one confirmed recruit.

At some point, several of the female participants in past Dead or Alive World Combat Championship tournaments arrived at the island for various reasons relating to the festival (or in the case of Leifang and to a lesser extent Tina and Amy, simply to have a vacation). A few other females also arrived to participate for their own reasons. In addition, one visitor even lived in close proximity to the main festival island prior to formally joining the festival, and another visitor had previously been an owner for one of the islands in the archipelago in question. At one point, Hitomi and Misaki were dispatched by the main island's tenant to a Rich Young Ladies' Island for a day for reasons relating to compensation over a Kimodameshi that underwent a fiasco due to rowdy Venuses.

Aside from the Venus Festival itself, they also had various themed festivals, many times given at the suggestion of several of the female guests/staff. At least once, there was a festival that not even the Owner was privy to.


The areas of the island included six volleyball courts, at least one shopping complex, a dock for yachts, a single multi-story hotel with a pool area and bar, a lighthouse, a massive statue in Zack's likeness and a tropical jungle which covered 40% of the island's land mass. The jungles are also situated in close proximity to a mountain, as well as having a lake nearby. There was also a beach behind the hotel, but was rarely accessible outside of boating due to the surrounding jungle.

The resort itself is composed of three islands (not counting Patty's home island), one of which acts as a volleyball court. A seaport presumably exists on the island, due to Sayuri arriving via ship at the island in her debut episode. The island's dock apparently was large enough to fit a cruise ship, as Misaki implied that Fiona had left the islands on a cruise ship for the Christmas season in the DMM version. Nanami also indicated that a general store existed on the island.

In addition, aside from the three islands that compose the resort, there was also another island in close enough proximity to allow people to walk if not boat or swim between the two islands, as implied by Patty's arrival at the resort and her frequency in doing so before joining. In addition, at least two other islands in the archipelago are alluded to: an island specifically reserved for "Rich young ladies", which Misaki and Hitomi went to as compensation for Tamaki and Nyotengu spoiling a Kimodameshi festival via their pranks; and another island that had a confectionery shop open up at some point, presumably including tapioca milk tea in its menu, based on what Misaki said to the boss.

A zoo was implied to exist on the island at some point, as Hitomi and Nagisa ended up being tasked by the Boss to promote the locale's opening by dressing up in animal-themed costumes (Nagisa in particular being very reluctant to participate). The islands also had enough geothermal activity to have hot springs in the vicinity, which can be implied by the presence of an onsen.

List of Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball locations[]

  • Jungle - A jungle in the island’s interior. The lush vegetation means the sun isn’t as strong here as on the beach.
  • Nikki Beach - A beach that spans the southern shore of Zack Island. It’s named after Niki, Zack’s girlfriend.
  • Private Beach - Zack’s private beach on the island’s northern shore. There are some mysterious animals living there.
  • Bass Island - A small island off the southeast shore of Zack Island. It’s so tiny, you can’t even see it when the tide’s in.
  • Hotel - The hotel there the girls stay for the duration of their vacation.
    • Owner's Room - The personal quarters for the owner of the island.
  • Accessory Shop - This shop stocks hats, sunglasses, sneakers, and other accessories.
  • Zack of All Trades - A shop which deals in rare items, such as guns and ninja weapons.
  • Poolside - An area by the hotel where the girls can swim and/or sunbathe.

Flora and fauna[]

According to Patty, "scary fish" tend to come out at night, as she warned the Owner against going for a swim in the ocean towards her home island during that time while the latter was energized after the third anniversary. In addition, black-tailed seagulls, aka sea cats were frequent on the island, with the Owner also introducing Fiona to the animals in question. The island also had sea urchin-like plants near the mountain, as Fiona and Misaki discovered while attempting to synthesize an anti-fatigue drug at the Owner's request. Similarly, an aquatic organism known as Chestnuts existed in the nearby ocean, as Patty and Marie Rose discovered when conducting a similar alchemy trek.

Various flowering plants were also found on the island, with it being heavily implied that these flowers were key ingredients for various lotions and gels for the various girls in softening beauty events. At least one flowering plant known to be on the island was the mountain naupaka, which grew on the cliffsides, as Fiona and Lobelia discovered during their rock climbing competition. Beach naupakas were implied to grow on the island, as Lobelia and Fiona decided their next competition was to find one so they could merge it with the mountain naupaka Fiona found earlier so they could "bloom love."


Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation


  • Several of the locales are reused from Dead or Alive Xtreme 3.
  • Much like Zack Island, the Venus Islands has exceptionally hot weather, as can be implied by various comments from the girls.
    • On a similar note, the Venus Islands has a similar magic spell to that of New Zack Island that locks tengu such as Nyotengu into a more human appearance. However, it apparently had a delayed effect as her loss of her wings did not occur until after she first met with and chatted with the Owner.
  • The Venus Islands, or at least Patty's home island, lacked a formal education system, as can be implied by Patty's complete unfamiliarity with the concept of school before Misaki took it upon herself to teach her.
  • According to Marie Rose, there were at least eight wonders to be found on the Venus Islands, including a rumored Forest Elf/Fairy that resided in the jungle. It was eventually revealed to be a hoax put up by the Owner and Helena for a nature photoshoot, although Helena nonetheless speculated that a forest elf might actually exist on the island due to the abundance of nature on the island.

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