Formerly (as in many years ago) a contributor to the Mass Effect wiki, I have returned to my roots with Dead or Alive, a series I played long before Mass Effect, starting with Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore. The only other game of the series I own is Dead or Alive 5 Last Round on PS4.

I had been editing quite a bit here for a while anonymously, but I finally decided to make a new account. My old one has a name that's only relevant to editing the Mass Effect wiki...

I can be fairly described as a grammar pedant; I will correct your spelling and grammar whether you like it or not, and I will also strive towards making the wiki content simple, readable and well-structured. Less is more. I'm afraid I do not have any desire to get Dead or Alive 6, so I will do my best to edit the info provided by others whilst remaining somewhat ignorant myself.

My Favourite 5 DOA5 Characters[edit | edit source]

  1. Ayane (Has had a special place in my heart for a long time)
  2. Kasumi (Always gets the best musical themes, plus I still think she may be the best character to use in the game)
  3. Kokoro (Adorable and disturbingly easy to wreak massive damage with)
  4. Momiji (Super easy to use, with awesomely cool moves to boot)
  5. Phase 4 (Bewildered by her at first, I soon grew to love her and think she may be one of the best characters in the game)

Honorary mentions[edit | edit source]

Bayman, Leon, Ryu, Jann Lee, Gen Fu (first character I played seriously with), Leifang (first character I saw being used)

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