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  • My occupation is High School Senior
  • I am Male
DOA5 Bayman Render
Name Nick
Known as Pwndulquiorra
Nationality USFlag American
Birthday September 13th
Age 18
Blood Type B
Height 6’21/4
188 cm
Weight 167 lbs.
76 kg
Affiliation Anyone that wants to be affiliated with me
Fighting Style Krav Maga
Fighters of Choice Rig, Hitomi, Ayane, and Jann Lee
Most Favorite Fighter Ayane
Least Favorite Fighter Genra, Brad Wong being a close second
"Everything happens for a reason even if you don't know what that reason is."
—One of my philosophies

Hello Dead or Alive fans and users of this site. I'm Pwndulquiorra. Since I've decided to become more active on this particular site, I decided that now would be a good time to start working on my profile. So, here it is.

My Personality as a wholeEdit

Well, I've already done most of this on another wiki, which I will link to below but that profile is incredibly long and speech heavy and I don't think I'm interesting enough for anyone to read it all the way. So I'm going to put down some things about me as a general rule of thumb.

First, I'm a bit talkative and explanatory. I explain things in detail when I'm asked, which is something I've found useful when someone needs an explanation and I do enjoy explaining things so that's a bonus. However, because I don't know that much about Dead or Alive, I rely on the pages on this site and the users of this site as a general rule to help me understand what I just don't get.

Generally, I'm very serious: I will make a joke every now and then but my sense of humor isn't exactly the same as most other people and I've actually begun to think that telling jokes and socializing may not be the best thing to do in terms of my general situation so I'd like to apologize if I don't make a habit of talking to people on this site or anywhere from here on out. Due to the way I was raised, I can be somewhat anti-social, though I'm not impolite; in truth, I try to be respectful when I can and I'm learning to deal with old problems so that's a plus.

Now, I would like to note that despite trying not to be social I'm not unfriendly; I actually get along pretty well with people and I'm sure I'd be friendly to anyone that decides to leave me a message. Although, I'm pretty skeptical and I know others are, too, so if you don't believe that or if you just don't want to leave me a message then fine. This is just information I thought I'd note.

Despite sometimes seeming like a knowitall at times, I'm actually pretty unconfident. I actually have a lot of opinions of myself that you really don't want to have about you. And I've actually made a lot of screwups in the past that only help to support those opinions.

Just as well, I tend to be a bit obsessive, mostly toward characters and series but occasionally toward other people as well (as I've said, I'm trying to work on that). My obsessions usually stem from the fact that I like something and I want to know more about it. This causes me to do what I can to get what I need to learn more about the subject: Dead or Alive, I think, is probably the most relevant example on this site.

Something that I'm noting here that I've probably never noted on any other wiki is that I'm a logical thinker and I promote logical thinking: I try to gather clues about characters and situations located inside the series to help figure out what they're like. Now, that being said, I must admit that I do not support vandals: there's a difference between coming to a logical conclusion and coming up with crack theories or just destroying pages entirely. I can't say everyone agrees with me in terms of mindset but my mind has set that I will think freely instead of waiting for someone to tell me what to think, as users of other wikis I've been to seem to do (Note: This does not necessarily mean anyone on this wiki. I don't know anyone on this wiki so I can't really speak about anyone here).

That's just about everything important about me. If you want to read more about my personality and faults, go here.

Dead or AliveEdit

My interest in Dead or Alive is a bit unique in terms of origin when compared to other things I take interest in.

This goes all the way back to 2009: my birthday had passed and I had some money so I decided to get a game. That game turned out to be Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. The reason it was Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 was because I wanted a video game for the PS3, as I had no consoles or handheld devices made by any company other than Sony, and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 happened to get released in a little over two weeks after that. I had also seen gameplay with Ayane and Momiji and thought "Okay, I'll give this a shot."

I had gotten the game and it was really fun. My favorite character was Ayane for two reasons: first, she's a girl: my favorite characters in video games, manga, and real life are generally girls. The second reason was because she was reserved and there was so much about her personality that wasn't revealed in that game. So, what'd I do? I decided to go to the Ninja Gaiden wiki to look her up. Now, it was kind of hard because her profile wasn't exactly well-named. Though the profile was there, it was called Ayane (Dead or Alive) and had no redirect: I kept typing Ayane into the search bar and hitting enter before it could give me any search suggestions. That's not the name anymore so this little situation is more of a memory than any actual issue. Anyway, the profile said that she was a native character to the Dead or Alive series so I did what any other obsessive teenager would do: I came here. That's when my interest in the rest of the series sparked.

Now, as stated above, Ayane's my favorite character in the Dead or Alive series; that hasn't changed and I doubt it ever will. I like her appearance, for one thing: ignoring the sexual aspect of it, I like her facial structure, skin tone, eye color, and hair color. The one thing I don't like about her appearance is her build: you'd think that someone as fast and strong as she is would have some form of muscle definition. It's the same problem my mother and I have with Tifa Lockhart. Also, I enjoy her personality: I like that she isn't as soft as Kasumi and I can sympathize with her emotional side, given that I can be pretty sensitive and emotionally unstable at times.

Two other characters I like are Ryu and Hitomi: Ryu, I'm not entirely sure why. I mean, he's a good character in terms of personality and he does play well in the Dead or Alive games but I've found Ayane and Hitomi to be much more entertaining in terms of personality and Zack, Jann Lee, and Ein were always much better characters for me (Note: At the time, I only had Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore and, as a fighting game player, I generally prefer strike characters and aggressive strategies). As for Hitomi, I enjoy her respectful but playful attitude and I find her to be an easy to use character that's probably my fourth best character right now.

Them aside, I've been a pretty bad judge of character: for example, one character I used to like was Jann Lee. I liked that he could handle fights against tough opponents and his playing style made him more enjoyable. However, when I saw how he treated Leifang in Dead or Alive: Dimensions, I found myself thinking "Wow, what a jerk."

Another character that I liked at one point was Tina Armstrong: however, admittedly, that was more the hormones speaking than my actual personality. I found her somewhat attractive but only because she was incredibly sexualized. Now that I'm older and my hormones and libido are more under control, I think that Tina is a bit of an attention hog and I've dealt with more than enough attention hogs in my life. Besides, she's a grappling character and, in terms of fighting games, I've never figured out how to properly use grappling characters.

Zack is a character I'd use begrudgingly: he's money grubbing and the only greedy character I've ever liked is the Fullmetal Alchemist character named Greed. I also never really understood his obsession with Tina but that's just me. But, when I played DOA2 Hardcore, I found that he was my second best character.

Now Hayate is different from both Jann Lee and Tina in that the development of my opinion of him is opposite to them: I used to hate Hayate and didn't really understand other characters' views of him initially, since I thought he was a jerk. However, over time, I've begun to understand Hayate a bit more and though he's not my favorite character, I do find him somewhat enjoyable. Also, Ein was my best character in DOA2 Hardcore, though I must admit that he probably won't be my favorite character to use in Dead or Alive 5 since Hitomi will be playable and I plan on practicing thoroughly with Ayane.

Now that Dead or Alive 5 is out, I guess it's time I state my opinions on the new playable characters. Now, since this edit is mostly about the improvements to the series and the new characters, specifically Rig, I'll start with him. Now, despite what my last edit suggested about my expectations, Rig didn't meet mine. I mean, with the past Dead or Alive games, each character had the same ease or difficulty in use that I expected: Jann Lee and Ein were easy to get used to, Zack was useful, Leifang, Tina, and Bass aren't my types, and I'm currently trying to get the hang of Hayate and Ayane. Despite that, Rig was much tougher to get used to than I expected. I expected him to be an easier character based on his kicks and strikes but, as it turns out, he was tougher to use than either Jann Lee or Hitomi. That being said, I've gotten used to him and now he's in the top 3 for characters that I'm best with.

Conversely, Mila was easier to use, though I admit that I had more difficulty using her and Tina to beat Brad and Eliot than using Eliot to defeat Hitomi and Leifang simultaneously despite the fact that that fight was later (thus should've amounted to a more difficult AI) and the fact that Dead or Alive 5 is the first game I've ever used Eliot as well.

Kokoro was kind of easy, not as easy to get used to as the characters listed above but once I actually decided to stop going after the optional mission objectives in story mode I was actually able to get a couple of wins in without trying. She's a good character for me in that she's just mindless fun.

I'm not good with Brad Wong so I'm not even going to attempt to make it seem like I am.

As for the rest of DOA5, everything I have to say about its characters and gameplay I've, for the most part, said already. However, I would like to point out that I'm much better with Ayane than in previous attempts to use her, while Hayate is okay for me but, in the versus mode, I had to lose to Ryu about eight times before I started getting some wins. Every other character played about as well as I expected them to.

I have opinions of most of the characters in the series but I don't have much to say about them so I won't be putting them down.

That's pretty much everything I've got to say on Dead or Alive without someone asking me questions that haven't come to mind as of yet.

Thank youEdit

I just want to say thank you to whoever has read this profile for reading it this far. I can't say everyone agrees with my opinions so I'd like to say thank you for not trying to change them. I will try not to ruin yours and I'll see how I can help out around here from here on.

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