Hi there,

I would like to ask you why did you change (again) the section "ethymology" in Mila's page. I'm the first one who pointed "Mila" as a diminutive for Spanish names "Milagrosa" or "Milagros". Both names are correct in Spain (even there is a third one, Camila, but I thought it would be too much info since it is not very common in Spain).

So, why do you insist on erasing the reference of "Milagrosa" as a possible name? It is perfectly valid and it's not uncommon. I'm really curious.

And one last thing: you can't say "it's a Spaniard name". Spaniard is a substantive for Spanish people. Only people can be "Spaniards". The adjective for things related to Spain is "Spanish".

If you are from Spain and you feel like replying me, you can do it in Spanish.

See you<ac_metadata title="Mila: Mlagros, Milagrosa, Camila, etc."> </ac_metadata>

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