Hi. I wanna ask you why you put Andy Bogard having feelings for Mai? Cuz there isn’t enough evidence to suggest that and no official SNK source even states it. Plus in the Fatal Fury timeline he displays no romantic feelings for her at all and treats Mai like a younger sister. In fact they aren’t even together in Garou: MOTW. Which is proof of it. Even the developers made it clear they are not together and that she is looking for him since Andy has been gone for so long. Plus you do realize this version of Mai is from the DOA universe. Not Fatal Fury or KOf. The game seems to suggest she is canon to the DOA universe and is a resident there. Also none of the FF characters like Andy are even me me tioned in her character profile in the game or even through dialogue. So I feel this wiki needs to be edited and Andy shouldn’t be mentioned as he isn’t in the same universe as this incarnation of Mai.<ac_metadata title="Mai Shiranui’s profile"> </ac_metadata>

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