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*It has been said that the nose of a Tengu possesses tremendous healing properties.
*It has been said that the nose of a Tengu possesses tremendous healing properties.
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The Tengu are a mythical tribe of beast-men living in the wilderness of the mountains of Japan. Referred to as “goblins” by the Japanese public at large the Tengu possess very high and long noses and are physically superior to the average human. Height-wise a male Tengu stands at an average of seven shaku however some have been claimed to stand at ten.

Their skin tone is dark, usually red to dark red, but there are some Tengu that have the same skin tone as the average Japanese. The language they use is no different than the language used in historical Japan.


It is said that the Tengu arrived from the Asian continent and had a drastic effect on the Japanese, acting as teachers in order to demonstrate various technologies. The technology that is the basis of the various martial arts is usually obtained through the Tengu. However the Tengu did maintain a degree of secrecy. Living deep in the mountain forests their magical technologies and knowledge became the basis of Japanese occultism. In recent years the existence of the Tengu are shrouded in mystery with contact between them and other beings becoming difficult due to their secrecy. Nowadays it is rare to even see evidence of a Tengu, yet alone meet one.


Their bodies are generally broad, and they possess great physical strength. The everyday game of “Tengu Daoshi” reflects the strength of these beings. In this game they knock over full-grown pine trees in the mountains. It seems like simple vandalism, but apparently there’s a competitive side to the activity. The thicker the tree one can knock down, the more status one can earn. Tengu wear wings on their backs as fashion statements. This led to the belief that they used these wings to fly, however such statements were false. As the Tengu possess the same agility as the Shinobi Ninja clans, and as they have been sighted gracefully jumping from tree to tree in similar fashion while donning wings, it has been thought that they were capable of flight through them however it is just a testament of their control over the mystical forces of the world.


  • It has been said that the nose of a Tengu possesses tremendous healing properties.
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