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"Do whatever you like…♥"
—Tamaki in Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation

Tamaki (Japanese: たまき) is a fashion designer and aikido practitioner who made her debut in Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation during the April 12, 2018 update for the DMM version, and the July 10, 2019 update for the Singapore Steam version. On March 10, 2020 she made her fighting game debut in Dead or Alive 6.


Early life[]

She had initially been a swimsuit model, although she eventually changed careers to become a fashion designer. She also became acquainted with Helena and DOATEC as well, even designing two costumes modeled after J-Pop Idols for an event at DOATEC.

The Sixth Tournament[]

An alluring woman who has seen success as a model and a fashion designer. Tamaki’s natural talent is also apparent in her Aikido skills, which she began as a means of self-defense but has advanced to a master level despite her young age. One day, she receives an invitation to a “venuses' fighting competition”, which happens to be the DOA Tournament. A mischievous smile appears across Tamaki’s face at this chance to encounter new “beauty.”

Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation[]

After learning about the Venus Islands' local Venus Festival, and desiring to "spread her wings" in an otherwise hectic life, she decided to travel to the island to participate. After arriving, she encountered Misaki at Nikki Beach and requested to take photographs of her, with Misaki reluctantly obliging. Eventually, Tamaki attempted to remove her top, although the owner's arrival gave Misaki the opportunity to flee from Tamaki. As Tamaki was trying to find the owner anyway, she then casually requested that the owner make her his partner, also citing her prior experience in both modeling and fashion design to increase his interest in her. She ultimately was hired not just to act as one of the venuses for the festival, but also to act as the festival's coordinator, overseeing the development of swimwear to specifically match a given venus's personality.

She reported her participation on the Venus Islands' Venus Fests on her social media, which ultimately resulted in one of her fans, Yukino, arriving on the island.



See also: Tamaki's costumes

Tamaki has fair skin, pale green eyes and chin length green hair with a red strand, and sometimes has her hair done in a ponytail. She also has a slight beauty spot near her right eye. She is relatively slender having a curvaceous yet more modestly endowed figure compared to the other girls, being amongst the taller of the girls in Venus Vacation and Dead or Alive 6.

Owing to her background as a former swimsuit model and a fashion designer, she wears several flamboyant and unusual designer outfits, including a long blue dress with a peacock motif, a yellow sash, and asymmetrical shoulders. Her Noctiluca swimsuit also has angular designs that are mismatched. She sometimes wears glasses, which she implies was for trying to study concepts for new swimsuit designs, as could be seen in the beginning of her second birthday episode in Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation, as well as one of Koharu's debut episodes.


She is noted to have an older sister-like demeanor (although not quite to the extent of Momiji and Sayuri), and loves to drink. Her sisterly demeanor was such that several of the girls even referred to her by pronouns befitting an older female sibling. She also has a tendency to grope other females to get a gauge for breast measurements, which often left the girls disturbed. She also implies at one point that her groping females was more of her way of playing jokes on them. Ironically, she herself does not like being groped, with Luna as well as Honoka doing that to her as payback both times for an earlier groping. Owing to her more alcoholic personality, she sometimes gets drunk, causing her to once drag the owner onto the bed to keep her company, at least until she passed out, and has been known to pass out on the beach while drunk. On Valentine's Day while planning on making chocolate for the Owner, she also suggested making chocolate liqueur, although Hitomi shot down that idea. Despite her alcoholism, she nevertheless had enough self-restraint to make sure to get beverages that were non-alcoholic specifically to ensure all the girls, including those who were underage could enjoy the drink during parties, as evidenced by her deliberately getting non-alcoholic cider for a Christmas party in order to ensure the underaged participants still had an opportunity to have fun during the festivities. Largely because of her modeling and designer background, she is implied to be a perfectionist especially regarding herself, as she insists on looking at the other girls photos instead of her own to decide what the Owner wishes regarding good photos because she gets too "opinionated" when looking at her own photos, and was also knowledgeable enough to be able to teach on the subject. Similarly, she is implied to have issues relating to her weight, especially when letting herself go physically and mentally, which she admitted to the owner when he stumbled upon her exercising. She also was quite knowledgeable on supplying beauty treatments, which was implied to be tied to her fashion designer job and to a lesser extent her former job as a swimsuit model. She also has a mischievous side, since aside from her tendency to "prank" the girls, she also sometimes makes joking innuendos at the Owner. She is also something of a party girl, having a tendency to go extremely wild regarding party planning, which can be implied by Helena offering to plan Tamaki's welcoming party over Tamaki herself.

As a participant in the Dead or Alive 6 tournament, she behaves quite the same, being flirty and warm to everyone she encounters, as well as teasing and easy-going when countering and throwing her opponents during her matches as she likes to pose during and after her reversals. She has a wide variety of different quotes ranging from compliments and praising her abilities to even telling her opponent not to try too hard and saying she deserves a reward for her victory. Her taunts also follow the same tone, having her pose suggestively and even simulate groping, or even excitedly falling back on the ground as she mentions she'll be drinking later that night.


Tamaki is both a Japanese surname and a unisex Japanese given name. It roughly translates to "Jewel" or "Gem".


Marie Rose[]

Marie Rose was familiar with Tamaki through her association with Helena, and was largely distrusting of Tamaki, which is heavily implied to be due to Tamaki's more lewd reputation. She once warned her friend Honoka about Tamaki being "aggressive" (implied to be related to Tamaki's obsession with fondling breasts), and Helena apparently was aware of Marie Rose's distrust of Tamaki, as she warned her that Marie Rose probably would scold Tamaki again if she came close. She also scolded Tamaki after she accidentally destroyed Momiji's dress in an implied groping attempt, and threatened to report her to Helena. As such, she also was reluctant to wear anything Tamaki supplied to her unless it was mandated by the Owner. She also admitted that she found Tamaki suspicious whenever she laughs.


Honoka met Tamaki during the latter's welcoming party, though her friend Marie Rose ended up having to warn her about Tamaki being on the "aggressive side" (much to Tamaki's chagrin). Honoka also got a bit disturbed by Tamaki's fondling of her breasts, although she ultimately put up with it just to get a matching suit to that of Marie Rose. The two later participated in thanking the Owner for his helping them on the island, though Honoka was slightly caught off guard by a suggestive comment from Tamaki. Tamaki also recruited Honoka and Sayuri into the Adult Women's Association, with Honoka reluctantly joining since she was still underaged to drink alcohol, with Sayuri offering to prepare juice for her instead, with Honoka also witnessing both Tamaki and Sayuri's more drunken antics with the latter's soy cocktail with shock. During the fourth anniversary, largely due to Tamaki being drunk, Honoka ended up being the victim of a groping attempt, requiring Helena, who had been there to thank the Owner, to interfere and put a stop to Tamaki's antics, with Honoka also taking the opportunity to grope Tamaki as payback thanks largely to learning how to mimic it earlier.


She is willing to work with Nyotengu as part of assignments if such is mandated, and they shared a bit of a friendly rivalry, especially regarding the Owner. She also had a discussion with Nyotengu regarding how similar humans and Tengu were (or, rather, how similar she and Nyotengu were). They also worked together as tour guides for the island, trying to find a date spot for the Owner. She and Nyotengu also had a more ambiguous moment together which resulted in the Owner discovering them sleeping in the same room, with Tamaki being reluctant to divulge the full details of what happened other than it being business related. It was implied that she was trying to show off her new outfit for an upcoming festival, but went a bit further than that due to being drunk. The two also were involved in a Kimodameshi festival, which ultimately ended disastrously after the two pranked various girls, thus requiring the Owner to give Misaki and Hitomi a day off at a rich girl's island as compensation when they complained about it a week later.


Tamaki alongside Nagisa helped prepare Oneshi (New Year's Meals in Japan) at Hitomi's request, although Tamaki's suggestions had slightly irritated Hitomi. She also wasn't particularly fond of Tamaki's single-minded thoughts about alcoholic beverages, as evidenced by her complaint to Tamaki when the latter suggested giving chocolate liqueur to the Owner for valentine's day.


Although Ayane and Tamaki have yet to interact on-screen, Tamaki was at least familiar with Ayane and her familial relationship to Kasumi, as after the events of the First Anniversary, she reassured Kasumi that, even though Ayane doesn't communicate it much, she does indeed care for her half-sister. In addition, during the "don't let these bunnies die of loneliness" episode arc, Ayane supplied designs for Luna's proposed swimsuit team design for the event to Tamaki in Luna's stead (with it being heavily implied that Tamaki's more "aggressive" approach to the girls was the reason Luna was unwilling to provide them to Tamaki directly, with Ayane understanding completely).


Unlike her friend Misaki initially, Kokoro didn't mind Tamaki too much when meeting her, freely allowing her to supply an outfit, although she was nonetheless somewhat wary of her lewd actions. Kokoro also was somewhat embarrassed when Tamaki attempted to tighten her Anniversary dress in front of Helena.


Tamaki and Momiji briefly befriended each other largely due to their common high regard for Helena. However, Momiji eventually became a bit more nervous about Tamaki after an incident where Tamaki not only photographed her, but also tore her dress during an implied groping attempt. She also was a bit irritated when Tamaki jokingly claimed that she wished to be pampered like a little sister despite Tamaki being older than Momiji by a year. Eventually, during the first watermelon smashing festival, Momiji got irritated with Tamaki when she exploited her current blindfolded nature to grope her, and eventually accused her of slapping her butt until Tamaki revealed the Owner was actually responsible for the last bit, and was reluctant to continue especially upon learning that Helena was going to be present.


Tamaki and Helena knew each other since before their arrival on the Venus Islands, although the extent of their relationship is unknown. Tamaki claims that Helena acted as a benefactor to her regarding her fashion pieces, although Helena implies that the description was mostly exaggerated by Tamaki. Either way, Tamaki seems to have quite a bit of respect for Helena, even going as far as to refer to her by the honorific of "Sama" in the Japanese version ("Ms. Helena" in the English localization). Helena on her part treated her in a more civil manner, and also directed the Owner to the beach where she suspected that Tamaki was passed out drunk from the Hanami Party the previous night. Helena is also implied to not approve of Tamaki's more girl-obsessed nature, but nonetheless allows it due to realizing she cannot seem to control herself. Helena was also responsible for arranging for the Hanami party that officially welcomed Tamaki to the island and setting it up, although she implied that was more to prevent Tamaki from doing so directly due to her tending to go wild when setting up parties. Helena also seemed to be aware of Tamaki's flaws, as she admitted twice to the Owner that she was "something of a handful" and also somewhat troubled, though she nonetheless vouched for her and explained that she'd nonetheless benefit the Venus Islands in the long run due to her very skilled wardrobe designer capabilities. Although Tamaki has immense respect for Helena, she's not above groping her, as evidenced during her participating in a spa event with Monica and Helena, as well as her attempt at doing so while drunk to Helena due to the latter baiting her during the fourth anniversary event (with Helena doing an implied groping attempt on her as a way of subduing her).


Unlike Momiji, Kasumi didn't mind Tamaki too much, and was even slightly amused by Tamaki's personality. She also had some fondness for Tamaki, likening her to a sister. However, she still had some wariness to Tamaki's more lewd aspects, admitting she was embarrassed by Tamaki's groping of her.


Tamaki's first meeting with Misaki was best described as awkward, as she constantly photographed a reluctant Misaki via her cell phone, and eventually got too close to her for comfort and attempted to remove her top for a photoshoot, causing Misaki to flee while screaming for the Owner. It was largely because of this incident that Misaki was very wary around Tamaki during the Hanami festival, even hiding from her initially partly for this reason, although she eventually became a bit more tolerant around her. When interacting with her, she largely refers to Tamaki by "Big Sis Tama" ("Tama-Nee" in the Japanese versions) at the latter's request, mostly as a compromise due to Misaki already having an older sister. Tamaki also worked with Misaki regarding helming a first-time rock-climbing festival (although after Tamaki ended up pranking the various girls while they were climbing, Misaki included, she eventually forced Tamaki to climb and humiliate herself while the other girls watched as revenge.). She also planned with her the Christmas event as well as the melting heart Valentine's Day event, although the former had her being suspicious that Tamaki was planning "weird" stuff for Christmas, and the latter had Misaki initially intending to keep her preparing chocolate for the Owner on Valentine's Day a secret, although Tamaki and Hitomi pretty much spoiled the surprise (and also implied that Tamaki may be a bit of a rival regarding giving the chocolate under her breath).

Tamaki when trying to gauge the Owner's interest regarding photos looked over Misaki's photos, and deduced that she had a thing for the Owner, and that she was more comfortable being around him.


Similar to the other girls, Luna got disturbed by Tamaki groping her, although to a far lesser extent. She eventually exacted a bit of payback by groping Tamaki in turn, with the latter admitting that she was interested in Tamaki's measuring. Tamaki also mentioned she was "cute" in the Wonderland-themed attire, with Luna taking it to heart enough that shortly after the festival she had to personally ask the Owner if he agreed with Tamaki's assessment. Largely because she was disturbed by Tamaki's infamous tendency to grope girls, she was reluctant to present her planned swimsuit design to her directly, having Ayane relay it instead (with Ayane sympathizing to some extent).


Leifang and Tamaki are familiar with each other, with Leifang in particular accepting a particularly revealing wardrobe as a condition for helping Misaki with "special training" to get over her insecurities, much to Misaki's chagrin. They later worked together for a spa event alongside the Oni named Kanna.


Although Fiona and Tamaki have only interacted in Spring Appetizer Selection, it's implied that Fiona was at least aware of Tamaki's more infamous reputation, as she expressed shock that Tamaki was in her room. Tamaki checked up on her when hearing her cry out (due to Fiona falling off the bed in a failed attempt at practicing dance lessons). Tamaki then offered to supply her with a means to practice dancing, which she had marginally better success at, especially after Tamaki grabbed her to ensure she stayed still long enough to avoid falling into the water when Fiona panicked.


She and Nagisa met when the latter reluctantly accepted the Owner's request to helm a festival. Tamaki was apparently familiar with Nagisa prior to meeting her (presumably being told about her by Misaki), and takes an instant liking to her, although Nagisa is left awkward at the attention Tamaki gave her. She also worked with her and Hitomi at the latter's request to either prepare Oneshi (New Year's meals; DMM/Japanese Steam versions) or the post-anniversary feast (Singapore Steam/Johren versions). They also held a slight rivalry which stemmed largely from their differing philosophies on how to behave as an older sister to Misaki (with Nagisa not approving of Tamaki's pushy attempts at getting Misaki to wear a revealing costume). Prior to meeting her, however, Nagisa was the reason why Tamaki was given the nickname of "Big Sis Tama" (Tama-Nee in the Japanese version) by Misaki, as a compromise.


Kanna met Tamaki and Leifang after smelling the results of the lotions for the then-recent spa session tests. Tamaki, mostly due to pitying Kanna missing out, squeezed her in as a last-minute applicant for the spa session despite it technically ending so she could get the experience. Tamaki's attempts at applying the aesthetics didn't go over too well since Kanna, being an Oni, had significantly more sensitive skin compared to most humans, resulting in her being tickled extensively as a result, although she ultimately didn't mind due to her skin getting the care she desired. Tamaki also provided Kanna with rather revealing lingerie for a "pajama party", with Kanna not minding too much due to wanting to appear sexy for the Owner.


Tamaki met Monica at the island, and suggested they compete by doing three rounds of poker, with the loser being treated to a massage between rounds, with the winner supplying it. Unlike with Monica's previous matches against Leifang, Kasumi, and Honoka regarding a beach race and Old Maid, respectively, Monica actually won all three rounds of poker, which was implied to be due to Tamaki being distracted, causing Tamaki to have to give her a massage for all three rounds (though Monica later regretted these wins due to Tamaki defining "massage" as groping attempts). Because of Monica's earlier bet, Tamaki also provided Monica with sweets at the latter's request. Tamaki also helped Monica with practicing her poker face by having her try out some new gels to relax her facial features, with her later joining with Monica and Helena during the spa treatment. She also groped the pair in an attempt at getting the two to befriend each other, although this ultimately worked too well as Monica and Helena decided to team up and get revenge on her.


Patty sought out Tamaki to act as her mentor regarding being "fashionable" after the Owner, largely due to Tamaki's background as both a fashion designer and especially as a former swimsuit model, suggested she do so. Tamaki agreed, under the condition that Patty do exactly what she says. After getting a feel for her measurements in order to allow Patty a more "hands on" determination of her measurements due to her already forgetting, she then had Patty meet Fiona as part of the second lesson regarding fashion, and then prepared a dress for her as her final lesson, partly to allow Patty to "become" a princess. Patty was grateful to Tamaki afterward.

She later encountered Tamaki during Elise's welcoming party, causing her to meet the latter by extension. She then mentioned Tamaki's role as her fashion mentor.


Tamaki met Tsukushi during a Summer Festival, though the meeting was awkward due to Tamaki proceeding to grope her as usual. That said, Tamaki did note that Tsukushi was oddly receptive towards her usual antics, with Tsukushi admitting she was fond of it due to it ultimately helping her to be more talkative, although she nonetheless told Tamaki to lay off the tickling in the future. She also was surprised at Tsukushi's comment of wanting to make a good picture of the various "Goddesses", though nevertheless obliged to act as a model for her manga upon learning of her status as an aspiring Mangaka, putting her past modeling experience to good use.


She met Tamaki around the first week of her stay, where she was awkwardly introduced by Tamaki abruptly talking with her. She also admitted that while she herself was cool, Tamaki was more cool in demeanor than her. She also agreed to going out to drinks with Tamaki, although under the condition that she get something non-alcoholic as she was still underage. However, when getting Tamaki up to her room, the latter ended up briefly groping her to her shock.


Tamaki met Elise after the latter was given an unplanned break by the Boss, with the two making small chat. Elise agreed to the chat mostly because she was aware that interacting with her fellow Venuses was a vital part of her job. It was later revealed that Tamaki was intended to act as an escort towards Elise's welcoming party, which resulted in Elise meeting the other girls, in particular Patty. When Elise got concerned that the Owner might have slacked off, Tamaki was understanding of Elise's abrupt departure to check on the Owner.


Tamaki met Koharu by accident after Misaki and Koharu were forced to break into her room due to her sleeping past noon due to the latter needing to clean it. It was implied from the strewn about swimwear and Tamaki wearing glasses that she was pulling an all-nighter researching new swimsuit designs. Tamaki also implied that she found Koharu cute, which disturbed Koharu slightly. When cleaning the room, Koharu also was shocked at the more adult nature of Tamaki's swimsuit designs, with her refusing when Tamaki offered to give her one of the designs before hurriedly leaving under the pretense of finding sheets to replace the bed with.

Tina Armstrong[]

Tina and Tamaki briefly exchanged glances during her welcoming party, although they were formally introduced to each other by Helena some time afterward. Tina took an instant liking to Tamaki, especially after learning that Tamaki had a similar profession to one of her earlier goals, modeling. The two also ended up fooling around while doing the spa treatment.


Tamaki met Amy during the latter's welcoming party, although Amy was creeped out by her more flamboyant greeting. Tamaki later directed her as well as Helena to a seat so they could learn more about Amy. It was presumably during this time that Tamaki revealed she was a famous fashion designer, with Amy taking note of that regarding herself. After Amy tried to deny she had feelings for the Owner, Tamaki jokingly tried to infer she had a great story about the Owner. After Amy agreed to work with them and offering "nondisclosure agreements" for future interactions, Tamaki was all too willing to take her up on the offer.


Yukino was a huge fangirl of Tamaki for her modeling career, even going to the Venus Islands due to her presence there.


She is shown to be very flirty with the Owner, having an apparent infatuation with him. Her closeness and infatuation with the Owner is further highlighted in the Japanese version, where she uses the honorific "Kun" in reference to the Owner. Owing to this, she also at times playfully refuses the Owner's advances, as implied by one of her win point animations where she says "No, no you naughty boy" in a very flirtatious tone. Owing to her wishing to be close to the Owner, she was willing to do any pose or wear any outfit, even those that weren't her personal choices, in order to please him, and also implies that it's because of the Owner's presence that the girls have a more relaxed demeanor, even herself. Once, she even went as far as to drunk-call the Owner.


See also: Tamaki's command lists

Tamaki uses a combat form of aikido that incorporates atemi (strikes) but focuses more on defense through holding. Having good damage, she has strong simple combos that can be performed easily, and she has various launchers and attacks that can easily set her opponent up for a bound combo. She's also mostly safe, and has a variety of ways to keep the pressure on her opponent with her offensive hold that can shut down reckless assaults, as well as also having an attack she can use to sabaki parry her opponent's punch attacks to start her own offense. She also has a running offensive hold, and while being a bit slower than other fighters, she does have a quick but unsafe mid dual palm thrust to rival faster characters up close, and she possesses both a tracking standing low and a crouching low as well. Furthermore, several of her strings have the option to transition into an offensive hold that can shut down an opponent about to start attacking or who's defending, and they also function as air throws, giving her the ability to end juggles with either an air throw that gets unscaled damage or you can use her bound into her close hit attack for environmental damage. Her tracking is also good which is crucial when dealing with players who like to frequently sidestep.

Her defensive abilities are also further refined as she has expert holds that can shut down her opponent's strikes for guaranteed extra damage, and she also has the unique ability of extending her hold animations by holding down the button, increasing her window to perform a hold at the cost of making her more vulnerable to being hi counter thrown. Her range is also good and she is easy to pick up due to her simple moveset. She does however suffer in terms of speed, since her walk speed and back dashing is slow, giving her trouble when moving away from faster characters. She also is somewhat limited as a trade off to her safety, as her strings don't have many ways to mix up or throw off her opponents. Despite these weaknesses, she is still an overall strong character who is a defensive ranged powerhouse if mastered.


Dead or Alive series[]

Non-Dead or Alive series appearances[]

Destiny Child[]

For the second collaboration between Destiny Child and Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation, Tamaki makes an appearance in the story mode. The art displayed shows her sitting at the bar and is used for a Soul Carta named after her.[3]

Shinobi Master: Senran Kagura New Link[]

Tamaki was added as a playable guest character as part of the third collaboartion between Shinobi Master and Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation. Her default appearance was based on her "Morning Line" swimsuit while her Prism outfit corresponds to her "Linarite Prism" swimsuit. Despite being a Xtreme Venus Vacation collaboration, several of her attacks were taken directly from her Dead or Alive 6 movelist.

Azur Lane[]

On April 24, 2023 it was announced that Tamaki was going to be a new SRR unit for the Azur Lane: Vacation Lane event re-run along with Luna. In-game she became a battlecruiser class unit.

Fighting quotes[]

Music themes[]

The following are the music themes used for Tamaki throughout the series.

Theme Game appearances
"Eye to Eye"* Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation
"Sparkling Blue" Dead or Alive 6

* The theme is used for her intro trailer for Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation.


See: Tamaki gallery


  • Tamaki is the fourth female character to be first introduced in the Xtreme series, after Luna, Misaki, and Lisa Hamilton.
    • She is also the second Xtreme character to appear in the mainline fighting series, after Lisa. Coincidentally, both characters had ties to mainline DOA characters at the time of debut (Tina in Lisa's case, Helena and to a lesser extent Marie Rose in Tamaki's case).
  • Tamaki is currently tied with Elise as the third oldest human female character at age 22 in Xtreme Venus Vacation, with only Helena (age 23) as well as Tina Armstrong and Sayuri (both age 24) being older.
  • She's the first character to interact with someone besides the owner in her character episodes, which would later be repeated with Nagisa (who also interacted with Misaki). Coincidentally, both are also Japanese females who have been mentioned to be akin to a sister, although while Tamaki only behaved like an older sister, Nagisa is Misaki's biological older sister.
    • She is also the first of four girls to interact with a character besides the owner in her character episodes (aside from Nagisa, it also occurred with Lobelia (albeit indirectly) and Nanami), and the only one where the character she interacted with was someone she didn't have any prior history with (as Nagisa and Nanami were Misaki's older sister and middle school classmate, respectively, while Lobelia was Fiona's childhood friend).
    • Although Tamaki does not make any appearances in Shandy's episodes, she was given an indirect mention in her photoshoot episode, when Shandy, while expressing reluctance to do modeling for a photoshoot, mentions the Owner has actual models on the island he could use instead.
    • Although Tamaki doesn't make a physical appearance in Yukino's debut episode, she does cameo as a bromide picture (specifically her Noctiluca bromide) during the episode, which also acted as confirmation to Yukino that she had indeed arrived at the right island (as she went to the Venus Islands due to learning of Tamaki's presence at the Venus Festival there via the latter's social media account).
  • In most episodes focusing on her, the titles end with a heart symbol.
  • Although her Famitsu bio initially reported that her birthday was on August 22,[2] it was later revealed that her birthday was actually on August 19.
  • According to the girl order in the game code, Tamaki is identified as "TAM".[4] Her name in the game code for Dead or Alive 6 is "SKD."
  • According to her self-introduction episode, before she worked as a fashion designer, she was a swimsuit model, and she implied that she changed careers because swimsuits were an experience for both professions.
  • Tamaki had a costume based on Mona from the Destiny Child series, as part of a collaboration between that game and Xtreme Venus Vacation. In-universe, she got the inspiration for the costumes based on an otherwise broken TV set mysteriously turning on to a late-night show called Channel Evil, with it also being implied that Mona had been the one directly responsible for the design due to her and Tamaki having similarities.
    • On a similar note, several of the event SSR outfits released after Tamaki's release are either stated or otherwise strongly implied to have been brainstormed by Tamaki.
  • Tamaki is the tallest of the girls originating in Xtreme Venus Vacation.
  • Tamaki tells Misaki that her outfit, "Star-Colored Symphony", was originally made for an event helmed by DOATEC.
  • According to Sakuta D in Famitsu's coverage for the 2nd anniversary of Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation, he created Tamaki largely as his vision of a very sexy woman, although he gave her a teasing element as well as alcoholism to avoid making her "too perfect."[5]
    • Likewise, concept artwork for Tamaki included in the magazine indicated that she was originally going to have either brown hair similar to Misaki or black hair.
  • So far, Tamaki is the only non-guest character in a Dead or Alive game (in this case, Dead or Alive 6) to only speak a specific language (Japanese).
  • Prior to her appearance in Dead or Alive 6, Tamaki's nationality was left unstated largely because Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation did not mention nationalities for the various girls, although it was nonetheless heavily implied to be Japanese due to her name being transcribed in Hiragana as well as a comment she made about previous participation in hanami festivals in her first event episode arc.
  • Much like Marie Rose, Honoka, NiCO and Kula Diamond, Break Blows aimed at her face have the camera zooming out.
  • She has a peacock motif on some of her outfits in Xtreme Venus Vacation and her main outfit in Dead or Alive 6, and it could also be seen on her cell phone in the beginning of her character episode.
  • Tamaki will not suffer facial bruises from a break blow, although she is still able to get bruises on her body such as on her stomach.
  • In Dead or Alive 6, Tamaki is seen on her knees when defeated, sadly looking at her fingernails as if worried her nails may have been damaged or broken from the fight, although nothing visually changes.
    • The lose animation was taken directly from one of her lose poses in Xtreme Venus Vacation, in which she explicitly states her nails will need work after the match.
  • Tamaki is the only current character in the series who is able to prolong and lengthen her expert holds so she can hold the opponent's attacks for a longer duration than normal.
  • She is the second character to hold an explicit job on the Venus Islands besides participating in the festivals, after Misaki (who acts as the part-time Supporter for the Owner). In Tamaki's case, she designs various wardrobes for the events.
  • In the Time to Unwind event episode, Tamaki when revealing she was drinking an implied alcoholic beverage as a toast to the successful anniversary told Monica and Patty that it was "only for adults" and they can't have it (causing Monica and Patty to decide to use ginger ale and pineapple juice, respectively, as substitutes for the toast). This was a subtle reference to how in Japan, the legal drinking age is 20, due to both Patty and Monica being 19 years old.
  • Tamaki has had interactions with at least two out-of-series characters, those being Mona from Destiny Child and Yumi Yotsuya from Alice Gear Aegis. In both cases, she had worked with other to bring about the collaboration.

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DLC tracks "the afterimage ~club mix~" • "Baby Dry Your Eyes" • "Boogie Circuit" • "Coconut Groove" • "Empty" • "FACE ~club mix~" • "Hold My Lovin'" • "Honey" • "In The Sunset" • "Let's Go Together" • "Like the Blue Sky" • "Playa Del Sol" • "Tropical Beat" • "Violet Eyed Beauty" • "with the Goddess ~club mix~"
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Dead or Alive 2 "B-boy no "B"" • "Blazed up Melpomene" • "Grand Style" • "Hitohira" • "Natural High" • "Tehu Tehu" • "The Shooted" • "YES or YES" • "You Are Under My Control"
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Dead or Alive 6 "Icicle"
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