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Template:InfoBox Series Super Swing Golf, known as PangYa! Golf With Style in Europe, and Swing Golf PangYa in Japan, is a golf game developed by Tecmo for the Wii, first released in 2006. It is a console version of the multiplayer casual golf simulation PangYa, developed by Ntreev Soft.

In 2007, the sequel Super Swing Golf Season 2 (Super Swing Golf in Europe, and Swing Golf PangYa 2nd Shot!! in Japan) was released. Both games have received praise from game critics.


While very similar to PangYa, Super Swing Golf is slightly different in the areas of control and content.

Players use the Wii Remote to scroll and pan around the course, as well as to actually execute shots. To swing, players raise the controller behind them (as with a real golf club) until the on-screen power meter reaches the desired point. Once ready, players then hold down the "A" button and swing forward. The angle and speed of the forward swing is used to determine how close the actual shot comes to the desired shot. If the controller is rotated or twisted as the player swings forward, the resulting shot will hook or slice.

An alternative control system is to use just the buttons on the Wii Remote similar to how the game is played on the PC, including the same key combinations for power shots.

Both the single player and multiplayer game feature three different modes of play. In single player, these include a story mode, stroke play mode, and match mode, while in multiplayer, Balloon Pop mode replaces the story mode. In all modes, Pang (the in-game currency) can be earned and later spent on additional clothing or gear.

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Super Swing Golf[]

Some of the unlockable costumes featured in the games are actually based on characters from other Tecmo titles, including Dead or Alive.

In the first Super Swing Golf, the player-character Arin has a unlockable costume based on Kasumi's iconic blue dress. This outfit included a complete hair color change to make her look more like Kasumi, although her eyes remain purple.

Super Swing Golf: Season 2[]

In addition to Arin's Kasumi costume returning in the sequel, two more characters got unlockable Dead or Alive costumes in Super Swing Golf: Season 2.

Kooh could wear a costume based on Ayane's purple mini-dress, which changing her black pigtails to a purple crop; her eyes are already red, so she almost looks just like Ayane. Max could wear a costume based on Ryu Hayabusa's trademark black shinobi costume from Ninja Gaiden.


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