Shuriken in Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)

A traditional ninja weapon projectile that comes in various shapes for various purposes. Usually star shaped, Shuriken are implements designed to cause injury when thrown at an enemy, and most Ninja carry them at all times. Due to the disposable nature of these weapons, expensive materials are rarely used in their construction. However, they are crafted with great precision in order to stabilize their trajectory when thrown, thereby increasing accuracy.


Roppoken Style Shuriken


Roppoken Style Shuriken in Ninja Gaiden 2

This particular type of Shuriken, which boasts six blades, is officially known as a Roppoken, or six-sided star, and is of the Kuruma-ken (round) category of Shuriken that spin when thrown.

Windmill Shuriken


The Windmill Shuriken in Ninja Gaiden 2.

Main article: Windmill Shuriken

First appearing in Ninja Gaiden (NES), the Windmill Shuriken acted as a secondary Ninjutsu ability, consuming Ninjutsu points after every use. In Ninja Gaiden (Xbox) however, it was delivered to Ryu by Ayane part way through his mission as an alternate long-ranged, boomerang weapon for the remainder of the Xbox games.



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