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Shizuku (Japanese: 雫) is a female kitsune who first appeared in the October 26, 2023 update in the DMM and Japanese Steam versions of Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation.




Shizuku has pale skin, red eyes, and short silver hair with pale purple hues. She is of petite height and slim build, with a relatively small bust. She wears a short dark blue top with white trimmings and cut out shoulders, as well as a black bodysuit with see-through fabric and cutouts at the sides, heels and toes. The bodysuit also has a hole in the rear, which is implied to be so she can easily get her foxtail through if she transforms. She sometimes shows off her silver pointed fox ears with white hair in the canals and a furry fox tail with pale purple hues.


Shizuku is shown to be very shy, which is implied to be due to nervousness at exposing her kitsune background. In at least her kitsune form, she has hearing on par with that of canines, as evidenced by her hearing the Boss falling into the ocean from what's implied to be a significant distance in her debut episode. Despite being of kitsune origin, she has a more benevolent nature to her, which is especially evident in her rushing to save the Owner in the first episode after hearing him fall into the ocean and nearly drown.


Shizuku is a feminine and masculine Japanese name that can be transcribed in Hiragana and Kanji. It generally refers to droplets or drops.









She met Momiji when trying to get clothing for her welcoming party. However, she became scared when she learned of Momiji's status as a miko priestess, trying to assure her that she's not an evil kitsune before explaining she simply wanted to find a place to live regarding her arrival on the island.





At some point, Sayuri proceeded to "spoil" Shizuku, though she then discovered the latter's abnormally high temperature, seeking to treat it due to believing she had a fever (it's implied that this was actually her normal temperature as a Kitsune, but Sayuri did not realize it due to believing Shizuku to merely be cosplaying instead of an actual Kitsune). Kitsune reluctantly obliged and went to the hospital despite hating them mostly because of her own reluctance to divulge her true species to her. However, she eventually found herself forced to flee the room after Sayuri implied she was going to give her a shot, although not before apologizing for being "a bad fox." Sayuri, feeling guilty for scaring her, yet still concerned about her "fever", proceeded to leave pills to treat the fever at Shizuku's bedroom.





Kokoro alongside Patty encountered Shizuku during a fishing festival, the latter having bad luck with catching fish. Kokoro when learning Shizuku's dilemma recalled Amy once led her to a good fishing spot when she had similar problems in the past. After catching some fish thanks to finding the ideal fish gathering spot, including a particularly large one, Shizuku expressed gratitude to Kokoro, and offered to repay her in the future, though she admitted that if they swim next time, it not be "in costume."



She met the Owner after saving him when he fell into the ocean and nearly drowned.


Dead or Alive series[]

  • Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation (playable, 2023, add-on)

Music themes[]

The following are the music themes used for Shizuku throughout the series.

Theme Game appearances
"Everything Means Nothing" Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation


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  • Shizuku was first teased on October 25, 2023, the same day as the announcement of the livestream debuting her voice actress. Misaki when unveiling the teaser indicated that she had silver hair and seemed mysterious.[1] The same teaser also hinted at her true nature by having her say "bakeru" (化ける), a phrase usually used when about to transform into another, non-human form.
  • Shizuku is tied with Nagisa, Kanna, and Elise, Tina, and Shandy for having the second-most paid SSRs in the DMM/Japanese Steam version, having three, with only Leifang having more. She, alongside Nagisa, Kanna, and Shandy are also the only ones to have three Star Gacha suits as Elise, Tina and Yukino's third paid suits were for collaborations.
  • Shizuku is the second character to have her voice actress listed during a livestream prior to formally debuting, after Yukino.
  • Shizuku is the seventh character to not refer to the Owner by any honorifics in the Japanese version, after Misaki, Nanami, Elise, Tina, Amy, and Yukino.
  • Shizuku is the third yokai character to appear in the Xtreme games, after Kanna (oni) and Nyotengu (tengu).
    • She is also the only yokai character to not have a "Special Day" (instead having a standard birthday), and the only one to not be of extreme age (instead being 19).
  • Like Nyotengu and Kanna, she technically lacks a nationality due to being a yokai, though she's implied to hail from Japan due to her name being written in Hiragana as well as her recognizing Momiji as a miko shrine maiden when meeting her.
  • In the Japanese version, she occasionally ends her sentences with "Kon", which is an onomatopoeia for a Fox's bark.
  • It's implied that her occupation was listed by the Owner as self-proclaimed cosplayer as a way to cover up her Kitsune origins due to her accidentally unveiling her true nature while saving him.
  • According to Sakuta D. in Famitsu's coverage of the sixth anniversary, Shizuku was designed to be a kitsune partly to avoid being overshadowed by Yukino due to the latter character's popular reception (which their original plan of making her a human dandere character ran the risk of happening), citing Nyotengu and Kanna as precedence. He also gave the option to have her alternate between human and kitsune forms in case the audience gave negative reception of her due to the concept of furries. He also implied she may factor into more collaborations in the future due to her "self-proclaimed cosplayer" status.[2]
  • Shizuku is the seventh girl to have a different release order between the DMM/Japanese Steam and Singapore Steam/Johren version, after Fiona/Nagisa as well as Nanami/Elise/Koharu/Tina. In this case, it was because of Reika's global debut in both versions while Yukino was still behind a paywall.

Notes and references[]

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