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"Boss, you're... Such a naughty boy, aren't you."

Shandy is a young bartender who appeared in the August 24, 2022 livestream and later the August 25 update for Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation in the DMM and Japanese Steam versions, and the August 17, 2023 update for the Singapore Steam/Johren versions of the same game.


Details on Shandy's life prior to arriving at the Venus Islands are unclear, although she implied that she worked for at least one other bar establishment, and had frequently hopped jobs due to boredom yet not wanting to keep herself too busy. At least one of her past jobs had her encountering a patron who claimed he seriously considered her feelings, only to witness him make the exact same remark to another woman, leaving her distrusting of anyone who made those claims.

At some point, she went to the Venus Islands with the intent of "killing boredom." By chance, she encountered the owner of the island and offered him a drink at the bar, initially introducing herself via her work name. After placing the drink close to her breasts, the Owner ended up entranced by her appearance, causing her to lift his head up and jokingly call him a naughty boy, before admitting she expected him to be honest. The owner then offered her a job as a bartender on the spot due to the drink, as he was looking for one anyways. She was reluctant, mostly because of not wanting to work excessively, though she ultimately relented under the condition that the Owner keep her entertained due to being bored anyways. The Owner later suggested she join the Venus Festival. Shandy admitted to having heard of the festivals, but was reluctant due to both being somewhat asocial and her tendency to avoid committments that she'll get bored of in the near future, though she agreed after the Owner reminded her of his promise to have her have fun while on the island, especially when it acted as a day job for her. She also promised to reveal her actual birth name at a later date provided the Owner treat her exceptionally well.


Shandy has light skin, long dark purple hair with blue highlights, yellow eyes, and a slight mole on the left side of her neck. She is also fairly busty, which leads to a running joke where the Owner ends up distracted by her ample breasts only for Shandy to raise his face up by placing her finger below his chin and pushing upward before commenting on the behavior. Her default swimwear, Kiss in the Dark, is a two piece swimsuit that resembles a fancy cocktail dress, with a necklace featuring a cocktail glass pendant on it. Her Osmanthus Aged Wine attire bears a resemblance to a Cheongsam, a dress often worn in China, and was colored primarily white with pink and blue rose patterns, although the chest area has an exposed black bra.


Shandy is prone to boredom, with it being heavily implied that this was part of the reason she tended to switch jobs on short notice. She also admits to being asocial, which was a factor in her initial reluctance in joining the Venus Festival. She also has a bit of a cynical and distrusting demeanor partly due to a bad experience with a customer's insincere flirting. However, she has a bit of an easygoing and teasing demeanor deep down, which the Owner helped expose during a photo shoot. Largely because of her bartending profession, she also has a knack for reading people's natures and for keeping secrets, as she admitted to Kasumi in a heart-to-heart.


Shandy is a unisex name of Northern English-Scottish origin that essentially means boisterous,[1][2] which has roots in the 18th century novel Tristram Shandy. It also is the name of a British alcoholic drink that is made by mixing beer and lemonade.

Her real name, Fei (Chinese: 妃; Japanese: フェイ), is a Chinese name that either means Flower or Fairy.[3] According to Shandy, her own name is derived from the drink Yang Guifei, rumored to be the first cocktail drink in existence, named after Yang Guifei, one of the Four Beauties of China. The drink is recognizable for having a distinct blue color, due to it being derived from the Blue Curacao, and is derived from Chinese Gui Hua liquor.



Misaki met Shandy by accident after she noticed the poolside bar's lights still being on at night while returning to the Hotel to conduct her daily report, believing the Owner neglected to turn them off until seeing her. Shandy took a liking to her and offered to make her a drink on the house. Misaki agreed, but cited that she was too young for the usual beverages. Shandy then made a non-alcoholic cocktail via herbs, which Misaki liked, smell aside. Since the drink didn't require monetary payment, Misaki ultimately decided to repay the favor by trying to let as many of the other Venuses on the island know about the bar's opening.


Shandy met Momiji alongside Helena Douglas when they arrived to investigate the bar, per Misaki's informing them of it. After they verified it was indeed open and helmed by Shandy, Momiji then ordered for a Ginnet (or rather, Helena ordered for it on Momiji's behalf, as the latter was unfamiliar with bar situations). Shandy also showed some of her more flattering nature, which Momiji, partly due to being slightly drunk from both the Ginnet and to a lesser extent White Lady cocktails, compared to the Boss.

Helena Douglas[]

Shandy met Helena Douglas alongside Momiji when they arrived to investigate the bar, per Misaki's informing them of it. After they verified it was indeed open and helmed by Shandy, Helena ended up ordering a Ginnet for Momiji, as the latter was inexperienced with bars. Afterwards, Helena then requested for something more elegant, with Shandy deciding to make Helena a White Lady cocktail.


Shandy met Monica while waiting for the bar to open, as the latter heard of her presence. After making small talk, she jokingly claimed that she had experience with a more mature bar situation, creeping Monica out. Partly due to Kanna's arrival, and having nothing else to do, Shandy agreed to accompany Monica to the island's casino after learning it existed. Monica also showed Shandy the ropes for blackjack, and also tried to warn Shandy against over-betting her chips to no avail.


Shandy met Kanna by accident after the latter irately tracked down Monica due to her failing to open the casino on time. She later participated in some casino games with Shandy. Kanna, to her chagrin, kept being beaten by Shandy in Blackjack, which alongside Shandy getting bored with winning had them playing roulettes instead, where Kanna had much better luck winning. It's also implied that she relayed some information about Shandy to her frenemy, Nyotengu afterwards.

They later encountered each other during the Halloween festivities alongside Nyotengu during a scare showdown (in reality trick-or-treating). Kanna threatened to use as a "trick" calling lightning down to strike Shandy if she didn't get a treat. Shandy then played along and gave Kanna both of her limited edition trick-or-treat chocolate drinks (she originally offered one to Nyotengu, but she refused due to suspecting that the drinks weren't what they seemed). She then learned the hard way that the chocolate drinks were spiked with one of Leifang's spices, with her also being forced to choose between two non-alcoholic drinks that potentially had the same spice in it, causing her to view her as scarier than either Ayane or Leifang.


Koharu stumbled upon Shandy by accident when the latter had barely woken up due to not being a morning person and was wearing an extremely revealing outfit, as Koharu was about to clean her room. She later met her face to face alongside Leifang, while struggling to avoid admitting to stumbling on her earlier. Koharu then admitted she was impressed with Shandy's handling of Leifang's genuine Sichuan Mapo Tofu, as well as her overall mature demeanor, while Shandy likewise admitted she respected Koharu's determined and dependable nature that belied her cute appearance, as she herself doubted she could live up to that. She eventually deduced Koharu's earlier peeping on her and promptly teased her about it.


Shandy met Leifang shortly after meeting Koharu face-to-face, and after learning that Shandy didn't even have breakfast yet, prepared Sichuan Mapo Tofu for themselves, also sternly telling her not to go back to sleep, which she took to heart. Shandy then managed to ingest the spicy meal and even deduce from the taste its contents and declaring that Leifang was being truthful when she said it was genuine. Leifang then offered to supply her with a recipe for her bar if she wanted to serve it, though Shandy refused as she mostly only provided snacks. She did, however, accept the spices used in the recipes, which she later used to prank Kanna on Halloween.


Honoka met Shandy while serving as her rock climbing mentor, also informing her of the Venus Festival's other activities, citing pool hopping, watermelon-splitting, and butt battles. After giving her pointers, Honoka and Shandy then entered a competition, with each deciding not to hold back. However, this resulted in Honoka becoming drained, partly due to spending a lot of time earlier training so she could actually teach Shandy effectively. This event also helped inspire Shandy to try and treat tasks seriously as a means to alleviate her boredom.


Shandy met Sayuri when the latter arrived for a drink just as the bar was about to close. Shandy was nevertheless happy to provide her with a drink as she was about to get bored. After closing shop, the two had a heart-to-heart talk regarding the island, the boss, and the various girls having fun, with Shandy taking this to heart especially regarding taking hobbies seriously, with Sayuri also referencing her occupation as a nurse when Shandy beat herself up over "venting to [her] customers." Shandy then agreed to give a drink to Sayuri "on the house."


Nyotengu first met Shandy face to face during the Halloween festivities, although she admitted she knew of her through Kanna. She also refused her limited edition drink that Shandy supplied as a "treat" due to suspecting it was actually a trick.


Shandy and Kasumi interacted with each other the night before a "true self"-related photo shoot, although Shandy implied that Kasumi was an infrequent customer to her bar when seeing her. She made her a cocktail to help with her insomnia, also making sure it was made with non-alcoholic herbs after deducing from her hesitance at accepting a drink that she was still underage. They also made some small talk over the then-upcoming photoshoot, with Shandy giving some advice to Kasumi (who was hesitant about showing her true self to the Owner and wasn't even sure what her true self was), citing her own background as a bartender for how she can read people and also keep secrets as well as indirectly alluding to how her real name isn't actually "Shandy" before stopping herself.


Ayane ended up having to help Shandy out after she experienced a dizzy spell at an onsen (due to winning a lottery), being shocked to witness her in this state, though Shandy admitted this was typical behavior on her part. They then made some small chat regarding unexpected sides about themselves. When asked if she was into sports given her skill at volleyball, Ayane indirectly admitted to both her ninjutsu and prior participation in the Dead or Alive fighting tournaments, whilst Shandy admitted she has to "play seriously" to compete with the others. Ayane also asked if "Shandy" was even her real name. After they discovered the Owner eavesdropping on them, they decided to start questioning him.


Tina and Shandy briefly met up at the latter's bar while undergoing a party involving fruit-based cakes, with Shandy preparing an orange-based alcoholic drink at her request due to her dress theme, although it's implied Tina frequented the bar before then.

Aside from this, Shandy was at least familiar with Tina's modeling career, as she indirectly suggested that the Owner use her as a basis for a photoshoot when expressing reluctance at doing poses for said photoshoot.


Although she and Tamaki have yet to interact onscreen, Shandy was at least familiar with Tamaki's status as a former swimsuit model, as she indirectly suggested that the Owner use her as a basis for a photoshoot when expressing reluctance at doing poses for said photoshoot.


Dead or Alive appearances[]

Music themes[]

The following are the music themes used for Shandy throughout the series.

Theme Game appearances
"Burden To Me" Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation


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  • Shandy is the seventh girl in Xtreme Venus Vacation to not have a known place of origin, after Luna, Fiona, Monica, Lobelia, Elise and Amy. However, her real name, Fei, is suggestive of Chinese heritage.
  • She is the third add-on girl to be announced during a livestream, after Tsukushi and Amy. Similar to Tsukushi, the livestream announcing her was initially marketed to have only one voice actor guest prior to her formal announcement (in this case, Kaede Hondo, Fiona's voice actress).
  • She is the only girl to have her debut character episode be set during nighttime, as all the other girls' debut episodes occur during the day.
  • In the DMM version, she is tied with Nagisa, Kanna, Elise, Tina, and Yukino as having the second most paid SSRs, with only Leifang having more (not counting birthday suits).
    • She also is the first girl since Kanna to have more than two Star Gacha SSRs in the DMM version, as Tina, Elise, and Yukino's third SSRs were actually for paid collaboration suits.
  • Shandy is the eighth girl to hold an explicit job on the Venus Islands besides acting as one of the Venuses, after Misaki, Tamaki, Monica, Sayuri, Elise, Koharu, and Amy. In her case, she acts as the pool bar's bartender.
  • Shandy is the eighth girl to explicitly give the Owner her measurements, after Nagisa, Monica, Sayuri, Tsukushi, Nanami, Elise, and Tina.
  • In the Japanese version, Shandy usually ends her sentences with Kamo (かも), which is a character trait that is used to express uncertainty.
    • Also in the Japanese version, during the above mentioned running joke involving his looking at her breasts, Shandy will refer to the Owner in a teasing manner as a "Fushidarana-Hito" (ふしだらな人), meaning a slutty person. The English version tones this down slightly by instead having her refer to him as a naughty boy.
  • According to Sakuta P in his commentary in Famitsu's coverage of the game's 5th anniversary, Shandy was created largely to fill the role of a mature woman with sex appeal, and more specifically the concept of ennui beauty (which had been decided from the very start). However, development proved to be a challenge in achieving the concept of an ennui beauty, forcing them to discard her planned swimwear and hairstyles before completion and redesign her from scratch.
    • The same section also showed that her concept designs had at least 8 planned versions pertaining to her initial SSR, with differing skirt and hair designs.

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