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Rock Climbing is an activity introduced in Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, both in the Fortune version and the Venus version.

Rock climbing was also alluded to in Xtreme Venus Vacation, where it was implied by Momiji that it alongside beach volleyball, tree climbing, and a Nimba run (which entailed running a single perimeter around the island) acted as part of her and Hitomi's training regimen. In Momiji's case, she also implied when interacting with Lobelia that rock climbing had been part of her training as a Dragon Shrine Maiden. It was later included as an actual activity on September 19, 2018, and even had an Event Episode dedicated to it with Misaki and Tamaki promoting it. Fiona also did Rock Climbing in order to build up her strength for the Venus Festival, with Honoka and Luna helping her out. She also helped Nagisa out in a similar manner when the latter underwent rock climbing at the Owner's suggestion in order to lose a few pounds she gained during the New Year's festivities. Sayuri also had the owner participate in a rock climbing event to help him get into better shape, although she herself ultimately had to climb up after him after it seemed as though he may have passed out. In some cases, rock climbing was also utilized as a form of competition, such as by Patty, Honoka, and Nyotengu. The overall activity was largely similar to in Xtreme 3, although it had slightly different mechanics, requiring several injections as well as a specific stat-based outfit to complete, and is mainly used to increase the level of abilities provided for various suits and accessories.


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