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"You're the "Boss" of this island? Hmm...okay. I didn't really ask though."

Reika (Japanese: レイカ) is a young student and part-time lifeguard who first appeared in the June 27, 2024 update for Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation, both for DMM/Japanese Steam version and for the Singapore Steam/Johren version.


Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation[]

Reika arrived around 1pm at the Venus Islands' poolside. Although she admitted even she wasn't sure why she chose to go to the Venus Islands, she nevertheless resolved to get some swimming practice in. When the Owner approached her while she was getting ready, she coldly asked who he was before ultimately paying it no mind and diving in. Sometime later, she got out, with the Owner meeting up with her as she did so. She then coldly told him even after learning he was the owner of the island that he was annoying, that she would leave if he tried to continue to talk and not to bother following her.

Physical Appearance[]

Reika has pale skin, blue eyes, and short dark blue hair worn in a short ponytail on her left side. Her outfit is a black and teal one-piece swimsuit with an opening on the cleavage area, a short white and turquoise jacket with a red armband that says "guard" on her left arm, a red curled wristband on her right wrist, a swimming wristwatch on her left wrist, black and turquoise bands with a fanny pack on her right thigh, and black swimming goggles around her neck. Her outfit varies slightly depending on her role, either wearing goggles when acting as a professional swimmer, or the aforementioned armband while on lifeguard duty. While not to the extent of Sayuri, Honoka or Tina, she nevertheless is extremely busty, and was also noted to have a very fit build to her body, implied to be due to her trade of being a competitive swimmer.


Reika appears unfriendly and aloof, which has her initially treat the Owner, and to a lesser extent her fellow Venuses in a very cold manner. Similar to Elise, she also doesn't concern herself with anything barring her immediate duties, though to a greater extent as evidenced by how she initially refused to make small-talk with Tsukushi and Kanna when they first met since they weren't planning to swim.

Despite her aloof demeanor, she does nevertheless possess a kind heart, as she freely allowed Tsukushi to observe and draw her as she's doing her own lifeguard duties as well as, albeit reluctantly, engaging in a swim match against Kanna. Likewise, she also attempted to provide first aid to Misaki after she sprained her ankle, and also implied after she and Sayuri healed it up that she would have tried to help Misaki irrespective of her lifeguard duties.



The two first met by accident on Reika's first day on the job. Reika introduced herself as the new lifeguard and gave some cold encouragement for Tsukushi to swim while telling her to avoid risky maneuvers. Tsukushi later asked if she could act as a model for her manga. Reika initially bluntly refused, because she was on the clock and lacked familiarity with modeling or even manga. However, they eventually reached a compromise where Tsukushi could draw Reika as she was working. Reika also defended Tsukushi when Kanna berated her for "breaking" her promise to play with her. When Kanna challenged Reika to a swim, Tsukushi eagerly encouraged Reika to accept the match, which she reluctantly did. Afterwards, Tsukushi was impressed at her swimming abilities, and Reika was baffled by Tsukushi calling her kind. She then expressed confusion at the overall turn of events after they left.


The two first met by accident on Reika's first day on the job, as a result of Kanna loudly exposing Tsukushi's presence. Kanna also bluntly told Reika about Tsukushi's spying on her. Kanna initially disliked Reika mostly due to the latter's aloof demeanor, also entering a minor argument when Kanna rudely demanded her name. After she returned, witnessed Tsukushi drawing Reika and threw a tantrum over Tsukushi "breaking her promise" to play with her, Reika pointed out that if anything, Kanna dragged her along rather than Tsukushi actually promising anything, causing Kanna to grudgingly acknowledge the details were off before challenging Reika to a swimming match. Reika was reluctant mostly due to her still being on the clock as a lifeguard, although after pestering from both Kanna and Tsukushi, she relented. Reika easily beat Kanna in the match, impressing and shocking her. Kanna demanded a rematch, though Reika refused, saying Kanna ought to be grateful she managed to do a lap with her at all.


Reika was originally supposed to meet Misaki the same time the Owner was to give details about her first official job at the Venus Islands. However, a combination of Misaki being delayed due to a sudden influx of work as well as Reika giving the Owner the cold shoulder due to ill-timed compliments on his part resulted in them missing each other. Although slightly disappointed, Misaki nevertheless was confident they would meet sooner or later.

Their first actual meeting occurred shortly after Reika's shift ended, after Misaki sprained her ankle. Reika immediately attempted to give Misaki first aid, despite her insisting she was alright, also lecturing her about how she should not overlook any injuries. She then helped Misaki up to Sayuri's bedroom (as the latter learned of Misaki's injury while passing by). Afterwards, they properly introduced themselves, with Misaki realizing Reika was the new venus the Owner was talking about, and expressing excitement at the two working together due to her cool demeanor. Reika then assumed Misaki was a fellow lifeguard, until Misaki and Sayuri clarified that she actually meant her other job as a venus. Misaki also explained what the role of venus entailed and alluded to how the Boss scouted each of them out. When Reika implied that they should have refused him, Misaki explained that the Boss, occasional perverted antics aside, was overall a good guy. They then agree to work together in the future.


Reika met Sayuri as she was trying to help Misaki. Specifically, while Reika was about to take Misaki to her room to put ice on her sprained ankle, Sayuri noticed the commotion and attempted to investigate. Sayuri then introduced herself to Reika as the Venus Island's nurse, with Reika remarking on the perfect timing and explaining the situation with Misaki. When Misaki attempted to claim she was fine overall, Reika reminded her not to overlook injuries, with Sayuri agreeing. The two then took Misaki up to Sayuri's room to treat her. Sayuri offered to help Reika carry if she got tired, though Reika cooly refused, confident in her own stamina.

Afterwards, Reika properly introduced herself as the new lifeguard for Venus Island, with Sayuri admitting she was impressed at Reika's kindness to Misaki, much to Reika's confusion. After Reika was told by Misaki what the duties of a venus entailed, Sayuri expressed hope at working together in the future, and also explained that the Boss personally invited them to act as venuses. When Reika inferred that they should have refused him, Sayuri explained that, if anything, the Boss hiring her to be a venus was the reason she was even able to keep her nursing job. She also explained to Reika that the Boss was serious and would be willing to help her with whatever she needed, with Reika admitting that was the first she'd heard of this.


  • Reika is the first character in Xtreme Venus Vacation to receive a global debut, as well as the second character to have her debut occur at least close to the same time in both versions, after Tina (who was released within a week between the DMM and Singapore Steam versions). This was because she was primarily created for the Singapore Steam version, yet they couldn't simply leave the primary DMM version out.[1][2]
    • Largely because of her primarily being created for the Singapore version, her paid outfit period varied between versions. In the DMM/Japanese Steam version, it will take until January 2025 to release all of her suits, while in the Singapore Steam/Johren version, it will take until October 2024 to release all of them.
  • Reika is tied with Nagisa, Kanna, Sayuri, Elise, Tina, Shandy, Yukino, and Shizuku as having the second-most paid SSRs on her (having three in the DMM/Japanese Steam versions, not counting her birthday suit), with only Leifang having more in the DMM version. One of the suits is implied to be DMM/Japanese Steam-exclusive, similar to Nagisa.
  • Although her nationality is not given in the game, she is implied to be Japanese due to her name being written in Hiragana.
  • She is the eighth girl to not use honorifics for the boss, after Misaki, Nanami, Elise, Tina, Amy, Yukino, and Shizuku.
  • Reika is the ninth girl to hold an explicit job on the Venus Islands besides acting as one of the Venuses, after Misaki, Tamaki, Monica, Sayuri, Elise, Koharu, Amy, and Shandy. In her case, she acts as the lifeguard for the Venus Islands.

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