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"Hello hellooo ♪ My name's Patty ♪"

Patty is a young woman who first appeared in the April 30, 2020 update version of the DMM version of Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation, and the June 3, 2021 update version of the Singapore Steam version.


She lived on one of the smaller islands at the Venus Islands, in close enough proximity to the island where the main resort was in development to use a makeshift boat to cross the waters between the two islands and possibly swim across. Owing to this as well as hearing about it on her radio, she was familiar with the local Venus Festival and desired to participate someday, and also wished to try the hamburgers due to hearing of their excellent reputation. In addition, the radio acted as her only outlet into the world, as her home island lacked TV or an Internet connection, and it was also extremely small yet teeming with life. She frequently walked between the two islands with her treasured radio. One day, while walking further than usual, she accidentally dropped her radio near some shrubs, and spent a large part of the day trying to find it. She eventually found the owner and, determining him to be a good man due to his scent, also ended up learning that he found her radio. After properly introducing herself and explaining she lived close by, she then gladly accepted the Owner's offer to join the Venus Festival to repay him for his help and also to capitalize on the opportunity to join a festival.



Patty has very tanned skin and also possesses silver hair and grey eyes. Overall, similar to Misaki, while not quite as voluptuous as most of the other girls on the island, she nonetheless has an ample chest size.

Personality and traits[]

She is shown have a very excited and peppy demeanor. Additionally, in the Japanese version, similar to Marie Rose, Honoka and Luna, she also tends to refer to herself in the third person. Also similar to those characters, the English localization significantly downplays this trait. She is also shown to be somewhat eccentric, as she seems to treat her radio as if it were an actual person, even referring to it with the honorific "-san" in the Japanese version, and she tends to smell newly-acquainted people to determine their overall nature when meeting them, and even to win a card game once. However, the keen sense of smell can be negatively impacted when she wears perfume, which she discovered the hard way when the perfume had her misinterpreting the Owner's smell as "dislike", eventually prompting her to jump into the pool to wash it off. Aside from her very keen sense of smell, it's also implied she has equally keen hearing, as she was easily able to pick up the sound of a record player playing her favorite music during a scavenger hunt and trace it, and also mentioned she knew the Owner was in the area due to hearing him from far away.

Owing to her growing up in isolation from the rest of civilization up until stumbling upon the Venus Festival, she is unfamiliar with various customs, such as fashion statements, the concept of school as well as manga. Tamaki, Misaki and Tsukushi ended up having to teach her the respective concepts. On a similar note, largely for the same reason, she is also prone to doing stuff that is technically considered immodest due to being completely oblivious to standard societal customs, such as using the upper portion of her blouse to "fan" herself in public.


Patty is a given name that's shortened for Patricia or Patrick, and is also a common name in Australia.



Kokoro ended up partnered with Patty and also helping her find treasure around the island as part of her welcoming ceremony. Patty determined her to be a good person from her scent (although it is implied that Kokoro had simply bathed recently). She largely got along with Patty, although she was surprised when Patty proceeded to fan herself with the neckline of her blouse, especially while in front of the Owner, and felt disturbed when Patty was oblivious to why it wasn't a good idea.


Patty met Monica while trying to locate the fourth treasure during her welcoming ceremony. As Monica acted as the "guardian" for the treasure stamp, Patty had to compete in a card game with Monica for the stamp. Patty managed to win twice largely due to predicting what cards Monica was going to use via the latter's scent. Monica initially believed that Patty merely had beginner's luck, although she quickly realized she wasn't relying on beginner's luck the second time around. Impressed, she then invited Patty to do another game at the casino.

Patty later requested that Monica act as her opponent for an upcoming Butt Battle, mostly so she'd have an opponent for the festival. Monica agreed, mostly because she wanted to settle the score for their earlier card game from when they first met. Patty and Monica then competed with each other, with Monica also attempting to trick Patty by pointing to a shiny object to distract her long enough to knock her into the pool when it became apparent that Patty was winning. However, this backfired due to Patty actually finding something shiny, more specifically the light reflections from the pool itself. Monica later felt guilty for trying to exploit Patty's innocence like that, although Patty didn't seem to mind.

Helena Douglas[]

Helena and Patty met each other when the former was to act as the guardian for the last stamp, or rather, supply her with the stamp for all stamps collected during her welcoming ceremony. Although this was the first time they met face to face, Patty recognized her from one of her opera performances that played on the radio.


Patty sought out Tamaki to act as her mentor regarding being "fashionable" after the Owner, largely due to Tamaki's background as both a fashion designer and especially as a former swimsuit model, suggested she do so. Tamaki agreed, under the condition that Patty do exactly what she says. After getting a feel for her measurements in order to allow Patty a more "hands on" determination of her measurements due to her already forgetting, she then had Patty meet Fiona as part of the second lesson regarding fashion, and then prepared a dress for her as her final lesson, partly to allow Patty to "become" a princess. Patty was grateful to Tamaki afterward.

She later encountered Tamaki during Elise's welcoming party, causing her to meet the latter by extension. She then mentioned Tamaki's role as her fashion mentor.


Fiona met Patty at Tamaki's request as part of the latter's fashion lessons to the former. She was initially confused when Patty smelled her, wondering if she had something on her, until Patty explained she was smelling her glitter. Patty also detected Fiona's heartrate increase upon mention of the Owner, with Tamaki also explaining that was part of the reason why she was on the island and chose her attire. Patty briefly became despondent after learning the two came from completely different locations, thinking a princess' attire wouldn't fit herself, although Tamaki reassured her that it might.


She and Sayuri met when they were tasked with finding a particular flower that acted as a necessary ingredient for varying lotions and gels. She also took the opportunity to smell Sayuri and noted she had a gentle nature from it, to Sayuri's bafflement. However, largely due to Patty's more energetic nature, Sayuri was surprised at Patty leaving her quickly to find the flower. After an attempt at finding the flower inside the jungle failed, Sayuri suggested she instead head towards the beach to find the flower due to it having more sunlight exposure, and advised that they go together this time. After finding it, they then underwent a beauty treatment together, with Sayuri putting her medical skills to use after discovering that Patty had minor cuts from her prior excursion into the jungle.


Tsukushi met Patty one time while walking the beach, with Patty learning about manga from her. Patty also proceeded to invite Tsukushi to a pajama party, partly to learn more about how to read manga (as, due to her isolation on a nearby island from the rest of the world, she was unfamiliar of the concept of Manga, let alone how to read it). Afterwards, they made small talk, with Patty deducing that manga was Tsukushi's treasure. However, it ended abruptly due to Patty falling asleep fast, causing Tsukushi some angst.


The two were paired up when trying to clean up garbage inside a gymnasium during a School Carnival Festival. Misaki, largely due to exhaustion regarding cleaning, ended up telling Patty (whose energetic nature had her being particularly eager to finish cleaning without feeling even slightly tired) to take a break. When Misaki reflected nostalgically on her time in High School due to their current outfits, Patty admitted she didn't even know what the concept of school entailed, causing Misaki to explain what it entailed, or at the very least what High School girls often used as slang, with Patty quickly picking up on it. However, Patty also when the Boss returned early ended up obliviously ratting out Misaki for slacking off on cleaning in favor of a meal.

Misaki later invited Patty to a jogging session alongside her then-newly arrived childhood friend/middle school classmate Nanami.


Nanami met Patty during her first week on the island, where the two as well as Misaki had a friendly running competition, owing to Nanami's past experience with track and field. Patty when meeting her noted she had a "strange, yet cool" smell.


Patty met Elise by accident at the latter's welcoming party, as she intended to talk with Tamaki. She then proceeded to show her the white dress Tamaki prepared for her as a demonstration of Tamaki's lessons for being fashionable. She eventually learned that Elise was mentoring the Owner just as Tamaki was mentoring her. She also wondered if she was teaching him to be fashionable, although Elise mentioned she was actually teaching a different subject altogether, relating to business matters such as studying, though Patty was more confused on the subject.


Patty met Amy as part of an assignment by the Owner for the latter to get promotional reports about the island, including surveying. Patty was initially confused as to what promotional reports were, but Amy proceeded to explain the concept to her in terms she understood. She ultimately managed to run off without Amy, and regrouped with her after completing her task and having everyone participate among each other, impressing Amy. When Amy expressed interest in finding a way to learn more about the Venus Islands themselves, Patty took her to Luna due to her being the "local scholar" and introduced her, unaware of their prior history from grad school.


Dead or Alive series[]

  • Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation (playable character, 2020)

Music themes[]

The following are the music themes used for Patty throughout the series.

Theme Game appearances
"Can't Get Enough" Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation
"Caught Up in the Mood" Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation


Promotional images


  • During her debut period, Patty replaced Misaki as the avatar girl for the DOAXVV staff twitter account.
    • Similarly, the twitter account also had a limited time showing of Patty's theme song in a slide show.[2] On a similar note, during the fourth anniversary, aside from her effectively "debuting" the OST for the game, Patty also acted as an in-universe DJ radio host.[3]
  • Although Patty's eyes were shown as silver in-game, her chibi artwork depicts her with blue eyes.
  • Although Patty is the fourth non-Japanese add-on character to appear in the game (not counting characters from the mainline series such as Leifang or Tina), she is the first one to have an explicit place of origin (hailing from one of the nearby islands to the Venus Islands, itself confirmed to be located within the South Pacific), as Luna, Fiona, and Monica did not have a confirmed country of origin outside of not being Japanese.
  • She alongside Tsukushi, Lobelia, Nanami, Elise and Koharu are also the only ones to use an SSR outfit as their pre-determined outfit, as the others use their starter bikinis in those episodes.
  • Patty is the second girl to have her "SSR received" animation be used for peek scenarios in live change episodes, after Nagisa and the other is Tsukushi (the other girls used the "SSR received" animation for their no-peek scenarios). Unlike Nagisa, however, her outfit received scene plays in full when it occurs. On a similar note, unlike Nagisa or Tsukushi, Patty doesn't seem to mind that the Owner peeked during the peek scenario, due to her aforementioned obliviousness to societal customs.
  • She is the only human character to have had a "special day" instead of a birthday, as well as the only character to have both a "special day" and a birthday, as the game made an update to list July 31 as being Patty's birthday instead of unknown.[1] She implies in both episodes that the reason it was initially deemed a special day was because she was unfamiliar with the concept of birthdays until the Owner told her.
  • She is also the only one thus far to have her photoshoot occur during her ring episode and not during her actual birthday episode.
  • Patty is known to wear perfume, as demonstrated in her ninth episode where she applies coconut-flavored perfume.
    • On a related note, she is also the third girl to wear perfume, after Monica (who admitted she may consider wearing it for card games with Patty as a deterrent to her sensitive sense of smell), and Sayuri (who was implied to be wearing it when smelled by Patty). Of them, as well as Lobelia later on, she is also the only one whose usage of perfume played a direct role on the plot, as her character episodes showed the perfume caused some conflict regarding her ability to smell the Owner.
  • According to Sakuta D. in Famitsu's third anniversary coverage, her concept of a beautiful girl raised in an island country had been envisioned since the beginning of the game, but was not added until much later because they hadn't agreed on the overall character, setting, and charm. They also had written her under the theory that the island culture she hailed from would have been significantly different from the remainder of the cast, and had her engaging in technically immodest actions in order to reflect that character choice, even researching modifications of the Soft Engine to achieve this.[4]
    • The same section also indicated that one of her considered hair colors would have been black instead of white.
  • Patty had the longest period between debuting and being released for free, taking five months. According to Sakuta during the events of the 3rd anniversary, the lengthy period of release was due to the events of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks and subsequent lockdowns.[5]
  • She is one of only three girls to have her first SSR accessory simply placed in the SSR accessory ticket on the VIP shop instead of issued during a ranking event, the other being Tsukushi and Nanami. She does, however, have her first SSR accessory issued during a ranking event in the Singapore Steam version.
  • Patty is the first girl to supply an actual title for her second episode instead of "self-introduction" or a variation thereof, with it later being repeated with Tsukushi, Lobelia and Nanami.
  • Patty is the third character to be asked her measurements yet not give a direct answer on-screen, after Helena and Nyotengu. In her case, it's because she was unfamiliar with the concept, and had such a hard time doing it by herself that she forgot the actual measurements, thus requiring a third party to find out for her.

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