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The Nintendo Switch, abbreviated to NS or Switch, is a hybrid game console produced by Nintendo, and overall the first true hybrid console. Its other model, Nintendo Switch Lite is a portable only console, which has limited functions and compatibilities than the original, and its upgraded models (such as Nintendo Switch OLED) that has Joy-Con plugs.


Nintendo announced the device in March 2015 under the codename NX, and officially unveiled the Switch at E3 2016, with the company inviting attendees to use demonstration units. It was officially released in 2017. The console succeeds the Wii U series (with it being primarily created as a direct result of the Wii U's failure to sell as well as the growing mobile market), and competes with the Xbox Series consoles as well as the PlayStation 5.

Like with the Nintendo 3DS, the Nintendo eShop allowed Switch owners to excess downloadable games, applications and information on upcoming film and game releases. Aside from this, it also had the Nintendo Switch Online service that included similar features among other things.

Devices and Functions[]

The base console, excluding Switch Lite is a tablet, which has different options:

  • Portable: Joy-Cons, the console's main controller has two halves that must be plugged on each sides of tablet.
  • Stationary/Home: The tablet must be insert on its dock, and can be controlled by different controllers:
    • Joy-Cons
      • Its two halves can be used for 2 players gameplay.
      • Its two halves must be plugged on each side of its Comfort Grip, similar to Wiimote function.
    • Pro Controller: A classic controller, which can also be used for portable purpose (including Switch Lite). If Wired version is used for portable purpose, it requires extra plug to connect the console's portable mode

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