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"I think maybe… The Boss kind of… Has me curious."

Nanami (Japanese: ナナミ) is a high school student who first appeared in the April 1, 2021 update version of the DMM and Japanese Steam versions of Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation, as well as the April 28, 2022 update version of the Singapore Steam and Johren versions.


Nanami was acquainted with Misaki as early as their middle school years,[6] and was known to do track and field-related activities during that time, including being part of the track and field club, and was considered fairly popular.[4] In addition, at least during her middle school years, she also talked a bit about movies and frequently shopped for cute items.[5] She also at least once stopped to observe a hedgehog inside a box during shopping runs.[7] At one point during their middle school years, Nanami invited Misaki up to the rooftop after school, with it being revealed that she wished to see the sunset with her up top.

At some point while traveling the city, she was scouted by someone (heavily implied to be Zack) and told she was a goddess who needed to go to the Venus Islands. She then arrived at the island and ended up reunited with her friend Misaki at Nikki Beach. As they were catching up, Nanami and Misaki ended up being photographed by the tenant of the island (as he was already present to do photography sessions, but then was drawn by her mysterious gaze). When Misaki left to get something important for Nanami, Nanami snuck up on the Owner and requested for the camera out of curiosity. She eventually decided to stay on the island for a while. She also did various jogging sessions while on the island.[4] After her welcoming tour by Misaki, the latter, as a form of repayment for a similar action Nanami did during their school years, had her watch the sunset on the beach with her.



Nanami has pale skin, shoulder-length black hair with brown highlights near the tips, and blue eyes. She has a similar build to Misaki, albeit slightly taller, with a slightly smaller chest than some of the other girls in the game, but fairly large hips. Similar to Honoka's flower/cow motifs and Misaki's star motifs, Nanami had a hedgehog motif. She also had noticeably large ears, though not nearly to the extent of Kanna.


Nanami was noted to have a cool yet kind demeanor.[8] She also at times has a slightly pranking demeanor, such as when she initially made it seem as though she was going to photograph the moon during her late night date with the Owner, only to reveal afterwards that she actually intended to take a picture of the Owner himself, as well as, after going through her self-introduction video, proceeding to take the camera and try to get the Owner to introduce himself. She also displayed a similar teasing nature to Misaki when she illicitly took a picture of her in her Stellar Cancer while stargazing (with Misaki doing the same in turn for her Stellar Aries), as well as promptly staring at Misaki in a similar manner to Luna after the two met each other when Misaki hesitantly agree to "show off a little" regarding her status as a Venus.


Nanami is a popular feminine Japanese given name and can be used as a surname as well. It utilizes Kanji that means various things depending on what Kanji is used, although it can also be spelled out using Hiragana and Katakana.



Nanami was acquainted with Misaki as early as their middle school years.[6] A few times, Misaki and Nanami went up to the rooftops to watch the sunset, and also tended to walk home from school together, which they recalled during their time on the Venus Islands. When Nanami arrived at the island, Misaki after cheerfully catching up with her then proceeded to get her necessary paperwork. She also acted as a sort-of mentor to Nanami showing her the ropes of the island life as a Venus. Misaki also became somewhat aware of Nanami getting a lewd lingerie from the Owner during the aftermath of the 3.5 anniversary party, causing her to scold the Owner for this.

Once, Misaki invited Nanami over for stargazing, resulting in the two mischeviously and illicitly photographing each other. Although she invited her largely because of their common kinship, Misaki implied that the main reason was because the Owner ultimately had to cancel doing it with her due to other obligations.

During an impromptu second meeting with the Teacher of a Ninja School, Misaki acted as a bit of a mentor to Nanami, filling her in on the events of the prior matches.


Owing to her being Misaki's older sister, the two were aware of each other, especially when Nanami often witnessed Nagisa picking Misaki up when walking with Misaki home from school due to all three going to the same school. However, neither had directly interacted with each other, most of their knowledge being second-hand regarding Misaki. She reconvened with Nanami around the time Nanami arrived at the island, although she got defensive towards Nanami when she realized the Owner gave her a particularly lewd lingerie, though Nanami later admitted it was partly her fault since she agreed to a photo story earlier. They also had a bit of a slumber party afterwards where they briefly caught up, including admitting they learned more about each other from their first direct interactions with each other.

Nanami later gave Nagisa advice on how to be more "honest" with the Owner regarding her growing feelings for him, also taking a picture of her in her more natural state as a way to help her, after an earlier incident where Nagisa rudely told the Owner off and felt immense guilt afterward.


Nanami met Patty during her first week on the island, where the two as well as Misaki had a friendly running competition, owing to Nanami's past experience with track and field. Patty when meeting her noted she had a "strange, yet cool" smell.


Her meeting with Luna was awkward due to the latter sneaking up and getting up close to her due to interest in her hedgehog motif and also an attempt at establishing first contact. She also was somewhat familiar with Luna's love of rabbits, though she wasn't aware of her nickname until Misaki mentioned it in passing.


She met Tamaki around the first week of her stay, where she was awkwardly introduced by Tamaki abruptly talking with her. She also admitted that while she herself was cool, Tamaki was more cool in demeanor than her. She also agreed to going out to drinks with Tamaki, although under the condition that she get something non-alcoholic as she was still underage. However, when getting Tamaki up to her room, the latter ended up briefly groping her to her shock.


Nanami got acquainted with Honoka alongside Marie Rose, with them briefly teaching her about Beach Volleyball. They also had an icebreaker chat regarding preferred movie genres, with her offering Honoka the opportunity to watch some movies at her room. They then agreed to a compromise of watching each of their respective genres.

Marie Rose[]

Nanami got acquainted with Marie Rose alongside Honoka, with them briefly teaching her about Beach Volleyball. They also had an icebreaker chat regarding preferred movie genres, though Nanami was slightly disturbed to learn that Marie Rose loved horror movies. They then agreed to a compromise of watching each of their respective genres.


Although they did not meet during Nanami's welcoming tour, she learned of her existence via Misaki when describing some of the other Venuses on the Island, referring to her specifically as the ogre (Oni in the Japanese version).

She met Kanna as well as her frenemy Nyotengu in her room, although she admitted she was somewhat aware of them via her friend Misaki. Kanna also expressed some concern when Nanami seemingly froze up while shopping at the market upon calling them over thinking she died, when in reality Nanami simply got enamored with a hedgehog plushie. When Nanami asked what the Owner liked due to wanting to find a gift, Kanna offered playing video games, although it's heavily implied Kanna was projecting her own desires onto the Boss.


Although they did not meet during Nanami's welcoming tour, she learned of her existence via Misaki when describing some of the other Venuses on the Island, referring to her specifically as "the tengu."

She met Nyotengu as well as her frenemy Kanna in her room, although she admitted she was somewhat aware of them via her friend Misaki. Nyotengu also expressed some concern with Nanami freezing up after calling them over to the marketplace, although not to the same extent as Kanna. When Nanami admitted her actual reason for going to the market was to find a gift for the Boss to repay him for accepting her onto the island, Nyotengu suggested wearing something bold, with Nanami being implied to have decided to wear the Midnight Light lingerie for him because of this.


The two briefly interacted while waiting for the Owner to arrived at a pre-arranged place, having heard of her via the Owner. They complimented each other on their Jewel-based dresses, and also talked about possible romantic interests. On a similar note, Lobelia was also indirectly responsible for Misaki and Nanami teaming up for a stargazing event, due to the Owner making cancellations over doing it with Misaki to do a Jugoya date with Lobelia.


Nanami, alongside Elise, met Koharu after the latter invited the two and several other girls over for Japanese tea and snacks, with Nanami being surprised at Koharu being the same age as her. When learning of Koharu's past of being the daughter of the innkeepers of a particular historical hot spring inn, Nanami also pondered whether she actually stayed at that inn in the past.

Tina Armstrong[]

The two met during an impromptu 2nd edition of Beach Masters involving a supposed livestream, with Tina acting as the final opponent for Nanami regarding a beauty contest, owing to the Venus Festival focusing on a girls' strength and beauty. It ultimately ended in a draw due to both their suits being destroyed while posing, with Tina congratulating Nanami in a sportsmanship manner. They eventually learned alongside Misaki that the Owner faked the whole conference as an excuse to hold the event again, much to their chagrin.

Tina later attempted to recruit Nanami as her partner in a rival festival, and decided to see if she was qualified by doing a butt battle with her, with Nanami largely being hesitant. Although Tina beat her several times, she allowed Nanami several rematches, with Nanami eventually beating her. Afterwards, they expressed respect for each other's strengths.


Dead or Alive series[]

  • Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation (playable character, 2021, add-on)

Music themes[]

The following are the music themes used for Nanami throughout the series.

Theme Game appearances
"Superhero" Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation


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  • Nanami was teased on April 1st, but fully released on April 15th. This also marks the third time a character was teased yet debuted at a later point, after Nagisa and Lobelia. Also like the prior two, she also has a connection to an established character (Misaki).
    • During the first half[9] of the leadup to Nanami's release, a daily twitter post feed giving Nanami's details was issued, with Misaki being the in-universe authors.[6][3][8][4][5][7][2]
      • During the second half, Nanami utilized her instagram account to post info about herself, largely due to being too shy to directly state her info as well as being unfamiliar with Twitter.[10][11][12][13]
        • Nanami also utilized her instagram during the lead-up to the 3.5 anniversary in the DMM version, and to a lesser extent during the schoolgirl event with herself, Luna, and Tsukushi as well as the Stellar event with Misaki (the latter featuring her illicitly photographing of Misaki). She also used it for her Dolce birthday[14] as well as the events of the 6.5 anniversary[15]
          • Nanami's instagram was alluded to by Nagisa when encountering her in the latter's tie-in manga for her true colors.
    • She is also the first girl whose measurements were revealed during a livestream.
    • Also like Nagisa, she also had her position swapped with another girl in the Steam/Johren version. In the DMM/Japanese Steam, she was the 22nd girl to be released, while in the Singapore Steam/Johren version, she's going to be the 23rd girl to be released, due to Tina Armstrong debuting much earlier.
      • Largely because of this, her birthday was deferred to a later date as her debut in the Singapore Steam version occurred after her birthday.
  • Nanami is the second girl to have her birthday occur while still within the paywall in the DMM version, the first being Tsukushi. In fact, her birthday was issued the day after her official debut.
    • On a similar note, she is also the second girl to have her birthday occur before that of her immediate predecessor upon the year of debut, after Tamaki (not counting Leifang and Fiona, as their respective birthdays occurred during the second year).
  • Nanami is the second girl to have the same stats, or at least first paid SSR primary stats, as the immediate preceding girl (STM, in her case), after Kanna.
    • She is also the only girl to have both paid suits be the same stats (not counting her Bouquet birthday outfit).
  • She is the fourth girl to have someone other than the Owner appear in their debut episodes, after Tamaki, Nagisa and Lobelia.
  • She is the fifth girl to give the Owner her measurements, after Nagisa, Monica, Sayuri and Tsukushi.
  • Nanami's nationality was not listed due to Xtreme Venus Vacation not having a nationality section for the girls' bios. However, it was nevertheless heavily implied to be Japanese due to her name being spelled in the hiragana spelling instead of the katakana spelling. Her nationality was indirectly confirmed in Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 via her friend/middle school classmate Misaki.
    • Her walking home with Misaki and to a lesser extent Nagisa during their school years implies that she either initially lived in the same hometown as the latter two, or at least in close proximity to said town. She also implied in the event episode, "Tea Time", that she may have previously stayed at the ryokan that Koharu's family operates.
  • She is the third add-on character to allude to Zack. The first being Misaki and the second being Monica. In her case, she implies that Zack had scouted her out in her first episode.
  • Nanami's Hedgehog motif is a reference to the Hedgehog's Dilemma.
  • She is the second girl to not use honorifics for the Boss, after Misaki.
  • Nanami is the third girl to have her first accessory simply be issued via tickets rather than actually earned in a match, after Patty and Tsukushi, as well as one of four girls to have their second accessory issued via tickets rather than earned, after Kasumi, Honoka, and Kokoro.
    • On that note that makes Nanami the first girl to have both her first and second accessories issued via tickets instead of a ranking event (as Misaki's second accessory and 20 2nd accessory tickets were instead the prize for both ranking events).
  • Nanami is technically the only girl to have two self-introduction episodes, as her final episode is titled "Self Introduction" and has her giving the standard introduction via video recording.
  • Concept art for Nanami included in Famitsu during the latter's coverage of the game's fourth anniversary revealed that her default attire Twilight Time was originally going to resemble a schoolgirl's uniform, including a black necktie.
    • On a related note, Sakuta indicated in his commentary for her in the same source that she was created aiming for a more ordinary type of character, akin to a school classmate, rather than specific, celebrity types. He also indicated that he removed several elements from her overall character that various players may not have been fond of, with the only exception being her brown highlights.[16]

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