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"You…dirty dog! I'm taking my sister back!"

Nagisa (Japanese: なぎさ) is a theatre actress and Misaki’s older sister who made her debut in the 2017 PC version of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, entitled Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation during the December 17, 2018 update in the DMM version, and during the November 10, 2019 update in the Singapore Steam version. Her name was initially kept secret in the DMM version at the beginning on playing as her until December 20 a few days later, while in the case of the Singapore Steam version, it was kept secret until the May 6, 2020 update.


Nagisa was the eldest child of three, including Misaki and an unnamed youngest brother. Nagisa acted as a member of a theater troupe in her home country of Japan, and also had mentored her younger sister Misaki since their days in High School. She eventually learned that Misaki had gotten photographed by the tenant of the Venus Islands, and while she encouraged Misaki in the letter response alongside her family, she secretly developed hostile views towards the island's tenant, viewing him as trying to take advantage of her.

Eventually, Nagisa proceeded to arrive at the Venus Islands – more specifically Nikki Beach – unexpectedly, ostensibly to visit her sister and see how she's doing, although it eventually became clear that Nagisa arrived in order to try and convince Misaki to return home, with Misaki protesting that she's no longer a child. After Misaki passed by her boss and greeted him in a submissive manner in front of Nagisa, the latter let out her rage against the Owner and demanded for him to give Misaki back while accosting him. Misaki ended up shocked at her sudden hostile behavior, prompting Nagisa to request that Misaki leave the two alone, which Misaki reluctantly heeded. Ultimately, she ended up reluctantly agreeing to participate in the Venus Festival, albeit under the condition that if she wins, she take Misaki back.



Nagisa has fair skin, short black hair, brown eyes, and a fairly small bust compared to the other girls (with only Lobelia, Marie Rose and Kanna's busts being smaller) and overall appears mature. She wears leggings as well as a white one-piece swimsuit with a thong underneath. Nagisa also was frequently seen with a scarf. Owing to her familial ties to Misaki, she shares a similar facial structure to Misaki, as well as the same eye color and roughly the same height.


Elements of Nagisa’s personality are unclear, although she is shown to have a bit of a rude disposition, as she sometimes bends over as if mooning someone and does a bii-da~ expression (an insulting facial expression among Japanese people where they stick out their tongue and use their right index finger to droop their lower eyelid). She is also shown to be very embarrassed to wear revealing outfits to a greater extent than even her younger sister Misaki does at certain times. She also has a stuffed Shiba Inu that she carried around. She also was shown to be very sensitive towards any weight gains she might have undergone, even being reluctant to show herself to Misaki if she gained weight.


Nagisa is a Japanese given name used by either sex and is occasionally used as a surname. The name can be written in either Hiragana or Katakana, and its meaning varies depending on the Kanji used for the name, including 渚, meaning "beach/shore"; 汀, meaning "water's edge/shore"; and 凪砂, meaning "lull, sand".



She met Honoka when the latter alongside Luna were acting as Miko priestesses for the second New Year's Festivities on the Venus Islands. However, she seemed to at least be familiar with her beforehand via Misaki, Nagisa's sister, as when meeting Honoka, she personally thanked the latter for being kind to her sister, although Honoka rejected the thanks out of modesty. Honoka then explained that they were to hand out fortunes, but she herself had little experience with the concept as Miko shrines were non-existent in the Shopping District, whereas Luna doesn't even know about what it is about. Although Nagisa had misgivings due to thinking that the Owner placed them in Miko-themed swimwear for perverted reasons, she nonetheless agreed to help at Honoka's suggestion that they work together.


For the purposes of a mock battle, Nagisa teamed up with Nyotengu, although she did briefly wonder where she went off to after winning. The two later fought Kasumi, Ayane, and Honoka for the same reason and lost.


Nagisa alongside Tamaki helped create some food for the event (Osechi (Japanese New Year's food) in the DMM version; party food for the post-Anniversary event in the Steam version) at Hitomi's request. During this time, Hitomi and Nagisa made some small talk, with Hitomi also letting slip that it had been the Owner's idea to use the New Year's event to act as a welcoming party for Nagisa, to the latter's shock. Nagisa also was slightly amused at Hitomi and Tamaki's argument.


Although Ayane and Nagisa have yet to directly interact face-to-face, Ayane is at least familiar with her, and especially her relationship to her sister Misaki, which she implied was the main motivator for inviting Kasumi into helming with her the "sister's quarrel" rival festival. Nagisa, alongside Kokoro and Nyotengu, fought Kasumi, Ayane, and Honoka for the purposes of a mock battle and lost.


Nagisa met Momiji when the former reluctantly accepted a job as a Miko shrine priestess for the New Year's Festivities. After making small talk regarding Momiji's (more revealing) Miko outfit, Nagisa was then directed by Momiji to two other girls wearing Miko shrine outfits (referring to Honoka and Luna), and after she returned upon handing out several fortunes to the people on the island, she then proceeded to pull the tag to Nagisa's fortune.


Nagisa and Helena briefly worked together for the nature-based tower festival, with Nagisa in particular having some high regard for her. They had a heart-to-heart talk about how they ought to at least put up with more adult swimwear, even if they're not particularly fond of it, with Helena also assuring her that, whether the Owner is perverted or not, he ultimately means well. She also briefly competed against Helena for the purposes of a mock battle, and ultimately won.


Owing to her being Misaki's older sister, she is shown to care significantly for Misaki's well being, albeit in a very overprotective manner, the latter being implied to be at the root of her inherent hostility towards the Owner. She also complimented Misaki's kimono, much to the latter's shyness, although this later came back to haunt her when Misaki used that compliment to suggest that Nagisa try on one of the owner's outfits for her. Misaki also assured her that she was fine in the outfit when Nagisa assumed that the Owner was trying to do lewd photographs of Misaki in a kimono, and also complimented on the outfit Nagisa was wearing as being "cool", especially given the latter's profession as a stage actress. Her closeness to her sister was such that she was quick to point out that Misaki complimenting her for her otherwise revealing swimwear is completely different from what the Owner had in store.


She met Honoka when the latter alongside Luna were acting as Miko priestesses for the second New Year's Festivities on the Venus Islands. Although Nagisa had misgivings due to thinking that the Owner placed them in Miko-themed swimwear for perverted reasons, she nonetheless agreed to help at Honoka and Luna's suggestion that they work together.


She and Tamaki met when Nagisa reluctantly accepted the Owner's request to helm a festival. Tamaki was apparently familiar with Nagisa prior to meeting her (presumably being told about her by Misaki), and takes an instant liking to her, although Nagisa is left awkward at the attention Tamaki gave her. She also worked with her at Hitomi's request to help prepare food (either a post-Anniversary banquet in the Singapore Steam version, or Osechi in the DMM version), also expressing slight amusement at their arguing later on. However, she also had a slightly intense rivalry with Tamaki due to their differing philosophies on how to act as a big sister to Misaki. Prior to their meeting, Nagisa was the reason why Tamaki was identified by Misaki as "Big Sis Tama" ("Tama-Nee" in the Japanese versions), as a compromise between calling her "Big Sister" (Tamaki's preferred nickname) and her standard name, due to Misaki already having an older sister. She also briefly competed against Tamaki for the purposes of a mock battle, and ultimately won.


She became acquainted with Fiona when she had to do rock climbing as part of her initiation at the Venus Islands. Fiona acted as her support member, and encouraged Nagisa to climb, like Honoka and Luna did for Fiona when she did rock climbing. Fiona also speculated that, despite Nagisa's denials, even she had some romantic feelings for the Owner, even thinking Nagisa's insult of "Wanko" towards the Owner was a cute petname due to her fondness for her own pet dog John.


Nagisa met Kanna by accident when she walked in on the Owner's bedroom with Kanna in a very suggestive pose, and believing her to merely be a child due to her size (and completely unaware that Kanna was in fact a millennium-old Oni), she expressed outrage and snapped at the Owner. Kanna because of this also initially assumed that Nagisa was envious of her, even asking her if she was jealous of her sexy nature until Nagisa set her and Misaki straight. Nagisa also befriended Kanna as a result, although she made the Owner swear to not even dare try to seduce any children in her sight, even ones that are actually over a millennium old. During the Christmas season, she reluctantly partnered up with either Momiji (Steam version) or Sayuri (DMM version) to act as Santas and deliver Kanna and Fiona's Christmas gifts after the latter mistook the Owner for Santa and forced him to flee before he could supply the remaining gifts. While delivering Kanna's present, she admitted how cute she looked while asleep and considered touching her horns before remembering she was to act as Santa. She ultimately succeeded in delivering her present, but was forced to flee when Kanna prematurely woke up. Largely because of this close call, she expressed relief that Kanna and Fiona were still naive after interacting with them.


Owing to her being Misaki's older sister, the two were well-acquainted, especially when she often caught glimpses of with her when walking with Misaki home from school. However, they did not have direct interactions with each other beyond that, with most of their knowledge of each other being second-hand via Misaki. She reconvened with Nanami around the time Nanami arrived at the island, although she got defensive towards Nanami when she realized the Owner gave her a particularly lewd lingerie, though Nanami later admitted it was partly her fault since she agreed to a photo story earlier. They also had a bit of a slumber party afterwards where they briefly caught up and used the opportunity to learn more about each other directly.

Nanami later gave Nagisa advice on how to be more "honest" with the Owner regarding her growing feelings for him, also taking a picture of her in her more natural state as a way to help her, after an earlier incident where Nagisa rudely told the Owner off and felt immense guilt afterward.


Koharu stumbled upon Nagisa and Lobelia while shopping for meals, as the two were trying to find a particular novel. Nagisa largely recognized her due to having heard of her elsewhere. They then made small-talk about literary genres, with Nagisa learning that Koharu specifically liked classical Japanese literature, recognizing the genre as including Man'yōshū and The Pillow Book. Nagisa eventually explained when Koharu asked why they were looking for a particular book that she needed it as source material for a new acting gig, citing her job as a stage actress.

Tina Armstrong[]

Like her younger sister, Misaki, she was familiar with Tina from various TV shows and movies she had been in. She eventually met her face to face by accident during a guided tour by Misaki. She also divulged that she had a similar acting profession to Tina, albeit as a stage actress. Tina was impressed with this, and especially that Nagisa was a good older sister to Misaki. She even offered to work with Nagisa in a stage production some time.


Unlike most of the other girls on the Venus Islands who either liked the Owner or at the very least tolerate him, Nagisa is shown to have utter dislike for him at worst, which is implied to be the result of her belief that the Owner had been taking advantage of her younger sister Misaki due to the latter referring to him as "Owner". Similarly, she also assumed the owner was trying to take photos of Misaki in a kimono for lewd purposes, and in the DMM version was apparently unaware of it being for an annual New Year's Greeting Card, and proceeded to threaten the Owner before being talked out of it by Misaki. Even when she does do nice things for the Owner or try to compliment him, she is quick to make clear that her views on him haven't changed much, if at all. Many times, she refers to him as either Dirty Dog ("Ero Wanko" in the Japanese version) or otherwise "Hentai Owner". Despite her distaste and distrust towards him, she once was taken aback when he apparently took responsibility for walking in on her while she was bathing, left unsure of what to do next when she was fully ready beforehand to dish out punishment for it. Eventually, she settled for having him do whatever she wanted for a whole day as his "path to redemption." Likewise, she also heeded the Owner's suggestion that she do rock climbing to lose some pounds she accumulated during the New Years festivities. She also reluctantly accepted a PV photo shoot in a particularly revealing outfit after Misaki talked her into it, although before undergoing it, she demanded to know how the Owner knew enough of her figure to have it be a perfect size for her. Despite her professed hatred of the Owner, it's implied that even she had a growing soft-spot for him, although she wasn't willing to admit it even to herself. She also later apologized to the Owner for her cold treatment, and was implied to have at least respected him to a certain extent. Her growing feelings for the Owner and innate conflict with said feelings eventually reached a head where, despite deep down having gratitude towards the Owner for inviting her to his room and being gifted with a swimwear, she ended up telling him off instead, causing her to feel immense guilt afterwards and wonder how she can truly be honest with her feelings to him.

Other appearances[]

Azur Lane[]

Main article: Azur Lane: Vacation Lane

Nagisa is one of the characters in the Azur Lane: Vacation Lane collaboration minigame for Azur Lane. She specifically qualified as an Elite Battleship class. On the title screen for the first run, she cosplayed as the ship girl Baltimore.


Dead or Alive series[]


Promotional images


  • Prior to being fully acknowledged on December 20, Nagisa and her various details were deliberately kept secret in her upload on December 17, 2018 and November 10, 2019,[2][4][5][6][7][8] although the in-game code hinted that her name's first letters are "NAG" as well as "Nagisa".[9][10] It was not until a voice actor gacha livestream on December 19 that some details about her, including her name, were unveiled to the public officially.
    • She is also the first character to be revealed on a day other than Thursday (Wednesday overseas), also having a special gacha,[11] although she wasn't formally announced until Thursday.
    • She is also the first character to be added in the middle of an on-going event,[12] as all other girls before her had debuted from the start of an event.
      • On that note, she is also the first Xtreme Venus Vacation add-on to not have a teaser thumbnail that officially revealed her existence on the Tuesday of the week of her debut.
    • Prior to her official announcement, she was referred to as "なぞの女神", which roughly translates to "The Mysterious Goddess", Secret in the English lettering of the Japanese version, as well as "Mystery Venus" in the English localizations.
      • This name would later be reused during the teaser for her True Colors event.[13]
    • Prior to her debut, Misaki also alluded to her in her sixth episode, where she mentions she showed the photos the Owner took earlier to her family. The initial English localization of the episode due to a mistranslation erroneously mentions her as being her younger sister when she was actually her older sister in the Japanese version of the episode. She was, however, correctly identified as her older sister in the English translation of the episode "They are both idols".
    • In the Steam version, when she was teased, she had a narration where she said "You want to know more about me? Then make sure to watch closely during the next event. Dirty dog." This also makes her the first girl to be teased in the Steam version prior to her formal debut (with it later being repeated with Sayuri).
  • She is the first character to explicitly give her measurements (she did so via her second episode).
  • She is the second character to share her introduction episode with a character besides the Owner, the first being Tamaki. Coincidentally, both also involve Misaki interacting with them, and both also are older characters who behave in a similar manner to an older sister (although in the case of Nagisa, she is in fact the elder sibling to Misaki).
  • According to the in-game data, Nagisa was created by mixing Marie Rose's body with Misaki's face.[14]
  • Although she is stated to have black hair, her chibi artwork depicts her with dark purple hair.
  • Nagisa is the third female character to have a small bust, after Marie Rose and NiCO (the latter of whom was announced before Nagisa's debut, yet debuted after Nagisa). Of them, she is also the first one who is explicitly older than 18 and who is not Scandinavian (being Japanese).
  • Nagisa is the first DOAXVV girl to have her peek scenario in her live change episode be adapted from her outfit received scene, the other two are Patty and Tsukushi (all the other girls have the no-peek scenario being adapted from those scenes).
    • She is also the only one where said scenario is only partly adapted from the scene in question (as the scene in the peek scenario omits her inspection of her rear end as well as her sniffing her armpit as it pans up her).[15]
  • Nagisa's birthday falls on the post-Gregorian Calendar date for the Children's Day holiday in Japan (formerly known as Boy's Day pre-1948).
  • Although the various characters have their measurements given in their bios, Nagisa is the first character to explicitly state her measurements in her episodes (albeit reluctantly). Although Nyotengu and Helena were asked for their measurements, the former did not answer and instead playfully suggested that the owner "find out for himself", while the latter agreed to supply the answer off-screen only under the condition that the owner tell her stuff about himself first.
  • Nagisa is the only character who did not received Hestia’s collaboration costume, due to it being released after her last paid outfit had been released, although she does nonetheless act as the primary event episode's focus (presumably due to the other girls having flashback episodes to unlock certain tasks for the event). Ironically, her seiyuu, Maaya Uchida, voiced one of the characters in the series.
  • Nagisa of the add-on girls has taken the second-longest period of time to date between her final debut episode and her first free V-stone event (taking from January 17 to April 18.). Only Patty exceeded her in overall time.
    • Similarly, thanks to her early debut in the Steam version, she also took the longest in that version to be identified (first appearing on November 10, was not identified until May 6, and not formally debuting until May 27).
  • Nagisa took over Misaki's in-character tweets for the latter's birthday.
  • Nagisa is the fourth add-on girl for the Steam version, and the fifth add-on girl for the DMM version.
    • She is also the first girl to debut much earlier in the Steam version than the DMM version, with it being repeated by Tina Armstrong.
  • According to Sakuta D in Famitsu's coverage of the 2nd anniversary of Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation, Nagisa was created primarily to act as a foil to Fiona, namely regarding the latter's "Owner Love". He also tweaked her character to make sure that, while having a revulsion to the Owner, she does not offend any players, with him enjoying how various users referred to themselves as wanko after her debut broadcast. He also admitted that part of the reason for her characterization was as a bit of payback for any players who made fun of Misaki.[16]
  • According to Nagisa's first character episode, she was the one who provided Misaki with her trademark yellow scrunchie.
  • Nagisa's nationality was not listed due to Xtreme Venus Vacation not having a nationality section for the girls' bios. However, it was nevertheless heavily implied to be Japanese due to her name being spelled in the Hiragana spelling instead of the Katakana spelling, as well as Marie Rose asking her about maid cafes due to them being from Japan. Her nationality was later confirmed indirectly in Xtreme 3: Scarlet via her younger sister Misaki.
    • Aside from details supplied by Misaki in the Shinovi Versus event regarding their hometown, Nagisa also implies that her hometown was on a geographically flat area of Japan during the Nagisa's Challenge: Shape of Love event after successfully completing her first Rock Climb and admiring the view, due to citing that the view she was taking in was something she can never experience back home.
  • In the Rock Climbing portion of Nanami's Challenge, it is mentioned that Nagisa went to the same school as Misaki and Nanami, although she was of a higher grade than them.
  • In the DMM version, Nagisa is tied with Kanna and Elise as having the second-most paid SSR attire during their debut period, having three total each (not counting birthday attire). Only Leifang had more than them.
  • Besides her various insults to the Owner, she generally refers to him as "Owner-San" like most of the other girls, or to a lesser extent just "Owner" like her sister, Misaki. The only exception was during the Can't Leave Tonight, where she once referred to the Owner as "Owner-Kun" in the Japanese version of the former, albeit reluctantly (mostly because she was required to use terminology befitting a kind teacher in order to better motivate the Owner with studying for an exam).
    • On a similar note, she also referred to him as Anata (あなた) in the Delicious ♥ Honeymoon arc, largely because she was rehearsing for the role of a newly-wed wife.
  • A prequel manga with Nagisa as the main protagonist was released as a tie-in to her True Color episodes.
    • Largely because of this, Nagisa is the only True Color character whose live stream announcement did not feature the character's voice actress in a guest role.
  • Nagisa is the only character to not interact with any characters besides the Owner during her True Colors prologue episodes (as Misaki, Marie Rose, Luna, and Fiona interacted with Tamaki, Helena, Amy, and Lobelia, respectively). She does, however, interact with Nanami in the prequel manga mentioned above.

Notes and references[]

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