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"Match results are absolute ♪"

Monica is a young casino dealer who first appeared in the August 7, 2019 update version of Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation, and in the November 18, 2020 update in the Singapore Steam version of Xtreme Venus Vacation.



Little is known of her early life, but her father was a gambler and frequently took her to a casino when she was young, which contributed to her later career decision. During one visit, she encountered a certain person who had won big in blackjack, and told her casinos are where people's dreams come true, which she took to heart.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation[]

Monica travelled to the Venus Islands under the mistaken impression that the Owner was hiring for a casino dealer. However, after meeting him and playing a game of chance, she learned he didn't even have the casino in operation yet. Thus she settled for participating in the Venus Festival in the hopes that the money raised would expedite the completion of the casino. She frequently played games of chance with the Owner as a way of practicing her dealing skills and is implied to have frequently won. Eventually, she learned the casino was nearing completion and, as a final test of their abilities, made a bet before their ultimate game: if the Owner won, she would lose her clothes (being the only thing of value to her she could think of) while if she won, she would get the casino. She eventually narrowly won the match, although she then realized upon seeing the Owner had possessed a winning hand, that he had deliberately thrown the match, leaving her shocked and confused.



Owing to her occupation as a casino dealer, her default attire, Royal Flush, is that of a Bunny suit with a top hat. She has fair skin, gray eyes, and shoulder-length dirty blonde hair that's similar in overall style to Misaki. The hairstyle is in two ponytails that are knotted near the bottom. She also has a red heart tattoo near her left breast. The tattoo is implied to be removable as it is only present while she is wearing Royal Flush. Her other outfit, Queen of Spades, has her wearing green lingerie with a netted headdress.


Befitting her dealer occupation, she loves to play games of chance. She also has a bit of a seductive side to her, as evidenced by her placing a card between her breasts when meeting the Owner during a game of chance. She also feels bound to follow the rules of the game, whether she is at an advantage or not, with her frequently stating "the rules are absolute." Largely because of this, she also gets upset when her opponent quits when they have the advantage, as evidenced by her confronting the Owner on why the latter folded despite having the winning hand.


Monica is a female given name that has multiple variations, although the name itself originated in North Africa.



Monica met Kasumi and Honoka to deal a card game with them after making a bet with the Owner that if she loses to any of the girls in anything, she does what they have to say. They agreed to rounds of the card game Old Maid, though she ultimately had exceptional difficulty winning against them, with Kasumi in particular due to doing fortune telling. She ultimately won by placing cards, though she conceded defeat due to her technically cheating in order to do so. Kasumi and Honoka likewise suggested she continue playing Old Maid with them.


Monica met Honoka and Kasumi to deal a card game with them after making a bet with the Owner that if she loses to any of the girls in anything, she does what they have to say. They agreed to rounds of the card game Old Maid at Honoka's suggestion, though she ultimately had exceptional difficulty winning against them, with Honoka in particular due to her possessing an exceptional amount of luck (according to her, her luck happens 1 every 10 chances). She ultimately won by placing cards, though she conceded defeat due to her technically cheating in order to do so. Kasumi and Honoka likewise suggested she continue playing Old Maid with them, with Honoka in particular making the suggestion.


Tamaki met Monica at the island, and suggested they compete by doing three rounds of poker, with the loser being treated to a massage between rounds, with the winner supplying it. Unlike with her previously playing against Leifang, Kasumi, and Honoka regarding a beach race and Old Maid, respectively, Monica actually won all three rounds of poker, which was implied to be due to Tamaki being distracted. Because of Monica's earlier bet, she had Tamaki provide her with sweets as a request. Tamaki also helped Monica with practicing her poker face by having her try out some new gels to relax her facial features, with her later joining with Monica and Helena during the spa treatment.


Leifang met Monica at the island, and suggested they compete by doing a race on the island. However, such activity proved extremely taxing for Monica, with Leifang ultimately winning. Because of Monica's earlier bet, she was obligated to honor her end of the bargain and do whatever Leifang wanted. In Leifang's case, she suggested they do morning training together, especially when such would aid in her goal to become a dealer.

Helena Douglas[]

Monica largely got along well with Helena, although she proved to be a very difficult opponent in a card game. Helena then helpfully suggested that Monica try to work on maintaining a poker face, which Monica took to heart. Helena later joined the spa alongside Monica and Tamaki, with Monica warming up to her. Afterward, they resumed their game, with Monica managing to do better this time against Helena, albeit by accident due to fumbling the cards due to the earlier spa treatment.


Luna was assigned by the Owner to be Monica's co-dealer for the Casino's grand opening, Luna mostly being motivated due to the "bunny" suits. Monica expressed some concern regarding whether Luna was up to the task due to her not apparently having a grasp on Dealer aspects, though she did ultimately acknowledge that Luna is at least a better player than the Owner and had a better poker face than herself. Luna despite largely fumbling with the Blackjack tables due to inexperience also attracted a crowd due to coming across as natural, which the Owner later showed Monica when she had trouble actually gathering people at her table, with her taking the lesson to heart, with her, Luna, and the Owner also deciding to play a round afterwards. During the third anniversary, Monica and Luna later had a showdown together, with Luna trying to memorize Monica's face to determine her poker face until Monica told her that it wouldn't work. Although Luna ultimately lost, she still had fun and vowed another game next time.


The two met during a pajama party and quickly got along well with each other. Monica gave Fiona some advice on how to open up to a crush, suggested she practice with the Owner, unaware that he was the exact person she had a crush on. Fiona in turn relayed a message from the Owner to Monica regarding meeting with him the next night for drinks. She's the only girl on the island who Monica doesn't do a game of chance or make a bet with when meeting her. The two did eventually have a showdown festival against each other, and promptly celebrated the success in their pajamas by sneaking into the casino (albeit relucantly in Fiona's case due to risks), which ultimately came back to haunt them when Monica's panties got caught on an object, resulting in the Owner investigating it being open unusually late and them undergoing a bit of humiliation as a result.


Patty met Monica while trying to locate the fourth treasure during her welcoming ceremony. As Monica acted as the "guardian" for the treasure stamp, Patty had to compete in a card game with Monica for the stamp. Patty managed to win twice largely due to predicting what cards Monica was going to use via the latter's scent. Monica initially believed that Patty merely had beginner's luck, although she quickly realized she wasn't relying on beginner's luck the second time around. Impressed, she then invited Patty to do another game at the casino, and also deeply considered wearing perfume during the events where she has to have Patty as an opponent as a deterrent towards her powerful sense of smell. She and Patty later had a butt battle, with Monica agreeing largely because she wished to settle the score from their earlier card game. However, Patty was winning, so Monica attempted to distract her with what was apparently a shiny object to knock her off, although this backfired when Patty noticed the pool's reflecting light, causing Monica to lose. She eventually felt guilty for trying to take advantage of Patty's innocent nature like that, though Patty didn't seem to mind at all.


Shandy met Monica while waiting for the bar to open, as the latter heard of her presence. After making small talk, she jokingly claimed that she had experience with a more mature bar situation, creeping Monica out. Partly due to Kanna's arrival, and having nothing else to do, Shandy agreed to accompany Monica to the island's casino after learning it existed. Monica also showed Shandy the ropes for blackjack, and also tried to warn Shandy against over-betting her chips to no avail.


She encountered Zack at a casino in the past, where he, having won a jackpot, told her that "the Casino is a place where everyone can get their dreams." It was because of that advice that she ultimately was inspired to become a dealer.


Monica came to the Venus Islands hoping to gain employment under the Owner. She frequently plays games of chance with the Owner to practice her dealing skills. Eventually, the two have a serious game shortly before the casino is finished. She ultimately won the game, but it is heavily implied the Owner deliberately threw the game because he did not wish for her to embarrass herself by having to strip off all her clothes after losing. She is implied to have some feelings for the Owner, as when talking with him about the casino, she sometimes words her statements in a way that supplies innuendo regarding them being in a relationship, only to clarify in a more panicked tone that she meant something else. These feelings eventually culminated in her being unable to go through with her intention of stripping all her clothes before the owner despite that being what she said she'll do if she loses their showdown fair and square.


Dead or Alive series[]

  • Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation (playable, 2019, add-on)

Azur Lane[]

Monica was added to the mobile game Azur Lane alongside Kasumi, Marie Rose, Honoka, Nyotengu, Nagisa and Misaki as part of a collaboration between that game and Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation. On the title screen for the first run, she cosplayed as the shipgirl Formidable.

Music themes[]

The following are the music themes used for Monica throughout the series.

Theme Game appearances
"Chips Are Down" Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation


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  • She is the first add-on girl to be released after the previous new girl got a free gacha.
  • She is the third character to have her birthday occur on New Year's Day, after Mai Shiranui and Bankotsubo.
    • On a similar note, she is also the fourth DOAXVV character have her birthday fall on a holiday, after Misaki (Tanabata), Nagisa (Children's Day of Japan), and Marie Rose (Sweden's National Day), as well as one of only two to have their birthday's connections to holidays be given an explicit mention (the only other being Misaki).
  • She is the second known casino dealer after Rio Rollins Tachibana.
    • Because of this, she is also the third character to hold an explicit job on the Venus Islands besides helming festivals and/or being the partner to the Owner for the Venus Festival itself, the others being Misaki (who acted as the direct assistant for the Owner) and Tamaki (who was heavily implied to have designed various swimwear for the girls on the island), and the first to not be of Japanese origin.
  • She is the second character to explicitly give her measurements, after Nagisa (both characters did so via their second episode).
  • She is the second DOAXVV character to indirectly reference Zack (citing a man with a big smile and sunglasses as the reason she wished to become a dealer in her level 50 episode), after Misaki in the main episodes. Incidentally, the black joker card she used in her game with the Owner upon meeting him was modeled after Zack. Unlike Misaki or Nanami, however, it is not clear if she's aware of Zack's role of managing the Venus Islands.
  • In one of her episodes, it's revealed she has a hobby of collecting stuffed animals, with it being implied that her Crane Game hobby was an extension of this hobby. The same episode also implies regarding a stuffed animal that she owns a female dog named Ida, who is similar to Fiona's dog, John.
  • Monica is the first girl in DOAXVV confirmed to wear perfume.
  • In her first birthday episode, she admits that she tends to forget about her own birthday due to it falling right on New Year's Day and focusing more on the festivities of the holiday. She also admits in her second birthday episode that she generally avoids focusing on it anyways due to not wanting to ruin people's moments with the holiday, and cites her dealer job as part of the reason.
  • According to Sakuta D in Famitsu's second anniversary coverage, Monica was created largely because he wanted to create a sexy woman, and he also had her be a casino dealer due to wanting a "win by any means" type personality as well as wanting to add the casino element from past Xtreme games (which he had previously been involved in). Although her concept art was overall close to the final design of her default SSR outfit, her thigh pocket strap was placed on the opposite leg in the concept art.[1]
    • On that note, this technically makes her the second character to be created in part to bring back a location/mechanic from past Xtreme games, as Sakuta D. implied in his commentary for Luna that he created her partly to bring back the Jungle location.
  • Monica is the third character in Xtreme Venus Vacation thus far whose nationality is left unknown, after Luna and Fiona. At most, it's implied that she hailed from a country that had legalized gambling.
    • Although she is not Japanese, she is nevertheless familiar with some Japanese customs and cultural elements, particularly in relation to New Year's, as her first birthday episode had her asking if the Owner was going to supply her with "New Year's Money" that is given to kids in Japan before promptly protesting she's no longer a kid, referring to the concept of Otoshidama, and almost asked the question again on her second birthday only to stop herself. Similarly, after her first official day at the casino concluded, she makes a comparative reference to the Hare of Inaba when warning the Owner that her free match will have her "strip [the Owner] completely naked", echoing Luna's reference regarding a similar warning of winning "the shirt off [Monica and the Owner's] back."
  • She is the third character to hold an explicit job on the Venus Islands besides participating in the festivals, after Misaki (who acts as the part-time Supporter for the Owner), and Tamaki (who designs various wardrobes for the events). In Monica's case, she runs the local casino.
    • She is also the second character to debut a new or at least returning gameplay element, after Luna (who's inclusion brought in the Jungle from past games). She brought in the Casino.
  • Prior to the character's debut, the name "Monica" was originally going to be used for Lisa Hamilton during development of Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, but was discarded due to the name's ties to the Monica Lewinsky scandal.[2]
  • Although Monica's favorite drink is a Maple Whipped Latte, she once used as a beverage ginger ale for a toast to a successful third anniversary, which was implied to be her having an adequate substitute for alcohol due to her technically being underage.

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