Hi, welcome to Dead or Alive Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Cracker page.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- Netherith (Talk) 20:04, June 17, 2010

Videos to the Soundtrack template Edit

I'm not entirely sure as I've never seen the need to. We do have a video template, as seen in the character profiles. Feel free to use those if you wish. Netherith 23:41, June 17, 2010 (UTC)

Soundtrack Template Edit

It would be really helpful if you start creating soundtrack articles. As for the template, it's not so hard to add. Just paste this code here at the top of the article and fill in the infomation you know. If you need help with anything, just come and ask me - Wondersyndrone, 19th June 2010, 08:24

Article HelpEdit

Thank for all the work you are putting in with the soundtrack articles. I just want to share a few bits of info with you:

1) You don't need to put the whole of the Soundtrack Template make-up coding into the article. You are just making things difficult for yourself by doing that. You just paste this simplified version in:

| name=
| video=
| album=
| artist=
| vocals=
| length=
| prev=
| next=

2) Please don't add the "Music" Category to the category list of the articles. I am trying to get them into more defind categoies, so don't add it back when I remove it from the list.

Thanks again - Wondersyndrome, 20th June 2010, 19:05

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