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Max Marsh is a character from the movie, DOA: Dead or Alive, played by English actor Matthew Marsden. Like Weatherby, Max only appears in the feature film and is not part of the offical Dead or Alive canon.

In DOA: Dead or Alive, Max is Christie's on-off boyfriend and partner-in-crime. He snuck his way into the Dead or Alive Tournament in order to steal over $100,000,000 from the Douglas family's vault.


Before the tournament, Max and Christie had stolen a vast amount of money and diamonds from a vault in a Hong Kong hotel, but Max planted some of the wads of cash in Christie's suitcase and tipped her off to the police. After a little slip-up from the chief, Christie learned that Max framed her, and managed to get away from the cops - with Max watching her escape.

Somehow, despite not being a fighter, Max managed to get himself invited to the Dead or Alive Tournament. He was paired up with Zack for his first-round match but faked an injury to get out of the tournament to focus on his real goal; he realiled to Christie that he set her up so she could be invited to the tournament, based on her domination of the Hong Kong police force, so that they could steal over $100,000,000 from the Douglas family vault located somewhere on the tournament island. Their only problem was finding the vault's location and the code to open it.

Following a riddle of a tip-out, "Helena is the key", Max started to get close to Helena Douglas to find out the code, but to no success. During her quarter-final match against Helena, Christie found a tattoo on the back of her neck; the tattoo showed a mirror-image of the code and revealed that the vault was located behind a giant Buddha statue.

During the last day of the tournament, as Helena and Weatherby snuck into the lab to stop Victor Donovan's plan, Max followed them in and located the vault. He manages to get in but is found by Donovan's guard, Bayman. As the girls and Hayate take on Donovan, Max, Wetherby and Ryu Hayabusa bring Bayman down and managed to get out of the lab before it self-destructed. They were later rescued by the other on a stolen boat, and he was reunited with Christie, who greeted him with a kiss and a question: "what about the money?"





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