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"Hey… Would you be my lover?"

Lobelia is a young aristocrat who first appeared in the December 25, 2020 update version of the DMM and Japanese Steam versions of Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation, as well as the December 30, 2021 update version of the Singapore Steam and Johren versions of the same game.


Early life[]

Lobelia had been enthralled with flowers since she was a little girl. In addition, she lived in a mansion owned by a certain noble family in her home country, with her father often requiring her to do various tasks upon greeting visitors, including granting hospitality via flowers, and asking for her father the visitor's name, hobbies, personality, supplying flowers that suit the visitor, and flower quizzes. She also largely does the same thing during each New Year's Day before her family holds a party with other aristocrats and distinguished families to celebrate the coming of the New Year. One day, a girl the same age as her, the princess of her country, Fiona, paid a visit at the behest of the latter's mother (as their parents also were friends to each other), with Lobelia, having previously been informed of Fiona's love of wisteria, putting it on the front door. After being politely thanked by Fiona, Lobelia, in her first competition with Fiona, gave her a flower quiz relating to wisteria, to which Fiona managed to provide a clever answer. The two have been good friends since that day, frequently attending picnics and even having a few sleepovers, sharing the same bed at times. Once, they even snuck out of the mansion at night to observe the moon before being caught by Lobelia's father and butler.[3] However, Lobelia believed that she eventually should beat Fiona at something to settle the score, and awaited for an opportunity to do so.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation[]

By the time she was 18, Lobelia, having somehow ascertained that Fiona had gone to the Venus Islands, secretly followed her there. After arrival, upon investigating the flora of the island, she stumbled upon Fiona chatting with the Owner. After spying on them, she got an idea and proceeded to try and make herself a mistress toward the Owner. Upon learning that Fiona was in fact a participant in the Venus Festival, she decided to participate so she could compete with Fiona. Although she lost the first time around, she eventually managed to beat Fiona, eventually telling the Owner about their past and why she was determined to beat Fiona.



Lobelia has pale skin, long dark blue hair with a braid on the right side, green eyes, and similar features to Fiona, albeit with a smaller chest. On a similar note, she also is among the girls on the island to have the smallest breasts, with only Kanna and Marie Rose having a smaller chest size. Her default attire, Fierte Midi, is an elaborate but revealing indigo dress somewhat resembling a noblewoman's outfit.


Owing to her horticultural expertise, she tends to make flower comparisons, is fluent in the flower language, and is even able to deduce girls' names by comparing their statures to those of flowering plants. She also tended to treat her flowers as if they were her pets or siblings, even naming some, and admitted that may have made her seem weird. She can also be fairly mischevious, such as when she managed to do a vice grip on the Owner's arm when first meeting him under the pretense of being escorted to her Hotel room, as well as when she pretended to not recognize her friend Fiona when reuniting with her. Her mischevious side is also shown when meeting Kanna and Marie Rose where she jokingly confirmed Kanna's suspicions that she was a yokai (a flower fairy, more specifically) regarding accurately deducing their names via flower characteristics before the Owner interjected. She seems to be at least somewhat aware of her mischevious nature, as she indicated that was also what her namesake flower represented.

Due to her noble background, Lobelia in the Japanese version speaks with formal Japanese known as Keigo, although not nearly to the same extent as with her friend Fiona. Likewise, she also shows some awareness of some baggage that noble life has, as she admits to Nanami during small talk that marriages within nobility are rarely happy ones. Largely because of her relatively sheltered life as an aristocrat's daughter, she also had little to no knowledge or expertise in businesses or marketing, much less how to do so. This was demonstrated where she, in an attempt at doing negotiations with the Owner, requested a cabin cruiser (though her specification of 80 feet long implies she was actually asking for a yacht) in exchange for whatever the Owner wanted, which alongside a similar request by Fiona resulted in the Owner being wiped out due to stress as a result of them overdoing it.


Lobelia is the name of a genus of flowering plants.



Her father is implied to be a noble in the same country that Fiona hailed from. He often had her give flower quizzes to visitors among the tasks he had her do when greeting them. He apparently was overprotective of her, as she implies twice that her father would not be happy with her entering a relationship with the Owner and even went as far as to suggest while pranking him that her father may have sent out someone to keep an eye on her. She also infers that part of the reason she was eager to enter a relationship with the Owner besides as a rivalry with Fiona was also as a response to her father's overprotection. Indeed, in her final episode, she also reveals her father was coming to the island after learning of the Owner from her, to her chagrin. Nevertheless, she is willing to report people to her father if they displease her, as evidenced by her threat when peeked at by the Owner, and was shown to care about his well-being enough to specifically request having photos taken so she can assure him that she's alright at the island.


Fiona was Lobelia's childhood friend and the two are very close. Lobelia even went to the Venus Islands largely due to Fiona herself going there. Her horticultural expertise was also arguably rivaled by Fiona's, due to the latter answering a question regarding her wreath's meaning in a clever way. While friendly with Fiona, she is not above trying to rival her for the Owner's affections. In the Japanese version, their closeness was highlighted in their giving each other nicknames (in her case, being called "Lobeli-chan" by Fiona). This was toned down in the English version, although her nickname for Fiona was stated at least once as "Feefee."


Lobelia met Kokoro during her welcoming party, being formally introduced to her by Fiona. Kokoro also admitted the two being childhood friends made sense due to them both being "high society" (referring to Fiona and Lobelia's respective statuses as the princess and a noblewoman of their home country, respectively). Lobelia admitted surprise that Kokoro was not high society due to her more formal interactions with her, before admitting that her formality was actually a combination of both her profession and strict upbringing rather than her actual class status. She also was briefly taken aback at Lobelia's suggestion at a ball event in the future with the three and also, due to Fiona forgetting to tell her about the entertainment, relayed to her that it entailed a variant of "flower hunting" involving girls with flower-related names.


Lobelia met Kanna alongside Marie Rose during the "flower-hunting" game. As they had been arguing at the time over food (in particular, Marie Rose complaining about Kanna taking more than necessary), she also compared their "liveliness" to that of a cineraria bush. Kanna also stopped Marie Rose from introducing her to Lobelia due to realizing such would spoil the game. To Kanna's surprise, however, Lobelia identified her name after observing certain physical characteristics she possessed and compared them to the Canna flower. She also speculated that Lobelia, after guessing correctly twice in a row, must have been a Yokai, with Lobelia jokingly confirming that she was a flower fairy. She and Marie also got suspicious when witnessing Lobelia make rather suggestive statements to the Owner after he interfered.

Marie Rose[]

Lobelia met Marie Rose alongside Kanna during the "flower-hunting" game. As they had been arguing at the time over food (in particular, Marie Rose complaining about Kanna taking more than necessary), she also compared their "liveliness" to that of a cineraria bush. Marie introduced herself by her first name and also nearly introduced Kanna before the latter stopped her due to realizing such would spoil the game. To Marie Rose's surprise, however, Lobelia identified Kanna by name after observing certain physical characteristics she possessed and compared them to the Canna flower. Lobelia then identified her by her full name (after initially guessing Rosemary) due to her various characteristics in a similar manner. Marie eventually learned via the Owner that her secret was that she was a huge expert in flowers and floriography, much to Lobelia's chagrin. She and Kanna also got suspicious when witnessing Lobelia make rather suggestive statements to the Owner after he interfered.


Lobelia met Sayuri alongside Helena during the "flower-hunting" game, acting as the final person she needed to identify. She ultimately identified Sayuri's name after Helena hinted at it by realizing that the Japanese name of Lily formed part of Sayuri's name, and also learned that the full name for lilies in Japanese was "sayuribana". Lobelia was also slightly taken aback when Sayuri patted her on the head, though she admitted she wasn't against it and did similar actions with flowers. When Lobelia admitted her primary reason for going to the island actually involved her childhood friend Fiona, Sayuri guessed she must have been a very good friend, with her suspicions being confirmed when Lobelia accidentally blurted out her nickname for Fiona when trying to deny that the two were particularly close.


Lobelia met Helena alongside Sayuri during the "flower-hunting" game, with Helena having noticed her skill in identifying flowers and various girls' similar characteristics, even guessing it was tied to her love of flowers. When Lobelia was about to identify Sayuri's name, Helena dropped a small hint about how part of Sayuri's name was pronounced slightly differently in Helena's native tongue, with Lobelia realizing that Lily is called "Yuri" in Japanese. Helena then proceeded to ask Lobelia what her reasons were to come to the Venus Islands, initially speculating from Lobelia's love of flowers that it might have had to do with a rare species of flower that bloomed at the islands, with Lobelia, while acknowledging that would logically be the case, admitted her actual motive involved trying to locate her old friend Fiona. When Lobelia accidentally confirmed Sayuri's suspicions that they were very close, Helena jokingly stated that she had gone from a bud to a third in bloom, before Lobelia countered that, if anything, she came close to wilting from that.

Helena later worked with both Fiona and Lobelia (the latter mostly joining in to compete with the former) regarding an event promoting the hiring of new employees to the island, with Helena using her expertise from running a company to teach Fiona and Lobelia due to the pair having little understanding of employees and businesses, much less how to hire them (the closest they had to any knowledge on the matter was negotiations).


She met Momiji when about to compete with Fiona in regards to rock climbing, with Momiji training her on how to rock climb, having expertise in the field due to her origins as a Dragon Shrine Maiden.


She was introduced to Ayane by Fiona shortly after a beauty treatment the two underwent, although Ayane was slightly annoyed when Fiona still referred to her as her mentor. They largely enjoyed talking to each other, although Lobelia declined to join them initially after giving it some thought. She did, however, nevertheless offer to join them next time. It was also implied that Lobelia had her do spa-related favors behind Fiona's back too often for Ayane's liking, as she was about to tell Lobelia off for doing that until Lobelia revealed she was actually calling Ayane in to give the new arrival, Yukino, a spa treatment.


Tamaki's first meeting with Lobelia was awkward due to her sneaking up on her while the latter was pondering how to do beauty treatments after realizing it could help her in the long run, due to earlier refusing Ayane and Fiona's offer. She reluctantly accepted Tamaki's offer to help her beauty treatment, mostly due to being creeped out by the fashion designer's behavior to her. She ultimately was grateful to Tamaki for the successful beauty treatment, and even considered having her do it again, although Tamaki's overt behavior had her reconsider.


The two briefly interacted while waiting for the Owner to arrive at a pre-arranged place, having heard of each other via the Owner. They complimented each other on their Jewel-based dresses, and also talked about possible romantic interests. Nanami however felt awkward at Lobelia's floral analogies. On a similar note, Lobelia was also indirectly responsible for Misaki and Nanami teaming up for a stargazing event, due to the Owner making cancellations over doing it with Misaki to do a Jugoya date with Lobelia.

During small talk, Lobelia learned a bit from Nanami of how Japan celebrates New Year's Day, namely watching the first sunrise as well as visiting shrines, with her being amazed that Japan has a custom like that. She also explained to Nanami her specific way of celebrating new years, with Nanami noting it was expected of her due to her love of flowers.


Lobelia met Elise as the latter was being helped by Nyotengu regarding finding an outfit to wear for the festival. She gave some pointers to Elise regarding how to choose a suit for the festival, though she admitted the Owner's choice might have been a little too sexy.


Koharu stumbled upon Nagisa and Lobelia while shopping for meals, as the two were trying to find a particular novel. They then made small-talk about literary genres, with Lobelia relating to Koharu's love of Japanese classical literature since she herself also was fond of classical literature as well, albeit of more Western origin such as the Iliad. When asking why they were looking for a particular book, Lobelia stated she had her own secret reasons for wanting to read it. It is also implied that she relayed Koharu's love of Japanese classical literature to her friend Fiona later on.

Lobelia later loaned a book to Koharu entailing demons and forbidden love, causing her to tease Koharu afterwards of having a "demon" inside her. This prompted Koharu to have an imagine spot involving herself as an angel, and Lobelia representing a demon.


Dead or Alive series[]

  • Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation (playable character, 2020, add-on)

Music themes[]

The following are the music themes used for Lobelia throughout the series.

Theme Game appearances
"Blowin' My Mind" Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation
"You Make Me Bloom" Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation


Promotional images


  • Lobelia in the DMM version is the second girl to be released on or near Christmas day, after Nagisa. Coincidentally, both also had ties to established characters at that point (Nagisa for Misaki, and Lobelia with Fiona), and both also didn't appear fully on the website when first debuting (in Nagisa's case, she was identified solely as "Mystery Venus", and in Lobelia's case, she doesn't even appear in the notifications on the site, nor was her voice actress identified in the in-game announcement). In the Singapore Steam version, she debuted on New Years Day fully.
    • On a related note, both Nagisa and Lobelia had similar aliases before formally debuting (Mysterious Woman in Nagisa's case, and Magic Lady in Lobelia's case), and both even called them names besides Owner/Boss (dirty/pervert dog for Nagisa, and Honey for Lobelia).
    • Even though her [official] debut event, "Lobelia and Wisteria ~ Honey's Flowers in Both Hands ~", aired on New Years, the episodes within the event make absolutely no reference to New Years. Sakuta in the Fourth Anniversary interview with Famitsu implied that this was because Lobelia (and the various other girls starting with Patty) was meant to debut earlier, but was moved up to a later date than intended (Christmas/New Years in Lobelia's case) as a result of the COVID-19 lockdowns.[4]
  • She is the third girl to have someone other than the Owner appear in their debut episodes, after Tamaki and Nagisa. Of the three, she is the only one who is neither Japanese, nor is the other character Misaki (it is instead Fiona), and the only one where they do not directly interact, as Lobelia hid behind a tree and spied on Fiona and the Owner without being detected.
  • She is the second character to use the honorific "-Sama" for the Owner, after Fiona. She also uses the Hiragana form.
  • In the DMM version, she also has the shortest debut teaser in the game (only showing her hiding and then sneaking a peek at Fiona). It eventually was unveiled in full during the New Year event.
  • Lobelia is the fourth girl whose nationality is unknown, after Luna, Fiona, and Monica. The only thing known about it in her case is that she shares the same nationality as Fiona, and that it was a European country that retained an aristocracy due to her attire, background, title, and her reference to living in a stately mansion with her father.
    • The ending of the New Year event episode "Battledore Doubles" has Lobelia suggesting that they have afternoon tea when trying to decide on what to do after their Battledore round, implying that she, and by extension Fiona, hailed from the United Kingdom or at least one of the commonwealth countries as afternoon tea was an activity practiced in those countries. Her friend Fiona earlier made a similar suggestion of having tea when trying to think of something scholastic to do once their school life-themed event had concluded in the School Heaven event episode arc's second episode.
    • Although not Japanese, she was familiar with certain traditions in Japan, such as Tsukimi/Jugoya. She also was at least familiar with some aspects of the Japanese language, as she identified the Japanese word for Lily as "Yuri" before identifying Sayuri's name. She also wore a New Year's kimono during the events of the new year, and implied that she participated in a few Japanese-style New Years celebrations during that time.
  • Lobelia is known to wear perfume, as demonstrated in her gacha received animation/no peek scenario where she sprays a bottle of it upon emerging in a new outfit.
    • On a related note, not counting the later Makeup series of birthday episodes, she is also the fourth girl to wear perfume, after Monica (who admitted she may consider wearing it for card games with Patty as a deterrent to her sensitive sense of smell), Sayuri (who was implied to be wearing it when smelled by Patty), and Patty (who started applying coconut-flavored perfume in her ninth episode) and the only one of the four explicitly shown to wear it.
  • Although her bio states her as having the same height as Fiona, the in-game renders for Lobelia depict her as slightly taller than the latter.
  • In the Japanese version, similar to her friend Fiona, she utilizes the Keigo manner of speech, although to a far lesser extent, as she occasionally refers to the Owner with the Honorific "-Sama" (being transcribed in Hiragina instead of in Kanji in her case), and sometimes uses the polite form "kudasaru" in conversation. Also similar to her friend Fiona, this is translated as having her undergo more eloquent and formal phraseology in the localization (such as greeting people with "Good day.").
  • On September 21, 2021, a series of Twitter posts by Lobelia were issued regarding a Jugoya date, featuring videos taken in-game with comments about the Boss during the date. The posts also implied that this Jugoya date was the reason why the Owner cancelled his studying stars with Misaki in the Stellar episodes and did it with Nanami instead.[5][6][7][8][9][10][3][11][12][13]
  • Concept art included in Famitsu's coverage for the fourth anniversary of the game indicated that Lobelia would have had significantly longer hair (similar in length to Helena's hair post-Dead or Alive 5), and was also depicted as having two differing variations of her default outfit Fierte Midi, as well as two designs for a completely different outfit that was more modest in appearance yet still took from a more aristocratic design.
    • In addition, Sakuta's commentary for Lobelia revealed that she was created to reflect a rare characterization choice for the work as a childhood friend of an established character (in this case, Fiona), and partly to add more backstory to Fiona's character. On a similar note, Lobelia's love of flowers and the flower language was originally intended to be used for Luna during the latter's development prior to the game's launch.[14]
  • The event episode "The Secret Number" in "School's in Session! Venus Academy" implies that Lobelia had no personal experience with school life until she had a role in Nagisa's play with Honoka and the Owner involving school life, which was most likely a reference to how in aristocratic families and to a greater extent monarchistic families, children in those families tended to be homeschooled as part of their education and development.
  • Lobelia is the fifth girl to be depicted with a small bust, after Marie Rose, NiCO, Nagisa, and Kanna. She is also the second girl (third counting Kanna) to have this trait without being of Scandinavian nationality, as she was implied to be of British origin (see above).
  • Although not listed in her bio, Lobelia mentions she does ballroom dancing in both her second character episode and her second debut episode, with it being implied from her references to competing with Fiona that she was a better dancer than the latter. Her skill at dancing is further supported in the event episode arc "Gracefully ♡ Un, Deux, Trois ♪" where Lobelia coached Nagisa and Kanna on how to do ballet.
  • During the Moonlit Ball Halloween event, Lobelia was revealed to have a ghostly doppelganger (implied by her story to the Owner to be the same little girl who was sealed in a castle after she tried to flee with a stranger during a masquerade ball) who tried to seduce the Owner until Tsukushi interfered. The ghost had slightly different personality traits from the real Lobelia, namely being slightly more formal (such as referring to Tsukushi as "Tsukushi Dear" [Tsukushi-Chan in the Japanese version] while the real Lobelia in the Japanese version addressed her with no honorifics)
  • During the Nothing Beats a Gyaru event arc, Lobelia implies that her love and expertise in flowers is tied to her aristocratic background while making small talk with Yukino.

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