The playable female characters in Online.

The following is the list of characters who appear in Dead or Alive Online.

Playable characters[edit | edit source]

Unlockable/Buyable characters[edit | edit source]

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Playable KasumiLeifangTina ArmstrongRyu HayabusaJann LeeZackBaymanBass Armstrong
Unlockable/Buyable Gen FuAyaneHelena DouglasLeonEinHitomi
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Martial arts Jeet Kune DoKarateNinjutsuPi qua quanT'ai chi quanPro-wrestlingRussian martial artsThai-style boxingXinyi liuhe quan
Aerial GardensBurai ZeninDanger ZoneDemon's ChurchDOATEC GermanyDowntownDragon HillsGreat OperaIslandKoku AnMiyamaPrairieRay HouseSafariShrineSuspension BridgeWhite StormYozakura
Character themes "B-boy no "B" ~evolved from ++~" • "Blazed up Melpomene" • "Break the age" • "Grand style" • "Hitohira ~reminiscent of ketsui no toki~" • "It's to Show" • "Knifepoint" • "Natural high" • "The shooted" • "TehuTehu" • "Ultimate weapon" • "Vigaku" • "YES or YES" • "You are under my control ~beautiful version 00~"
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