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The following are the costumes available to Lisa in the 2003 title, Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

Lisa has a total of forty-four costumes in her collection, and which vary from bikinis to sling swimsuits.

Three of the costumes are only available as gifts from Zack, while the remaining forty-one can be bought in the Sports Shop, with the total cost of the buyable costumes being 8,615,000 Zack Dollars.

The player can then choose to offer the costumes as presents to the other characters, however whether they accept them or not depends on their preferences and on how well they regard the player.

Image Name Price Description
DOAXAmaterasu Amaterasu 245,000 Blue, halterneck, string microkini top with stars on the cups, and a pair of bikini bottoms with stars at the front.
DOAXAphrodite Aphrodite 70,000 White, halterneck, one-piece swimsuit.
DOAXArthemis Arthemis Gift from Zack Black-and-silver bandeaukini.
DOAXAstarte Astarte 600,000 Red chrome, sling swimsuit.
DOAXAthene Athene 20,000 Tan-colored, halterneck, string bikini.
DOAXAurora Aurora 70,000 Rainbow-colored, halterneck, one-piece swimsuit.
DOAXBellona Bellona 10,000 Zebra-patterned, halterneck, string bikini.
DOAXBrigit Brigit 10,000 Silver patterned, halterneck, string bikini.
DOAXCalliope Calliope 20,000 Bluish-purple patterned, halterneck, string bikini.
DOAXCardea Cardea 20,000 Greenish-yellow, halterneck, string bikini.
DOAXCybele Cybele 375,000 Orange chrome, sling swimsuit with a pair of denim hot pants.
DOAXDemeter Demeter 70,000 Deep purple, halterneck, one-piece swimsuit.
DOAXDiana Diana 170,000 Red-and-white, one-piece swimsuit with the text "Beach Girls" on the front.
DOAXDike Dike 170,000 Black, one-piece swimsuit with the text "Beach Girls" on the front.
DOAXEirene Eirene 600,000 Blue chrome, sling swimsuit.
DOAXEos Eos 90,000 Pink striped, halterneck bikini with a black belt.
DOAXEpona Epona 10,000 Halterneck, string bikini with the image of a sunset and palm tree.
DOAXFlora Flora 245,000 Red-and-white striped, halterneck, string microkini top with a blue flower on the left cup, and a pair of matching bikini bottoms.
DOAXFreya Freya 45,000 Red bandeaukini.
DOAXFrigg Frigg 20,000 Burnt orange, halterneck, string bikini with a pale orange floral pattern.
DOAXGaia Gaia 600,000 Sling swimsuit with the image of the United States flag.
DOAXHela Hela 600,000 Green chrome, sling swimsuit.
DOAXHestia Hestia 20,000 Orange, halterneck, string bikini.
DOAXIshtar Ishtar 10,000 Leopard-print, halterneck, string bikini.
DOAXIzanami Izanami 245,000 Blue, halterneck, string microkini top with sequins, and a pair of matching bikini bottoms.
DOAXJono Jono 10,000 White-and-black, halterneck, string bikini.
DOAXKali Kali 375,000 Black chrome, sling swimsuit with a pair of hot pants.
DOAXLeopard Leopard Gift from Zack Leopard-print, one-piece swimsuit with lattice sides and a tail, and a pair of matching leopard ears.
DOAXLeto Leto 90,000 Black, halterneck bikini with a grey belt.
DOAXLilith Lilith 90,000 White, halterneck bikini with rainbow-colored stripes and a black belt.
DOAXLuna Luna 45,000 Gold bandeaukini.
DOAXMach Mach 600,000 Silver chrome, sling swimsuit.
DOAXMinerva Minerva 90,000 Gold chrome, halterneck bikini with a black belt.
DOAXNike Nike Gift from Zack Black-and-white, halterneck, pretzel swimsuit.
DOAXRatri Ratri 600,000 Black chrome, sling swimsuit.
DOAXSati Sati 20,000 Yellow-and-magenta, halterneck, string bikini with a heart logo on the left cup.
DOAXSelene Selene 45,000 Grey bandeaukini.
DOAXSophia Sophia 170,000 White, one-piece swimsuit with the text "Beach Girls" on the front.
DOAXThaleia Thaleia 10,000 Blue-and-orange, halterneck, string bikini with the images of oranges.
DOAXTiamat Tiamat 375,000 White chrome, sling swimsuit with a pair of denim hot pants.
DOAXTrivia Trivia 10,000 Indigo-and-purple plaid patterned, halterneck, string bikini.
DOAXUsas Usas 600,000 Gold chrome, sling swimsuit.
DOAXVenus Venus 1,000,000 Purple, halterneck, string microkini with various gemstones.
DOAXVictoria Victoria 170,000 Navy blue-and-white, one-piece swimsuit with the text "Beach Girls" on the front.


  • Lisa has the most expensive collection in the game.
  • The costumes (with the exception of Leopard) are named after goddesses, muses, and personifications from different cultures.
  • The initial swimwear that Lisa starts off in is Brigit.
  • Amaterasu is available as a buyable swimsuit in the real world.
  • Arthemis, Mach, and Thaleia are all misspellings of the following goddesses, Artemis, Macha, and Thalia.

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