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Leon vs. Jann Lee

The following is the command list for Leon in Dead or Alive 3.

Move Type of Move Command Damage Height Listed in Exercise
Rush Sobat Attack Punch6 / ForwardPunchKick Yes
Rush Leg Spike Attack Punch6 / ForwardPunch2 / DownKick Yes
Jab, High Kick Attack PunchKick Yes
Storm Hook Attack PunchPunchPunch Yes
Storm Hammer Attack PunchPunch4 / BackPunch Yes
Rush Tomahawk Attack PunchPunchKick Yes
Storm Uppercut Attack PunchPunch1 / Down-BackPunch Yes
Fist Bomb Attack 7 / Up-BackPunch Yes
War Hammer Attack 9 / Up-ForwardPunch Yes
Smash Giant Uppercut Attack 8 / UpPunchPunchPunch Yes
Blast Trass Attack 4 / BackPunchKick Yes
Blast Drive Knee Attack 4 / BackPunch6 / ForwardKick Yes
Pierce Fist Attack 3 / Down-ForwardPunchPunch Yes
Flame Fist Attack 6 / Forward6 / ForwardPunchPunchPunch Yes
Cross Slash Attack 3 / Down-Forward3 / Down-ForwardPunch Yes
Shoulder Tackle Attack 4 / Back6 / ForwardPunch Yes
Solid Cannon Attack 236 / Quarter-circle ForwardPunch Yes
Giant Uppercut Attack 214 / Quarter-circle BackPunch Yes
Smash Attack Hold 3 / Down-ForwardPunch Yes
Solid Crush Attack 6 / ForwardPunchPunchPunch Yes
Crush Leg Spike Attack 6 / ForwardPunchPunchKick Yes
Stomach Break Attack 6 / ForwardPunchKick Yes
Trass Kick Attack (While standing) Kick Yes
Rising Tomahawk Attack 9 / Up-ForwardKick Yes
Leg Spike Attack 1 / Down-BackKick Yes
Javelin Kick Attack 8 / UpKick Yes
Knee Lift Attack 6 / ForwardKick Yes
Heel Hammer Attack 4 / BackKick Yes
Double Spike Attack Hold 2 / DownKickKick Yes
Scimitar Lock Heel Attack 6 / Forward6 / ForwardKickKick Yes
Trap Heel Hammer Attack KickKick Yes
Trap Reverse Hammer Attack KickPunchPunch Yes
Head Butt Attack PunchPlusKick Yes
Flame Hammer Attack 2 / DownPunchPlusKick Yes
Arm Grenade Attack 6 / ForwardPunchPlusKick Yes
Reverse Double Hammer Attack 4 / BackPunchPlusKickPunch Yes
Body Sobat Attack FreePlusKick Yes
Turn Low Javelin Attack 2 / DownFreePlusKick Yes
Smash Uppercut Attack (To foe behind) PunchPunchPunch No
Front Suplex Throw FreePlusPunch Yes
Wall Back Suplex Throw (Next to wall) FreePlusPunch No
Neck Hanging Tree Throw 4 / BackFreePlusPunch Yes
Mount Punch Throw (Throw combo) 3 / Down-Forward3 / Down-ForwardFreePlusPunchPunch Yes
Desert Arm Bar Throw (Throw combo) 3 / Down-Forward3 / Down-ForwardFreePlusPunch2 / DownFreePlusPunch Yes
Neck Hanging Blow Throw (Next to wall) 4 / BackFreePlusPunch No
Shoulder Breaker Throw 6 / ForwardFreePlusPunch Yes
Fire Storm Knee Throw (Next to wall) 6 / ForwardFreePlusPunch No
Half Boston Crab Throw (Throw combo) 4 / Back6 / ForwardFreePlusPunch4 / BackFreePlusPunch2 / DownFreePlusPunch Yes
Mount Punch Throw (Throw combo) 214 / Quarter-circle BackFreePlusPunch4 / BackFreePlusPunch2 / DownFreePlusPunchPunch Yes
Desert Arm Bar Throw (Throw combo) 214 / Quarter-circle BackFreePlusPunch4 / BackFreePlusPunch2 / DownFreePlusPunch2 / DownFreePlusPunch Yes
Desert Falcon Throw 41236 / Half-circle ForwardFreePlusPunch Yes
Desert Bridge Throw (Next to wall) 41236 / Half-circle ForwardFreePlusPunch No
Catching Arm Bar Throw (To foe's back) FreePlusPunch Yes
Hell Hazard Lock Throw (To foe's back) 6 / ForwardFreePlusPunch Yes
Swing Neck Hold Throw (Throw combo, to foe's back) 4 / Back6 / ForwardFreePlusPunch4 / BackFreePlusPunch Yes
Swing Breath Fall Throw (Throw combo, next to wall, to foe's back) 4 / Back6 / ForwardFreePlusPunch4 / BackFreePlusPunch No
Crazy Crash Throw (Throw combo, to crouching foe) 2 / DownFreePlusPunch2 / DownFreePlusPunch2 / Down2 / DownFreePlusPunch Yes
Reverse Arm Lock Throw (Throw combo, to crouching foe) 1 / Down-BackFreePlusPunch2 / DownFreePlusPunch Yes
Ground Submission Throw (To KO'd foe) 2 / DownFreePlusPunch Yes
Catapult Throw Throw (To foe in the air) FreePlusPunch Yes
Head Hunting Cross Lock Hold (Against foe's high punch) 7 / Up-BackFree Yes
Reverse Achilles Heel Lock Hold (Against foe's high kick) 7 / Up-BackFree Yes
Death Trap Hold (Against foe's middle punch) 4 / BackFree Yes
Snake Bites Hold (Next to wall, against foe's middle punch) 4 / BackFree No
Catching Cross Hold Hold (Against foe's middle kick) 4 / BackFree Yes
Rolling Cross Hold Hold (Against foe's low punch) 1 / Down-BackFree Yes
Cobra Death Lock Hold (Against foe's low kick) 1 / Down-BackFree Yes
Catching Arm Lock Hold (Against foe's jumping punch) 4 / BackFree Yes
Heel Hold Hold (Against foe's jumping kick) 4 / BackFree Yes
Knee Drop Down Attack (To KO'd foe) 8 / UpPunchPlusKick Yes
Stomping Down Attack (To KO'd foe) 2 / DownKick Yes
Appeal: GO TO HELL Special Move 4 / Back6 / Forward4 / BackFreePlusPunchPlusKick Yes

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