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Lei Fang

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The following are the costumes available to Leifang in the 2006 title, Dead or Alive Xtreme 2.

Leifang has a total of thirty-three costumes in her collection (named "Bird Flock" in the Crystal Boutique), and which vary from bikinis to qípáo.

One of the costumes is only available as a gift from Zack, while the remaining thirty-two can be bought in the Sports Shop, with the total cost of the buyable costumes being 14,960,000 Zack Dollars.

The player can then choose to offer the costumes as presents to the other characters, however whether they accept them or not depends on their preferences and on how well they regard the player.

Image Name Price Description
DOAX2Auk Auk 550,000 Red scale pattern halterneck skirtini.
DOAX2Bunting Bunting 750,000 Red-and-yellow cheerleading uniform with the text "LUCKY" across the shirt.
DOAX2BushWarbler Bush Warbler 75,000 White-and-orange halterneck tankini with orange flowers and the text "PARADISE".
DOAX2Canary Canary 30,000 Green camouflage halterneck bikini.
DOAX2Cardinal Cardinal 75,000 White, pink, and purple halterneck tankini with a circular pattern.
DOAX2Condor Condor 370,000 White-and-blue T-shirt with the image of balloons, and a pair of white-and-blue striped bikini bottoms.
DOAX2Finch Finch 600,000 Black babydoll with a flower pattern black lace.
DOAX2Garuda Garuda 500,000 White-and-blue tank top with the text "Splash Water" and the number 39, and a pair of blue-and-white striped bikini bottoms.
DOAX2Goldcrest Goldcrest 30,000 White-and-red halterneck bikini with multi-colored dots.
DOAX2Grackle Grackle 180,000 White halterneck bikini with rainbow-colored stripes and exposes her cleavage.
DOAX2Grebe Grebe 1,000,000 White-and-red qípáo with a floral pattern.
DOAX2Grossbeak Grossbeak 750,000 Pink-and-magenta cheerleading uniform with the text "WINNER" across the shirt.
DOAX2Hawk Hawk 370,000 Pink waterproof T-shirt with a pair of matching bikini bottoms.
DOAX2Ibis Ibis 550,000 White-and-blue halterneck skirtini.
DOAX2Loon Loon 600,000 Black babydoll with a gold pattern and white lace.
DOAX2Moa Moa 550,000 Black halterneck skirtini.
DOAX2Nene Nene 75,000 Blue halterneck tankini with a white-and-blue wave pattern.
DOAX2Ostrich Ostrich 1,000,000 Red-and-gold qípáo with a phoenix printed on the front.

(Originally her first costume from the arcade version of Dead or Alive 2.)

File:DOAX2Panda.jpg Panda Gift from Zack Black-and-white one-piece swimsuit with a panda tail and matching panda ears.
DOAX2Parakeet Parakeet 265,000 Black-and-white striped, halterneck string bikini with a G-string thong.
DOAX2Partridge Partridge 750,000 White-and-blue cheerleading uniform with the text "VICTORY" across the shirt.
DOAX2Peacock Peacock 265,000 Blue denim halterneck string bikini with a G-string thong and the word "EAGLE" on the left cup.
DOAX2Pipit Pipit 370,000 Black, white, and blue waterproof T-shirt with a pair of blue bikini bottoms.
DOAX2Ptarmigan Ptarmigan 1,000,000 Gold-and-orange patterned qípáo.
DOAX2Robin Robin 30,000 Yellow halterneck bikini with a floral pattern.
DOAX2Roc Roc 500,000 Blue tank top with the text "Sun Kissed", and a pair of blue bikini bottoms with white stars.
DOAX2Rooster Rooster 600,000 White babydoll with a gold floral pattern and white lace.
DOAX2Shrike Shrike 180,000 White-and-blue halterneck bikini with a bubble pattern and exposes her cleavage.
DOAX2Starling Starling 265,000 Brown halterneck string bikini with a G-string thong and the word "EAGLE" on the left cup.
DOAX2Stork Stork 500,000 White tank top with red stripes, and a pair of navy blue bikini bottoms.
DOAX2Thrush Thrush 1,000,000 Black-and-gold qípáo with an autumn leaf pattern.
DOAX2Thunderbird Thunderbird 1,000,000 Blue-and-gold qípáo with a white pattern.
DOAX2Whydah Whydah 180,000 Orange halterneck bikini with yellow, pink, and red stripes and exposes her cleavage.


  • Leifang has the most expensive collection in the game.
  • The costumes (with the exception of Panda) are named after types of birds or mythological birds.
  • The initial swimwear that Leifang starts off in is Robin.
  • Grossbeak is a misspelling of "Grosbeak".

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