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Kasumi vs. Kokoro

The following is the command list for Kasumi in Dead or Alive 4.

Move Type of Move Command Damage Height Listed in Exercise
Hitenjin Unique Attack 4 / BackPunch Yes
Ren-Kaio-Shujin Unique Attack PunchPunchPunchPunchPunch Yes
Ren-Kaio-Enbu Unique Attack PunchPunchPunchKick Yes
Renkai-Genraku Unique Attack PunchPunchPunch2 / DownKick Yes
Renko-Rekku Unique Attack PunchPunch6 / ForwardPunchPunch Yes
Renko-Rishu Unique Attack PunchPunch6 / ForwardPunchKickKick Yes
Renko-Kyoshu Unique Attack PunchPunch6 / ForwardPunchKick2 / DownKick Yes
Renko-Kaiten-Chu Unique Attack PunchPunch6 / ForwardPunch6 / ForwardKickPunch Yes
Renko-Kaiten-So Unique Attack PunchPunch6 / ForwardPunch6 / ForwardKickKick Yes
Renko-Genraku Unique Attack PunchPunch6 / ForwardPunch2 / DownKick Yes
Renzuki-Hakuro-Kyaku Unique Attack PunchPunchKickKick Yes
Renzuki-Hakuro-Sen Unique Attack PunchPunchKick2 / DownKick Yes
Renzuki-Toki-Hoshin Unique Attack PunchPunchKickHold 6 / Forward Yes
Ren-Getsusai Unique Attack PunchPunch7 / Up-BackKick Yes
Ren-Engetsu Unique Attack PunchPunch6 / ForwardKickKick Yes
Ren-Enbu Unique Attack PunchPunchHold 6 / ForwardKickKick Yes
Ren-Getsuro Unique Attack PunchPunch6 / ForwardKick2 / DownKick Yes
Renzuki-Fukasen Unique Attack PunchPunch2 / DownKick Yes
Tenjin, Katsuragi Unique Attack Punch6 / ForwardPunchPunch Yes
Tenjin, Renko Unique Attack Punch6 / ForwardPunchKick Yes
Tenjin, Senpujin Unique Attack Punch6 / ForwardPunchHold 6 / Forward Yes
Tenjin, Rengo Unique Attack PunchKickKickKick Yes
Tenjin, Kasumi-Geri Unique Attack PunchKickKick6 / ForwardKick Yes
Tenjin, Getsurin Unique Attack PunchKickKick7 / Up-BackKick Yes
Tenjin, Shinden Unique Attack PunchKickKickPunch Yes
Tenjin, Renjin Unique Attack PunchKick3 / Down-ForwardKick Yes
Tenjin, Renchi Unique Attack PunchKick2 / DownKick Yes
Moshu-Renjin Unique Attack 6 / ForwardPunchPunch Yes
Reppu-Renkyaku Unique Attack 6 / ForwardPunchKickKick Yes
Moshu-Genraku Unique Attack 6 / ForwardPunch2 / DownKick Yes
Futenjin Unique Attack 8 / UpPunch Yes
Kaio-Yunagai Unique Attack 3 / Down-ForwardPunchPunchPunch Yes
Kaio-Enbu Unique Attack 3 / Down-ForwardPunchKick Yes
Kaio-Genraku Unique Attack Hold 3 / Down-ForwardPunchKick Yes
Tenzan-Renjin Unique Attack 1 / Down-BackPunchPunch Yes
Yunagi Unique Attack 6 / Forward6 / ForwardPunch Yes
Mugen-To Unique Attack 3 / Down-Forward3 / Down-ForwardPunch Yes
Suisei-Chu Unique Attack 236 / Quarter-circle ForwardPunch Yes
Rengo-Kyaku Unique Attack KickKickKick Yes
Goten, Kasumi-Geri Unique Attack KickKick6 / ForwardKick Yes
Goten, Getsurin Unique Attack KickKick7 / Up-BackKick Yes
Shinden-Ga Unique Attack KickKickPunch Yes
Renjin-Kyaku Unique Attack Kick3 / Down-ForwardKick Yes
Renchi-Kyaku Unique Attack Kick2 / DownKick Yes
Senkai-Kyaku Unique Attack 3 / Down-ForwardKickKick Yes
Tenshu-Kaiten-Chu Unique Attack 6 / ForwardKickPunch Yes
Tenshu-Kaiten-So Unique Attack 6 / ForwardKickKick Yes
Shiranami Unique Attack 4 / BackKickKick Yes
Shusui-Jin Unique Attack 4 / BackKickPunch Yes
Hiryu-Kyaku Unique Attack 8 / UpKick Yes
Tenbu-Shu Unique Attack 9 / Up-ForwardPunchKick Yes
Getsurin-Kyaku Unique Attack 7 / Up-BackKick Yes
Fukasen Unique Attack 1 / Down-BackKick Yes
Roga Unique Attack 6 / Forward6 / ForwardKick Yes
Shiden-Renkyaku Unique Attack 3 / Down-Forward3 / Down-ForwardKickKick Yes
Saiun Unique Attack PunchPlusKickPunch Yes
Renzan-Kyaku Unique Attack PunchPlusKickKick Yes
Tsumuji-Hoshin Unique Attack PunchPlusKickHold 6 / Forward Yes
Karyuzan Unique Attack 4 / BackHold PunchPlusHold Kick Yes
Hakuro-Kyaku Unique Attack FreePlusKickKick Yes
Hakuro-Sen Unique Attack FreePlusKick2 / DownKick Yes
Toki-Hoshin Unique Attack FreePlusKickHold 6 / Forward Yes
Shitten-Kyaku Unique Attack 6 / ForwardFreePlusKickKick Yes
Shitsuro-Kyaku Unique Attack 6 / ForwardFreePlusKick2 / DownKick Yes
Sen-Kasumi Unique Attack 3 / Down-ForwardFreePlusKick Yes
Seiran-Kyoshu Unique Attack 2 / DownFreePlusKick Yes
Rekkuga Unique Attack (Against a high punch or kick) 9 / Up-ForwardFreePunch
(During Hoshinpo) Punch
Oka-Rensho Unique Attack (Against a high punch or kick) 9 / Up-ForwardFreeKickKick
(During Hoshinpo) KickKick
Ryusei-Shojin Unique Attack (While jumping over obstacle) Punch No
Ryusei-Shokyaku Unique Attack (While jumping over obstacle) Kick No
Getsuei-Kyaku Unique Attack (To foe behind) 8 / UpKick No
Kiren-Kyaku Unique Attack (While getting up) 8 / UpKick6 / ForwardKick
(While getting up) Kick6 / ForwardKick
Kogetsu-Kyaku Unique Attack (While getting up) FreePlusKick No
Ryuto-Enbu Throw FreePlusPunch Yes
Taka-Azusa Throw (Next to wall) FreePlusPunch No
Kumoi-Zakura Throw (When foe's back faces a slope) FreePlusPunch No
Kobore-Ume Throw (When back faces a slope) FreePlusPunch No
Kurenai-Kagero Throw (Throw combo) 6 / Forward6 / ForwardFreePlusPunchFreePlusPunch Yes
Ibara-Otoshi Throw (Throw combo) 6 / Forward6 / ForwardFreePlusPunch2 / DownFreePlusPunch Yes
Ibara-Kudaki Throw (Throw combo, next to wall) 6 / Forward6 / ForwardFreePlusPunch2 / DownFreePlusPunch No
Tenro-Kyaku Throw 4 / BackFreePlusPunch Yes
Adachi-Shizuka Throw (Next to wall) 4 / BackFreePlusPunch No
Hien-Saka-Otoshi Throw (Throw combo) 8 / UpFreePlusPunchFreePlusPunch Yes
Oboro-Zukiyo Throw 3 / Down-Forward3 / Down-ForwardFreePlusPunch Yes
Tsuzumi-Guruma Throw 6 / ForwardFreePlusPunch Yes
Tsuzumi-Tensha Throw (In area with ceiling) 6 / ForwardFreePlusPunch No
Kasumi-Gaeshi Throw 236 / Quarter-circle ForwardFreePlusPunch Yes
Rogaku-Shu Throw 214 / Quarter-circle BackFreePlusPunch Yes
Oboro-Gake Throw (While running) FreePlusPunch Yes
Oboro Throw (During Hoshinpo) FreePlusPunch
(Against a high punch or kick) 9 / Up-ForwardFreeFreePlusPunch
Kageri-Oboro Throw (To foe's back, during Hoshinpo) FreePlusPunch
(Agaisnt a high punch or kick) 9 / Up-ForwardFreeFreePlusPunch
Byakko Throw (To foe's back) FreePlusPunch Yes
Hishu-Enbu Throw (To foe's back) 4 / BackFreePlusPunch Yes
Ura-Hien Throw (To foe's back) 8 / UpFreePlusPunch Yes
Niji-Shibuki Throw (To crouching foe) 2 / DownFreePlusPunch Yes
Koten-Shibuki Throw (In area with ceiling, to crouching foe) 2 / DownFreePlusPunch No
Hien-Shu Throw (To crouching foe) 3 / Down-ForwardFreePlusPunch Yes
Kasumi-Kyoka Hold (Against a high punch) 7 / Up-BackFree Yes
Kakinomi-Gari Hold (Against a high kick) 7 / Up-BackFree Yes
Mugen-Shiraha Hold (Against a middle punch) 4 / BackFree Yes
Shigure-Mai Hold (Against a middle kick) 6 / ForwardFree Yes
Shigure-Tenbu Hold (In area with ceiling, against a middle kick) 6 / ForwardFree No
Momiji-Otoshi Hold (Against a low punch) 1 / Down-BackFree Yes
Soken-Gari Hold (Against a low kick) 1 / Down-BackFree Yes
Mai-Goromo Hold (Against a jumping punch) 4 / BackFree Yes
Hagoromo Hold (Next to wall, against a jumping punch) 4 / BackFree No
Ashigara-Senpu Hold (Against a jumping kick) 6 / ForwardFree Yes
Sakura-Madoi Hold (Against a high punch or kick) 9 / Up-ForwardFree Yes
Sakura-Mayoi Hold (Against a middle punch or kick) 3 / Down-ForwardFree Yes
Takazume-Kyaku Down Attack (To knocked-down foe) 8 / UpPunchPlusKick Yes
Jingei Special Move 7 / Up-BackPunchHold 7 / Up-Back Yes
Tenbu Special Move 9 / Up-ForwardPunch Yes
Gekko-Tenbu Special Move 9 / Up-ForwardKick Yes
Taunt 1 Special Move 4 / Back6 / Forward4 / BackFreePlusPunchPlusKick

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