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"You, and this island, will all belong to me ♪"

Kanna (Japanese: カンナ) is a female ogre/oni who first appeared in the April 11 2019 update in the DMM version of Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation, and in the August 12, 2020 update in the Singapore Steam version of Xtreme Venus Vacation.


Kanna was at some point early in her life sealed within a small shrine on a mountain for a period spanning decades or even centuries. Eventually, her shrine was the site of a festival by various humans, which resulted in her being unsealed by accident. She then frequented the festival, even playing with various children games such as hide-and-seek and tag, of which she was always "it" due to her species. She also ended up wearing a tiger-striped bikini to summon lightning, earning her the nickname "Mighty Thunder" (Kaminari-sama in the Japanese version) with the role of doing so in such festivals having occurred recently enough that Honoka's grandmother once claimed to have witnessed it in her youth. However, as the years passed, the humans eventually relocated or died out one by one until the settlement was completely abandoned, which left her with a crippling fear of loneliness. Eventually, she ended up trying to find several other villages, but ultimately met the same situation again. She also ended up the victim of soy bean-throwing during Setsubun several times, stinging her sensitive skin, leaving her with enough of a revulsion of the holiday that she tries to avoid it whenever she can. At some point she became acquainted with Nyotengu, having a one-sided rivalry with her.

She has apparently been aware of the Venus Island for a substantial period of time as she has been interested in taking control of it for so long that she can't even remember when this interest began. Upon finding the island and the tenant of the resort, she proceeded to place him under her control and even sat on him. After learning about the Venus Festival, she offers to join in, under the stipulation that should she win the festival, she will own the island and its inhabitants. She eventually broke down upon celebrating the likelihood of her winning the Venus Festival due to remembering how everyone constantly leaves after the festivities end, eventually in a fit of sadness and desperation begging the Owner to promise to never leave her behind.



Unlike the other vacation-going girls at the Venus Islands, even Nyotengu, her non-human features are extremely evident in her small horns, as well as her pointed ears, and sharp fangs. She possesses fair skin, auburn hair worn in twin-tails, and gold eyes with catlike slits for pupils. Similar to Nyotengu, she also has red markings around her eyes that resemble eyeshadow. She also has the second-smallest proportions of the girls (with only Marie Rose having less), and is among the shortest girls on the island (only being a couple of inches taller than Marie Rose at most). Her short stature is such that she was at least once mistaken for a human child. Despite her species being an ogre/oni, however, similar to Nyotengu, she has more similar features to that of humans, namely a more standard skin pigmentation instead of red or blue pigmentation, and overall having a shorter disposition compared to most humans, let alone oni (who generally tower over humans).

One of her outfits, Lightning Speed, depicted her with nail extensions that made her fingernails appear long and clawlike. In addition, the attire itself utilized tiger pelts, referencing a stereotypical garb for oni. Both her Pandamonium and Lightning Speed outfits feature a gold choker containing an aqua-colored Magatama bead, which are ornamental and ceremonial beads that were prevalent in and created during Ancient Japan.


Kanna is shown to be very casual with the owner, arguably rivaling even Misaki, as evidenced by her constantly referring to him by very informal terms such as "heeey" (omae in the Japanese version). Similar to her rival and sort-of friend Nyotengu, Kanna is also shown to be a jokester, such as her at times lying about certain elements. She is also prone at times to throwing tantrums, namely when she doesn't get her way or when Nyotengu gets involved. She is also shown to be very vain and possibly lustful, as she often goes to great lengths to appear extremely sexy to the Owner and frequently refers to herself as sexy. Despite her demeanor, however, she possesses a lonely side, as she broke down upon realizing that once the festival is over, she'll be all alone due to everyone leaving, which is implied to be related to her significantly longer lifespan compared to humans. Although a bit more tolerant of it compared to Marie Rose, she also was shown to have distaste to being compared to a child or mistaken for one, as evidenced by her reprimanding Nagisa when she explained she thought the owner had been taking advantage of her and that she was a child, and explaining that, if anything, she was over a thousand years older than Nagisa, and later when she angrily demanded that Nyotengu stop treating her like a child during a summer festival. Once, she even got into an intense rivalry with Marie Rose regarding who was the more "adult" among them after the two inferred the other was child-like. On a similar note, she wasn't fond of anyone comparing her to species other than her own, as evidenced by her telling off Hitomi for comparing her to a Kappa during an intense heat wave.

She also doesn't like being patted on the head near her horns, since they were extremely sensitive, as she admitted to Misaki. However, she was tolerant of being patted there if it's from people she's exceptionally close to, as evidenced by her final character episode where she explicitly grants permission for the Owner to do so after she did her part well in a festival.

In contrast to Nyotengu, Kanna was shown to have some knowledge about modern technology and customs, such as doxxing.

Owing to her Oni/Ogre background, she has little understanding about positive surprises, as when acting the role of a Santa's reindeer helper for kids visiting the island, she initially indicated some ideas for Christmas gifts that will "scare [the human kids'] pants off" due to being told that they were meant to be surprise gifts, causing Sayuri to gently tell her off and explain the point was to make them happy, not scared, much to Kanna's confusion.

It is to be noted that, although Kanna is technically female, she uses more masculine language in the Japanese version as, aside from her frequently referring to the Owner as "Omae" (an informal way of saying "you" that's almost exclusively used by males), she often ends her sentences with "zo" (a Japanese particle used by men to add emphasis). This was considerably downplayed in the English localization.


Kanna is a feminine Japanese name that can be transcribed in Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. The latter transcription comes in at least five variants: 栞菜, meaning "bookmark, greens"; 環奈, "circle, Nara"; 寛那, "tolerant, what"; 神奈, "God, Nara"; or 神無, "God, nothing".



Kanna's relationship with Nyotengu is complicated to say the very least. Nyotengu herself merely views Kanna as a childhood friend of hers, but Kanna has hostility to Nyotengu, viewing her as her arch-enemy at worst. Eventually, Momiji, after beating the two in a round of tag made them swear to get along from that point onward, Kanna especially, with their ultimately agreeing, although it was implied that they still had a competitive streak against each other even when technically being friends. They later interacted during a summer festival, where they wore similar outfits that had been delivered anonymously. Kanna accused her of delivering the outfits, though Nyotengu denied it. They then had a competition with some of the games at the festival.


Momiji was tasked by the Owner to give Kanna a tour of the island to welcome her to the premises, officially because she was an expert at the island, though it is implied that the Owner chose her specifically because she was capable of quelling her if things got out of hand due to prior experience with playing with kids at her home village (much to Kanna's chagrin upon learning this). During the journey through the island, however, Momiji hit a setback when Kanna encountered Nyotengu, and was forced to mediate their feud, ultimately doing so after beating the two in a game of tag via the loser granting a wish by the winner.

During Halloween, Kanna also went to Momiji's room trying to find the Owner to trick him (as the latter forgot to get Halloween candy for the various girls while setting up the Halloween party), although after she learned that Momiji had hid the Owner, she then made her dress up as a witch to go trick or treating.


Misaki met Kanna when meeting with Nagisa shortly after the latter met Kanna. Like Nagisa, she was initially unaware of Kanna's true status as an oni, and after accidentally discovering this by patting her head and touching her horns (as well as Kanna admitting her age), she thought it was cool, befriending her. While waiting in boredom to start the Venus Festival activities, she also wondered if she'll be playing with Misaki.


Nagisa met Kanna by accident when she walked into the Owner's bedroom with Kanna in a very suggestive pose, and believing her to merely be a child due to her size (unaware that Kanna was in fact a millennium-old oni), she expressed outrage and snapped at the Owner, with Kanna not helping when she falsely implied that the Owner was seducing her as a prank. Kanna because of this also initially assumed that Nagisa was envious of her, even asking her if she was jealous of her sexy nature until Nagisa set her straight. Kanna later worked with Nagisa during the second anniversary festivities, where they got into a minor squabble after Nagisa obliviously referred to the oni as a child. Nagisa, playing a substitute Santa, later entered Kanna's room to deliver a present (also expressing brief bemusement about Kanna's sleeping), although she unintentionally woke her up before leaving, forcing her to flee in a hurry (causing Kanna to desperately call "Santa" out to come back), although the experience nonetheless convinced Kanna that Santa was real.

She was also involved in the rehearsal of a play that Nagisa was going to have a role in involving a newlywed housewife. Kanna was intended to play the role after Nagisa's role had concluded, but Nagisa decided to do an encore role, much to Kanna's chagrin. However, she quickly changed her tune after witnessing Nagisa's playing the role of a mean housewife instead (implied to be out of revenge to the Owner for constantly ad-libbing his performance), leaving her disturbed as a result despite being an Oni/Ogre herself.


Kanna and Honoka met each other while the latter and Luna were preparing for an Easter-related event. Honoka was shocked and startled initially upon learning of Kanna's status as an oni, but she welcomed her as a friend all the same. She also admits that she was familiar with Kanna's alias of Mighty Thunder due to her grandma once relaying a story of witnessing her in action during a festival in her youth. She was fairly wary of Kanna's reputation as an oni, and also was initially shocked at Kanna's joking claim that she had been the oni that the titular protagonist of Momotaro encountered. Honoka also forgave Kanna when the latter, in an attempt to demonstrate her thunder abilities, accidentally destroyed their outfits barring the barest essentials. While waiting in boredom to start the Venus Festival activities, she also wondered if she'll be playing with Honoka.


Kanna and Luna met each other while the latter and Honoka were preparing for an Easter-related event. Luna, a very studious individual, was very interested in learning of Kanna's status as an oni. She also was slightly disbelieving of Kanna's claim of being able to summon thunder and lightning largely due to Kanna's earlier prank about claiming she was the same oni that Momotaro encountered, with Kanna deciding to prove it. This resulted in Kanna accidentally destroying Luna and Honoka's outfits, although Luna largely forgave her of this due to the accidental nature of the event.

At some point later, Kanna apparently recruited Luna to act as a minion of hers in her bid to take control of the Venus Islands, though this alliance was short-lived when Luna defected as a result Sayuri's promise of supplying her with food, much to Kanna's chagrin.


Kanna met Tamaki and Leifang after smelling the results of the lotions for the then-recent spa session tests. Tamaki, mostly due to pitying Kanna missing out, squeezed her in as a last-minute applicant for the spa session despite it technically ending so she could get the experience. Tamaki's attempts at applying the aesthetics didn't go over too well since Kanna, being an oni, had significantly more sensitive skin compared to most humans, resulting in her being tickled extensively as a result, although she ultimately didn't mind due to her skin getting the care she desired. Tamaki also provided Kanna with rather revealing lingerie for a "pajama party", with Kanna not minding too much due to wanting to appear sexy for the Owner. Tamaki was also implied to have designed the lingerie that Kanna wore for a pajama party due to her wanting to appear sexy.


Kanna met Leifang and Tamaki after smelling the results of the lotions for the then-recent spa session tests. After Tamaki, mostly due to pitying Kanna missing out, squeezed her in as a last-minute applicant for the spa session despite it technically ending so she could get the experience, Leifang offered to supply her with a Chinese-style massage. However, Leifang's attempts at applying the aesthetics didn't go over too well since Kanna, being an oni, had significantly more sensitive skin compared to most humans, resulting in her being tickled extensively as a result, although she ultimately didn't mind due to her skin getting the care she desired. Leifang also offered an invitation to train with Hitomi and her with the promise of a big meal afterwards, though Kanna was reluctant. During the Venus Islands' second anniversary, after Kanna was acting out, Leifang later threatened to give her a massage if she didn't stop misbehaving. At some point later, Leifang also suggested allowing Kanna to participate in bean throwing to get her over her fear and hatred of Setsubun, even (albeit reluctantly) acting as her teammate, with their ultimately winning.


Kanna met Fiona and Marie Rose during another pajama party event, with Kanna also talking the girls into wearing somewhat revealing lingerie. She took slight issue at Fiona calling it "cute", as she wanted to appear sexy. She also had some ice-breaking chats with both Fiona and Marie Rose, with her admitting Fiona was "bold" going to the island on her own initiative due to her love for the owner. Kanna and Fiona later worked together on a school-related event, with Kanna helping Fiona out regarding physical education, while Fiona in turn helped Kanna out with the academic aspects of education, with both being implied to have never actually had a formal public education before then. However, Kanna insisted that Fiona refer to her as Kanna Senior. The two later stayed up in the hopes of meeting Santa (or at least, in Fiona's hopes, as Kanna admitted she did not believe in Santa largely due to never getting gifts from him). This eventually resulted in them inadvertently spoiling the Owner's attempt at gift giving due to mistaking the latter for Santa.

Marie Rose[]

While waiting in boredom to start the Venus Festival activities, she also wondered if she'll be playing with Marie Rose.

Kanna met Marie Rose and Fiona during another pajama party event, with Kanna also talking the girls into wearing somewhat revealing lingerie. Marie Rose was shocked at Kanna's choice of outfit, and became irritated when she learned of Tamaki's role in her wardrobe choice. She also had some ice-breaking chats with both Marie Rose and Fiona, with her briefly being surprised that Marie Rose came mostly due to being Helena's servant, although after Marie Rose admitted that she had another reason for going, Kanna speculated in a teasing manner that she wanted to play with everyone, with Marie Rose protesting against the claim.

Later on, Marie Rose, after scolding Kanna for sleeping on the ground near the poolside, expressed interest in her swimwear and mentioned she looked like a child wearing it. However, Kanna, not being fond with the comparison then as a joke implied that Marie Rose was still a child as a bit of payback, causing Marie Rose to storm off and try to get a similar suit. However, Kanna then began to wonder whether her joke went too far, unaware that Marie Rose was insecure about her child-like appearance.


Ayane during Halloween managed to trick Kanna into thinking that Halloween dealt with a similar premise as Setsubun, which initially caused Kanna to hate the holiday until Ayane revealed the prank as being part of the "trick or treat" custom. During Setsubun, she also deduced Kanna's hatred of the holiday was why she was reluctant to participate, and attempted to assure her that she had nothing to worry about since she wasn't the main participant. Eventually, she engaged in training for Kanna where she and the Owner tossed beans at her and she and Leifang did the same to them, although she overpowered one of her throws and knocked Kanna down at one point by accident.


Kanna met Elise when the latter was tasked with acting as an overseer for a rock climbing event. Despite meeting her face to face, she was not at all surprised at Kanna being an Oni, both because she already reviewed her file, and because of a prior encounter with Nyotengu, to Kanna's chagrin. Largely because of this, she didn't even bother to ask proof for Kanna's age. She largely decided to do rock climbing herself in order to compete with Kanna. However, Kanna after a reckless bout of arrogance ended up nearly getting herself and Elise killed during their competition, with Kanna apologizing afterwards. Kanna after the second competition also proceeded to show her the view of the island.


Kanna was paired up with Koharu to act as the main antagonists in a film about fighting girls, although Koharu's more submissive and polite demeanor ended up spoiling the act. She inadvertently caused chaos on the set due to using Nyotengu's fan in an attempt to "make the movie better," with Kanna immediately recognizing the fan and trying to warn her against using it.


Shandy met Kanna by accident after the latter irately tracked down Monica due to her failing to open the casino on time. She later participated in some casino games with Shandy. Kanna, to her chagrin, kept being beaten by Shandy in Blackjack, which alongside Shandy getting bored with winning had them playing roulettes instead, where Kanna had much better luck winning.


She wished to take control of the island, and was willing to take over the Owner. Aside from that, she was also shown to constantly want the Owner to hang out with her and play, although he frequently refuses while citing work as an excuse, much to Kanna's chagrin. In one case, she even forces the Owner to hang out for the day after declaring "work" banned for the entire day. At one point, she also tried to seduce him, although this ended up massively backfiring when Nagisa walked in and mistook her for a child. In the Japanese version, she refers to the Owner as "Omae", an extremely rude and informal masculine term that essentially translates to "Hey you!" The English localization translates this as her making various greetings, and in some cases calling the Owner a flirtatious remark (ie, "You little devil!").


Dead or Alive series[]

  • Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation (playable, 2019, add-on)

Music themes[]

The following are the music themes used for Kanna throughout the series.

Theme Game appearances
"The Way That I Am" Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation


Promotional images


  • In the English versions, she is described as an ogre, while in the Japanese versions, she's specifically an oni.
  • In the Japanese version, when explaining her outfit to Honoka and Luna, all three girls specifically compared her role to that of the Japanese thunder god Raijin (or more specifically, his other name of Kaminari-sama [雷様]). This got changed to her being called "Mighty Thunder" in the English localization.
    • If the player pokes Kanna in the belly button while she's their partner on the main menu, she'll ask if the Owner is intending to take away her navel ("へそを取る気か?"), a subtle reference to a modern wives-tale involving Raijin where kids are encouraged to not play with their belly buttons during thunderstorms or else Raijin will abduct and devour them.
  • Similar to Nyotengu, she speaks in very archaic Japanese. However, in Kanna's case, she sometimes has certain words (eg, Warawa) transcribed in Katakana. The English version replaces it with slang (ie, "ta" in place of "to", as well as "tryna" for "trying to")
    • She also frequently uses "Washi" (ワシ) whenever speaking, which is a first person pronoun that's generally reserved for old people.
  • Kanna is the sixth character to debut in the Xtreme series, after Lisa Hamilton, Misaki, Luna, Tamaki, Fiona, and Nagisa.
    • She's also the second add-on girl to have had prior history with a mainline Dead or Alive girl (Nyotengu, in this case), after Tamaki who was previously acquainted with Helena and to a lesser extent Marie Rose, and the third Xtreme character overall to have prior history with a mainline DOA girl (due to Lisa debuting in Xtreme Beach Volleyball and being Tina's high school best friend).
  • Kanna is the fourth non-human playable female character after Alpha-152 (who is a genetically-modified clone of Kasumi), Rachel (who is of a part-Fiend background) and Nyotengu.
  • Kanna is also the only Xtreme-exclusive non-human character.
    • On that note, Kanna is also the only Xtreme character who is evidently non-human, as although her rival Nyotengu is tengu in origin, the effects of the Venus Islands has her pass as a human due to losing her wings, and Shizuku was able to disguise her kitsune origins by hiding her ears and tail in a few episodes.
  • Kanna is one of only two Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation character whose official render has the same pose as her default chibi pose, the only other being Patty.
    • Her pose in the official render and default chibi pose resembles one of Marie Rose's win poses in the game.
  • Kanna is the second-oldest female character in the series at 1014 years old, with only Nyotengu being older at 1018.
  • Kanna thus far has the most character interactions in her paid suit debut episodes (10 total, not counting the Owner).
    • In at least the Singapore Steam version, she is also the first girl to be released for free during a collaboration period.
  • Kanna is the second add-on girl to not helm a festival at her debut, after Luna. Similar to Luna, she was also subject to a tour of the island.
  • In the DMM version, she is the first add-on girl to be released for free before the release of a new girl.
  • Like Nyotengu, she technically doesn't have an explicitly-stated birthday, though she does have a functionally similar concept called a "Special Day" that's celebrated on September 15, which occurred the day after TGS 2019 in the first instance.
  • She is not fond of the holiday Setsubun due to its associated ritual of throwing roasted soybeans at people in oni masks to drive away evil, and initially was not fond of Halloween due to thinking it entailed a similar purpose of evicting oni (largely due to Ayane pranking her) until told otherwise.
    • Kanna had a mini event dedicated to her on Setsubun on February 3, 2020.[1] When logging in as the player's main girl during that day, a special interaction is accessed where she sees the Owner holding a bean and expressing disbelief, alluding to the aforementioned ritual associated with the holiday.
    • Similarly, owing to her oni background, she tends to tell alternate versions of the Japanese stories Momotaro and Urashimataro which depicts the oni character in a more positive light. In Adult Wars, when Marie Rose suggested doing laundry for proof of being an adult, Kanna shot her down and cited that a giant peach could come down the river, referring to how the titular character of Momotaro was discovered by a couple doing laundry at the river.
  • According to Sakuta D in Famitsu's coverage of the 2nd anniversary of Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation, Kanna was created largely because he wanted a change of pace from the human girls, and also desired to fulfill the challenge of having her be connected to Nyotengu. He also suggested that the players level her up by any means necessary, even with her characterization.[2]
  • Kanna alongside Luna were heavily marketed in the Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! collaboration, most likely because Kanna shared the same voice actress with Uzaki.
  • One of Kanna's lose point animations features her kneeling low enough for her face to be on the ground before looking up and begging "Gimme another chance!", alluding to the Japanese form of etiquette known as "Dogeza."
  • Although all the girls have varying lines during their debut login periods' last day, Kanna is the only one who has a distinct reaction to her final day (touching her fingers in a sad manner, before promptly throwing a temper tantrum).
  • In the Singapore Steam version, Kanna's gacha received/live change episodes have a unique effect compared to the other girls, depicting the bathroom as being bathed in a white, ethereal glow when she's present.
  • Kanna is the first add-on girl to have the same primary stats, or at the very least having the same primary SSR stats (POW in her case) as her immediate predecessor (Nagisa). Such would later be repeated with Nanami.
  • In the DMM version, she is tied with Nagisa, Elise, Tina, Yukino, and Shizuku as having the second-most paid SSRs during her debut period, having three paid SSRs (not counting birthday SSRs). Only Leifang exceeded them by having four during her debut period.
    • On a similar note, Kanna is technically one of only two characters to consistently have more than two paid SSRs during her debut period regardless of version, the only other being Shandy (both having three in both the Singapore Steam and DMM/Japanese Steam versions), as Nagisa had her Ocean Sunfish outfit removed from the Singapore Steam version and Elise and Tina's third and second paid SSRs, respectively were skipped due to being part of collaborations, while Sayuri, by contrast had an exclusive paid SSR suit included in the Singapore Steam version (which eventually got added during her anniversary gacha in 2023). Likewise, Leifang only had two of her four paid SSR swimwear in her debut period in the Singapore Steam version, although one of the remaining two was ultimately utilized jointly with Sayuri's first SSR gacha.
  • Like Nyotengu, due to her yokai status, she technically lacks a nationality, although she is nevertheless heavily implied to have originated in Japan due to her familiarity with various Japanese festivals, including most notably Setsubun.

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