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Elise is a young woman who appeared in the July 14, 2021 update for Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation in the DMM version.


She had previously been an owner for one of the islands in the Venus Islands, including helping set up the Venus Festival. However, she ultimately ended up being replaced when she failed to set up the Venus Festivals shrine on time. Before leaving, one of the venuses asked her if she enjoyed herself during her time working as the Owner, with Elise taking this to heart enough to wonder what it meant to have fun. At some point, she arrived at the Venus Islands to find the current tenant dozing off with disorganized papers. She then nonchalantly told him she'll have to teach him to be better organized per his job. When the Owner requested he give a condition for her teaching him, specifically that she participate in his Venus Festival, she agreed due to realizing that offering a reward would better motivate him, though she made clear that if he decides he cannot abide by her lessons, she would resign from being a Venus and also revoke his ownership privileges.


Elise is a fairly tall woman with pale skin, salmon pink hair tied up in a bun, and turquoise eyes surrounded by red eyeshadow. Owing to her business background, she also wore a two-piece swimsuit modeled after a female CEO. She is also among the bustier women on the island, having a bust size of 94.


Elise is depicted as blunt and professional, notably directly telling the Owner that she intends to teach him how to do a better job at running the island. Owing to her professional demeanor, she is also shown to be a firm believer in absolute efficiency, often insisting that the Owner focus on his duties and nothing else due to viewing anything other than his immediate job as "a waste of time." It is implied her demands that the Owner focus entirely on the Venus Festival to the exclusion of all else is rooted in her own failure to set up the festival on time. Aside from her professional demeanor, she is also shown to be kind, as evidenced by her volunteering to take Misaki's place in teaching Tsukushi and Kokoro time management skills. She also was willing to make friends, especially if it was part of her tasks as a Venus.

Largely because of her prior experience as a former owner of at least one of the Venus Islands, she also was willing to pre-emptively and bluntly give her measurements before being asked, as the Owner discovered.


Elise is an anglicized form of the French name Élise, meaning "My God is Abundance" or "My God is an Oath." However, the Katakana for her name indicates that it was pronounced as "Elize".



Misaki met Elise when attempting to ask the Owner for help regarding overseeing the studies of various Venuses, as she herself was busy with other tasks. Elise agreed to help, and afterwards relayed to Misaki how it went.


Elise, subbing for Misaki, acted as a teacher for Kokoro as well as Tsukushi in regards to studies. Elise also helped Kokoro with some difficulty with a problem, deducing that she merely was confused on how similar the problem was to the prior one.


Elise, subbing for Misaki, acted as a teacher for Tsukushi as well as Kokoro in regards to studies. During the study period, an incident occurred where Tsukushi was entranced with Elise's bust, although Elise paid it no mind other than Tsukushi not paying attention, and gently told her to pay attention next time.

Tsukushi later acted as a student for Elise again, this time alongside the Owner, with the subject matter dealing with drowning rescues. Tsukushi was assigned to do a report by Elise, knowing that Tsukushi wished to use her experiences as a basis for creating manga as a subtle attempt at encouraging her. Elise also assigned her to Sayuri for the actual practice session.


Tamaki met Elise after the latter was given an unplanned break by the Boss, with the two making small chat. Elise agreed to the chat mostly because she was aware that interacting with her fellow Venuses was a vital part of her job. It was later revealed that Tamaki was intended to act as an escort towards Elise's welcoming party, which resulted in Elise meeting the other girls, in particular Patty. When Elise got concerned that the Owner might have slacked off, Tamaki was understanding of Elise's abrupt departure to check on the Owner.


Patty met Elise by accident at the latter's welcoming party, as she intended to talk with Tamaki. She then proceeded to show her the white dress Tamaki prepared for her as a demonstration of Tamaki's lessons for being fashionable. She eventually learned that Elise was mentoring the Owner just as Tamaki was mentoring her. She also wondered if she was teaching him to be fashionable, although Elise mentioned she was actually teaching a different subject altogether, relating to business matters such as studying, though Patty was more confused on the subject.


Elise brought Nyotengu into her room to ask for her age in person, being suspicious about her claim of being over a millennia old in her file. She warned her that there would be severe consequences if she lied about her age. She didn't believe Nyotengu's claim of being a tengu, although she later changed her mind after Nyotengu proved her claim by summoning a gust of wind in her room. Nyotengu, alongside Lobelia later attempted to help Elise find an outfit for her to wear.


Lobelia met Elise as the latter was being helped by Nyotengu regarding outfit selections. She gave some pointers to Elise regarding how to choose a suit for the festival, though she admitted the Owner's choice might have been a little too sexy.


Kanna met Elise when the latter was tasked with acting as an overseer for a rock climbing event. Despite meeting her face to face, she was not at all surprised at Kanna being an Oni, both because she already reviewed her file, and because of a prior encounter with Nyotengu, to Kanna's chagrin. Largely because of this, she didn't even bother to ask proof for Kanna's age. She largely decided to do rock climbing herself in order to compete with Kanna.

She later disciplined Kanna alongside the Owner after deducing that the latter party had conspired to a prank involving using Nyotengu's trademark fan to blow just below the girls to cause their skirts to rise (as well as damaging Elise's own outfit), even making sure to confiscate the fan and keep an eye on them afterwards, which she revealed to Misaki after a similar gust all of a sudden appeared underneath her afterwards.


Elise alongside Nanami, met Koharu after the latter invited the two and several other girls over for Japanese tea and snacks, with Elise in particular being motivated to learn more about Japanese culture. Elise was particularly impressed with Koharu's manners, even beyond her job. She also deduced some elements on what the snacks were meant for (namely raising blood sugar enough to endure hot springs due to the heat from the springs making people sick otherwise).


Dead or Alive appearances[]

Music themes[]

The following are the music themes used for Elise throughout the series.

Theme Game appearances
"Waste My Time" Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation



  • She is the fifth girl in Xtreme Venus Vacation to not have a known place of origin, after Luna, Fiona, Monica, and Lobelia. However, the Katakana in her name using "Elize" as well as her favorite food of Stollen implies that she hails from a Germanic country.
    • Although not Japanese, she was at least familiar with certain Japanese concepts, as she accurately stated the intended purposes of certain Japanese snacks before entering an onsen.
  • She is the third girl to not use honorifics for the Boss, after Misaki and Nanami, and the first to not be Japanese.
  • She is the sixth girl to explicitly give the Owner her measurements, after Nagisa, Monica, Sayuri, Tsukushi, and Nanami, and followed by Tina. Of them, she is the only one who does so without being asked beforehand, shocking the Owner, as well as the first one to do so without reluctance, followed by Tina.
  • According to her second episode, she doesn't actually have hobbies or believe in them due to viewing them as a complete waste of time, but she ultimately settled on collecting stationery and getting qualifications after realizing they wouldn't detract from her work. The same episode also indicates that she enjoys jelly drinks specifically because they're easy to replenish, owing to her absolute adherence to efficiency.
  • During the July 20, 2021 livestream, an announcement was made for a one-day Twitter date with Elise that would occur on July 25, 2021.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8] The same livestream had Elise in a live-voiced segment suggesting that date as the "reward" to the player for answering a quiz correctly.
  • Elise in the DMM version is tied with Nagisa and Kanna as having the second-most paid SSRs during her debut period (not counting her birthday outfits), having three total. Only Leifang has more.
    • On a related note, Elise is the first girl to have a paid collab suit during her paid period, having a paid suit modeled after Piscalat's civilian attire in The Itaden Deities Only Know Peace. This was most likely because Asami Seto, Elise's voice actress, also did the voice for Piscalat.
  • With the release of Elise, the series has officially debuted more playable female characters in the Xtreme series than in the main series, this obviously not counting Kasumi clones, guest characters or the ones that first appeared in the Ninja Gaiden series.
  • Elise is the first character to have both SSR accessories made available during a single ranking event (both being included in the accessory shop).
  • She is the fourth character to hold an explicit job on the Venus Islands besides participating in the festivals, after Misaki (who acts as the part-time Supporter for the Owner), Tamaki (who designs various wardrobes for the events), and Monica (who runs the local casino). In Elise's case, she manages the Owner to keep him to his schedule.
  • According to Sakuta's commentary in Famitsu's coverage for the fourth anniversary, Elise was largely created under the idea of the owner liking to be "scolded", and her scolding nature was deliberately designed to be similar yet different to that of Nagisa. Her status as senior owner was also one of the final elements implemented into her character due to wanting to address the issue of whether or not there were any owners besides that of the player character in the game.[9]
    • Concept art for Elise revealed that, while overall similar to the final design, her default suit would have had minor variances, including black and/or white mary jane shoes, pantyhose, varying skirts, and a necktie.
  • Although Elise was established to be a prior Owner of the Island, it's not made clear if she was aware of Zack's ties to the island.

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