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Promotional image for the second machine

The Dead or Alive series has recieved 2 official pachinko machines in Japan produced by the company Daiichi, the first one "CRデッド オア アライブ" (CR Dead or Alive) released in 2013 was based on the main series, specifically Dead or Alive 4, and the second one "CRデッドオアアライブ エクストリーム" (CR Dead or Alive Xtreme) released in 2018 was based on the Xtreme series, specifically Xtreme 2. Both include multiple 2D animated segments, a first for the series, and are fully voiced by the usual Japanese cast. It's unknown why they were based on Dead or Alive 4 and Xtreme 2 despite being released after Dead or Alive 5 and Xtreme 3.

CR Dead or Alive[]


The first machine released

The first one features mostly 3D animated segments made with the main series engine, but with occasional 2D anime art and very simple animated 2D segments, as well as some segments from the game's CG cutscenes. The 3D animated parts mostly consist in the female cast from Dead or Alive 4 (except Lisa) fighting some of the male cast members of the same game as well as Alpha-152. The machine features a big Kasumi figure that moves her leg constantly to simulate her kicks.

CR Dead or Alive Xtreme[]


The second machine

The second one works similarly however the number of 3D animated segments was significantly reduced and instead it features more 2D anime art and fully animated 2D anime segments, which are significantly more elaborate than in the last machine. This time it features the female cast of Xtreme 2 (except Christie and again Lisa), participating in the activities from that game as well as some additions. It also features Zack from time to time. This also includes a mini-game where it is possible to see the girls undressing, and another called "Doki Doki Challenge" where it is possible to get a kiss from all the girls, a first from the series, although it's possible to fail and make the girls feel mad or embarrassed. It also features many regular animations or drawings of many of the girls blowing a kiss and winking at the player, which outside of this machine is mostly limited to Tina, Tamaki and Honoka in both the main and Xtreme series.


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