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DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation Sound Track is the official soundtrack of Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation. This album was released exclusively to music streaming services as part of DOAXVV 4th anniversary celebration.

On April 14, 2023, the album was released on streaming services worldwide as DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation Vol.1. This version includes an extra track.

Track list[]

  1. "Baby Dry Your Eyes"
  2. "Empty
  3. "Hold My Lovin'"
  4. "In The Sunset"
  5. "Let's Go Together"
  6. "Like the Blue Sky"
  7. "Playa Del Sol"
  8. "Beautiful Sunset"
  9. "Can You Do It Like That"
  10. "Eye to Eye"
  11. "Fun Time"
  12. "Let's Get Addicted"
  13. "Ready to Learn"
  14. "Take Me"
  15. "When I Think About You"
  16. "When I Think About You ~Christmas ver.~"
  17. "When I Think About You ~New Year ver.~"
  18. "By My Side"
  19. "The Way That I Am"
  20. "The One Who Loves You Back"
  21. "Chips Are Down"
  22. "Lullaby"
  23. "Can't Get Enough"
  24. "Caught Up In The Mood"
  25. "Blowin' My Mind"
  26. "I Don't Mean It"
  27. "Fantasize"
  28. "Contigo"
  29. "Still In My Heart"
  30. "Happy Birthday to You"
  31. "You Make Me Bloom"
  32. "Superhero"
  33. "Put Me On Top"
  34. "Waste My Time"
  35. "Better"
  36. "Harmony"
  37. "Once In A Lifetime" (Worldwide release bonus track)

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