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This page is a list of quotes spoken by the playable characters of Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation

Any names with an asterisk near them indicates that they only have Japanese translations due to them originating the DMM version of Xtreme Venus Vacation and not having been released yet.


  • All of this. It's like a dream.
  • Maybe I should go out and have some fun.
  • Brr! That's cold!
  • Hmm? I never even imagined a place like this.
  • I think I like this place.
  • Wow, look at the time.
  • Let me stay just a bit longer.
  • I've got the sea all to myself.
  • I wonder if I can stay here forever.
  • It's important to take care of your appearance.



  • Wow! What could that be?
  • I am really having so much fun right now!
  • Let's relax a little bit.
  • I don't want this to end.
  • The sun is so brilliant! This feels amazing!
  • The world is so wide and wonderful outside of the castle walls.
  • The sound of the waves makes a beautiful lullaby.
  • I wish I could do this forever.
  • This feels so nice.
  • I wish upon a star our love is not too far.


  • I could just fall asleep.
  • It's so quiet.
  • This is so refreshing.
  • The blue sky seems to go on forever.
  • The sun's gotten stronger.
  • How gorgeous.
  • I think I've been on my feet for too long.
  • I feel so empowered when I'm here.
  • I'm going to get another sunburn.
  • This is the ultimate bliss.


  • This really takes me back.
  • Woohoo! This is great!
  • Wow! It's crystal clear!
  • I'm glad I came to this island.
  • This is just another part of my daily regimen.
  • I think I'm getting pretty good at this.
  • Wow! This is the best!
  • Alright! Here I go!
  • I feel like I could take on the world.
  • The air here is so crisp and refreshing.


  • I haven't been on a swing in forever.
  • It feels so nice here I could just fall asleep.
  • I wonder if I can do this.
  • It's cold and refreshing.
  • Okay! Let's get things cleaned up!
  • The sand feels so warm under my feet.
  • This is what life's all about.
  • Wow! The sky and sea are a deep crimson.
  • What is this supposed to be?


  • Woohoo! Hahahaha!
  • Well well I'm pretty good right?
  • This island is all mine!
  • Hm? What's this what's this?!
  • Wow! I didn't expect this place! I like it!
  • I just wanna chill like this.
  • Whoa! It's freezing but I like it!
  • I wanna do this forever.
  • Wahahah! It feels great way up here!
  • The sunset is so red. I wish it would last forever.


  • I'll always remember my time here.
  • This brings back memories.
  • Such a beautiful view.
  • I can hear the sounds of the waves.
  • I'm really glad I came here.
  • I better make a wish!
  • Everything looks so shiny.
  • If only I could stay longer.
  • This feels good.
  • The sky's so blue I feel like drifting away.


  • Sometimes sunsets make me a little sad.
  • I'm having so much fun every day I'm here!
  • It's like I'm looking at a postcard.
  • So this is what it feels like in the tropics.
  • Wow! I didn't know they had this!
  • I'll always remember my time here.
  • My feet are burning!
  • I wish I could stay like this forever and ever.
  • Should I be slacking off this much? Sure why not!
  • Star light star bright.



  • You don't mind if I frolic right?
  • Hahaha! I love this swing!
  • I think it's time for a swim.
  • It's like I've become one with this beach.
  • What an interesting shape.
  • Another perfect day on vacation!
  • This is just what I need on a hot day.
  • This feeling is beyond words.
  • Maybe I'll take a little break.
  • Mmm! So refreshing!


  • When I'm relaxing like this I feel like a flower. (こうやってのんびりしてると…お花になった気分…)
  • It's nice to be able to just let go and not think about anything else.(何も考えずに、開放的になるのもいいわねめ)
  • I like it here. (いいゃないここ、気に入ったわ)
  • I'm going to enjoy this rosy vacation a lot. (バラ色のバカンス、たっぷり楽しませてもらうわ)
  • This vacation will be as irreplaceable as the Edelweiss.(今回のバカンス…きっと、エーデルワイスみたいに、かけがえのない思い出になるわ…)
  • Yikes! This is thrilling! (きゃーっスリル満点ね、ふふふっ)
  • If this time lasts forever. (この時間が永遠に続けば…ふふっ)
  • Flowers are beautiful when you water them. (ふふっお花は、水をあげて綺麗になるのよ)
  • It's a perfect date course! (デートコースに、ピッ夕リねふふっ)
  • It's been a very satisfying day like a rose. (ふふっ、バラみたいに大満足な一日だったわ)


  • Such a luxury almost too good to be true.
  • What a beautiful sunset.
  • These are very good.
  • I'll never get tired of gazing at it.
  • As long as no one's looking.
  • I love the swing.
  • Sometimes it's good to just take it easy.
  • How refreshing.
  • The sand is so soft. It feels wonderful.
  • So many fascinating things to observe.

Marie Rose[]

  • I'm on a vacation! Better make the most of it!
  • This is ALL mine!
  • Swings are so relaxing.
  • I don't want to waste a single moment!
  • This is MY ocean!
  • I'll make it nice and clean!
  • I love these things!
  • Amazing! This feels so nice!
  • I wish I could stay here forever.
  • Such a nice breeze.


  • Yikes! That's freezing!
  • I wish this would never end.
  • Wow! Look at that color!
  • How beautiful!
  • The waves are so soothing.
  • This feels great.
  • I feel so lucky to have this all to myself.
  • Wow! I never knew about this place.
  • But I'm a little embarrassed.
  • Mmm! This feels great!


  • Reading a book sounds nice.
  • The sky and the ocean are absolutely stunning.
  • I'm supposed to be here for training but this is so nice!
  • I might as well enjoy my time here!
  • Should I really be taking a vacation like this? I'm not so sure.
  • This feels so good! I don't want it to end!
  • I better warm up before I start playing.
  • I should make the most of my time here.
  • "Nobody's looking right?"
  • I still need to work out even during my vacation.


  • More days like this might be pretty nice.
  • This is pretty thrilling!
  • I've got a good feeling something good might happen today.
  • If you wanna win breaks are important too.
  • The sand feels great!
  • It's cold! Hahaha!
  • What a relaxing moment.
  • This feels so great!
  • What beautiful stars which one of them is my lucky star?
  • What a pretty sunset. I can't take my eyes off it.


  • The sand is baking me!
  • It's so soft like I'm sinking into a cloud. Good night.
  • Wow. This island has a lot to see.
  • What a mellow day. I can't believe I'm doing this.
  • Whoa! That's freezing!
  • This is my time to forget about the festival about work everything."
  • This is really like a tropical paradise isn't it?
  • Misaki and I can do this together next time.
  • I wish I could share this view with Misaki.
  • What a gorgeous sunset. It's so overwhelming.


  • It's nice to take it easy once in a while. (たまには、のんびりもいいよね…はぁ…)
  • I'd like to do this for a while. (すっと、こうしてたいな…)
  • I'll take some beautiful pictures. (綺麗…写真、撮っておこうかな)
  • This is kind of nice. (これ…なんか、いいかもふふっ)
  • I feel like I'm "on vacation". (ふふっなんだか、「バカンスしてる」って感じがする)
  • The evening breeze is so nice. (夕風が気持ちいいな…)
  • The sun feels so good but I have to be careful about sunburns. (んー、太陽が気持特ちいい…でも、日焼けは気を付けないと)
  • I want to cherish this feeling I have now. (今のこの気持ち…大切にしたいな)
  • It's nice and warm. (はぁ…いい気持ち、温まる…)
  • It's beautiful. I'll treasure it so I don't forget. (綺麗…忘れないように…大切にしたいな…)


  • How's this?
  • I might as well enjoy this place.
  • The sun is so bright here.
  • This is all mine!
  • Humans always get to have this much fun.
  • The human world is such a wonderful place.
  • It's really cold. That feels nice.
  • This is better than looking down from the sky.
  • I wish there was an island like this in the tengu world.
  • It's kind of fun not having wings.


  • Mmm! This feels so warm and nice! (んー、ぽかぽかしてて気持ちいいー)
  • Hahaha! Let's splash more! (あははっ!きゃっ…もっとバシャバシャしよっと)
  • It's so cold but refreshing! (あはっ、冷たーい!気持ちいいーっ!)
  • What's that "interesting" smell? (あはっ、「面白い」匂い!何だるう?)
  • Hahaha! I can't stop! (あははっパティ、止まらないよ)
  • The perfect song for now would be a very fun song. (今にピッタリな曲はぁ…とっても楽しい曲かな)
  • Mmm! It's sweet and smells delicious! (ん〜、甘くていい匂いで…美味しい〜!)
  • I want to put on the radio and relax. (ラジオかけて、のんびりしたいなぁ)
  • This feels so good! I love it! (気持ちいいパティ、これ好き)
  • The wind the sea and the sun all smell so good. (風も海もお日様も…みーんなとってもいい匂い)


  • Let's spend the whole day just relaxing.
  • The sun is so bright.
  • Vacationing in the South Pacific is like a dream.
  • It's so cold! Just have to get used to it. Now that feels nice.
  • I feel like a kid again.
  • I'll remember this fondly.
  • Just have to shake off the fatigue and get back at it.
  • There's still so much fun to have.


  • I did my best, so.
  • Heheh, so glad I came.
  • I want this to last forever.
  • How relaxing.
  • Another beautiful blue sky today.
  • I've completely forgotten about work and all my troubles.
  • Here's to good memories.
  • Daily exercise does a body good.
  • Mmm. This feels so good I'm in heaven.
  • I want to freeze this moment in time.