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Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation (also known as DOAXVV) is the fifth game in the Xtreme series, and the only game to be released on PC. The game was released in Japan on November 17, 2017.

The game was first announced in Tokyo Game Show 2016 as a browser game. In Tokyo Game Show 2017 it was announced as a full-fledged PC game. The game uses high-quality 3D models similar to the previous game, Dead or Alive Xtreme 3. The game is free-to-play with micro-transactions. The game first played using the DMM Game Player.

DOAXVV is a gacha game, a game based on luck/RNG in earning the proper outfits/accessories - which may be upgraded in a second moment and will directly affect characters' stats.

Although initially Japan-exclusive, a playable beta with English support (as well as Japanese, Korean, and two forms of Chinese) was eventually released on March 26, 2019 via Steam, thus marking the first time it got an official English release, albeit exclusive to Asia. The Steam’s Asian release is only for specific regions other than Japan, which are: Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, and Macau. However, using a VPN program can allow people outside those regions to install and play the game. A Japan-exclusive Steam game was released on August 19, 2020, which immediately goes to the recent DMM version’s events, such as having both post-launch songs and playable girls at time the said version was released.

One of the characters added in this game was added to an updated version of Xtreme 3 titled Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Scarlet, namely the veteran Leifang and the newcomer Misaki.


The game features the nine characters from the previous game plus a new girl, Misaki, an original character prominently seen in magazine scans, screenshots and trailers.[1] Over time, more new girls such as Luna and Tamaki were added, as well as Leifang who had been cut from Xtreme 3. When explaining the reasons for Leifang's inclusion, Sakuta D implied he may consider adding the other girls, noting that several of the players had a deep love for the past DOA girls.[2]

During the third anniversary livestream, and when interviewed by 4Gamer, Sakuta D. acknowledged that the cut girls were highly requested, but claimed it would be difficult to reconcile their backstories with the need for girls in DOAXVV to like the Owner, although he did acknowledge that they might add them in if they are to commemorate a special event in DOA history.

Despite this, however, the lead-up survey for the third anniversary included an option for fans to indicate their desire to have more girls added from the main series,[3] which was not only repeated with the pre-fourth anniversary survey, but even expanded to specifically ask which girls they wanted in if main series girls were selected. During the fourth anniversary livestream, Sakuta revealed that Tina would be included in the future to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of the overall Dead or Alive franchise, though she wasn't added until January 28, 2022 due to development of characters taking time.[4] Owing to this, Tina also was subject to a viral marketing campaign, with tweets showing the progress of her development, each being nearly a month between each other.

On a similar note, Famitsu during the leadup to the fourth anniversary held a special survey requesting which girls from the mainline series people wanted in. Aside from the cut girls, other contenders included NiCO from Dead or Alive 6 and even minor characters such as Lauren, Alpha-152, Maria, Ayame, Niki, and Miyako. The results had NiCO win first place, followed by Tina being second place, Mila in third, Lisa/Christie tied for fourth, and Rachel in last place.[5]

In the Singapore Steam/Johren versions, the girls generally had the same release order as in the DMM version, the only exceptions being Nagisa, Fiona, Tina, and Nanami, Elise, Koharu, Shizuku, and Reika. Nagisa debuted much earlier than Fiona, though she retained the "Mystery Venus" moniker until her birthday, resulting in Fiona retaining her placement, while Tina debuted around the same time as the DMM version, well before Nanami's debut, and by extension, Elise and Koharu's debuts. However, the character order still reflects the DMM version due to Nanami coming before Tina. Likewise, because of Reika's simultaneous global debut in both versions of the game, she came in before Shizuku in the Singapore Steam/Johren version.

Unlike in the other Xtreme games as well as other Dead or Alive entries, the characters in Xtreme Venus Vacation do not have any listed nationalities in their bios/resumes, although comments made by them (as well as the specific Japanese writing system used for their names) do nevertheless hint at their national origins.

Initial Roster[]

When starting the game for the first time, the player must choose two of these initial girls before unlocking the remaining eight. However, Misaki can only be chosen optionally after choosing one of the 9 initial Xtreme 3 characters. Besides birthday outfits, the initial roster did not have any paid suits, although they eventually started to get paid suits via the True Colors events.

  • Misaki: A part-time staff member who works as the owner's exclusive assistant. She is a modern girl who shares a casual, friendly relationship with the Owner, although she is extremely shy, especially regarding exposure of skin.
  • Marie Rose: The pixie-like servant for Helena Douglas. She accompanied her mistress to the Venus Islands, but ended up being told by her to play on her own. Fed up with being treated like a child, she decided to participate in the Venus Festival in order to prove to Helena that she is indeed a full-grown woman.
  • Honoka: A sweet, easygoing kind of girl who has been raised all of her life by her gentle and loving grandmother. She won a vacation to the island via another raffle, and ultimately accepts the proposition of working with the Owner due to thinking the festival was similar to the ones at her hometown.
  • Kasumi: A beautiful nukenin ("missing shinobi") and former member of the legendary Mugen Tenshin clan. As of late, whenever Kasumi reads her fortune, it tells her to head to the Venus Islands in order to find "something special." She accepts the request to aid the Owner in the Venus Festival, thinking that might be a lead to give her answers.
  • Ayane: The brilliant master of the Hajinmon sect, the "dark side" of the Mugen Tenshin clan. She arrived at the island to investigate it for unknown reasons, although she decided to enjoy herself during that time. However, the island was dull to her tastes, so she accepted working with the Owner to form the Venus Festival to kill time.
  • Kokoro: A positive and cheerful young lady who has mastered the martial art ba ji quan. She arrived at the island with the hopes that the island's Venus Festival would help revitalize her desire to train both her martial art and her apprentice geisha skills.
  • Nyotengu: A mysterious and beautiful tengu whose legends have been passed down from ages old in the depths of Japan's mountains. She arrived at the Venus Islands due to sensing the vibes made by humans regarding vacations, she lost her wings due to the island's mysterious power. She decided to participate in the Venus Festival to have an "authentic" vacation experience, especially after learning that whoever wins the Venus Festival will win over the hearts of various humans.
  • Hitomi: A young world-class fighter born to a Japanese mother and strict German father, who taught his daughter karate from an early age. Despite being involved in several fighting tournaments, she decided to pay a visit to the Venus Islands. Although confused by the beauty requirement, she nonetheless decided to join the Owner in helping set it up, being a natural optimist.
  • Momiji: A kunoichi of the Hayabusa clan and the last Dragon Shrine Maiden. She was ordered to go to the Venus Islands and participate in the Venus Festival in order to hone her training. Although she is unsure of the festival due to being left with scarce details, and found it odd that beauty was one of the requirements, she nonetheless looked forward to it, seeing it as another way to hone her training.
  • Helena: The youthful leader of the DOATEC conglomerate. She heard of the Venus Festival, as well as rumors that it housed a conspiracy. Deciding to investigate the festival herself to see if the rumors are true, she arrived at the island, disguising it as a private vacation.

Post-Launch Roster[]

If players started the game for the first time during its recent events, these girls can only be unlocked via gacha after choosing two initial girls above. Each of the girls are subject to paid gacha for upwards of three to six months before being released for free when debuting, with the gachas in question generally having at a bare minimum two paid outfits (three in the case of Nagisa (DMM version only), Kanna, Sayuri, Shandy and Shizuku, and four in the case of Leifang (two in the Steam version, plus one for Sayuri's then-Steam-exclusive paid SSR)). In some cases, at least in the DMM version, the girls will have additional paid gacha that's unrelated to the gacha in question, usually if it pertains to a collaboration and/or a birthday that's occurring simultaneously to a paid period gacha, such as with Nanami, Elise, Tina, Amy, and Yukino. Although it was initially announced that only the pre-launch roster would get True Colors outfits, they eventually announced that Luna and Fiona would get a True Colors event. The girls up to Koharu also had anniversary gachas that usually occur after they've been in the game for three years. However, starting with Tina, the add-on girls had their anniversary gachas occur between their first anniversary (eg, Yukino) and second (eg, Tina). The anniversary gachas reissue the paid debut suits (exempting those that were issued during collaborations) and last a week, similar to birthday gachas.

  • Luna: A mysterious girl found collapsed on the beach of the Venus Islands from a bout of hunger before being saved by roasted sweet potatoes. She was delighted to accept the invitation to the Venus Festival by the owner. As a scholar, she says she wants to investigate the festival and the island, although it is unclear whether her actual motive is investigating the island or simply wanting to eat the roasted sweet potatoes that were grown there.
  • Tamaki: A former model who decided to arrive at the island in order to see for herself what the Venus Festival was like. She met Misaki while the latter was working and asked her to make sexy poses. As the excitement builds and she reaches out to remove Misaki’s top… the owner arrived in time to save Misaki from embarrassment. However, Tamaki is unfazed by the owner's actions, and if anything proceeded to ask nonchalantly if the owner will take her as his partner for the festival.
  • Leifang: A beautiful Taiji quan master hailing from an affluent family, she abruptly arrived at the Venus Islands with the intent of having a vacation. Although she was initially annoyed at no one picking her up, she changed her tune when irritably confronting the Owner, who was confused by her presence due to her not being expected to arrive until a day later, and eventually accepted his request for her services to the Venus Festival after learning of its existence.
  • Fiona: A beautiful European princess who for reasons unclear other than it somehow relating to her admiration for the Owner, or at the very least wanting to train to become the perfect bride, arrived at the Venus Islands. While gently dancing on the beach upon her arrival, she proceeded to spot the Owner nearby, then rushes to him and proceeds to speak highly of him, expressing immense joy at meeting the one person she admires.
  • Nagisa: The older sister of Misaki. She arrived at the Venus Islands to pick her sister up. She has a friendly conversation and spoke with a gentle tone, though she was trying to pressure Misaki to leave the island. After Misaki ran off and mentioned the boss's name to help out, Nagisa overheard this and became hostile towards the owner, facing him and eventually proceeding to threaten him. She eventually relented and joined the Venus Festival at the owner's insistence, under the condition that if she wins, she's taking her sister back.
  • Kanna: A miniscule red-headed ogre (Oni in the Japanese version) with two horns on her head. One day, she arrived and, after making her presence known to him, used her Ogre Power to possibly subdue the boss and declares her intent to take control of both the boss and the island itself.
  • Monica: A young woman who aspires to be a casino dealer due to past events, she paid the Owner a visit and pressured him into a showdown. She placed one card in her cleavage and held another in her hand, asking him to pick which card. Upon learning that the island doesn't even have a casino yet, she offers to join the Venus Festival to raise enough funds for one to be created.
  • Sayuri: A freshly unemployed former nurse, Sayuri arrived at the Venus Islands due to a help wanted sign for a resident nurse. By the time she arrived, however, the Owner collapsed due to heat stroke, with Sayuri gently nursing him back to health. It was then insisted upon by the Owner that she not only join up as a nurse, but also as a participant in the island's local Venus Festival. Sayuri agreed, although she told him kindly that her condition for joining is that he listen to exactly what she says due to knowing what's best for him, while referring to herself as a big sister.
  • Patty: Raised on one of the smaller islands of the Venus Islands archipelago. After the boss managed to find her personal "treasure", a radio, and returned it to her, he offered her to join his Venus Festival. She agreed, and also deduced he was a good person by his smell.
  • Tsukushi: A university student and aspiring mangaka who wears glasses and a sports jersey, she arrived at the Venus Islands after stumbling upon it in an internet search. She spent her time sketching the scenery until the Owner tapped her on the shoulder, startling her. When he inquired as to why she was on the island, she admitted she was a tourist who was sightseeing, specifically for the venuses.
  • Lobelia: A girl dressed like nobility who was childhood friends with Fiona. While admiring flowers on the nearby beach, she spotted Fiona with the Boss. Once the latter was alone, she approached him and interlocked her fingers in his while whispering "Hey, Honey ♥" in a flirtatious manner.
  • Nanami: Misaki's junior high school friend, who was scouted for the Venus Islands by Zack. Upon arrival, she encountered Misaki and engaged in a chat. As the Owner, who had come to the beach to do photography sessions, took notice of her due to both her mysterious gaze and his having not encountered her before, he then pointed the camera in her direction. She noticed and then asked if she could see the camera with a smile.
  • Elise: A former boss (owner in the Japanese version) in the South Pacific. She came to the current boss's room one morning to pay him a visit. Upon entering, she found various papers scattered across the floor and the boss sleeping in. She then tells him coldly she's his assigned life coach and, with slight disgust tells him to get ready for intense coaching. She ultimately agreed to become a Venus as a condition for her coaching when he insisted on a reward for good behavior, realizing that would act as a good motivator.
  • Koharu: The daughter of inn proprietors, she arrived in traditional Japanese clothing with a large suitcase. While attempting to arrive at the hotel, she had difficulty pulling her suitcase up, with the boss noticing and coming to her aid. She then bowed politely before introducing herself and explaining she came to train as a hostess, with the specific training to master her craft being unknown at that time.
  • Tina: A starlet who decided to go to the Venus Islands to take a break from her stardom. One day, while relaxing by the pool, the Owner scouted her out and requested that she join the Venus Festival. She agreed, viewing it as an opportunity to spread her fame across the world, although the boss suggests another method in addition to that.
  • Amy: An engineering student who had prior ties to Luna. After arriving at the Venus Islands for a vacation, she used a laptop and finished work on it. At that moment, however, she witnessed the Owner use a laptop that's the same model as her own and made an effort to talk with him. However, he ended up leaving before she could get a chance. She then puts up a defensive attitude when he approached her later.
  • Shandy: Real name Fei, she came to the island to kill boredom. The Boss eventually found her enjoying a cocktail by herself at the pool's bar at night. She flashed him an enigmatic smile and offered to treat him to a cocktail as he passed by. With the Boss captivated, he then offers for her to become the bartender of the island, which she agreed under the condition that he help alleviate her boredom.
  • Yukino: A cheerful "gyaru" who enjoys taking selfies with coconut trees and the ocean nearby. She came to the island upon learning that her idol Tamaki was there. She eventually stumbled on the Owner of the island, and upon learning his identity quickly approached and asked to take pictures of him, also mischeviously lifting her bikini strap upon noticing him looking at her chest.
  • Shizuku: A shy kitsune who initially claims to be a human cosplaying as a fox.
  • Reika: A part-time lifeguard. While swimming and honing herself, she met the Owner when he was drawn to her cool demeanor. However, one look at him had her react coldly to him, telling him he's annoying, that if he tries to continue interacting with her she'll leave, and to not bother following her.

After Tina's update, the girl pose and suit screen added six designated name spaces, including Tina, implying that there would be at least five additional characters incoming. Similarly, after the pose count screen was updated, it showed nine empty spaces (due to it occurring before Yukino's addition), implying that, including Yukino, there were at least nine girls left to debut. On a related note, Sakuta also implied in Famitsu that more of the cut girls would come in sooner depending on Tina's sales and to some extent social media responses, and that characters like Ayame and Miyako won't be added in any future updates.[6] Reika was given an unprecedented global release on June 27, 2024 and was primarily developed by the Singapore team.[7]


The gameplay is very different from the previous games. Instead of the two-week periods, there is no time limit, although day and sunset, and to a certain extent nighttime are used as backdrops for various scenes and minigames. The main game is still beach volleyball.

The game is energy-based. As long as there is available energy, the player can play volleyball games. The game has day-night cycles but it doesn't have any effect on gameplay. In this game, the characters have to be unlocked to play as them, requiring either paying 200 star coins/1000 SR tickets to unlock them, or by unlocking an SSR for them. Previously, all characters are unlocked from the start. The player only starts with two girls.

This game also has improved user interface. The player can pause the action, speed up the gameplay, change strategies, and summon a guest player.

This game is mainly in Owner mode, first introduced in Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, wherein the player does not directly control the girls. The player only does commands, like set strategy and call timeout. The player, the Owner, can level up after performing certain actions. Characters level up as well. Increasing a character's level unlocks her character episodes.

During some events, the player can also unlock extra episodes where the girls change in the bathroom, similar to the changing mechanic in Xtreme 3. Despite the trailers showing the failed result if the owner "opens their eyes" at the wrong time, the actual episodes require that the player fully awaken the necessary outfits via awakening stones before such can be accomplished.

Volleyball games are stat-based. Each swimsuit has statistics such as power, technique, stamina, and appeal.

Besides volleyball, there was also a new minigame released in late June/July 2018, called suikawari. In addition, Rock Climbing made a return in late September 2018. In both minigames, aside from the player character, it also shows up to three girls cheering on the player character. In the latter case, starting with the Love Rock Climbing Event, one of the girls is seen at the top of the cliff to cheer for the player character. On March 2019, Pool Hopping made a return, although in a heavily revised format, called Sugoroku Pool Hopping. On November 2019, the casino opened up, which started off with Blackjack, then added in Roulettes on January 2020. During the third anniversary, Butt Battles made a return, and utilized tickets to access during specific events, as well as added in a tension gauge. In addition, it had a further update by January/February 2021, where it had a quasi-ranking event and allowed for stats to be boosted with fingernail polish. In 2021, the swimming under the sea made a return.

The onsen was included in the 4th anniversary, which ultimately replaces the training section, due to complaints about them not having much usefulness.

Differences between versions[]

Aside from more languages and the platform, there are a few differences between the Steam and DMM versions.

  • The episode "Sparkling Outfit" was made into an Event Episode for Messenger of the Moon's second half in the Steam version. In the DMM version, it was an Extra Episode.
  • Honoka's Mint swimwear was an SR outfit in the DMM version. In the Steam version, it was an SSR outfit.
  • Due to the timing of the release of the Steam version occurring in March instead of November, the Christmas, New Years', and Valentine's Day episodes (including the episode where Nyotengu hypnotizes Luna and Misaki into acting like cats) were delayed to a later date (presumably due to their being international holidays), with the First Softening Lotion Therapy event being released in the place of the former two and the Naked Truth being released in the place of the latter. As such, the Christmas-related Event Episodes are no longer part of "First Covergirl."
    • Also because of this, Hitomi has the first birthday in the Steam version. In the DMM version, Nyotengu technically has the first birthday via her "Special Day" celebration (with Kokoro having the first actual birthday).
  • Nyotengu's Dark Prison outfit was released as the Event SSR for Naked Truth's second half in the Steam version, in the DMM version, it was instead Honoka's Moo Moo Denim outfit. Because of this, the Steam version has Honoka's Moo Moo Denim being released alongside Marie Rose's Rose Whip for the First Tower Festival event instead of Rose Whip being the only event SSR.
  • Helena has a swimwear, Illusion, that is exclusive to the Steam version during the Messenger of the Moon event.
    • On that note, Luna has an extra paid suit in the Steam version, called "To You", in the Steam version for "Targeted Island" that is a recolor of Thank You/For You.
  • Some of the SSR accessories were exclusive to the Steam version, such as the Vermillion Armlet for Leifang.
  • Misaki's Appetizer Pinchos outfit was replaced with a Sandwich outfit, with Ayane also getting an outfit. Consequentially, this resulted in Leifang's Sandwich outfit being cut as well as Misaki wearing the sandwich outfit instead of her Appetizer Pinchos outfit in the First Rock Climbing episodes. It did later debut during the second half of the New Years festival.
    • On a similar note, Misaki, Momiji, and Leifang got Dark Prison outfits during late March of 2020, which were eventually added to the DMM version of the game during the second half of the Sugoi Dekai event. However, they had different stats (the Steam version being POW based, the DMM version being TEC based).
  • Nagisa was teased on November 10, with a full release in December, well before Fiona in the Steam version, while in the DMM version, Fiona came first, and Nagisa only debuted during the Christmas season. As a result, Nagisa gets some quotes for the Happy Summer Festival episodes, the Memories of That Summer episodes and Prayer to the Moon episodes that did not exist in the DMM version.
  • The beginning Christmas episode is significantly rewritten to appear as if it was their first Christmas in the Steam version (both English and Japanese languages). In the DMM version, the Christmas episode in question directly referenced both the first anniversary as well as Fiona (the latter being specified as having engaged in a cruise via a luxury liner at that time by Misaki). Similarly, Nagisa's debut episodes are rewritten to appear as if she were merely participating in the aftermath party of the first anniversary (originally, she actually was participating in the set-up of New Year festivities), and also had Misaki's kimono changed to a standard Shrine Maiden outfit instead of a New Year's Yukata. The "White Christmas ~ Snowy Island ~" event also ended up replacing Sayuri with Momiji, largely due to it debuting in the Steam version well before Sayuri's debut. The pre-3rd anniversary events Jewel Island and Would You Like Some Appetizers also removed any references to the then-upcoming anniversary in the Steam version, either omitting it altogether (the former) or replacing it with the holiday Thanksgiving (the latter).
    • To a lesser extent, the Way to Happiness, Melty Valentine's, Eggs and Thunder, and "First Alchemy" episodes were slightly rewritten, changing the wind direction that they were to eat sushi rolls at, removing the reference to the past Valentine's Day celebration in the beginning, and largely omitting any references to Easter, and removing the reference to Sayuri, respectively.
  • In Leifang's debut event as well as the Rival Festival ~ Two Big Sisters event, an extra scene is added to the beginning of each episode involving the main character (Leifang and Nagisa, respectively) before showing a narration stating the following episodes took place a set time before the current day (six months and a month prior, respectively), with the latter also featuring an added ending. This is most likely because both events originally occurred close to Misaki's birthday of Tanabata.
    • Sayuri's second debut event, "Year End With the Little Boss", also had an opening stating that the events of the episode took place a few months ago due to it being set on New Years yet airing just prior to the games second anniversary in March. Unlike the above, however, there were no extra scenes included to the event.


During Tokyo Game Show 2016, a PC web browser version called Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation was announced to be released in 2017.[8]


  • Mostly because of it reusing some aspects of Xtreme 3, most of the original nine girls had scenes that were taken from Xtreme 3 with reworked dialogue as well as slightly different camera angles. The only exception is Honoka, who instead gets a brand new opening sequence where she is playing on an inflatable orca only to fall into the ocean and accidentally lose her top.
    • Similarly, some of the girls' final character episodes reuse their endings from Xtreme 3, namely Helena, Hitomi, Kasumi, and Marie Rose (and like with the openings above, they possessed reworked dialogue). While Ayane's Xtreme 3 ending is not reused for her ending, a similar scene was shown in her level 60 episode, barring that it was implied that the Owner had supplied her with the massage and that Ayane snaps at the Owner when he tries to remove her towel from below her. Likewise, while Honoka's Xtreme 3 ending is not reused for any of her episodes, the PV opening for the Waiting for Holy Night event in the DMM version depicts a scene from said ending briefly.
      • On a related note, Hitomi's ending in particular largely reuses the same dialogue she used for her Xtreme 3 ending (the only difference being she expresses confidence at winning in the Venus Festival instead of the next Dead or Alive World Combat Championship tournament), which she even admits shortly after that scene occurs.
  • Largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020,[9] some events lacked any related event episodes, such as Adult Bath Time[10] and Bouncy Springtime,[11] while others such as Patty's debut event recycled old event SSRs to act as trendy. Likewise, the Steam version on April 21-28 and May 5-11 had a rerun of First Pajama Party and First Softening Beauty Treatment, respectively, as compensation for the aforementioned pandemic-related delays.
    • Similarly, Patty ended up placed in the paywall for five months due to the events of COVID-19.[12] Sakuta during the 4th anniversary also implied that all the girls after Patty had their released dates moved up due to COVID-19.[13]
  • While having similar assets to Xtreme 3, it is heavily implied to take place sometime after that game, due to Honoka in her first episode commenting that she won a raffle to a tropical island vacation again, referring to how she arrived at New Zack Island in that game. It also apparently takes place before Xtreme 3 Scarlet, or at the very least Misaki's character scenario in that game, due to Misaki's Extra Episode "Lonely?" in the DMM version alluding to her having to go on a two week vacation, referring to Scarlet.
    • On a similar note, its exact placement in relation to Dead or Alive 6 is unclear, as Honoka being familiar with Marie Rose implied it took place after Dead or Alive 6 due to them meeting each other for the first time during that game, but Famitsu's coverage for Tina's debut in Xtreme Venus Vacation instead claims it was set between Dead or Alive 5 and Dead or Alive 6.[14]
  • Starting with the first anniversary, the title screen had various scrolling wallpapers by default (exempting character debut events and/or special events/collaborations), each containing three of the girls up to that point which in some cases directly refer to specific event episodes the girls were involved in. In particular:
    • Luna making a pose while smirking slightly while Ayane is scolding her and Kasumi is chuckling while watching (referencing the events of the 1st anniversary event episode "New Heroines Debut?").
    • Nyotengu, Marie Rose, and Honoka at the pool with the former sitting on the side while the latter two were in the pool, with Marie doing two peace signs with her hands (referencing the events of "With the Three of Us...?")
    • Leifang and Hitomi both simultaneously licking an ice cream cone on one of the lawn chairs at the beach as Momiji watches between them (referencing the events of "Japanese, Western, Chinese")
    • Kokoro and Helena sitting next to Tamaki on the bed of one of the bedroom suites, with Kokoro having an uncertain expression as she and either Tamaki or Helena do peace signs (referencing the events of "Occasionally serious?")
    • Misaki sitting on a body of ocean water with Nagisa and Fiona sitting on each of her sides.
    • Monica, Sayuri, and Kanna at the blackjack tables of the casino with Monica holding her cards in a smirking manner while Sayuri bends down in a comforting manner while Kanna, holding her cards, appears to be on the verge of a tantrum.
    • Patty, Tsukushi, and Lobelia at the poolside where Patty leans in close to Tsukushi to smell her, startling the latter, and Lobelia stands on Tsukushi's other side and has her hand out in a beckoning manner.
    • Elise, Nanami, and Koharu sitting at an onsen near a pump, with Koharu holding a tray of bathing snacks and Elise with a journal and pen (referencing the events of the Koharu debut episode "Tea Time").
    • Tina, Amy, and Shandy are on docks, with Tina reaching out in a beckoning manner, Amy making a pose while winking, and Shandy sitting and looking in an alluring manner.
  • The girls have their own animations play if wearing an SSR outfit carrying a F-skill (some of which were based on certain intros from Dead or Alive 5 and its various expansions), which are composed of the following:
    • Kasumi: Steps forward and swings her left arm to her side in a dramatic manner as it then focuses on her face and giving a determined look (based on her "We settle this!" intro from Dead or Alive 5 and its extensions)
    • Honoka: Runs forward before having a two fist-clenched upward pose and hopping high enough to have her breasts bounce (based on her "Here we go!" intro from Dead or Alive 5: Last Round)
    • Marie Rose: Points forward as the camera spins around her in a dramatic manner before putting her hands on her hips in a confident manner (based on her "Let the Red Rose of Blood bloom forth!" intro from Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate and Dead or Alive 5: Last Round)
    • Ayane: Spins around dramatically before bracing her arms for battle (based on her "Prepare!" intro from Dead or Alive 5 and related entries)
    • Nyotengu: Spins around elegantly before jolting her head forward (based on her "Time for some entertainment!" intro from Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate and Dead or Alive 5 Last Round)
    • Kokoro: Spins around geisha-style before turning her head slightly as the camera zooms in (based on her "Cherry Blossoms and Warriors" intro from Dead or Alive 5 and related games)
    • Hitomi: Walks forward before violently lowering her arms into a combat stance (based on her "Osu!" intro from Dead or Alive 5 and related games)
    • Momiji: Bows before her opponents (based on her "It is an honor." intro from Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate and Dead or Alive 5: Last Round)
    • Helena: Gets up and turns around before entering a fighting pose (based on her "Find your Fate!" intro from Dead or Alive 5 and related games)
    • Misaki: Jumps up before panning upward as she lands to have her left arm reach upward and outstretched in a peppy manner.
    • Luna: Camera pans upward while she stands still as if zoned out before proceeding to enter a pose.
    • Tamaki: Pans upward as she strokes her body suggestively before dramatically extending her arms to the camera.
    • Leifang: Walks forward with her hands outstretched (based on her "Okay, let's fight!" intro from Dead or Alive 5 and related games)
    • Fiona: Does a curtsy before zooming in on her face as she stands right up.
    • Nagisa: Focuses on her rear end before focusing on her as she points to her challenger.
    • Kanna: Pans up as she confidently puts her arms on her hips before points forward in an attempt at challenging her opponent.
    • Monica: Walks forward and flips a coin before slapping the coin down on her hand and then showing off the coin side it landed on between her fingers.
    • Sayuri: Sayuri stretching upwards to the left and right with her bust jiggling slightly.
    • Patty: Focuses on her rear end as she jumps in place before focusing on her doing a peppy pose.
    • Tsukushi: Holds out her pen and drawing pad in an excited manner while clutching her glasses slightly before focusing on her face as she does a toe-hop.
    • Lobelia: Walks forward in an elegant manner while waving her finger in a teasing manner before stopping.
    • Nanami: Stretches her right arm to her other side before turning and smiling at the camera.
    • Elise: Looks through a journal before turning to face the camera.
    • Koharu: Gets up from her knees and then extends her arms to her left side in a hospitable manner.
    • Tina: Spins around before extending both hands outward in a pointing manner while strutting (based on her Yeah! Showtime! intro from the Dead or Alive 5 games and to a lesser extent her tag team intro with Lisa in the same games.)
    • Amy: Bends over with her hands on her hips as if about to scold someone, only to then reach her hand out in a slightly beckoning gesture.
    • Shandy: Tosses her cocktail shaker in one hand before self-catching it in the other and turning in time to look at the camera in a suggestive manner.
    • Yukino: Hops around in a peppy manner before doing two peace-signs near her eyes as a pose.
    • Shizuku: Sways a bit while her back is turned (causing her tail to wag slightly), then turns around and looks at the player in a meek manner.
  • A Japanese-Australian voice actress, Sarah Emi Bridcutt, who is also a player of the game who mostly played as Tsukushi, was announced to be guest starring in the game's upcoming 6th anniversary livestream event.[15] She also helmed the livestream event globally announcing Reika.

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