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Like most wikis, an easier way for users to know bout another users fast are userboxes! These userboxes really show alot about the user instead of the user mentioning things on their user pages.

Userbox Policy[edit source]

This isn't Wikipedia, and we have no intent of starting a userbox war or restricting what can go in it. Since this is a fan site and not a strict encyclopedia, we follow "netiquette" law, meaning copyrighted images may go in userboxes. We have no image restrictions, except to please try keep the image size limited to 45 pixels in height, no more, no less. This is just so that the userboxes fit well.

As for what kind of userboxes you can't make, just use common sense. No racism, porn, et cetera in userboxes obviously. You can make a userbox as well. You can customize your very own userbox like ex, if you hate Tina, your box can say "Tina sucks!". Other than that, you can create any userbox you want, from what your favorite sports team is to don't you hate your stupid 8:30 am lecture.

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