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This article lists all of the quotes spoken by the playable characters when fighting in Dead or Alive Dimensions.



Dead or Alive Dimensions - Ayane (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "Let's see if you're any good."
  • "Go away."
  • "Traitor... Prepare to fight." (to Kasumi)
  • "Master..." (to Hayate)

Victory quotes[]

  • "Loser."
  • "The Mugen Tenshin Hajinmon sect will not lose this easily!" (after getting a "Great")
  • "Will you stop bothering me? I've had enough." (after getting a "Greatest")

Bass Armstrong[]


Dead or Alive Dimensions - Bass (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "Hah hah! Bring it!"
  • "Wrestling forever!"
  • "You like pain?" (when tagged with Tina in Tag Challenge)

Victory quotes[]

  • "I'll fight anybody any time, any place!"
  • "It's all about strength, baby!" (after getting a "Great")
  • "You need food! Steaks! Ribs! Meat!" (after getting a "Greatest")
  • "Ha, ha, ha, Daddy wins!" (when tagged with Tina in Tag Challenge)



Dead or Alive Dimensions - Bayman (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "Come and get me!"
  • "Do not hold back!"

Victory quotes[]

  • "Checkmate."
  • "Sorry, you're out of luck." (after getting a "Great")
  • "What a joke." (after getting a "Greatest")

Brad Wong[]


Dead or Alive Dimensions - Brad Wong (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "I'll drink to that!"
  • "Hurry up! I need a drink."

Victory quotes[]

  • "To victory!"
  • "Ha! Not bad!" (after getting a "Great")
  • "This calls for a toast." (after getting a "Greatest")
  • "Uhh, somebody get me some coffee." (when tagged with Gen Fu in Tag Challenge)



Dead or Alive Dimensions - Christie (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "Suffer."
  • "Enough."
  • "Know your place." (when tagged with Helena in Tag Challenge)

Victory quotes[]

  • "I have no interest in you."
  • "Get lost!" (after getting a "Great")
  • "Pathetic." (after getting a "Greatest")
  • "Your luck's ran out." (when tagged with Helena in Tag Challenge)



Dead or Alive Dimensions - Ein (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "Let's go!"
  • "No one can stop me!"

Victory quotes[]

  • "That's how a fight feels!"
  • "My instincts lead me to victory." (after getting a "Great")
  • "One hit!" (after getting a "Greatest")



Dead or Alive Dimensions - Eliot (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "I'm ready!"
  • "I challenge you."

Victory quotes[]

  • "I will defeat anyone!"
  • "I will never stop learning!" (after getting a "Great")
  • "Stronger, sharper, faster." (after getting a "Greatest")

Gen Fu[]


Dead or Alive Dimensions - Gen Fu (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "Well? Shall we?"
  • "Give me all you've got!"

Victory quotes[]

  • "You must focus your energy!"
  • "This old fart still fights." (after getting a "Great")
  • "My fists are strong!" (after getting a "Greatest")
  • "I'm too old for this." (when tagged with Brad Wong in Tag Challenge)



Dead or Alive Dimensions - Genra (Intro & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • n/a

Victory quotes[]

  • "Another lamb led to the slaughter!" (after getting a "Great")
  • "You are nothing more than a mote of dust to the angry winds." (after getting a "Greatest")



Dead or Alive Dimensions - Hayate (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "Enough."
  • "Fight!"

Victory quotes[]

  • "All is nothing!"
  • "We're done!" (after getting a "Great")
  • "I call on the winds!" (after getting a "Greatest")
  • "I am the wind." (when tagged with Ayane in Tag Challenge)
  • ""Nin"!" (when tagged with Hayabusa in Tag Challenge)



Dead or Alive Dimensions - Helena (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "Here I come."
  • "My finest performance."
  • "Prepare!" (when tagged with Gen Fu in Tag Challenge)

Victory quotes[]

  • "Could you feel my wondrous melody?"
  • May the bells of good fortune ring for you." ( after getting a "Great")
  • "Such a nuisance." (after getting a "Greatest")
  • "A touch more elegance next time." (when tagged with Leifang in Tag Challenge)
  • "Vulgar!" (when tagged with Christie in Tag Challenge)



Dead or Alive Dimensions - Hitomi (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "Good luck!"
  • "Ready to lose?"

Victory quotes[]

  • "Hitomi, powering up!"
  • "One hit and you're down." (after getting a "Great")
  • "Technique and power!" (after getting a "Greatest")
  • "Osu!" (when tagged with Zack in Tag Challenge)

Jann Lee[]


Dead or Alive Dimensions - Jann Lee (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "Let's begin!"
  • "Ready for pain?"

Victory quotes[]

  • "That did nothing for me."
  • "Don't even try to keep up with me." (after getting a "Great")
  • "You don't think about a fight... You feel it!" (after getting a "Greatest")
  • "Learn how to fight." (when tagged with Leifang in Tag Challenge)



Dead or Alive Dimensions - Kasumi (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "I have no choice but to fight."
  • "No one gets in my way."

Victory quotes[]

  • "This is Mugen Tenshin!"
  • "You will never defeat me." (after getting a "Great")
  • "There's something I have to do... I'm sorry." (after getting a "Greatest")

Kasumi α[]


Dead or Alive Dimensions - Kasumi α (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "Let's play!"
  • "Hayate is all mine! ♪" (to Kasumi)

Victory quotes[]

  • "This is Mugen Tenshin!"
  • "You cannot defeat me." (after getting a "Great")
  • "Ha ha! You can't beat me, silly! ♪" (after getting a "Greatest")



Dead or Alive Dimensions - Kokoro (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "Here I go!"
  • "It's so nice to meet you!"

Victory quotes[]

  • "I'd say that about does it."
  • "All right!" (after getting a "Great")
  • "Woo-hoo! Japan's finest! ♪" (after getting a "Greatest")

La Mariposa[]


Dead or Alive Dimensions - La Mariposa (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "Let's move."
  • "Wanna play?"

Victory quotes[]

  • "This rhythm is awesome!"
  • "That was quite a thrill! ♪" (after getting a "Great")
  • "This feels grrrrreat! ♪" (after getting a "Greatest")



Dead or Alive Dimensions - Leifang (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "Ready to lose?"
  • "Good luck!"
  • "No holding back!" (when tagged with Helena in Tag Challenge)
  • "Now the fun starts." (when tagged with Jann Lee in Tag Challenge)

Victory quotes[]

  • "Yes! That was awesome!"
  • "Yes! The winner!" (after getting a "Great")
  • "No matter how much you try, you still won't beat me." (after getting a "Greatest")
  • "Strength isn't everything." (when tagged with Helena in Tag Challenge)
  • "You're done, already?" (when tagged with Jann Lee in Tag Challenge)
  • "So very sorry for that." (when tagged with Tina in Tag Challenge)



Dead or Alive Dimensions - Leon (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "Smart ass."
  • "Get outta here."
  • "All mine!" (when tagged with Zack in Tag Challenge)

Victory quotes[]

  • "You stay where I can see you."
  • "Pathetic." (after getting a "Great")
  • "Thought you could beat me? Don't make me laugh." (after getting a "Greatest")
  • "Lauren, are you watching?" (when tagged with Zack in Tag Challenge)



Dead or Alive Dimensions - Raidou (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "Let's see..."

Victory quotes[]

  • "Worthless bug!"



Dead or Alive Dimensions - Hayabusa (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "We fight!"
  • "Humph!"
  • "Come!" (when tagged with Kasumi in Tag Challenge)

Victory quotes[]

  • "None can stand against my resolve!"
  • "The darkness will overcome you." (after getting a "Great")
  • "Until we meet again!" (after getting a "Greatest")
  • "Farewell!" (when tagged with Kasumi in Tag Challenge)
  • ""Nin"!" (when tagged with Hayate in Tag Challenge)



Dead or Alive Dimensions - Shiden (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "Ready yourself!"
  • "It is time!"

Victory quotes[]

  • "Pitiful!"
  • "Worthless!" (after getting a "Great")
  • "Child!" (after getting a "Greatest")



Dead or Alive Dimensions - Tengu (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "Karma incarnate!"
  • "Puny insect!"

Victory quotes[]

  • "Behold, the unbearable perfection of my being!"
  • "Tengu's wrath!" (after getting a "Great")
  • "How utterly weak." (after getting a "Greatest")



Dead or Alive Dimensions - Tina (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "I ain't about to lose."
  • "Ready for a beat down?"
  • "I don't pull punches." (when tagged with Bass in Tag Challenge)
  • "Come on!" (when tagged with Zack in Tag Challenge)

Victory quotes[]

  • "Oh yeah! I'm gonna sleep good tonight!"
  • "Good job, hon! That's for you." (after getting a "Great")
  • "I feel good!" (after getting a "Greatest")



Dead or Alive Dimensions - Zack (Intros & Victory Poses)

Pre-fight quotes[]

  • "Too easy!"
  • "You're going down!"
  • "Opoona!" (when wearing his fourth costume)

Victory quotes[]

  • "Congratulations to me!"
  • "I hereby give you permission to fight me!" (when wearing his fourth costume)
  • "Come on, come on! You gotta pick up the pace!" (after getting a "Great")
  • "Hah hah! No one can withstand a Zack attack!" (after getting a "Greatest")
  • "I'll save the earth from the likes of you!" (after getting a "Great" when wearing his fourth costume)
  • "Y'know, I could really get used to this getup!" (after getting a "Greatest" when wearing his fourth costume)
  • "Okay!" (when tagged with Leon or Bayman in Tag Challenge)
  • "Man you play rough." (when tagged with Tina in Tag Challenge)
  • "Let's get funky!" (when tagged with Hitomi in Tag Challenge)

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