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The following is a list of achievements/trophies in Dead or Alive 6.

Image Title/Description Points Trophy
Unlocked all trophies.
70 Platinum
DOA6 Fighting Entertainment Fighting Entertainment
Fought debut match (excluding training and offline player vs. player matches).
20 Bronze
DOA6 Change Change!
Changed your Main Fighter.
20 Bronze
DOA6 Fledgling Fighter Fledgling Fighter
Fought against computer in the VERSUS mode.
20 Bronze
DOA6 Cleared ARCADE course Cleared ARCADE course
Cleared a course in the ARCADE mode.
20 Bronze
DOA6 Cleared TIME ATTACK course Cleared TIME ATTACK course
Cleared a course in the TIME ATTACK mode.
20 Bronze
DOA6 Cleared SURVIVAL course Cleared SURVIVAL course
Cleared a course in the SURVIVAL mode.
20 Bronze
DOA6 Training Hard Training Hard
Used Free Training mode for 1 hour.
30 Silver
DOA6 Exercise Newbie Exercise Newbie
Completed Command Training for a single character.
30 Silver
DOA6 DOA Rookie DOA Rookie
Attempted Tutorial.
20 Bronze
DOA6 A Fighter is Born A Fighter is Born
Completed all lessons in Tutorial.
30 Silver
DOA6 A New Challenger Appears A New Challenger Appears!
Attempted Combo Challenges.
20 Bronze
DOA6 Unchallenged Champion Unchallenged Champion
Completed all Combo Challenge lessons for a single character.
50 Gold
DOA6 Adept Shopper Adept Shopper
Bought a costume in the Wardrobe.
20 Bronze
DOA6 Wise Manners Wise Manners
Bought a title in the Wardrobe.
20 Bronze
DOA6 Records Keeper Records Keeper
Checked the Fight Records.
20 Bronze
DOA6 The Observer The Observer
Watched a COM vs. COM battle in the Theater.
20 Bronze
DOA6 Learning From the Past Learning From the Past
Watched a replay in the Theater.
20 Bronze
DOA6 Melomaniac Melomaniac
Purchased additional BGM.
20 Bronze
DOA6 DOApedia DOApedia
Purchased DOA Encyclopedia in the Library.
20 Bronze
DOA6 Star Catcher Star Catcher
Collected one ☆ during a quest.
20 Bronze
DOA6 Star dust Star dust
Received 10 ☆ in DOA QUEST mode.
30 Silver
DOA6 Milky Way Milky Way
Received 100 ☆ in DOA QUEST mode.
50 Gold
DOA6 Rival Rumble Rival Rumble
Fought in your first ranked match.
20 Bronze
DOA6 Rival Rampage Rival Rampage
Fought in 10 ranked matches.
30 Silver
DOA6 Rival Deathmatch Rival Deathmatch
Fought in 100 ranked matches.
50 Gold
DOA6 Fighting For Real Fighting For Real
Won 1 Ranked Match.
20 Bronze
DOA6 The Hungry One The Hungry One
Won 20 Ranked Matches.
30 Silver
DOA6 The Capable One The Capable One
Won 50 Ranked Matches.
50 Gold
DOA6 The Show-off The Show-off
Won 5 consecutive Ranked Matches.
50 Gold
DOA6 A Fight to Remember A Fight to Remember
Saved a replay.
20 Bronze
DOA6 Rushing It Rushing It
Won a match by executing a Fatal Rush attack (excluding offline PvP matches).
20 Bronze
DOA6 Smashing It Smashing It
Won a match by executing a Break Blow attack (excluding offline PvP matches).
20 Bronze
DOA6 Grabbing It Grabbing It
Won a match by executing a Break Hold attack (excluding offline PvP matches).
20 Bronze
DOA6 No Escape No Escape!
Won a match by executing 3-hit combo after cancelling a Break Blow (excluding offline PvP matches).
30 Silver
DOA6 I See Through It All I See Through It All
Won a match receiving 0 damage (offline player vs. player matches excluded).
30 Silver

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