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Kasumi Haze Advert

A Japanese advert for the figurine.

DEAD OR ALIVE 4: Kasumi ~ cherish ~ (DEAD OR ALIVE 4 かすみ ~ cherish ~) is the name given to a Kasumi figurine, published by Kotobukiya. The pre-painted PVC, 1/7 scale model is going to be realised in April 2011, with a price of about 8,190 yen.


The figurine is about 220mm in height, featuring Kasumi wearing her trademark "shinobi dress". Kasumi is in a standing position on her tip-toes, bending over slightly and holding the front part of her skirt up a touch. Her head is turned to her right-hand side, with her loose hair whipping around at the movement. A ribbon is loosely wrapped around her neck, with one piece lightly held in her slightly smiling mouth. Her proportions are a bit more out-of-scale then on other figurines: her breasts are large and seem to be bursting out of her shirt, her waist is tiny, and her hips and bottom are quiet big too.


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