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Dead or Alive 4 (also known as DOA4) is the fourth main installment of the Dead or Alive franchise, and the eighth installment overall.

Developed by Team Ninja and published by Tecmo, it was first released exclusively for the Xbox 360 in Japan on December 29, 2005, and was later released to other countries throughout 2006. It was originally slated to be a launch title for the Xbox 360, but was delayed until more than a month after the console debuted.

As the direct follow-up to the 2001 title Dead or Alive 3, Dead or Alive 4 introduced three new characters to the main line-up of regular fighters, as well as many multi-tiered and interactive fighting arenas, and a gameplay system that, in some ways, differed greatly from previous installments.

Dead or Alive 4 was generally well-received from critics who praised the updates to the gameplay and online functionalities. By mid-2006, the game sold over 1 million copies worldwide.[1]

A sequel to the game, Dead or Alive 5, was released in 2012; about seven years after the release of Dead or Alive 4. On November 15, 2021, Dead or Alive 4 was made backwards compatible on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Plot Summary[]

The main plot continues with the war between the Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committee, and the Mugen Tenshin clan. After Ayane successfully defeats DOATEC's last creation, Omega, Hayate returned to the Mugen Tenshin clan, taking over the leadership. Now leader, he goes on a quest; to put an end to DOATEC, for all the suffering it has caused to the world. He is accompanied by Ayane and Ryu Hayabusa; Kasumi, though reluctant, is dragged into the events herself as she follows her brother.


DOA4 character select

The character selection screen, showing off the playable characters, with exception the unlockable characters.

Dead or Alive 4 has a grand total of twenty-two playable characters, 5 of which are unlockable by completing different tasks in-game. Below is a list of all the playable characters in the game.

Returning playable characters[]

  • Kasumi, a nukenin who everyday must overcome a vast number of trials to survive. This time around, Kasumi's new clone, Alpha-152, is about to be unleashed onto the world, and Kasumi must now prepare for the next epic battle of her life and defeat it.
  • Ryu Hayabusa, the man known as the "Super Ninja" whose extraordinary exploits and incredible ability are well known. Now, having heard reports of his best friend Hayate's rise to arms, Hayabusa lends his sword to the destruction of DOATEC.
  • Hitomi, a karateka whose family's dojo is in financial trouble due to a sudden illness which befell her father. Now needing to rebuild the dojo, Hitomi enters the tournament to find Ein, the only one whom she believes can help.
  • Brad Wong, a master of zui ba xian quan who for three years has been searching for the illusive liquor "Genra" at the request of his master, Chen. Though he has been searching for such a long time, Brad still continues to wander around to find the wine.
  • Bass Armstrong, the undefeated pro-wrestler and the father of Tina Armstrong. Though always teaching his daughter the true worth of wrestling, Bass has grown tired of Tina's so-called "flashy crap" and has entered the tournament yet again to take her on and teach her the importance of pro-wrestling.
  • Zack, a Muay Thai boxer whose resort island has sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Now all that remains is a mountain of debt, one hundred times the size of the original investment. Zack must now enter the tournament and climb the DOATEC Tritowers.
  • Jann Lee, a master of Jeet Kune Do who is always searching for a show-down and enters the tournament once again to fulfill his need for a fight.
  • Leifang, a young woman who is described as a "tai ji quan genius". Six years ago, Leifang was saved by Jann Lee from a gang of street fighters. Haunted by this memory ever since, Leifang has committed herself to reach the highest plateau of ability, all so that she may one day defeat Jann Lee and prove that she can exist in the same world as him.
  • Tina Armstrong, a young woman whose natural talent and special training by her father, Bass, have made her a well-established superstar in the world of women's pro-wrestling. Always following her motto, "success breeds success", Tina has been amazingly successful at both her modelling and acting career, and now looks towards achieving her new dream: to become a rock star.
  • Bayman, the man personally responsible for the assassination of Fame Douglas. The man who gave Bayman the assignment, Victor Donovan, attemped to repay him by hiring a killer to shut the assassin up. The now vengeful Bayman is determined to infiltrate the DOATEC Tritowers and will not leave until he has Donovan's head.
  • Christie, an assassin who was hired in the previous tournament by Donovan to serve at Helena's side, then assassinate her. Failing to kill her in the end, Christie now has a strong fixation for Helena and won't allow anyone else but herself to kill her.
  • Ayane, the leader of the Hajinmon, the dark side of the Mugen Tenhsin clan, and the younger half-sister of Kasumi and Hayate. Although being a kunoichi prodigy, Ayane is doomed to the shadows because of her cursed birth. Whilst having an intense hatred towards her sister, Ayane has strong feelings towards her brother. This time around, Ayane has pledged her entire existence to the task of assisting Hayate in his plan to destroy DOATEC.
  • Hayate, a young shinobi and the eighteenth leader of the Mugen Tenshin clan. No longer being able to look away from DOATEC's orgy of indiscriminate violence, Hayate has now ordered his brethren to eradicate DOATEC with the cleansing flames of justice.

New playable characters[]

  • Kokoro, a young girl currently training to become a geisha. Though she enjoys her lessons, Kokoro's heart and soul truly belong to her ba ji quan, and despite her mother's worries, she enters to the tournament to test herself.
  • Eliot, the only apprentice of the legendary "Immovable Fist," Gen Fu. Having doubts about himself and questioning why Gen Fu chose him as his successor, Eliot enters the tournament to find out if he has the right to carry on Gen Fu's legacy.
  • La Mariposa, a luchadora who hides her past and true identity underneath her flamboyant costume. La Maripsoa rose like a comet to the peak of stardom only a short while after her debut, and has never lost a match.

Unlockable characters[]

  • Ein, a karateka suffering from amnesia, and the man who Hitomi seeks out in the tournament. In actuality, Ein's true identity is Hayate, which he regained at the end of the second tournament.
  • Gen Fu, a master of xinyi liuhe quan and the teacher of Eliot. With Mei Lin's recovery and her medical bills paid off, Gen Fu no longer enters the tournaments.
  • Leon, a mercenary who had seeked to fulfill the last words of his lost love, Lauren. Receiving a spiritual blessing from Lauren at the end of the previous tournament, Leon no longer enters the tournaments.
  • Helena Douglas, the illegitimate daughter of Fame Douglas, who has sworn revenge after losing both her father and her beloved mother, Maria, to a whirlwind of conspiracy. Now, she has chosen to throw herself into the storm by assuming the mantle of the president of DOATEC.
  • SPARTAN-458, a SPARTAN-II super soldier from the year 2552 who has now ended up back in the 21st century due to a semi-stable "bubble" in the space/time continuum.
  • Tengu, also known by his real name Bankotsubo; an evil being who was stopped by Hayabusa in the second tournament after creating chaos for mankind.

Non-playable characters[]

  • Alpha-152, the final stage of the human weapon series Project Alpha, a group of hyper clones created from Kasumi's DNA by the evil genius Donovan. Having just been born, Alpha-152 is immaculate; she is a blank state, and precisely because of that the combat instincts that have been imprinted on her psyche are able to be activated mercilessly without exception.
  • Anne, a mysterious woman who was murdered at gun point by an unknown person.
  • Maria, a world-class soprano singer and the mother of Helena. Before the second tournament, Maria sacrificed her own life to save her daughter from an assassination attempt.
  • Mei Ling, the granddaughter of Gen Fu and who before the fourth tournament, was severely ill with a rare disease. Now fully recovered, Mei Lin enjoys a happy brother-sister relationship with her grandfather's apprentice, Eliot.
  • Miyako, the mother of Kokoro and who mysteriously knows all that there is to know about the criminal underground of DOATEC. Despite her worries, Miyako allows her daughter to enter the tournament.
  • Muramasa, a legendary weapon smith and shop owner who has aided Hayabusa in the past. This time around, Muramasa is working at the Seaside Market as a simple market vendor.
  • Niki, the girlfriend of Zack who helps out her boyfriend in his ventures for more money.



As well as new characters joining the cast, the game has a number of updates in reference to previous titles:

  • The game introduces the "bounce combo" system. After knocking an opponent to the ground with a strike attack, players can execute a bounce combo to perform further attacks on the opponent when they are on the floor and bouncing. Low attacks and some mid attacks can now be performed on opponents while they are down.
  • Certain stages now have moving obstacles that will cause damage to fighters if they are hit by them, and using a counter hold at the right timing can help players avoid being hit by them.
  • Certain stages now also have obstacles that fighters can be knocked over, and when the opponent is on the other side of an obstacle, players can jump over them and perform flying attacks.
  • New to the game's Online Mode is the introduction of Avatars and Virtual Environments, making it the first fighting game to include these features. Players can customize their Avatars and the environment and furniture in their Lobby. Players can take part in voice or text-based chat with other players while in the Lobby room. Award points are earned from winning online battles and players can use the points to buy accessories for their Avatars and Lobby rooms.
  • The counter system has been tightened, making the window for counters shorter. and more difficult to execute.
  • The amount of damage that counters inflict has also been changed; in Dead or Alive Ultimate, the counters were rather damaging and in Dead or Alive 3, the amount was much less, relying on players to strike or throw more to defeat their opponents. In Dead or Alive 4, is a more balanced amount of damage taken.
  • Characters' move lists have been vastly updated.
  • Characters now emit cries of pain when hit, much like other fighting games that came before it.

Following its release, two updates were made available for the game, one of which altered the characters' stats to even them out in regards to power.

Gameplay Modes[]

There are a total of six gameplay modes in the Dead or Alive 4, most of which can be played in single player, local multiplayer, or online multiplayer via DOA Online over Xbox Live. These modes are:

  • Story Mode - A single-player mode which offers the player to play through a number of rounds with a character and learn their backstory through cutscenes. Most Story Modes end with a battle against the game's main end-boss, Alpha-152 or another "personal boss", followed by an ending cutscene. Not all characters have stories.
  • Time Attack -A single-player challenge where the player must defeat a set amount of opponents in the shortest possible time.
  • Survival Mode - Another single-player mode, in which the player must defeat as many opponents as possible.
  • Team Battle - Two teams of characters fighting each other, with a total of 8 characters on each side. Teams fight one-on-one, and members tag in when someone is knocked out.
  • Free Play - A simple one-on-one battle, in which the player can play against another player or a computer-controlled AI.
  • Tag Battle - The player creates a two-man team to try and defeat another. Only one member per team can be in the right at any one time, and they can only be swapped out with a tag move. The player can play against another player or a computer-controlled AI.

Unlocking Characters[]

There are six unlockable characters in Dead or Alive 4. Helena is the only unlockable character that is playable in all the gameplay modes, with the others characters not being playable in Story Mode.

Character Obtained
Ein Clear Story Mode with Hitomi
Gen Fu Clear Story Mode with Eliot
Leon Clear Story Mode with Zack
Helena Douglas Clear Story Mode with all the characters
SPARTAN-458 Clear Story Mode with Helena
Tengu Clear Time Attack Mode with all the characters, including the unlockables



DOA4 promo E3 2005

Dead or Alive 4 promo at E3 2005.

On May 12, 2005, the first screens from the game were leaked on the internet via the message boards.[2] The first official screenshots, in-game demos and cinematics were presented by Microsoft at press conferences[3] with the game originally slated to be a launch title for the Xbox 360.

However, the game was delayed many times before eventually being released on 29 December 2005, more than a month after the console debuted.[4] Famitsu Xbox editor-in-chief Munetatsu Matsui pointed to Dead or Alive 4's absence as a launch title as the main factor behind the slow sales of the Xbox 360 in Japan.

Demo Version[]

DOA4 promo TGS 2005

Dead or Alive 4 promo at the Tokyo Game Show 2005.

Since Dead or Alive 4 release, a demo version of the game has been avaliable for free download via Xbox Live. While the demo showcases the final version of the game, it is a very limited version and only a handful of the features are accessible, while the rest are locked down. Only Versus Mode and Time Attack are playable, there are just five stages avaliable, and only Kasumi, Hayabusa, Brad Wong, Tina, Eliot, and La Mariposa are playable. Some of the settings are also locked-out.[5]


Two songs by the American rock band Aerosmith also appeared in Dead or Alive 4. Eat the Rich was used as the opening theme, and Amazing was played during Helena's ending movie and over the credits.

The album Dead or Alive 4 Original Sound Trax was later released featuring every original track from Dead or Alive 4.

Backwards Compatibility[]

On November 15, 2021, Dead or Alive 4 became backwards compatible on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.[6]


On its release, Dead or Alive 4 received generally very positive reviews, with a score of 85 out of 100 from Metacritic, based on 76 reviews.[7] In Japan, Famitsu game the game a near-perfect score of 39 out of 40.[8]

IGN gave the game a 9.0 out of 10, calling it "a move in the right direction for the series," and praised the fighting system as "deeper and more sophisticated". They also praised the look of the game very highly, saying that "one is hard pressed to argue that Team Ninja's final version of Dead or Alive 4 isn't one of, if not the best, looking game on the juvenile system thus far". However, they did note that "the characters have made a significant graphic jump in design above their predecessors," and while "good looking," they felt "more of an amplification of the previous roster's clean looks than a major shift or advancement". The online mode was also praised calling it "a tremendous improvement, giving the series another layer of play that should take off and breathe new life into the series".[9]

Gamespot awarded the game a score of 88%, with only a couple of negative comments regarding "a few graphical flaws," and some problems with the online mode. The website calls the online lobby system "cute but feels needlessly tacked on," but still praises the online system as providing a "near-limitless challenge for competitive players." They also praised the game's "finely tuned, fast-paced fighting action", its "Gorgeous presentation", and concluded: "If you like fighting games, DOA4 is for you. Between its great selection of powerful fighters, its terrific action, and its addictive online mode, there's an awful lot to sink your teeth into, learn, and master in this latest and greatest installment in the series."[10]

However, Jolt Online Gaming UK gives the game an average 6.5/10, calling the single player mode "an exercise in frustration and joypad throwing". They also state that the online mode "is probably best locked away and only spoken of in hushed tones when you think no one who isn’t in the know is listening". Eurogamer also gave Dead or Alive 4 an average score of 6 out of 10, stating while the graphics are "nice" and the gameplay system "is certainly better than DOA3's, and almost up there with DOA2," they found the online and single-player modes "flawed to the point where they're simply not enjoyable in any way."[11]

eToychest praised Dead or Alive 4's online mode, calling it "innovative" and how it "fuels the fire that Team Ninja set forth on the Xbox 360 community", calling Dead or Alive "the only console fighting series with a decent online mode", overall calling Dead or Alive 4 "a game that carries the easy to play, difficult to master label, but is well worth mastering in the long run" and how "Dead or Alive 4 is a must play for any fighting game fan".[12] Play Magazine stated: "They don't make 3D fighters more beautiful and fluid than Dead or Alive 4."[13] Gamerfeed called Dead or Alive 4 "so close to being flawless it's unbelievable". Game Informer stated how "the incredible craftsmanship that went into this title makes it the pinnacle in the series and another fantastic Xbox Live application".[14] Gamer 2.0 stated: "If you want to be visually impressed, Itagaki and his Team Ninja have knocked another one out of the park with this game."[15] Official Xbox Magazine wrote: "Fan’s of Itagaki’s “jujitsu-jousting” philosophy….can comfortably mark DOA 4 as the most refined version of their beloved fighter to date."[16]

Dead or Alive 4 sold over 1 million units worldwide by mid-2006.[1] It came in number 9 on Japanese charts during the first week of January 2006.[17] In 2008, GamePro staff ranked it as the 11th best fighting game, stating: "The first new-generation fighter to be released, Dead or Alive 4 still makes a strong case as the best one. [...] This is a fighting game that can stand in the ring with any major series."[18] In 2009, Virgin Media ranked it as the seventh top 20 beat 'em-up of all time.[19] In 2011, Peter Rubin of Complex ranked it as the 28th best fighting game of all time.[20] The game was also featured in 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die.[21] It was also included in a top 10 list of Xbox 360 titles that are still fun to play.[22]

Awards and Nominations[]

In 2005, Dead or Alive 4's E3 presentation won for "Best High-Definition Movies" at GameSpot's E3 2005 Editors' Choice Awards,[23] and won "Best Non-Playable Presentation" at IGN's Best of E3 2005 Awards.[24] In 2006, the game won the "Super Visual Award" at the Famitsu Awards.[25] Dead or Alive 4 was nominated for "Xbox Game of the Year" at the Golden Joystick Awards,[26] and "Best Fighting Game" at the Spike TV's Game Awards.[27]

Production credits[]

See: /Production credits


Packaging artwork[]

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  • In an interview with Famitsu Xbox, Itagaki remarked that he spent 99% of his time developing Dead or Alive 4, while only sleeping 40 minutes in four days.[28]
  • Dead or Alive 4 was featured in the 2012 edition of the "Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition" for being the "First retail game to include “zero point” achievements".[29][30]
  • Dead or Alive 4 also holds the Guinness World Record for being the "First 7th-generation fighting video game".[31]
  • Dead or Alive 4 player, Reginald "ElectrifiedMann" Wysinger, holds the Guinness World Record for the "Fastest “Time Attack” completion on Dead or Alive 4 (“Very Hard”)".[32]
  • Dead or Alive 4 was the first fighting game to support 16:9 High Definition display.
  • Dead or Alive 4 was included in the Evolution Championship Series (Evo),[33] Championship Gaming Series (CGS),[34] and World Cyber Games (WCG).[35]
  • Dead or Alive 4 was the only fighting game included in the Championship Gaming Series and its inclusion in the league in 2007 made Dead or Alive 4 the first fighting game to have a televised esport event. The CGS league was operated and fully broadcast by DirecTV in association with British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) and STAR TV.[36][37]
  • Dead or Alive 4 is credited for launching the careers of pro-gamers Kat Gunn and Vanessa Arteaga, who would become two of the gaming industry's highest paid women pro-gamers.[38]
  • Dead or Alive 4 was the second fighting game included in the World Cyber Games after Dead or Alive Ultimate.
  • The cover for Dead or Alive 4 features the greatest amount of characters out of any of the game covers, with a total of twelve characters. The people missing from the cover are Hitomi, Brad Wong, Hayate, Leifang, Bayman, and the unlockable characters.
  • Besides the spin-offs, this was the first main game that was rated M for Mature.
  • After Dead or Alive 4 in the story of Warriors Orochi, Hayabusa and Ayane had been sent to the Warrior Orochi's realm.
  • This was the first game in the main series to not include the Danger Zone stage.
  • This was the first game in the series to feature a guest character.
  • Besides Spartan-458, who is a guest character, Kokoro, Leon and Tengu are the only characters who did not serve as bosses in the Story Mode.
  • On December 24 2005, Dead or Alive 4 was briefly referenced in one of the strips for The Boondocks, as an Xbox 360 game that Riley was supposed to get for Christmas, but his threats to "Santa" (actually his grandpa) resulted in his grandpa getting it.[39]


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