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As an updated version of Dead or Alive 2, Dead or Alive Ultimate's Item Gallery possesses many of the same items, albeit rendered at a higher quality.

As in Dead or Alive 2, these items appear and are obtained during the game's Survival Mode by attacking the opponent either while they are on the ground or after defeating them. Each item has their own level of rarity which dictates how often they appear except for the Medal item, which will only appears after the player has defeated fifty opponents.


Image Type Character Value
DOAUIceCreamBar Ice Cream Bar Zack 25% health restored
DOAUSoftIceCream Soft Ice Cream Zack 50% health restored
DOAUDoubleScoopIceCream Double Scoop Ice Cream Zack Full health restored
DOAUEgg Egg Tina 25% health restored
DOAUChick Chick Tina 50% health restored
DOAUChicken Chicken Tina Full health restored
DOAUFrenchFries French Fries Jann Lee 25% health restored
DOAUMilkShake Milk Shake Jann Lee 50% health restored
DOAUHamburger Hamburger Jann Lee Full health restored
DOAUShuriken Shuriken Ein 25% health restored
DOAUKunai Kunai Ein 50% health restored
DOAUKatana Katana Ein Full health restored
DOAUSushiRoll Sushi Roll Hayabusa 25% health restored
DOAUEggSushi Egg Sushi Hayabusa 50% health restored
DOAUTunaSushi Tuna Sushi Hayabusa Full health restored
DOAUStrawberry Strawberry Kasumi 25% health restored
DOAUMelon Melon Kasumi 50% health restored
DOAUCherryBlossom Cherry Blossom Kasumi Full health restored
DOAURedMahjongTile Red Mahjong Tile Gen Fu 25% health restored
DOAUGreenMahjongTile Green Mahjong Tile Gen Fu 50% health restored
DOAUWhiteMahjongTile White Mahjong Tile Gen Fu Full health restored
DOAUPerfume Perfume Helena 25% health restored
DOAUPearlOyster Pearl Oyster Helena 50% health restored
DOAUCroissant Croissant Helena Full health restored
DOAUCactus Cactus Leon 25% health restored
DOAUPistol Pistol Leon 50% health restored
DOAUTank Tank Leon Full health restored
DOAUHunkofMeat Hunk of Meat Bass 25% health restored
DOAUDumbell Dumbell Bass 50% health restored
DOAUStarsandStripes Stars and Stripes Bass Full health restored
DOAUPancake Pancake Leifang 25% health restored
DOAUChocolateCake Chocolate Cake Leifang 50% health restored
DOAUShortcake Shortcake Leifang Full health restored
DOAUCustard Custard Ayane 25% health restored
DOAURibbon Ribbon Ayane 50% health restored
DOAURing Ring Ayane Full health restored
DOAUTree Tree Tengu 25% health restored
DOAUMountain Mountain Tengu 50% health restored
DOAUMtFuji Mt. Fuji Tengu Full health restored
DOAUKnife Knife Bayman 25% health restored
DOAUChronograph Chronograph Bayman 50% health restored
DOAUChessPiece Chess Piece Bayman Full health restored
DOAUMilk Milk Hitomi 25% health restored
DOAUFryingPan Frying Pan Hitomi 50% health restored
DOAUKettle Kettle Hitomi Full health restored
DOAUCarrot Carrot All Points
DOAULipstick Lipstick All Points
DOAUBagoMoney Bag o' Money All Points
DOAURiceBall Riceball All Points
DOAUPrototypeXbox Prototype Xbox All Full health restored
DOAUMedal Medal All
(After defeating 50 enemies)
DOAUParfait Parfait Zack
(After collecting first 50 items)
DOAURoastChicken Roast Chicken Tina
(After collecting first 50 items)
DOAUDragon Dragon Jann Lee
(After collecting first 50 items)
DOAUGoldenScarab Golden Scarab Hayabusa
(After collecting first 50 items)
DOAUScroll Scroll Ein
(After collecting first 50 items)
DOAUCherries Cherries Kasumi
(After collecting first 50 items)
DOAUMahjongCounter Mahjong Counter Gen Fu
(After collecting first 50 items)
DOAULocket Locket Helena
(After collecting first 50 items)
DOAUMissile Missile Leon
(After collecting first 50 items)
DOAUChampionBelt Champion Belt Bass
(After collecting first 50 items)
DOAUDecoratedCake Decorated Cake Leifang
(After collecting first 50 items)
DOAUTiara Tiara Ayane
(After collecting first 50 items)
DOAUFan Fan Tengu
(After collecting first 50 items)
DOAUDarts Darts Bayman
(After collecting first 50 items)
DOAUToaster Toaster Hitomi
(After collecting first 50 items)

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