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Dead or Alive 2 Original Sound Trax is the official soundtrack for the arcade version of Dead or Alive 2. It was first released in Japan on January 12, 2000 by WAKE UP. The 1-CD contains all of the original songs from Dead or Alive 2. It has a duration of 72:14. The cover features Kasumi and the back cover features the stage Danger Zone 2.

Track list[]

Original BGM[]

  1. "Transcendence"
  2. "D.O.A."
  3. "B-boy no "B" ~evolved from ++~"
  4. "The shooted"
  5. "Grand style"
  6. "Natural high"
  7. "Break the age"
  8. "You are under my control ~beautiful version 00~"
  9. "YES or YES"
  10. "Blazed up Melpomene"
  11. "Ultimate weapon"
  12. "TehuTehu"
  13. "Vigaku"
  14. "Hitohira ~reminiscent of ketsui no toki~"
  15. "Jintsuriki"
  16. "What's my name?"
  17. "Glorious victory"

Movie BGM[]

  1. "Father's blues"
  2. "Memoir"
  3. "Tengu-mai"
  4. "Perfume of forest"
  5. "Achoism"
  6. "Rhyme star"
  7. "Agitated by emotion"

Voice & S.E. Collection[]

  1. "Zack"
  2. "Ryu Hayabusa"
  3. "Leifang"
  4. "Jann Lee"
  5. "Gen Fu"
  6. 'Tina Armstrong"
  7. "Bass Armstrong"
  8. "Helena"
  9. "Leon"
  10. "Ayane"
  11. "Ein"
  12. "Kasumi"
  13. "Gohyakumine Bankotsubo"
  14. "System Voice"
  15. "S.E. Collection + Hidden Track"


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