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Dead Fantasy Title
"Tales told as worlds collide."
—A tagline for the series.

Dead Fantasy is a series of fan-made CG action movies created by Monty Oum (who would go on to co-create the RWBY series, drawing from his experience with this one) starring a select cast from the Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden series, who fight against a number of characters from the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts RPG video game franchises. The movies feature numerous brawls as the two sides fight "battle royale-style" against each other in a number of different environments, including archaic ruins and modern cities. As well as the multiple references to the namesake series, there are also many salutes to other games, films, and media in the fighting genre, plus some examples of fan-made weaponry and costumes.

Since the first installment, Dead Fantasy has been well-received by the fans of both game series, and has gained massive success on and off the internet, with trailers, previews and the installments themselves being featured at several gaming conventions. Currently, there are five movies in the series, and Oum had confirmed he was working on episodes 6 through 9 before his tragic and untimely death on February 1st 2015. Three years later, a remake of the series was created by Uiyahan as a tribute to Oum.


Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden Combatants[]


DF Kasumi

Kasumi in Dead Fantasy IV.

Kasumi is a runaway shinobi from the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan, who made her debut in the first installment of Dead or Alive, and - in the series canon - she is the winner of the first Dead or Alive Tournament. She is the first Dead or Alive character to appear in the Dead Fantasy series back in the first installment where she and Ayane are seen chasing Yuna through ancient ruins before doing battle with her. In Dead Fantasy IV, she and Yuna engage in a one on one battle in the flower fields but are interrupted by Kasumi α clones, forcing the rivals to team up. As of Dead Fantasy V, she was currently having her wounds attended to by Ryu Hayabusa and Momiji after Ryu saves her from the remaining clones.

In the remake version where computer animator AKMotions replaced Uiyahan due to his hiatus, Kasumi separates from Ryu after recovering from her wounds and exhaustion and reunites with her older brother Hayate. Both team up to ambush Cloud Strife at the replica cathedral within DOATEC main headquarters while he searches for Tifa. She and Hayate had a 2-on-1 match with Cloud until she distracts him long enough for her brother to escape. She briefly holds her own against Cloud until she is brutally incapacitated by his limit break, "Omnislash Version 5". Hayate returns and saves her from the final blow before battling Cloud in a brief one-on-one fight.

Kasumi's fighting style is Tenjinmon Ninjutsu and her ninjutsu and Wakizashi skills are quite lethal, as well as quick and elegant. She also uses a lot of magic, being able to emit pink energy blasts from her hands for long range attacks, and her teleportation ability makes it hard to pin her down and hit, as well as allowing Kasumi the ability to teleport herself, and anyone she touches, away from danger. A weakness of hers is that her attacks with her wakizashi are not really that strong. All-in-all, Kasumi is a well-balanced fighter with normal limitations, such as exhaustion. In the remade versions, she has a pink-hued shadow during execution of her teleport and the power of her ninpo are shown in different shades of pink.


DF Ayane 2

Ayane in Dead Fantasy II.

First appearing officially in Dead or Alive, Ayane is a superior shadow-kunoichi of the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan, and the winner of the third Dead or Alive Tournament. Although Ayane bears a strong hatred for her, she seems fine with fighting alongside her half-sister Kasumi in the movie series. Ayane's debut in Dead Fantasy was in the first installment alongside Kasumi who chases Yuna through ancient ruins, and she was set to appear in a one-on-one battle with Rikku in Dead Fantasy VI.

Ayane's fighting style is Hajinmon ninjutsu and above all, Ayane is fast on her feet, and very agile in battle, being able to leap great heights in a short amount of time, and jump out of the way of hits sharply. As well as being skilled in Hajinmon ninjutsu, she also bears great ninpo abilities, as shown in Dead Fantasy II when she destroys the solid stone tower in a great explosion using her "Art of the Raging Mountain God" ninpo. However, ninpo attacks like those require time to "charge up" and this leaves her open to danger, thus she needs protecting by her allies for some time until she is at full power. Her main weapon is a Tokkosho that once belonged to her foster father, Genra. Later in the short preview for Dead Fantasy VI her primary weapon is replaced with the Fuma Kodachi twin blades which were her main weapons in Ninja Gaiden, as she fights Rikku in her special dressphere the Machina Maw. In the remake, Ayane's Tokkosho now has a purple flaming hue when she attacks her opponents, but it retains it's explosive properties. Her ninpo explosions are also shown in shades of purple or purple embedded with light blue or indigo.


DF Hitomi

Hitomi in Dead Fantasy III.

Hitomi is a high school student with a black belt in karate, who first appeared in Dead or Alive 3. In Dead Fantasy, she first appears midway through Dead Fantasy I, aiding Kasumi and Ayane in battle. She's apparently working with Helena Douglas and Hayate, although what they are doing, and their reasons why are currently unknown.

Hitomi's fighting style is karate but in Dead Fantasy III, she switches her primary style from karate to wing chun after being temporarily blinded and poisoned by Tifa. With great mastery over karate, Hitomi is physically the second-strongest on the Dead or Alive side, demonstrated when she breaks and throws enormous stone blocks, and pulls up solid ground without too much strain. She also seems to have strong senses and great recovery, as seen when she was able to defeat Tifa Lockhart, even while blind and poisoned.

Hitomi is not quite on the same bar as her fellow combatants, as she is currently the only fighter not to enter battle with any magical ability, but her strength and skill do compensate for this. However, towards the end of Dead Fantasy III, she steals most, if not all of Tifa’s Materia, giving her some magical ability for the time being. During her fight with Tifa while she was blind, she seemed to additionally use wing chun, a southern style of Chinese Kung Fu popularised by Yip Man the teacher of Bruce Lee. This makes her the first fighter to change their over-all tactics and style mid-fight (the second being Yuna changing from Gunner to Summoner). In the remade version, both Hitomi's immense physical strength and her fighting style have been enhanced to make her a high-tier fighter.


DF Rachel 2

Rachel in Dead Fantasy II.

Rachel is a great fiend hunter from Ninja Gaiden - a prequel series to Dead or Alive - who first debuted in the 2004 edition of Ninja Gaiden and later becomes a playable character in the updated Dead or Alive 5. Possessing cursed blood that could turn her into a fiend, Rachel has abnormally great strength and potent magic, known as Blades of Ouroboros Sorcery, which allows her to destroy buildings with one hit, swing her massive war hammer with ease and throw her opponents great distances across the battlefield. She can also use her Peluda Tail to swing down on her foes and climb up onto higher levels. In terms of physical strength, Rachel is the strongest on the Dead or Alive side, as well as the slowest in terms of executing hits.

In the movie series, she appears near the end of the second act of Dead Fantasy II and aids the Dead or Alive girls from being overpowered by Tifa's Haste. At the end of the movie, she is teleported with Rinoa Heartilly for a one-on-one battle in an unknown location which was set to take place in Dead Fantasy VII.

Rachel's fighting style is Counter Fiend Combat and she uses this style while wielding her war hammer during the battle. However, her current style has a disadvantage because her moves are slower to execute, which becomes her weakness when she was immediately knocked away by Rinoa's close ranged attacks during the battle between both teams.

Helena Douglas[]

DF Helena

Helena in Dead Fantasy III

Helena is an opera singer and the current leader of the Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committee, who made her first debut in Dead or Alive 2. In Dead Fantasy, she first appears in the third installment. Although she knows Pi Qua Quan, Helena has yet to fight in the movies, and her actions, as well as her connections with Hitomi and Hayate, are suspicious and still unexplained. She later becomes the rival of Cloud Strife for Dead Fantasy IX as she shares a resemblance to Cloud's sworn enemy Sephiroth and his deceased friend, Aerith Gainsborough.

Kasumi α[]

DF Kasumi X

Kasumi surrounded by clones in Dead Fantasy IV.

First appearing in Dead or Alive 2, Kasumi α is a result of Project Alpha, and is Kasumi’s antagonistic clone. Appearing in multitude at the end of Dead Fantasy III, Kasumi α was activated by Helena and sent to go after Kasumi and Yuna halfway through their match in Dead Fantasy IV. In Dead Fantasy V, they are killed by Kasumi as the remaining clones are swiftly killed by Ryu Hayabusa in one strike while rescuing her from their final attack.

Although their fighting skill is only a copy of Kasumi's, since the clones attack in a large group, they can be very overpowering and hard to take down; together, the clones even managed to kill some of Yuna’s most powerful Aeons and were prepared to kill her as well, but they were interrupted when Cloud arrived and saved her. According to the third episode, they only had an estimated maximum lifespan of 14 hours without mechanical support.


DF Hayate

Hayate in Dead Fantasy V.

Hayate made his first appearance in Dead or Alive 2 and is the current leader of the Mugen Tenshin Clan, Kasumi's older brother and Ayane's half-brother. He was the first male Dead or Alive character in Dead Fantasy alongside his best friend Ryu Hayabusa, appearing in Dead Fantasy V along with a part of his clan as they go after Tifa. In the movie, he only directly hits Tifa once, and otherwise uses his teleporting skills to avoid her, allowing his clan to fight for him. His connections with Helena and the DOATEC are currently unexplained. Towards the end of Dead Fantasy V, after he allows Helena and Hitomi to take an injured Tifa to DOATEC and flies away from their helicopter, he looks at his left hand stained with Tifa's blood.

In the remake version where computer animator AKMotions replaced Uiyahan due to his hiatus, Hayate finally demonstrates his Mugen Tenshin Ninjutsu (Tenjin Mon Style) alongside a recovered Kasumi in their 2-on-1 match against Cloud Strife. Kasumi is able to distract Cloud long enough for Hayate to escape but he returns by teleportation, saving his sister from a final blow of Cloud's "Omnislash Version 5". He puts his younger sister out of harm's way and battles Cloud in a brief one-on one fight. Although Hayate is able to wound Cloud's back with his katana, Cloud overpowers him and knocks him through a window before his best friend Ryu Hayabusa takes his place to battle him.

Hayate's fighting style is Tenjinmon Ninjutsu and he makes use of his katana, named Jinran-maru. He can also use teleporting skills to ambush the enemy which was seen when he made a counter slash to Cloud's back before the latter knocks him away.

Ryu Hayabusa[]

DF Ryu

Ryu holding a harmed Kasumi in Dead Fantasy V

Ryu Hayabusa, an extremely talented shinobi serving as the main character of Ninja Gaiden and one of the main characters in Dead or Alive series who made his first appearance in the Dead Fantasy series in the second act of the fifth episode, where he dives from the sky and kills all of the remaining Kasumi α clones in one attack, meanwhile saving the life of a weakened Kasumi. He then, along with Momiji, takes Kasumi away to somewhere safe. In a preview of Dead Fantasy VIII, he and Momiji confront Kairi as they watch her being taken over by her nobody, Naminé. He later saves Momiji from Naminé's attack but enables her to summon Vincent Valentine to battle. He prepares to fight them both while wielding the Dragon Sword.

In the remake version where computer animator AKMotions replaced Uiyahan due to his hiatus, Ryu is last seen having a one-on-one fight with Cloud Strife after the latter defeats his best friend, Hayate. Ryu now demonstrates both his swordsmanship and ninjutsu to battle Cloud on the roof of a train.

Ryu's fighting style is Hayabusa Ninjutsu and he wields the Dragon Sword as his main weapon. He is both fast and agile when utilizing his hand-to-hand combat as well as focusing on kicks. He is able to hold his own against Cloud much as he did against Vincent Valentine and is able to deal quick damage with his Dragon Sword.


DF Momiji

Momiji in Dead Fantasy V.

A prodigy of the Ninjutsu arts from Ninja Gaiden and made her playable appearance in the updated Dead or Alive 5, Momiji, currently a shrine maiden, is an up-and-coming kunoichi being trained by Ryu Hayabusa. Appearing in Dead Fantasy V, she doesn't fight, but she debuts alongside Ryu while she examines Kasumi's memories from her fights. In a preview of Dead Fantasy VIII, she finally demonstrates her fighting style Hayabusa Aikijutsu against Kairi who finally taken over by her nobody, Naminé. She uses her Heavenly Dragon Naginata as her main weapon and can shoot explosive arrows efficiently with her Heavensong Bow. She also bears a fast recovery time when she was knocked down by Naminé once and also utilizes her Izuna Falcon as a counter attack against her. She later wields a pair of sai daggers while facing off against Naminé and Vincent Valentine.

Momji's fighting style is Hayabusa Aikijutsu and she wields the Heavenly Dragon Naginata, and can use the "Art of the Crimson Lotus" ninpo. She also wields her Heavensong Bow for long ranged attacks.

Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Combatants[]


DF Yuna

Yuna in Dead Fantasy I.

Yuna is a half-Al Bhed summoner, the female protagonist of Final Fantasy X and the main protagonist of its direct sequel, Final Fantasy X-2. She was the first character to be introduced in the movie series back in Dead Fantasy I. Her main rival seems to be Kasumi but both fight side by side against the Kasumi α clones during Dead Fantasy IV after they interuppt their one on one fight and she was later rescued by Cloud. She is currently in Cloud's side to rescue Tifa in DOATEC headquarters for the upcoming Dead Fantasy IX.

Yuna's fighting style is Gunner mixed with Self Defense techniques and her hand to hand combat style is based on Self-Taught which is based on Lili's fighting style in the Tekken series. Yuna is all-round normal in terms of speed and strength, but she is able to shoot both bullets and energy-blasts from a great distance using the Tiny Bee pistols in her Gunner Dressphere. As a Summoner, she is able to summon powerful creatures called Aeons to fight. These Aeons are: Ixion, Shiva, Valefor, Ifrit and Bahamut. She is also equipped with Potions and Ethers, as seen in Dead Fantasy II.

Although Yuna is able to hold her own in battle, when outnumbered, she eventually needs help shifting the odds in her favor, as shown in Dead Fantasy I before Rikku arrives to help, and again in Dead Fantasy IV, when Cloud Strife comes to her aid. Altogether, she's an average fighter. In the remake version, Yuna's energy blasts from her Tiny Bee pistols can form a projectile to blasts her opponents.

Yuna's voice clips seems to be from Tekken's Jun Kazama, voiced by Shiho Kikuchi. In Dead Fantasy 2020, she is voiced by her original voice actress, Mayuko Aoki.


DF Rikku

Rikku in Dead Fantasy I.

Rikku is an Al Bhed girl from Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, and is the maternal cousin of Yuna. Rikku is the fourth character to debut in Dead Fantasy, appearing early in the first installment to help Yuna fight against Ayane and Kasumi. She will appear in Dead Fantasy VI to engage in a one-on-one fight with Ayane.

Rikku's fighting style is based on Capoeira with added agility and proficiency with dual daggers. As a Thief, Rikku is extremely fast, using a combination of blade-work and martial art moves in battle. That, along with her natural flexibility, allows her to take on even the biggest, strongest opponents. She is also, arguably the fastest girl in Dead Fantasy without the use of ninpo or magic. It has been speculated that some of her attacks are based off the Afro-Brazilian martial art, Capoeira. She is also able to change Job types via Dresspheres, but changing does take time to do so and leaves her open to attack; her first attempt to do so in Dead Fantasy II was ruined when she was acidentally bumped into by Hitomi. Oum said Rikku will be using multiple Dresspheres for battle in the future, including some fan-made creations. During the short previews of Dead Fantasy VI, she clashes with Ayane and demonstrating her sphere change ability which it was negated by Ayane. She was later seen using her special dressphere the Machina Maw against Ayane. In the remake version, her dual daggers now have a yellow hue when she attacks her opponents. Rikku's voice clips come from Soulcalibur's Xianghua, voiced by Aya Hisakawa, while in Dead Fantasy 2020 she is voiced by her original voice actress, Marika Matsumoto.

Tifa Lockhart[]

DF Tifa 2

Tifa in Dead Fantasy III.

Tifa Lockhart is one of the main female protagonists from the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, first appearing in the original Final Fantasy VII. As the sixth character to debut in the Dead Fantasy series, Tifa arrived at the end of Dead Fantasy I. At the end of Dead Fantasy V, she was taken away by the Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committee after succumbing to her injuries during her fight against Hayate and his ninjas. It's been stated that Tifa will be back in action in a future installment. Tifa's voice clips come from DOA's Lisa Hamilton/La Mariposa, voiced by Maaya Sakamoto. However in Dead Fantasy 2020 and her brief teaser in the remake version, she is now performed by her original Japanese voice actress, Ayumi Ito.

Tifa's fighting style is based on her Ehrgeiz counterpart, but she no longer utilizes Ken "Godhand" Mishima's fighting style. Her style is now Zangan-Ryu Martial Arts mixed with Materia magic and Tifa's moves focus on kicks, while her punches are based on Chinese Kenpo. Tifa utilizes several Materia to mix with her martial arts. She has six offensive spells such as Fire, Ice, Thunder, Gravity, Ultima and Quake, three negative status spells such as Blind, Stop and Poison, two supporting spells such as Haste and Protect and one spell that raises character's speed. She also keeps the White Materia until it is stolen by Hitomi during their fight in Dead Fantasy III.

In Dead Fantasy II, Tifa switches her fighting style from Zangan-Ryu Martial Arts to Zui Quan. In Dead Fantasy V, Tifa fights without Materia after Hitomi steals most of her Materia from her body and she is forced to wield various weaponry. She also has a very high threshold for pain, as she can fight on while seriously wounded, or even when impaled by various weaponry.

However, Tifa does have two main flaws. First of all, she continues to fight, even if she may be gravely injured and tired, not giving herself the chance to rest and recover. Also, she does seem to be too dependent on her Materia in battle, which becomes her weakness against Hitomi when her opponent steals most, if not all, of her Materia and uses it against her.

Overall, she's the only character to use several of her Limit Breaks than the other Final Fantasy girls.

In the remake version, all of Tifa's Materia are shown as translucent while glowing in both of her arms before disappearing in seconds.

Rinoa Heartilly[]

DF Rinoa 2

Rinoa in Dead Fantasy II

Rinoa Heartilly is a highly-powerful Sorceress and the main female protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII, serving as the love interest of Squall Leonhart. She was (ironically) the eighth character introduced in Dead Fantasy, appearing at the beginning of the last act of Dead Fantasy II. She will appear in a later installment to battle against Rachel in Dead Fantasy VII. Rinoa's voice clips are from Melty Blood's Sion Eltnam Atlasia in her appearance in Dead Fantasy II voiced by Rio Natsuki.

Rinoa's fighting style is based on Chinese-Style Straight Sword and the way she wields her gunblade is based on a dao sword. Being a Sorceress, Rinoa uses a great deal of powerful magic in battle: she was able to freeze a lake of lava using Blizzaga, use telekinetic abilities, cast Holy and Tornado by implementing the Junction System from her Blaster Edge, and conjure portals. As she is permanently in her "Angel Wing" Limit Break, this allows Rinoa the abilities of flight, protection (as seen when she protects Rikku and Kairi from Rachel's Blade of Ouroboros sorcery) and acts as an augmentation of her magic abilities. She also uses her ultimate Limit Break, "Wishing Star" to incapacitate most of the Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden combatants while in her Angel Wing Limit Break instead of her Combine Limit Break from the original where she was assisted with her dog, Angelo.

She also wields two fan-made weapons: a Gunblade named "Vanishing Star", and a Blaster Edge named "Silenced Tear". Her sword-fighting style vaguely resembles that of Amy Sorel from the Soul Calibur series, and in both terms of fighting skill and magical ability, Rinoa is by far the most powerful Final Fantasy character in this series.

One of her character symbols, a white feather, seems to be a running theme throughout the series: first in Dead Fantasy IV, when Kairi finds a feather stuck in the sand after she wakes up, and another feather appears during Tifa's flashback in Dead Fantasy V as she was summoned to combat. This may mean that it was Rinoa who summoned the Final Fantasy fighters to the battle. In a preview in Dead Fantasy VIII, the feather that Kairi found in the beach in Dead Fantasy IV is used to be cut in half with her Destiny's Embrace before allowing herself to be taken over by Naminé after being challenged in a fight by Momiji.

Rinoa is also responsible for chaining Rachel during their one-on-one battle in Dead Fantasy VII and is last seen fighting several jets using her Sorceress Magic.


DF Kairi 3

Kairi in Dead Fantasy II.

Kairi is the main female protagonist of the Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios collaboration series Kingdom Hearts and is one of the seven Princesses of Heart. She first appears in Dead Fantasy during the fourth act of the second episode. Her appearance in the movie series came as a shock to fans at first, as it was thought that only characters from the Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive universes were to make appearances. Kairi's voice clips are from Melty Blood's Len in her appearance in Dead Fantasy II voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi.

In the Kingdom Hearts series, Kairi has seen little combat, and she is neither strong nor skilled with her Keyblade, Destiny's Embrace but her combat style was limited. However after finishing her training by Merlin in Kingdom Hearts III, Kairi is now a very agile fighter. Kairi displays considerably improved abilities with her Keyblade. She was able to fight side-by-side alongside her allies to fend off the large amount of Heartless, Nobodies and Unversed unleashed by Organization XIII, suffering no wounds in the process and is capable of using magic and elemental spells.. However, in Dead Fantasy, Kairi displays both her fighting style and her agility which later adapted to her main appearance in Kingdom Hearts III, seen performing flips, high jumps and bearing a quick recovery time.

She can also activate Drive Forms; in Dead Fantasy II, Kairi transforms into Valor Form, which turns her outfit color red and gives her the ability to use two Keyblades: Oblivion and the Oathkeeper. Her other Drive Forms have yet to be seen. All-in-all, in the Kingdom Hearts series, Her fighting stance is similar to Sora’s, the main protagonist of Kingdom Hearts but her fighting style revolves around performing a corkscrew-spinning ground-to-air combo effective for stunning foes or quick spinning combos while in Dead Fantasy, Kairi’s fighting style is very similar to Sora. In a preview of Dead Fantasy VIII, she is later seen removing her pink dress revealing a white shirt and skirt combo underneath her pink dress and she cuts the feather with her Destiny's Embrace and she allows her nobody Naminé to take control of her body to fight Momiji.

As the Kingdom Hearts series and its original characters are owned by Disney (Square Enix has no copyright over the Kingdom Hearts series despite popular beliefs, are only credited for making the games and owning the FF and TWEWY characters), Kairi is the only Disney character in the Dead Fantasy series. Kairi's fighting style is labeled as Keyblade Master and the way she wields dual Keyblades is based on the skill Dual Wield.

Cloud Strife[]

DF Cloud

Cloud in Dead Fantasy IV.

Cloud Strife is one of the primary protagonists of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, first appearing in Final Fantasy VII. In Dead Fantasy, he was the first male Final Fantasy character to appear in the whole series; his appearance in Dead Fantasy IV was unexpected, due to the series being thought to possess a “female only” cast.

Cloud enters the series riding in on his motorcycle, Fenrir to rescue Yuna from a troupe of Kasumi α clones using his Fusion Swords which he uses one of his limit break, Blade Beam. It is implied that Yuna reminds Cloud of Aerith Gainsborough, due to the words that appear at the beginning of the movie. He and Yuna will most likely infiltrate DOATEC to save Tifa. In one of the promotional trailers, he was later seen talking to Denzel. His rival for the upcoming Dead Fantasy IX is Helena Douglas due to the same resemblance as his enemy Sephiroth and his deceased friend Aerith. Cloud is voiced by his current Japanese voice actor, Takahiro Sakurai during the promotional trailer with Denzel.

In the remake version where computer animator AKMotions replaced Uiyahan due to his hiatus, Cloud goes in search for Tifa to find her at the DOATEC main headquarters at the replica cathedral. He senses two ninjas outside the window and manages to block Hayate's katana, finally demonstrating his swordsmanship against both him and a recovered Kasumi. He is able to hold his own against the two ninjas and tries to strike Hayate by casting Fire Materia only to be negated by Kasumi, allowing her older brother to escape. Despite Kasumi's efforts, Cloud brutally incapacitates her with his Limit Break, "Omnislash Version 5". Hayate returns to save her from a final blow and places his injured sister out of harm's way before angrily battling Cloud in a sword fight. Despite making a counter strike using teleportation, Cloud overpowers him and knocks him through a window before Ryu Hayabusa arrives and both men eventually fight one-on-one on the roof of a train.

Cloud's fighting style is based on his Ehrgeiz counterpart and no longer utilizes Ken "Godhand" Mishima's fighting style. His style is now known as the Buster Basher, which is his actual fighting style in the Dissidia series where he relies on attacking his opponents using his Buster Sword or his Fusion Swords. Cloud demonstrates more of his fighting style unlike in Dead Fantasy IV and can dual wield two swords. He can utilize his limit break "Omnislash Version 5" where he uses all parts of his Fusion Swords to brutally incapacitate his opponent and can cast magic using Fire Materia. Like Tifa, Cloud has a very high threshold for pain, seen where Hayate wounds his back using his katana, Jinran-Maru, and later when Ryu Hayabusa cuts him twice with his Dragon Sword.


Naminé is the nobody of Kairi from the collaboration series Kingdom Hearts who appears in a preview of Dead Fantasy VIII. She initially appears during her promotional artworks until the release the preview episode.

In Kingdom Hearts series, she has a power to manipulate Sora's memories and is able to fuse with Kairi to become one. However in Dead Fantasy, she appears as one of Kairi's Drive Forms as a Nobody and Final Form and becomes lot more powerful than Kairi overall and she also gains the ability to use two Keyblades, the Lunar Eclipse and an unnamed red-black Keyblade.

She is able to use telekinesis to attack her opponents in one hand and also has a power of flight. She also displays impressive speed and uses the wing blade command style similar to Ventus from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. Her Keyblade wings enables her to control each of the Keyblades from her wings to make a direct assault telepathically to her opponents and also shoot beams of energy along with a gun function. Her wings are also capable of disappearing and reappearing around the enemy. She also has a ability to summon fighters to battle via D-Link as seen when she summons Vincent Valentine to battle against Ryu and Momiji with her red and black Keyblade. Overall in Dead Fantasy, Naminé's fighting style resembles the Murakumo Units, Lambda-11-, Mu-12 and Nu-13 from the BlazBlue series.

Like Kairi, Naminé's fighting style is labeled as Keyblade Master and the way she wields dual Keyblades is based on the skill Dual Wield. Upon unleashing her Keyblade Wings are based on Original Style: Murakumo which is the fighting style of the Murakumo units from the BlazBlue series..

Vincent Valentine[]

Vincent Valentine is a former Turk and one of the primary protagonists of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII and the main protagonist of his own game, Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. In the preview of Dead Fantasy VIII, he appears in the near end of the preview being summoned by Naminé to confront both Ryu Hayabusa and Momiji from her unnamed red-black Keyblade which it creates a red portal and the red from the portal collates into his cloak. He also wields the gun, Cerberus and he can shapeshift.



Dead Fantasy 1

The first episode was the first to introduce three fighters from both sides.

Dead Fantasy I[]

Release Date: October 2007
January 4, 2021 (remake)
Running Time: 03:54
Characters Introduced: Yuna, Kasumi, Ayane, Rikku, Hitomi, Tifa Lockhart

Dead Fantasy I introduces the first six female characters of the series and the first fight of the series, taking place inside, and later outside, of an enormous, abandoned temple situated on top of a tower. This movie was labelled by Oum as the one he “wanted to do the least”, as it only served as an “introduction” for the rest of the series. Three years after Oum's death, animator Uiyahan created a remake of the first installment to follow Oum's legacy. It was unexpectedly released under the title of "Dead Fantasy 2020" on December 28, 2020 by youtuber sWooZie as a tribute to Oum despite Uiyahan stating that the first movie would be officially released in January 2021, which it later was on January 4.

The movie starts with Yuna running through the temple, being pursued by two shadowy figures - Kasumi and Ayane. The three girls fight two-to-one; Yuna is able to hold her own by herself for a long time but starts to falter. Before she is impaled by Ayane, Rikku comes to her aid, evening the numbers. The fight continues, destroying much of the interior of the temple as well. Hitomi appears midway through battle, aiding her fellow Dead or Alive fighters, and the brawl moves outside of the temple. Ayane, Kasumi, and Hitomi start to overpower Yuna and Rikku in strength and number, before Tifa appears, evening out the sides once again. The film ends with the girls bracing themselves for another fight, with Tifa glowing with several Materia on both of her arms.

Dead Fantasy 2

The second episode is the longest movie in the series so far and features the most characters then the others; while most episodes have three-six main characters, this one showed nine.

Dead Fantasy II[]

"You Haven't Seen Anything Yet..."
—The line seen at the end of the movie.

Release Date: March 2008
Running Time: 10:51
Characters Introduced: Rachel, Rinoa Heartilly, Kairi
Dead Fantasy II is the first segment to show the use of magic on both sides of the battle, and the first to feature a character not directly linked to the namesake franchises of the series: Kairi of Kingdom Hearts. The movie was featured at the Anime Boston convention on March 23, 2008.

The episode starts where Dead Fantasy I left off: a three-on-three battle with Ayane, Kasumi, and Hitomi against Tifa, Yuna, and Rikku outside the temple. Using different combo moves and team strategies, the girls of Final Fantasy overpower the Dead or Alive trio. Realising they need to do something, Ayane goes to the top of the tower, charging her ninpo power while Kasumi and Hitomi defend her. Yuna, Rikku and Tifa try to stop them but are unable to, resulting in Ayane destroying the temple with her magic, and forcing them all to fight during a vertical fall.

Halfway down, Rachel, who has been waiting perched on her warhammer, destroys the rest of the tower, making all of them fall towards a river of lava at the bottom. The fighting continues as the girls flow down stream on a slab of rock, until they hit a lava-fall. Rinoa freezes the lava before anyone falls to their deaths and she, along with Kairi, join in with the battle.

Towards the end, Rinoa then teleports the girls to different locations throughout the world: Rinoa is sent with Rachel, Hitomi with Tifa, Kasumi with Yuna, Rikku with Ayane, and Kairi by herself. The movie ends with Rikku and Ayane, both of whom are unconscious, falling into a giant underground cavern.

Dead Fantasy III[]

DF Hitomi vs

The first of the "one-on-one battles" was won by Hitomi, after beating Tifa and stealing her Materia.

"When Angels Cry..."
—The "second title" of the movie.

Release Date: July 2009
Running Time: 05:38
Characters Introduced: Helena Douglas, Kasumi α

Dead Fantasy III, which shows the first of a series of one-on-one battles between the different sides, was released alongside Dead Fantasy IV. It is also the first installment to show physical repercussions from battle, such as injuries, blood, and ripped clothing.

The episodes features a Materia magic battle between Tifa and Hitomi within a partially demolished cathedral, which is set on fire during the progress of the fight by Tifa’s fire spell. The fight is kept almost even, the two fighters constantly keeping pressure on each other. Tifa then gains the upper hand when she unleashed Poison and Blind on Hitomi in two blows. When in darkness, light is all you can see.

As Hitomi regains her composure, she slowly loses her sight, only seeing the flames and the glowing materia on Tifa. Finally, when reaching complete darkness, Hitomi begins to use her karate together with another style, wing chun and manages to get the upper hand over Tifa, beating most, if not all, of the Materia out of her body to use against her. The fight ends with Tifa being blasted out of the cathedral by Hitomi onto the snow outside, and she is now seriously wounded. The movie finishes with a short scene of Helena activating an army of Kasumi α clones.

Dead Fantasy IV[]

Release Date: July 2009
Running Time: 05:16
Characters Introduced: Cloud Strife

"Fated Children"
—The "second title" of the movie.

Dead Fantasy IV was released consecutively with Dead Fantasy III and features the series’ first male character: Cloud Strife.

The movie starts with a brief scene of Kairi, waking up on a deserted beach alone and finding a white feather on the sand. The scene then shifts to a field where the one-on-one battle between Kasumi and Yuna takes place. As soon as the girls start to fight, the Kasumi α clones appear and attack the two of them. Yuna transforms into her Summoner attire and tries to use her Aeons to defeat them, but the clones overpower the Aeons, and Yuna changes back to her Gunner Dressphere.

Before the clones deliver the final blow to Yuna, Cloud suddenly appears, ready to aid Yuna in battle. Before another brawl breaks out, Kasumi teleports herself and the clones away to fight them on her own. Cloud then drives Yuna away from the battle scene on Fenrir. On the way, Yuna falls asleep on his back, most likely because of the recent battle. The movie ends with a flashback of Cloud trying to stop Tifa from falling off a cliff near the ruins of Midgar.

DF Tifa

Dead Fantasy V is the most violent episode so far, showing graphic scenes such as members of the Mugen Tenshin Clan being sliced in half and Tifa being impaled by arrows.

Dead Fantasy V[]

Release Date: July 2009
Running Time: 08:12
Characters Introduced: Hayate, Ryu Hayabusa, Momiji

—The "second title" of the movie.

The fifth installment is a direct sequel to Dead Fantasy III, and shows what happens to Tifa and Hitomi after their one-on-one battle in the cathedral. This movie also introduce the two male Dead or Alive characters of the series: Hayate and Ryu Hayabusa

Hayate and his ninja clan take over Hitomi's fight and pursue Tifa, forcing her to face many enemies at once while bleeding, exhausted and without Materia to aid her. After being chased along a city train, she makes a desperate jump, ending up in a warehouse. Cornered, she fights the entire horde of ninjas on her own, using objects around her as weapons, and even stealing the ninja's weapons. She manages to defeat most of them, even while being impaled by arrows and losing more blood. During the battle, she has a flashback of her goodbye with Cloud as she is summoned to battle by the words "trust me", and her arrival to the temple in Dead Fantasy I. (The exact scene that Cloud remembers in Dead Fantasy IV.)

Desperate, she resorts to more brutal fighting, disembowelling and outright killing her assailants while attempting to strike Hayate. He refuses to fight, instead teleporting right past her. The one time she does get close, he teleport-punches her back down to the lower area of the garage. In the end, Tifa succumbs to her injuries and finally collapses.

When Hitomi catches up with the clan and sees Tifa in the bloody state, she slaps Hayate, visibly angry. Helena arrives on the scene in a DOATEC helicopter with a small squad of armed personnel and takes Tifa on board, where she could be treated or experimented on. Hitomi, after showing Helena the White Materia in her arm, goes on the helicopter with them, leaving Hayate alone in the snow with Tifa's blood on his hands.

The scene then cuts to Kasumi, battling against her clones in a lake. She has killed off most of the clones, but is exhausted from fighting and blood loss. Luckily for her, Ryu Hayabusa arrives, killing the last of the clones and catching Kasumi as she collapses in exhaustion. Momiji, who appeared alongside Ryu, reads Kasumi’s mind, and sees all the events that have happened so far. The three then disappear, likely to get Kasumi aid for her wounds, and leave a bloody lake littered with dead clones behind. The movie ends with a scene of Cloud and Yuna as they watch the helicopter carrying Tifa, fly towards a luxurious city.

Dead Fantasy VI[]

This episode takes place in a one-on-one battle between Ayane and Rikku in an underground cavern. In both previews, they clash each others' weapons until Rikku dresspheres multiple times to make Ayane negated all of her attacks in her various forms from her dressphere. The last preview shows Rikku using her special dressphere, The Machina Maw against Ayane and Ayane's primary weapon Tokkosho is replaced with Fuma Kodachi twin blades to confront Rikku's ultimate Dressphere. The Machina Maw lands on the ocean waters creating a devastating sea wave to make Ayane defends herself using her Fuma Kodachi twin blades in reversal to make her land on the upper steel ground and she was last seen confronting the Machina Maw in its gigantic state. The next scene shows Tifa awakened in a white room covered in a silk sheet knowing of her survival in her fight against Hayate and his shinobi (while being held captive in DOATEC headquarters). As she looks towards the side, her eyes light up. This is due to Tifa being experimented on by DOATEC after recovering her heavy injuries sustained from Hayate and his shinobi.

Dead Fantasy VII[]

This episode takes place between a one-on-one battle between Rinoa and Rachel. In some screenshots, Rinoa is also responsible for chaining her rival Rachel to become a Fiend to meet the same fate as her sister Alma. Rinoa is last seen fighting some fighter jets from DOATEC using her Sorceress Magic.

Dead Fantasy VIII[]

Release Date: June 2011 (preview)
Running Time: 03:33
Characters Introduced: Naminé, Vincent Valentine
The eighth installment takes place in the beginning of Dead Fantasy IV after Kairi was teleported on the beach by one of Rinoa's conjure portals. This is the last and final preview Monty had released in A-Kon 22 before focusing on the RWBY series in Rooster Teeth and his death on February 1, 2015.

At sunset in a metropolitan city, Kairi is balancing along the top of a very high building. She glances to the right before she backflips onto another roof of a nearby building. She looks at the surroundings of the city buildings and strolls to the edge. She pulls the white feather that she found in the beach out of her pouch and looks skyward as the camera pans out, revealing that she is on top of a hotel at a crossroad.

Meanwhile, Ryu Hayabusa and Momiji are rushing across the rooftops towards Kairi. She glances at them which she calmly unzips her black-hooded, pink dress. The ninjas prepare themselves. Kairi's black suspenders fall to the floor, changing her lilac sneakers into white high-heeled boots. She steps forward and the pink dress flies away to reveal a white shirt and skirt combo. Kairi then releases the white feather. Momiji is about to confront Kairi, but Ryu waves her off. Kairi summons her Destiny's Embrace and she slashes the feather in half. It explodes into a flurry of gold, sky blue, sea green, pink, and violet feathers as a white mist burst outward across the entire city, changing the weather from sunset to a dark cloudy sky. Ryu steps back and nods, allowing Momiji to wield her Heavenly Dragon Naginata, challenging Kairi to a fight. The feathers converge behind Kairi's back into a bright yellow aura. Kairi gets into fighting stance and in a bright flash, Destiny's Embrace instantly transforms into Lunar Eclipse. Her red hair turns blonde as she allows her Nobody, Naminé to take control of her body, and white Keyblade wings unfold from behind her back. Momiji leaps across the buildings towards Naminé, who jumps backwards and takes flight. Momiji jumps towards Namine and both fighters clash.

Naminé knocks Momiji backwards onto a rooftop. Momiji shoots an explosive arrow with her Heavensong Bow, missing Naminé as she dodged and destroys a nearby building. She fires several more arrows as Naminé flies towards her, dodging every arrow. Naminé rams into Momiji, tackling her across the rooftop. She uses her Keyblade wings to toss a van towards Momiji, who leaps onto the van and attacks her with her naginata. Naminé blocks the slash, sending Momiji upward who shoots another arrow. Naminé flies backwards at blinding speed, dodging the arrow. Momiji fires one more as Naminé runs towards her, grabbing two of the Keyblade from her wings, which transform into the Lunar Eclipse and an unnamed red-black Keyblade. The two clash and Naminé launches Momiji with a slash. Naminé sends all of the Keyblades at Momiji with lightning speed, while Momiji blocks the attack with her naginata, but is slammed into the floor when Naminé jumps upward and slashes her with the Keyblades. Namine shoots beams of red energy from one of the Keyblades. Momiji deflects the beams with her naginata and throws two kunai at Naminé. Naminé knocks away the kunai with the Keyblade wings and grabs one of the Keyblades, which morphs into a type of rifle. Before she could fire it, the two kunai she knocked away fall in front of her and explode in face, blasting her backwards.

Naminé sends one Keyblade through a portal, which flies at Momiji through the a white spell circle, but Momiji knocks it away effortlessly. Naminé sends three more, and Momiji deflects them but is blown backwards by the last. Naminé releases all the Keyblades to surround Momiji in a 3-dimensional assault. Momiji stands up and sees the Lunar Eclipse Keyblades surrounding her. She gets into stance as magic circles form around her. One by one, Keyblades zoom towards Momiji and she uses her naginata to block and deflect each one with amazing precision. Naminé commands more Keyblades to attack with a hand motion. Momiji continues to block the assault, but is hit from behind with the unnamed red-black Keyblade. She knocks it away before it flies back to Naminé, who prepares an attack as the Keyblade emits a black mist. Momiji deflects another Lunar Eclipse, somersaults backwards to dodge several at once, jumps high into the air, and counters with the Izuna Falcon technique. Naminé manipulates her red-black Keyblade to levitate, possibly to stab Momiji into the floor. Ryu sees the oncoming attack and he grabs Momiji, barely dodging the Keyblade as it hits the floor with a blood-red mist, creating a large, blood-red pool.

Gaining some ground from Naminé, Momiji thanks Ryu with a nod while Ryu watches Naminé with a glare. The red-black Keyblade sinks into the floor as the pool of red swirls around and pulls into the center. Something begins to rise from beneath the pool as it grows smaller and the red colors turns into a darker shade of crimson. Naminé watches casually as the object rising from beneath appears to take form. The pool suddenly turns into a cape as the form is revealed to be Vincent Valentine. He stands intimidatingly as his cape emits a blood-red haze. Ryu readily walks forward and unsheaths the Dragon Sword, while Momiji wields a pair of sai daggers. The two ninja gets into fighting stance. Vincent walks towards the two ninja and Naminé calls forth her Keyblade wings, joining Vincent as they walk forward.

Dead Fantasy IX[]

In the ninth episode Cloud teams up with Yuna to rescue Tifa from DOATEC Headquarters, where she is recovering from heavy injuries inflicted by Hayate and his shinobi in Dead Fantasy V and being experimented on by DOATEC in the end of Dead Fantasy VI. It marks the first time Cloud will face his rival Helena Douglas due to her resemblance to his deceased friend, Aerith Gainsborough and his nemesis Sephiroth.

Development and Production[]

The project for the Dead Fantasy series started in July 2007, after Monty Oum gained acclaim for the creation of the fan made CG movie Haloid, which featured Metroid series's Samus Aran versus Nicole-458, then thought to be Master Chief from the Halo series. His intention for Dead Fantasy was to create a new CG movie which featured more human characters, instead of simply "humanoid" characters, as was the case in Haloid.

In August 26, 2018, three years after Monty Oum's passing, animator Uiyahan created a remake version with more realistic and true-to-original characters, including facial expressions.

  • To cut down on the development process of all movies, Oum opts to leave out certain aspects of many of the character's attire such as Yuna's long red braid, blue-beaded earrings and her blue sash to cut down on the time it takes to run dynamic simulations.
  • Oum has stated that an Anti Form for Kairi is "technically not possible." Her Valor Form was a simple texture wrap, but Oum said he "would like to make more interesting ones for the remaining drive forms."


  • While the original voices of the Dead or Alive cast were used, due to lack of voice clips or none at all, Oum uses voices from different sources for the Final Fantasy characters:
    • The voice of Xianghua from the Soul Calibur series was used for many of the Final Fantasy casts' attacks, including short taunts.
    • The voice of Lisa Hamilton/La Mariposa from Dead or Alive 4 is used for Tifa.
    • Yuna's attack cries are taken from Jun Kazama of the Tekken series.
    • The voices of Sion Eltnam Atlasia and Ren from Melty Blood were used for Rinoa and Kairi respectively in Dead Fantasy II.
  • In the remake version, Uiyahan is revealed to use the original voice clips from the Final Fantasy cast to match up with the Dead or Alive cast following the release of Dead Fantasy 2020 by sWooZie as a tribute to Oum. However when Uiyahan officially releases the remake version of the series, their respective voice clips are their original voices that Monty had previously used.


  • Some of the music used in the movies comes from the soundtracks of well-known action games and films:
    • In Dead Fantasy I, the battle theme is Chateau from The Matrix Reloaded.
    • In Dead Fantasy II, for most of the episode, the theme played is from the climactic final race of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, the title of the song is Symphonic Touge. The theme played during the last act is Showdown from War.
    • In Dead Fantasy III, the theme is Devils Never Cry from Devil May Cry 3.
    • In Dead Fantasy IV, the opening song is Misty by Gackt from the album Diabolos. The next song is Liberi Fatali from Final Fantasy VIII.
    • In Dead Fantasy V, the songs used are The Hitman and Assassin from the Bangkok Dangerous movie.
    • For the future music for Dead Fantasy VI, the theme will be Those who Fight Further from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.


  • Oum has stated that Rikku will be going through multiple Dressphere changes in her battle against Ayane and had set up a contest where artists would draw designs for the Dressphere changes Rikku could go through. Designs seen so far include a Ninja Dressphere, a Spellsword Dressphere and a Lolita Dressphere.
  • Oum has also set up another contest on DeviantArt, stating that he needs new designs for Kairi's remaining Drive Forms, as well as new Keyblade designs. He also asked fans if they could come up with a better Valor Form.

Other Previews[]

  • Unfinished footage of Tifa waking up on a bed without any clothes. It suggests that she survives her fight against Hayate and his clan. As this scene serve as the last part of Dead Fantasy VI.
  • On Facebook, Oum has uploaded a beta clip of Cloud talking to a brunette teenage boy. As the dialogue used in the footage is taken from the final scene of the movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, it's believed that the boy is Final Fantasy VII character Denzel, admittedly taller and older-looking than his normal appearance.
  • At A-Kon 2011, during a preview panel, Oum showed a brief piece of film, showing Rikku activating her Machina Maw Dressphere, which summons an Al Bhed machina weapon. The next shot then shows a giant gundam-like robot coming up from the sea, as Ayane watches. It's unclear if this robot is the Maw in another, fan-made form, or a new piece of technology that Rikku can use.
  • On Oum's DeviantART page, there is a small animation of Ayane and Rikku fighting in a warehouse, as well as a number of still frames, including: Ayane in a factory-like setting, Ryu and Momiji bracing for battle, Momiji against a stormy sky, a wingless Rinoa seemingly hiding behind Kairi, and a Namine with her back to the camera.
  • While Uiyahan was in hiatus due to his occupation, another computer animator named AKMotions, who is behind the alternate fight scenes of Tifa and Hitomi in Dead Fantasy III, created a preview of either the remake version of the second half of Dead Fantasy VII or the beginning of Dead Fantasy IX. It is a 2-on-1 match between Cloud Strife against Hayate and a recovered Kasumi after Cloud splits up with Yuna to find Tifa at the DOATEC headquarters. It also features Cloud's one-on-one fight with Ryu Hayabusa on the roof of a train after he defeats Hayate to avenge Tifa.  

Extra Footage and Related Videos[]

  • Oum created a music video under the name of Dead Fantasy - Obsessed featuring Kasumi and Tifa as back-up dancers for Cissnei from Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, who dances and lip-synchs to the song Obsessed by Mariah Carey.
  • A second music video, called Dead Fantasy - Gee, features Ayane, Cissnei, Hitomi, Kairi, Kasumi, Rikku, Rinoa, Tifa and Yuna dancing and lip-synching to the song Gee by South Korean girl group, Girls' Generation.
  • Following Oum's passing, Uiyahan continued the Dead Fantasy music video series in tribute to him. The third music video, called Dead Fantasy - Say So, features Rinoa Heartilly, Yuna and Ayane who dance and lip-synch to the song "Say So" by Doja Cat. However, the song in this video is greatly shortened unlike Oum's two music videos where it was fully played.


Dead or Alive and Final Fantasy references[]

DF Ether

The bottles in the foreground are based on the FFXII Energy Drink Bottles.

  • In Dead Fantasy II, the scene where Ayane blows up the temple with magic is almost identical to her Dead or Alive 4 ending, in which she blows up the DOATEC headquarters; right down to her slow-motion punch to the ground.
  • In Dead Fantasy II, when Tifa does a German suplex towards Hitomi before blasting her with her three of her offensive spells, it's the same suplex that Lisa executes from her ending in Dead or Alive 4.
  • In Dead Fantasy II, during the fight on the lava river, Yuna attempts to revive Tifa with bottles of Turbo Ether and X-Potion that are similar in detail to the Final Fantasy XII Premium Potion Bottles. One of them even displays the Ether symbol on its tag.
  • During the title card for Dead Fantasy III, Tifa is seen standing in front of flames, body slightly shadowed. This is a reference to another Final Fantasy VII character, Sephiroth and the famous Nibelheim Incident.
  • The opening to Dead Fantasy IV- right down to the music, setting, the timing and design of the words and title card on screen, and some of the character actions - is a direct reference to the opening of Final Fantasy VIII.

Out-of-Series References[]

  • The moves that the girls execute are not just from their respective series. Oum has included salutes to many action games, manga and movies by including famous moves into Dead Fantasy, including:
  • At the beginning of Dead Fantasy III, there is a slow motion scene in which Tifa and Hitomi stomp the floor and punched each other in the face, only for Tifa to use a fire spell that sends them both flying. This scene was taken from the opening of Tekken 6, in which Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima do the exact same thing and the Scenario Campaign in Tekken 6 during one of the scenes where Kazuya and his half-brother, Lars Alexandersson does the same thing as both are seen knocking each other in a little distance while exhausted.



  • Though initially it was indicated that Dead Fantasy III was to be the one-on-one battle between Ayane and Rikku, the movie instead became the battle between Hitomi and Tifa. This decision came around after a poll Oum presented on his DeviantART page over which fight the people wanted to see first.

External Links[]

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