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DOATEC HK is a stage in Dead or Alive 3, and is the head-quarters for the Hong Kong division of DOATEC.


While reading the newspaper in Tina Armstrong's story, Bass Armstrong overhears his daughter's conversation with Hitomi about getting noticed by Hollywood to become an actress. Upset of this, he rips the paper in half and quietly claims "That will never happen, Tina.".

Outside the building on the street, both Gen Fu and Brad Wong confront each other in their respective stories. Brad Wong states that he's heard stories about Gen Fu possessing the legendary Iron Fist, with the old master stating that it's not a fairy tale and that he could very well kill him with it.

In Leifang's story, she comes face-to-face with Jann Lee as she is determined to defeat the "Dragon" in him.


Battles start inside the building on one of the top floors, in a curved viewing hallway which is blocked off at both ends. Fighters can either be knocked out of one of the windows into the street below - possibly hitting a long neon sign as they do so - and the fight will continue in the street.

On the other hand, fighters can also be knocked through the interior windows and fall down the atrium, to land in a basement lab. The lab is full of electrical equipment which acts as a hazard, and swirling green mist. Clones of Kasumi can be seen in the lab too, floating dormant in giant test-tubes filled with fluid along the walls.


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