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The Crystal Boutique is an "Xbox Live Marketplace" online store, exclusive to Dead or Alive Xtreme 2. The store was released by Tecmo on December 27, 2006, and made available to anyone who downloads the game's patch through Xbox Live.

Here, players can buy whole in-game swimsuit collections, a collection of all the accessories, and tickets to play mini-games in exchange for Microsoft Points; the online currency used by Xbox Live, which cost about $1 per 80 points.




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There is nothing in the Crystal Boutique that the player can not get for free in-game through earning Zack Dollars. However, if the player is struggling to earn enough Zack Dollars to buy the more expensive items, they may benefit from the store.

Image Name Price Type Description
Bird Flock 400 MS
(200 if playing as Leifang)
Collection Leifang's complete swimsuit collection.
Cocktail Bar 400 MS
(200 if playing as Helena)
Collection Helena's complete swimsuit collection.
Fairy Fantasy 400 MS
(200 if playing as Ayane)
Collection Ayane's complete swimsuit collection.
Flower Bouquet 400 MS
(200 if playing as Kasumi)
Collection Kasumi's complete swimsuit collection.
Fruit Basket 400 MS
(200 if playing as Kokoro)
Collection Kokoro's complete swimsuit collection.
Galactic Nebula 400 MS
(200 if playing as Hitomi)
Collection Hitomi's complete swimsuit collection.
Goddess Gathering 400 MS
(200 if playing as Lisa)
Collection Lisa's complete swimsuit collection.
Jewelry Box 400 MS
(200 if playing as Christie)
Collection Christie's complete swimsuit collection.
Star System 400 MS
(200 if playing as Tina)
Collection Tina's complete swimsuit collection.
Tropical Treasures 400 MS Collection A complete collection of the 176 accessories in-game.
Butt Battle Ticket 100 MS Ticket Ticket to play the "Butt Battle" game
Waterslide Ticket 100 MS Ticket Ticket to play the "Waterslide" game

Advantages and Disadvantages[]

An advantage to the store is that the player no longer needs to spend time and effort earning Zack Dollars to buy every swimsuit in the game. Also, once you buy a swimsuit set, not only will it be unlocked in your character's collection, but any achievements related to buying that collection will be unlocked.

However, there are a couple downsides to the Crystal Boutique, the main one being the cost. Given that 400 Microsoft Points is equivalent to about $5.00 to get a "complete collection" (as in, the player's character having every swimsuit in the game) it will be $5 times by 8 swimsuit collections, plus $2.50 (200 MP) for the collection belonging to the girl you are playing. That adds up to a total of $42.50: ($5 x 8) + $2.50 = $42.50. Multiply that by nine for each of the girls - $42.50 x 9 - and that total is up to about $382.50. That is over six times the cost to buy the actual game.

The other downside is that, if you buy all the suits for your character and place them all into your collection, you will not unlock the Virtual Pictorial mode for that girl. The reason for this is because you have not bought or been gifted all the suits; the game will recognize this and will not unlock the mode. The mode only unlocks once all suits have been bought or gifted within the game.

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