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A crossover is where two franchises converge in a single game belonging to one of the two franchises. Dead or Alive has engaged in several crossovers with various video game franchises since Dead or Alive 4. Crossovers can involve guest characters hailing from that franchise or having various elements specifically originating from another franchise. Note that Ninja Gaiden references do not count as crossovers due to both Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive explicitly taking place in the same universe.

Dead or Alive 4[]

The character SPARTAN-458, real name Nicole, although technically originally created for the game, hailed from the Halo franchise, with it being explained that she and her home stage, Nassau Station, being pulled through a time wave to the past. She eventually appeared as sort-of canon in later entries of the latter franchise.

Dead or Alive Paradise[]

Rio of Super Black Jack acted as a guest character for the game, where she was a blackjack dealer for Zack Island as well as an unlockable character.

Dead or Alive Dimensions[]

Samus Aran and Ridley, alongside the Geothermal Power Plant from Metroid Other M, appeared as hazards and a stage respectively in the game.

Dead or Alive 5/Ultimate/Last Round[]

The Virtua Fighter characters Akira Yuki, Sarah Bryant, and Pai Chan appeared in Dead or Alive 5 as well as its expansions, with Akira and Sarah in particular playing minor roles in the story mode (specifically, having a sparring match with Kokoro and Zack mistaking the latter for Tina Armstrong, respectively). Sarah's brother Jacky Bryant also appears in Ultimate. Aside from Virtua Fighter, the characters Naotora Ii from Samurai Warriors and Mai Shiranui from King of Fighters also crossed over with Dead or Alive in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, with there also being themed crossover DLC costumes from their respective franchises upon their debut.

Aside from playable characters from the above franchises, there was also a DLC stage derived from the anime Attack on Titan, complete with a matching DLC collaboration costume set, as well as DLC costumes based on Senran Kagura, Warriors Orochi 3, the Deception series, Wakaki, Falcom(R), Schoolgirl Strikers, Tatsunoko anime franchises, Gust, Fairy Tail, Aquaplus, and Arc System Works, as well as various Tecmo games on the latter's 50th anniversary.

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3[]

The DLC for Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 included crossover outfits from both Senran Kagura and Keijo.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation[]


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For more on the Azur Lane collaboration, see Azur Lane: Vacation Lane.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation has had collaborations with Azur Lane, The Symphony of Dragon and Girls, Destiny Child, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (as part of that franchise's 30th anniversary), Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, Shinobi Masters Senran Kagura: New Link, Atelier Ryza, Alice Gear Aegis, Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!, Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14, and The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace featuring themed SSR outfits for each most of these series with the exception of Azur Lane and The Symphony of Dragon and Girls. Of the crossovers released thus far, only the Destiny's Child, Senran Kagura, Atelier Ryza, Alice Gear Aegis, Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!, Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14, and The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace are given a direct acknowledgement in-universe, due to the following:

  • In the first case, the character Tamaki was mentioned to have been inspired to create the specific outfits for Marie Rose, herself, Misaki, and Kasumi (based on Davi, Mona, Liza, and Eve, respectively), as well as related material based on Destiny's Child due to a broken TV set mysteriously turning on to "Channel Evil" (which is a recurring organization in Destiny's Child);
  • The second one had the Owner's friend (implied to be one of the teachers from New Link) arranging to have a tournament with the various girls standing in for the school;
  • The third had them utilizing costumes derived from a book that Luna had in possession to locate ingredients for an insomnia cure potion;
  • The fourth had the Owner making contact for a promotional gig for a Alice Gear Aegis anime adaptation with the Captain from that series (or at least the actor portraying him) loaning them the outfits;
  • The fifth had them trying to emulate the Uzaki-chan anime, with Kanna even suggesting watching the anime in the ending of the final episode.

In addition, the Venus Islands map during the Destiny Child crossover is altered to have a gold and black 3D representation with a cityscape. The third collaboration overall, titled Is it wrong to ask for a meeting on vacation?, also featured exclusive Owner Room apparel such as a projector screen featuring clips from the titular anime as well as life-sized posters of the characters Hestia, Lilika, and Eyes and a movie poster for Orion Arrow. The main event episodes had Nagisa being given a filming spot, which was an indirect reference to her voice actress, Maaya Uchida, playing the role of Lilliluka Arde from that series. On a mini-event held on April 1, 2019, Fiona was given a red idol costume as well as an alternate depiction of her with red eyes and greyed skin akin to a zombie, referring to the anime Zombie Land Saga, whom Fiona's voice actress, Kaede Hondo, played the lead character. Also like the aforementioned Destiny's Child crossover, the map is also altered during this time to have a permanent night as well as multiple Fionas acting as challengers.

A collaboration relating to Senran Kagura: New Link was also announced.[1] The collaboration, occurring on July 18, 2019, with a teaser due for release on July 16, 2019[2] will have Honoka as a guest character in New Link, while in Xtreme Venus Vacation, she will wear an outfit modeled after the girls' uniforms from New Link. On July 11, it was also confirmed that Misaki would also have an outfit for the collaboration. On July 16, it was confirmed that all the girls except Kanna would get SSR outfits based on New Link, with three being used for outfits representing each of the factions in that game (Kasumi, Ayane and Honoka representing Hanzo National Academy; Marie Rose, Hitomi, and Fiona representing Homura's Crimson Squad; Nyotengu, Kokoro, and Nagisa representing the Gessen Girls' Academy; Helena, Leifang, and Tamaki representing the Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy; and Misaki, Luna, and Momiji representing the Mikagura Sisters), plus an SR bikini bearing the SK logo, as well as life-sized character posters and anime posters based on the game. Like with Destiny Child and the April Fools' Day crossover, the map is also altered when selecting from the Event tab on the festival menu, specifically having a map based on the campus on New Link. Although Kanna does not play a direct role in the festival, she does nonetheless appear as the main challenger in one of the bonus rounds for each of the five tournament campuses (with her being replaced with Misaki if the player has her and selects her as one of the playable girls). The second half of the crossover also featured the Senran Kagura swimwear from Xtreme 3, as well as the respective hairstyles in the swimwear for Hitomi, Kokoro, Ayane, and Honoka. In addition, Gekko and Senko from New Link have a voice-only cameo in the ending of Episode 6 of the event.

During the January 28 livestream, it was announced that an Atelier Ryza-themed collaboration was to be utilized, with a minigame involving alchemy being implemented, as well as featuring various items and furniture from the franchise. Another collaboration was revealed during the February 25 livestream to be occurring on late March involving Alice Gear Aegis, with the only known aspects at that time being that Kasumi, Nyotengu, Marie Rose, and Honoka were going to be involved in some capacity, with Tamaki and Kanna also being implied in a later Twitter post to be involved with a raffle. It was eventually revealed on the March 24 livestream to be two weeks long, starting on March 30 and ending on April 14, with the first half having Fiona, Ayane, Misaki, Nagisa, Marie Rose, Kanna, Kokoro, Hitomi, and Leifang, while the second half had Tamaki, Honoka, Monica, Sayuri, Kasumi, Nyotengu, Momiji, Helena Douglas, and Luna. It also revealed that their "malfunction" supplied them with mecha parts. Special containers can also be given to the girls, similar to the alchemy ingredients from the Atelier Ryza collaboration, where it then shows a cinematic of the girls aiming their weapon at the container and blowing it up. Aside from this, a photoshoot environment as well as a special Owner Room design taken directly from Alice Gear Aegis, as well as standing posters and a SSR bromide gacha, were also implied to be included as well as at least one bonus item for use in posing. On Alice Gear Aegis's end, Kasumi and Marie Rose will act as bonus characters in that game, as well as a special map based on the Venus Islands/New Zack Island, as well as bonus outfits derived from the outfits from Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 for the various characters and Pool Hopping.

On June 14, it was announced that there would be a collaboration with the anime Sugoi Dekai, and that there would be a livestream in July confirming details about it, with the livestream itself later being revealed to occur on July 10. The tweet confirming the livestream also confirmed that at a bare minimum Luna and Kanna were going to get SSRs based on the main character's outfit (which was due to Luna's passing resemblance to the eponymous character and Kanna's voice actress Naomi Ōzora voicing the character in the anime, respectively).[3] It was later revealed that it was split into two gachas, both utilized throughout the event, with the first banner containing Misaki, Tamaki, Fiona, Sayuri, Ayane, Kasumi, Kanna, Hitomi, and Nyotengu and the second banner containing Monica, Momiji, Luna, Helena, Nagisa, Marie Rose, Honoka, Kokoro, and Leifang. Unlocking these suits and having the girl wearing the suit win a match in them unlocks an extra episode, called "[girl's name]-Chan Wants to Hang Out!", that features the girl posing and then being stuck in a wall for a photoshoot (a reference to a scene in the anime where Uzaki-chan got stuck trying to sneak through a hedge and ended up spanked by a binder due to her panties being shown[4]) before posing again. Unlike most episodes, these episodes lacks dialogue boxes or even subtitles. The map is also slightly redesigned to utilize 8-bit art work and some flowers throughout the island. The SSR outfits also have an option that slightly enlarges the girls' breasts. Two sets of poses derived from the series, as well as standing and wall posters and photoshoot locations were also issued, with silver coins being needed to purchase them (and requiring completing both halves of the event to acquire). Two watermelons were also issued, one called SUGOI Watermelon, and another called TADANO Watermelon. The latter is required of one of the three exclusive daily event missions for the collaboration's duration. The SSR also allows for paid-only rolls that issue coins to get the girls' outfits via that manner, similar to birthday gachas and paid suit SSR gachas. In addition, during the event, the TV features footage from the anime. During the second half, green clover leaves as well as Kuso Cats were issued in the store, which allowed for the player to play a scene from the related extra episodes and get rewards.

Although not used for Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation itself, the game Azur Lane entered a collaboration with the game. In addition, a second collaboration for Destiny Child was announced to be occurring on September 29, 2020, almost two years after the first collaboration, with the only known element being that Sayuri was going to use Mona's outfit. It was later revealed during Tokyo Game Show 2020 that the first half entailed suits specifically derived from Sitri, as well as red tear drop currency that can be used to purchase lollipops for the various suits, plus black hearts. Photographing the girls wearing the suits will also unlock an extra episode of the girls in question where they lick a lollipop and then suggestively push themselves against a wall to be photographed. Free rolls are also given each login period. Aside from this, photoshoot locations were also issued by having a girl do three chest smashes, as well as Owner Room-based items derived from stuff relating to Destiny Child. In addition, the old event SR gold bikinis are reissued by fully awakening the girls' outfits and then winning matches with each of them. The second half reissued the old SSRs for Kasumi, Marie Rose, Tamaki, and Misaki, as well as issued all four sets to various girls per set (eg, Davi was issued to Luna, Honoka, and Kanna), with additional photoshoot locations being issued by winning once in tower event-like matches per girl. In addition, the old poses were reissued. The first Destiny Child collaboration was later issued into the Singapore Steam version largely due to it getting an international release, featuring a mixture of both the first and second collaborations. Similarly, the Singapore Steam version also released the Atelier Ryza collaboration due to it getting an international release, with the main difference from the DMM version being that the poses are now Event Missions instead of Owner missions, and that Monica is excluded due to her then-recent release on the Steam version. On December 9, a collaboration with Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14 was released, with Sayuri, Luna, and Honoka wearing Diaochan's outfits. Unlike prior collaborations, it was not directly announced in a livestream or on Twitter, it was instead announced via 4Gamer, with Sakuta also revealing that the latter game will also feature a Dead or Alive character as part of the collaboration. Unlocking their SSRs also results in Extra Episodes being issued where the titular girl interact with the main screen girl. Aside from this, a special Owner Room mission was issued where the player issues gold vases, which results in a scene being played of the various girls interacting with each other similarly to the Extra Episodes, with the only difference being that it doesn't zoom in to the standing girl should she be anyone other than Honoka, Luna, or Sayuri. In addition, there were also event missions where the player supplies the girls with EXP items derived from items in the game, such as a feather fan, a rug, and a jade statue, with prizes including a SSR decobromide. There was also a daily login event featuring Sayuri involving the feather fan and gold vases. Red bikinis were also issued alongside earrings from Diaochan. Aside from ROTK14 itself, the event also featured reissues of the Venus Valkyrie outfits, with awakening each girl's armor resulting in them getting a sword for the Owner Room.

On January 13, the Shinobi Masters Senran Kagura New Link collaboration was issued in the Steam version, with it largely being the same as in the DMM version, despite Kanna being free by that time. On January 19, 2021, a second collaboration for Atelier Ryza 2, which had both the old outfits for all the prior girls, as well as new outfits for Kasumi, Marie Rose, Momiji, Nyotengu, and Hitomi in addition to newcomers Sayuri, Patty, and Tsukushi, was issued, with special Atelier Ryza coins being issued with each roll that would result in getting a third set of poses for each girl by January 24. Aside from this, two special decobromides were issued via a gacha banner that depicted two characters from Atelier Ryza 2, portrayed by Kaede Hondo and Naomi Ōzora, the voice actresses for Fiona and Kanna, respectively. In addition, players by exchanging gold coins would get the episodes from the initial collaboration, as well as additional furniture promoting Atelier Ryza 2. On May 20, 2021, as Sakuta earlier indicated, Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14 had a collaboration with Dead or Alive where Kasumi, Misaki, Ayane, and Marie Rose are bonus characters. To celebrate, a reissue of the DOAXVV gacha collaboration for the game was issued with one 10x free roll. During the May 2021 livestream, it implied that there would be a collaboration coming in the future, with the July 2021 livestream stating more information would be issued on August 6. On August 6, it was eventually revealed that there would be a collaboration going on with the anime The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace, with further information to be issued during the August 19, 2021 livestream.[5] It eventually was issued on August 20, 2021 to September 2 in two parts, with Momiji, Monica, Ayane, Helena, Marie Rose, and Hitomi in the first part as well as Fiona, Kasumi, Patty, Kanna, Kokoro, and Tamaki in the second part getting outfits modeled after the character Gil, while Elise, as a reference to her voice actress Asami Seto voicing her, got a paid outfit modeled after Piscalat's civilian attire. Various Owner Room furniture as well as extra episodes of the girls causing an explosion in the ground were also made available in the event store, as well as bags that were used in a similar manner to watermelons. Likewise, Honoka, Nyotengu, Misaki, Luna, Leifang, Nagisa, Sayuri, and Tsukushi ended up getting black and red Labyrinth-style outfits and had Owner Room scenes where they whipped the Owner. The scenes are unlocked by getting the related SSR for them. The scene can also be replicated with other girls provided they were supplied with whips and a book in the related Owner Room mission. In addition, the second half will feature SR and SSR decobromide gachas patterned after the anime. The main story entailed a cosplay festival modeled after the anime that was having problems due to mysterious gusts of wind that conveniently caused the girls' skirts to blow upward, with it being revealed that the Owner and Kanna had been responsible (the latter via Nyotengu's uchiwa fan that she had "borrowed"), although one last gust ended up blown that was implied to have been instigated by the Itaden deities.

On September 3-10, a collaboration with The Symphony of Dragon and Girls occurred with Kasumi and Marie Rose acting as characters for the event, with Honoka and Misaki appearing in the title screen art, and is the second game-based collaboration to be one-sided (ie, not have any collaboration on the side of Xtreme Venus Vacation), after Azur Lane. A second collaboration with the same game was announced to occur on November 19, with the addition of Honoka and Misaki as characters for the event. On December 9, 2021, the Singapore Steam version released the ROTK 14 collaboration, in order to celebrate the latter game's expansion pack. The contents were the same as in the DMM version. During the December 15 livestream, it was announced that a collaboration with the mangaka Yom will occur in early 2022. Contents for the collaboration included a special swimsuit designed by Yom.[6] The collaboration was eventually unveiled on January 20, 2022 during a livestream on the same date, and in fact did not formally appear in-game until after the livestream. Besides the swimwear as well as special banners and posters, other contents included a special Owner Mission entailing the use of laptop PCs, as well as unlockable extra episodes for each of the girls with event suits where the girls are subject to a photoshoot of being given a foot massage, as well as a special pose upon watching the episodes, and also gift box sets containing five poses for each of the girls in the game thus far. Doing the related Owner Room mission will also have a scene play where one of the girls (exempting Koharu) requests a foot massage, with it either playing in full or stopping early depending on whether the girl is wearing the event SSR. The prizes will also vary as well. Unlocking the gift boxes will automatically gift them to the specific girls. The event episodes themselves entailed the Owner having a late night at the office while Misaki, Tamaki, and Nagisa apparently trying to roust him and eventually having to be subject to various foot massages in various poses, with it eventually being revealed to be a dream. Although not part of the collaboration itself, similar to the Itaden crossover above, office-themed Owner Room furniture was also released in the Owner Room shop.

From February 24 to March 3, 2022, a collaboration for Atelier Sophie 2 was issued as part of the overall Atelier franchise's 25th anniversary. It was first teased on February 22, the day before the February 23rd livestream with Kaede Hondo and Ai Nonaka (the voice actresses for Fiona and Honoka, respectively). It was a series of ten SSRs, half, depicting Sophie's default outfit, being supplied to Leifang, Misaki, Nanami, Fiona, and Kokoro, and the other half, depicting Plachta's original outfit, being supplied to Honoka, Luna, Elise, Tamaki, and Monica. It also had three Owner Room missions, each dedicated to a specific category (POW, TEC, and STM), and each requiring one of three items to complete. Using the items will create a special XP item that can be gifted to the girls. Aside from the Owner Room missions, the TV also plays the trailer for Atelier Sophie 2. A decobromide gacha is also issued during the event, and it also issues 7 10x free roll tickets throughout each day of the event, dedicated to the Atelier Ryza outfits from the two prior collabs. The event premise involved Fiona having an alchemy-related dream while reading books on the subject, with Tamaki also appearing in the dream as a sentient alchemy book, overall adapting Sophie Neuenmuller's character arc. On March 17, 2022, a second collaboration with Shinobi Masters was announced. Aside from it supplying school suits for all the newcomer characters since the first collab (barring Koharu and to a lesser extent Tina due to them being behind a paywall; Specifically, Sayuri and Elise got the Rinka Sisters suits, Lobelia and Nanami got the Gessen Girls Academy suits, Patty and Monica got the Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy uniforms, Kanna got the Homura Crimson Squad uniforms, and Tsukushi got the Hanzo Ninja Academy uniforms), it also offered a paid suit for Tina that's based on her Katsuragi outfit from Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. A special SSR is also issued to those who completed specific panel missions. Like with the prior collaboration, a special extra episode will be unlocked if any of the girls (including Tina) have their SSRs unlocked, with awakening them adding a special option to destroy them. The past suits can also be unlocked during the collaboration. The second half also issued Senran Kagura-style swimwear for Nagisa, Misaki, and Tamaki, based on Marie Rose, Kasumi, and Nyotengu's respective swimwear from Xtreme 3, and also issued new SR and SSR decobromides derived from Shinobi Versus.

On June 19, when announcing the 27th live broadcast helming Aoi Koga and Miyuri Shimabukuro, it also revealed that the second collaboration for Alice Gear Aegis will occur, with more details to be unveiled during the livestream on June 27. The event lasts from June 29-July 14. The second collaboration featured as the main SSR outfits the Alice Gear Platinum Line for all girls except for Tina and Amy, as well as a blue bikini as the event SR. Unlocking the Platinum Line for a girl proceeds to unlock a package that contains a Missile Launcher prop as well as an Extra Episode where the girl is given two photoshoots at the casino area (referencing an event in Alice Gear Aegis where one of the characters instigates a fashion runway). Tina and Amy's episodes could be purchased in their respective areas of the Venus Shop. A new series of decobromides were issued alongside those from the first collaboration. In addition, during the second half, a new Owner Room mission was issued where the girls can be given wine bottles which come with various prizes. The second half of the event has six dark recolors of the suits from the first collaboration, dedicated specifically for Patty, Tsukushi, Lobelia, Nanami, Elise, and Koharu. Similar to the first suits, unlocking them also unlocks the old suits. In addition, both parts have a daily login bonus of 10x free roll tickets per day, each dedicated to a particular suit (the first half pertaining to the Platinum line, while the second was for the 2020 collaboration flashback gacha). The overall plot for the collaboration entailed Tamaki being specifically tasked by Yumi Yotsuya from Alice Gear Aegis with doing a test run for various new pieces of equipment, and later to helm a video series featuring the girls in various dresses issuing thanks. The ending has Tamaki being implied to have called Yumi to supply a report of how things went. Like with the prior collaboration, boxes can be gifted to the girls, showing a scene of them blowing it up with their event suit's weapons systems. The only exception being Tina and Amy, as they just get the contents without any scene playing due to them still being behind a paywall. Although not an actual collaboration, the events of the second New Link collaboration was given an indirect reference in "Qualities of a Star", where, when Nanami expressed hesitance in competing against Tina for a butt battle, the latter mentioned Nanami tied with her in their previous competition, with Nanami stating the circumstances of that festival were unusual that time.

The Yom collaboration eventually appeared in the Singapore Steam version on January 19-25. Although mostly the same as in the DMM version, it added an extra poster depicting Tamaki undergoing a foot massage in addition to Nagisa's poster. On March 22, 2023, as part of the Atelier series' 25th anniversary, a collaboration between the Atelier series as a whole and DOAXVV occurred. All the remaining girls in the roster (except for Yukino) got the Atelier Ryza outfits. A collaboration between Fubuki and DOAXVV occurred around the same time as Marie Rose's True Color event, with posters featuring the female protagonist as well as a special decobromide being issued. On June 9, 2023, as part of the 23rd anniversary of the Atelier series, a two-week collaboration was issued combining the Atelier Sophie collaboration and the 25th anniversary DMM event. Because Amy was still behind a paywall despite the second part featuring her in a major role of the event episode's plot, her Ryza outfit was made a menu-only suit unlockable by awakening her event SR for the second half. In the DMM and Japanese Steam versions on June 27th, a collaboration with Nishizawa 5mm was released, and first announced a week before. The SSRs for most of the girls besides Yukino (and to a lesser extent Yukino's menu suit) were modeled after Nishiza's outfit, and Yukino herself got a paid outfit based on an illustration made in commemoration of the collaboration. Aside from the suits, special furniture was also issued as well as at least two to three poses modeled after aspects from the Nishizawa 5mm franchise, and a new photoshoot location involving a seaside patio was also issued. The same patio also was the focus of extra episodes where the girls after photographs offer the player a drink from a glass with a swirly straw.

On September 22-29, 2023, a second collaboration with Yom was issued, with the Yom suits and all related rewards being issued for all the girls who failed to make the prior collaboration either due to not debuting yet or otherwise being in the paywall at the time (ie, Koharu, Tina, Amy, Shandy, and Yukino). When first patched into the game, it only included posters for Tamaki's Yom artwork (which previously appeared in the Singapore Steam version), though after the Tokyo Game Show livestream, it added in a third poster depicting Shandy in the Yom artstyle in a similar foot massage pose to Nagisa and Tamaki. Overall, the content was largely the same beyond adding new suits and new SR accessories, although it also debuted a variation of remake coins to be used for the old Yom suits from the past collaboration, and also had a weekly login bonus of free tickets for the 2022 collaboration.

On January 25, 2024, it was announced that Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation will have a collaboration with Dapyon: Dolphin Wave, a new game series developed by Senran Kagura creator Marvelous Inc., with more details to be unveiled during the January 29th livestream. There will be two sets of SSRs to collect, one of which was based on the half-anniversary for the latter game, alongside collectable furniture and poses. The clothing can also be altered. In addition, Dolphin Wave features Honoka and Marie Rose as playable characters, acting as the rider and gunner, respectively. Misaki's likeness will also be used for one of the characters in Dolphin Wave. The collaboration lasted from January 29 to February 13. On April 18 to May 1, the Singapore Steam/Johren version had the "Together, Let's Share: Nishizawa 5mm Tie-Up Event" occur, with it largely being the same as in the DMM version.

Dead or Alive 6[]

Mai Shiranui was confirmed in an EVO broadcast to be a downloadable guest playable character in the game, marking the first time in Dead or Alive that a guest character from a past game returned in another game. Aside from Mai, another King of Fighters-related character, Kula Diamond, was also confirmed to be included as DLC. The February 2020 livestream for Venus Vacation also implied that an Atelier Ryza-related collaboration was planned for Dead or Alive 6 and that at the very least Honoka was going to wear an outfit based on Ryza's outfit, but it ended up cancelled alongside any future DLC for the game due to the hair color pricing controversy.

Shinovi Masters Senran Kagura New Link did a crossover with Dead or Alive 6 as well as Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation, with Ayane representing both games, while Marie Rose/Honoka/a Misaki costume and Kasumi/a Nico costume represented the latter and former game, respectively.

In exchange for collaboration with SNK, Marie Rose, Nyotengu and Honoka (the three who debuted in Dead or Alive 5 update titles Ultimate/Last Round before canonically being re-introduced in Dead or Alive 6 storyline) appears in The King of Fighters ‘98 Ultimate Match Online, before being accompanied by the series’ original main heroine, Kasumi in The King of Fighters All Stars.

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