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DOA4 Christie VS Hitomi

Christie vs. Hitomi

The following is the command list for Christie in Dead or Alive 4.

Move Type of Move Command Damage Height Listed in Exercise
Kaishin-Jako-Shu Unique Attack 7 / Up-BackPunch Yes
Jakei-Renbu Unique Attack PunchPunchPunchPunchPunch Yes
Ren-Keppo-Soshu Unique Attack PunchPunchPunchPunch2 / DownPunch Yes
Jakei-Sojinshoku Unique Attack PunchPunchPunch6 / ForwardPunch Yes
Ren-Dokuja-Monro Unique Attack PunchPunch2 / DownPunchPunch Yes
Dokuja-Renko-Renga Unique Attack PunchPunch4 / BackPunchPunchPunch Yes
Dokuja-Renhai-Sensho Unique Attack PunchPunch4 / BackPunchKickPunch Yes
Dokuja-Renko-Sotai Unique Attack PunchPunch4 / BackPunch2 / DownKick Yes
Rentotsu-Resen Unique Attack PunchPunchKickKick Yes
Rentotsu-Soka-Rengeki Unique Attack PunchPunch2 / DownKickPunch Yes
Jakei, Ren-Kosen Unique Attack PunchKickKickKick Yes
Jakei, Ren-Koso Unique Attack PunchKickKick2 / DownKick Yes
Ren-Soja-Dako Unique Attack 6 / ForwardPunchPunchPunchPunch Yes
Dokuja-Sanren-Kosho Unique Attack 4 / BackPunchPunchPunch Yes
Dokuja-Tsuifu Unique Attack 4 / BackPunchKickPunch Yes
Dokuja-Koso-Tai Unique Attack 4 / BackPunch2 / DownKick Yes
Dokuja-Ran-Tsuifu Unique Attack 3 / Down-ForwardPunchPunchPunch Yes
Dokuja-Koshu Unique Attack Hold 3 / Down-ForwardPunch Yes
Dokuja-Jinraku Unique Attack 8 / UpPunchPunch Yes
Dokuritsu-Sen-Jakei Unique Attack 9 / Up-ForwardPunch Yes
Kasei-Joja-Renkeishu Unique Attack 2 / DownPunchPunchPunch Yes
Keppo-Tokyaku Unique Attack 1 / Down-BackPunchKick Yes
Dokuja-Hangeki Unique Attack 6 / Forward6 / ForwardPunchPunch Yes
Dokuja-Jinshoku Unique Attack 3 / Down-Forward3 / Down-ForwardPunch Yes
Tenshin-Jashin Unique Attack 4 / Back6 / ForwardPunch Yes
Dokuja-Hiten Unique Attack 236 / Quarter-circle ForwardPunch Yes
Kakku-Ja Unique Attack 214 / Quarter-circle BackPunch Yes
Ren-Kosen Unique Attack KickKickKick Yes
Ren-Koso Unique Attack KickKick2 / DownKick Yes
Shuraku-Dokuga Unique Attack KickPunch Yes
Shitsuraku-Dokuga Unique Attack 6 / ForwardKickPunch Yes
Zenteki-Senpu Unique Attack 4 / BackKickKick Yes
Zenteki-Dokuja Unique Attack 4 / BackKick2 / DownKickPunchPunch Yes
Zessho, Doku-Ren-Tokyaku Unique Attack 4 / BackKick2 / DownKickPunch2 / DownPunchKick Yes
Sokushu-Tai Unique Attack 8 / UpKick Yes
Toku-So-Soku Unique Attack 9 / Up-ForwardKickKick
9 / Up-ForwardKickKick2 / Down
Dokuja-Chobi Unique Attack 7 / Up-BackKick Yes
Jasen-Totsuga Unique Attack 3 / Down-ForwardKickPunch Yes
Jasen-Renshu Unique Attack 3 / Down-ForwardKickKick Yes
Dokuja-Shussui Unique Attack 1 / Down-BackKickPunchPunch Yes
Zessho, Jasen-Renshu Unique Attack 1 / Down-BackKickPunch2 / DownPunchKick Yes
Kacchi-Shu Unique Attack (While running) FreePlusKick
(While running) Hold 2 / DownKick
So-Hien Unique Attack 6 / Forward6 / ForwardKick Yes
Soja-Shugan Unique Attack PunchPlusKick Yes
Zenten-Dokuja-Rentotsu Unique Attack 6 / ForwardPunchPlusKickPunchPunch Yes
Senkyu-Tai Unique Attack 6 / ForwardPunchPlusKickKick Yes
Soja-Tensho Unique Attack 4 / BackHold PunchPlusHold Kick Yes
Dokuja-Senrei-Senpu Unique Attack FreePlusKickKickKick Yes
Ren-Ken-Kyaku Unique Attack 6 / ForwardFreePlusKick Yes
Koshu-Tai Unique Attack 4 / BackFreePlusKick Yes
Kaso-Rengeki Unique Attack 2 / DownFreePlusKickPunch Yes
Dokuja-Hiku-Sho Unique Attack (While jumping over obstacle) Punch No
Dokuja-Hiku-Shu Unique Attack (While jumping over obstacle) Kick No
Dokuja-Ren-Sensho Unique Attack (To foe behind) 4 / BackPunchPunch No
Haisei-Jaren-Dokushu Unique Attack (To foe behind) 2 / DownPunchPunchPunchPunch No
Dokuja-Shinyo Unique Attack (To foe behind) PunchPlusKick
(To foe behind) PunchPlusKick2 / Down
Sochi-Kyaku Unique Attack (To foe behind) FreePlusKick No
Dokuja-Kisenjin Unique Attack (While getting up) PunchPlusKick No
Dokuja-Fujin Special Move 2 / DownPunchPlusKick Yes
Zenpo-Dachi Special Move (During Dokuja-Fujin) 6 / Forward Yes
Koho-Dachi Special Move (During Dokuja-Fujin) 4 / Back Yes
Jakeiho Special Move (During Dokuja-Fujin) 8 / Up
(During Dokuja-Fujin) 2 / Down
Jakei-Sototsu Attack in the Poison Serpent Stance (During Dokuja-Fujin) 8 / UpPunchPunch
(During Dokuja-Fujin) 2 / DownPunchPunch
Jashu-Renso-Gekiso Attack in the Poison Serpent Stance (During Dokuja-Fujin) 8 / UpPunchKickPunch
(During Dokuja-Fujin) 2 / DownPunchKickPunch
Jashu-Rengeki-Sasso Attack in the Poison Serpent Stance (During Dokuja-Fujin) 8 / UpPunchKick2 / DownPunch
(During Dokuja-Fujin) 2 / DownPunchKick2 / DownPunch
Soja-Dako Attack in the Poison Serpent Stance (During Dokuja-Fujin) PunchPunch Yes
Dokuja-Bunsho Attack in the Poison Serpent Stance (During Dokuja-Fujin) 6 / ForwardPunch Yes
Gansai-Ga Attack in the Poison Serpent Stance (During Dokuja-Fujin) 4 / BackPunch Yes
Yakuho-Sohi Attack in the Poison Serpent Stance (During Dokuja-Fujin) Kick Yes
Niki-Kyaku Attack in the Poison Serpent Stance (During Dokuja-Fujin) 6 / ForwardKick Yes
Dokuja-Jinpu Attack in the Poison Serpent Stance (During Dokuja-Fujin) 4 / BackKick Yes
Dokuja-Koto Attack in the Poison Serpent Stance (During Dokuja-Fujin) PunchPlusKick Yes
Dokuja-Oga Attack in the Poison Serpent Stance (During Dokuja-Fujin) 4 / BackPunchKickPunch
(During Dokuja-Fujin) 4 / BackPunchKickPunch2 / Down
Dokuja-Rasen-Kyaku Attack in the Poison Serpent Stance (During Dokuja-Fujin) 1 / Down-BackKickKick Yes
Zenso-Yakuho-Sohi Attack in the Poison Serpent Stance (During Dokuja-Fujin) 1 / Down-BackKick6 / ForwardKick Yes
Rensotai Attack in the Poison Serpent Stance (During Dokuja-Fujin) 1 / Down-BackKick2 / DownKick
(During Dokuja-Fujin) 1 / Down-BackKick2 / DownKickHold 2 / Down
Dokuja-Rakuko Throw FreePlusPunch Yes
Shumon-Shako-Raku Throw (When foe's back faces a slope) FreePlusPunch No
Hajo-Sharaku Throw (When foe's back faces a slope with a cliff) FreePlusPunch No
Koshu-Senten Throw 4 / BackFreePlusPunch Yes
Kaishu-Gekishu Throw (Next to wall) 4 / BackFreePlusPunch No
Dokuja-Senraku Throw 236 / Quarter-circle ForwardFreePlusPunch Yes
Dokuja-Miko Throw (Next to wall) 236 / Quarter-circle ForwardFreePlusPunch No
Kenpo-Jako-Shu Throw 6 / ForwardFreePlusPunch Yes
Hishu-Zazen-Sen Throw 63214 / Half-circle BackFreePlusPunch Yes
Sanja-Haishu Throw (To foe's back) FreePlusPunch Yes
Ren-Chositsu Throw (To crouching foe) 2 / DownFreePlusPunch Yes
Shitsugan-Hishu Throw (To crouching foe) 3 / Down-ForwardFreePlusPunch Yes
Koshu-Ren-Sengeki Throw (To crouching foe's back) 2 / DownFreePlusPunch Yes
Dokuja-Shutai Throw (During Dokuja-Fujin) FreePlusPunch
2 / DownFreePlusKickFreePlusPunch
Koshu-To Hold (Against a high punch) 7 / Up-BackFree Yes
Honshin-Tentai Hold (Against a high kick) 7 / Up-BackFree Yes
Shoten-Honka Hold (Against a middle punch) 4 / BackFree Yes
Ryutsui-Ren-Kyaku Hold (Against a middle kick) 6 / ForwardFree Yes
Dokuja-Tenyo Hold (Against a low punch) 1 / Down-BackFree Yes
Tosen-Tenyo Hold (In area with ceilingm against a low punch) 1 / Down-BackFree No
Dokuja-Gakuko Hold (Against a low kick) 1 / Down-BackFree Yes
Tengyo-Rakutai Hold (Against a jumping punch) 4 / BackFree Yes
Hekiraku-Tenjo Hold (Next to wall, against a jumping punch) 4 / BackFree Yes
Suisha-Rakushu Hold (Against a jumping kick) 6 / ForwardFree (Against a jumping kick) Yes
Hekiraku-Tenga Hold (Next to wall, against a jumping kick) 6 / ForwardFree Yes
Toku-Jasen Down Attack (To knocked-down foe) 8 / UpPunchPlusKick Yes
Zenten-Shin Special Move 6 / ForwardPunchPlusKick Yes
Dokuja-Zenjin Special Move 3 / Down-ForwardPunchPlusKick Yes
Dokuja-Kojin Special Move 1 / Down-BackPunchPlusKick Yes
Taunt 1 Special Move 4 / Back6 / Forward4 / BackFreePlusPunchPlusKick

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