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Burai (Japanese: 武雷) was the master of Mugen Tenshin clan, and the father of Raidou and Shiden, making him the grandfather of Hayate, Kasumi, Ayane, and Honoka.


Many years ago, Burai was the sixteenth master of the Mugen Tenshin clan. Soon the ninja master would marry and had two children, both with the potential to be his heir to the family legacy; Raidou, the eldest, and Shiden the youngest.

As the boys grew under his tutelage, they were trained in the most advanced skills of the Tenjinmon of Mugen Tenshin ninjutsu. Both of the young shinobi showed him much promise, but then everything changed. As Raidou grew older, his anger and rage became more unstable, as Shiden was constantly getting stronger than him, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Burai saw the darkness in Raidou's heart, and as Raidou fell into the depths of evil, Burai refused to let him lead the clan, out of fear of what Raidou's wickedness may bring. So it was that he instead passed the title of master to Shiden. This caused Raidou to go insane with rage and so Raidou left the village[1][2], determined to become the most powerful ninja in history, leading to the catastrophic events that would plague the Mugen Tenshin clan.



Burai's name in kanji (武雷), means "fierce thunder."



Shiden is Burai's youngest son, and was chosen as the 17th clan leader of the Mugen Tenshin. Burai trained him in the most advanced of the Tenjinmon's highest ninja arts, including passing to him the clan's best- kept move; the Torn Sky Blast. Shiden became the 17th master ninja of the clan, earning the nickname Raijin, the God of Thunder.


The relationship between Raidou and Burai was the same as the relationship with the biblical Cain and Adam, as Raidou tried desperately to please his father and become the next master. But Burai sensed a great evil brewing in his soul, and feared the worst for the clan's future. His decision to choose Shiden drove Raidou over the edge, and the ninja left on a journey to become the most powerful ninja.


  • Burai is mentioned in the Japanese and American versions of the Dead or Alive 1 Ultimate manual's relationship chart, but for reasons unknown is left out of the European version.

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