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Introduced in Dead or Alive 6, a Break Hold is a special meter based action that allows the player to perform a special hold that can stop all strikes, from highs, mids, and even lows at the cost of 1/2 of their meter. When performed successfully, the background will briefly dim as the player quickly counters the attack, resetting the distance between both fighters as well as dealing a small amount of damage to who was countered. Break holds are a useful action since it helps players, particularly newer players be able to stop their opponent's pressure and mix ups in situations when they don't know exactly which hit level to hold from, simplifying the risk of guessing wrong. The Break Hold is also the only way that fatal stuns, stuns from fatal attacks and fatal rushes can be escaped since fatal stuns don't allow normal holds to be used. While the damage is lacking, the hold gives the user a small amount of advantage to be able to attack first, which puts the momentum briefly in their favor.

While useful however, break holds are vulnerable to hi counter throws like their normal hold counterparts, and the recovery animation is also somewhat longer than a normal hold as well, leaving you at a bigger disadvantage if you happen to throw it out carelessly or use it when your opponent is trying to force you to sacrifice your meter. It's also impossible to KO a foe with a break hold even if the small amount of damage is enough to KO them, meaning you can't use it as a real way to end the round.