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Brad vs. Christie

The following is the command list for Brad Wong in Dead or Alive 3.

Move Type of Move Command Damage Height Listed in Exercise
Tenshin-Chu Attack PunchPunchPunch Yes
Ren-Senpu Attack PunchPunchKick Yes
Ren-Dokuritsu Attack PunchPunchHold 6 / Forward Yes
Tenshin-Senpu Attack PunchPunchHold 4 / Back Yes
Ren-Toshin Attack PunchPunch1 / Down-BackKick Yes
Tessa Attack PunchPunch2 / DownKick Yes
Katsumen-Tai Attack PunchKick Yes
Senshin-Getsuga Attack 6 / ForwardPunchPunch Yes
Soko-Shu, Suiho Attack 6 / ForwardPunch4 / BackPunch Yes
Suiho-Chogeki Attack 8 / UpPunch Yes
Koshu Attack PunchPlusKick Yes
Ren-Chowan Attack 3 / Down-ForwardPunchPunch Yes
Kasenko, Yogeki Attack 4 / Back6 / ForwardPunchPunchPunch Yes
Kasenko, Tantai-Son Attack 4 / Back6 / ForwardPunchPunchKick Yes
Gyoin-Chowan Attack 4 / BackPunchPunch Yes
Gyoin-Zenku-Hontetsu Attack 4 / BackPunchKickKick Yes
Sohaku Attack 6 / Forward6 / ForwardPunchPunch Yes
Kyuho-Toda Attack Hold 3 / Down-ForwardPunchPunch Yes
Koso Attack 6 / ForwardPunchPlusKick Yes
Honshin-Jokaku-Zengeki Attack 236 / Quarter-circle ForwardPunch Yes
Senshin-Choto Attack 214 / Quarter-circle BackPunch Yes
Taiho-Getsuga Attack 4 / BackPunchPlusKick Yes
Keppo-Sokuto Attack 1 / Down-BackPunchKick Yes
Keppo-Honshin-Dantai Attack Hold 1 / Down-BackPunchKick Yes
Ren-Sokuto Attack 1 / Down-BackPunchPunchKick Yes
Ren-Honshin-Dantai Attack Hold 1 / Down-BackPunchPunchKick Yes
Sokusen-Getsuga Attack 8 / Up8 / UpPunch
2 / Down2 / DownPunch
Ren-Koshutai Attack KickKickKick Yes
Ren-Sentai-Zachi Attack KickKick2 / DownKick Yes
Zenso-Tai Attack Hold 1 / Down-BackKickKickKick Yes
Ren-Kohontai Attack 1 / Down-BackKickKickKick Yes
Renkan-Bokko Attack 1 / Down-BackKickKick2 / DownKick Yes
Renkan-Sohi Attack FreePlusKickKickKick Yes
Zenteki, Senpu-Kyaku Attack 3 / Down-ForwardKickKick Yes
Zenteki, Ren-Chowan Attack 3 / Down-ForwardKickPunchPunch Yes
Kocho-Soteki, Kohon Attack 3 / Down-Forward3 / Down-ForwardKickKick Yes
Kocho-Soteki, Bokko Attack 3 / Down-Forward3 / Down-ForwardKick2 / DownKick Yes
Senpu, Zenku Attack 6 / ForwardKickKick Yes
Niki-Kyaku Attack 9 / Up-ForwardKick Yes
Taishin-Zenku-Hontetsu Attack 7 / Up-BackKickKick Yes
Toshin-Dantai Attack 4 / Back4 / BackKick Yes
Hoho-Sohi Attack 8 / UpKick Yes
Tantai, Senpu Attack 2 / DownKickKick Yes
Konsen-Tai Attack Hold 2 / DownKickKick Yes
Tantai, Shoshi-Suiteki Attack 2 / DownKickPunch Yes
Kosotai Attack 2 / DownFreePlusKick Yes
Zenku-Hontetsu Attack 6 / ForwardFreePlusKick Yes
Sentai-Zachi Attack 6 / Forward6 / ForwardKick Yes
Yakuho-Choda Attack 9 / Up-ForwardPunchPunch Yes
Dokuritsu-Ho Special Move 4 / BackKick Yes
Teishitsu-Chowan Attack (During Dokuritsu-Ho) Punch Yes
Senpu-Choda Attack (During Dokuritsu-Ho) KickPunch Yes
Soteki Attack (During Dokuritsu-Ho) KickKick Yes
Teppo-Zenteki Attack (During Dokuritsu-Ho) 4 / BackKick Yes
Dokuritsu-Kosotai Attack (During Dokuritsu-Ho) 2 / DownKick Yes
Dokuritsu, Koso Attack (During Dokuritsu-Ho) PunchPlusKick Yes
Stand Special Move (During Dokuritsu-Ho) Free Yes
Koshu-Getsuga Back-Facing Attack (To foe behind) PunchPunchPunch Yes
Renkan-Yogeki Back-Facing Attack (To foe behind) PunchPunch6 / ForwardPunchPunch Yes
Renkan-Kaso Back-Facing Attack (To foe behind) PunchPunch6 / ForwardPunch2 / DownPunch Yes
Rengeki, Honshin-Dantai Back-Facing Attack (To foe behind) PunchPunch2 / DownKick Yes
Getsuga, Koshutai Back-Facing Attack (To foe behind) PunchKick Yes
Rensen-Sogeki Back-Facing Attack (To foe behind) 2 / DownPunchPunch Yes
Haisei-Sokuto Back-Facing Attack (To foe behind) Hold 2 / DownPunchKick Yes
Haisei-Honshin-Dantai Back-Facing Attack (To foe behind) Hold 2 / DownPunchHold 2 / DownKick Yes
Zenkon-Hon Back-Facing Attack (To foe behind) 6 / ForwardKickHold 4 / Back Yes
Kokon, Uron Back-Facing Attack (To foe behind) 6 / ForwardKickHold 6 / ForwardKick Yes
Kokon, Bokko Back-Facing Attack (To foe behind) 6 / ForwardKickHold 3 / Down-ForwardKick Yes
Haisei-Sohaku Back-Facing Attack (To foe behind) 6 / Forward6 / ForwardPunchPunch Yes
Shoshi-Suiteki Back-Facing Attack (To foe behind) PunchPlusKick Yes
Kohontai Back-Facing Attack (To foe behind) 8 / UpKick Yes
Tohon-Kishin Back-Facing Attack (To foe behind) FreePlusKick Yes
Zenten Special Move (While lying) 6 / Forward Yes
Koten Special Move (While lying) 4 / Back Yes
Oten Special Move (While lying) 8 / Up
(While lying) 2 / Down
Rigyo, Zenku Lying Attack (Lying with legs facing foe) FreeKick Yes
Rigyo, Getsuga Lying Attack (Lying with legs facing foe) Punch Yes
Fukushin-Haitai Lying Attack (Lying with legs facing foe) Kick Yes
Zenkon-Soteki Lying Attack (Lying with legs facing foe) 6 / ForwardKick Yes
Fukushin-Bokko Lying Attack (Lying with legs facing foe) FreePlusKick Yes
Kinkosen Special Move (Lying with head facing foe) Free Yes
Kokon, Gyoshin-Getsuga Lying Attack (Lying with head facing foe) Punch Yes
Uron-Kochu Lying Attack (Lying with head facing foe) Kick Yes
Kokon-Soteki Lying Attack (Lying with head facing foe) 6 / ForwardKick Yes
Rigyoen Lying Attack (Lying with head facing foe) FreePlusKick Yes
Ro-Dohin Throw FreePlusPunch Yes
Tetsu-Kairi Throw 4 / BackFreePlusPunch Yes
Senhen-Nyudo Throw (Next to wall) 4 / BackFreePlusPunch No
Senshi Throw 6 / ForwardFreePlusPunch Yes
Kazan-Rakuro Throw (Next to wall) 6 / ForwardFreePlusPunch No
Tenshin-Soko Throw 6 / Forward6 / ForwardFreePlusPunch Yes
Kan-Shori Throw (To foe's back) FreePlusPunch Yes
So-Kokukyu Throw (To foe's back) 4 / BackFreePlusPunch Yes
Suiho-Unshin-Haiho Throw (To foe behind) FreePlusPunchPunch Yes
Hashitsu-Gyosen Throw (To crouching foe) 2 / DownFreePlusPunch Yes
Ran-Saiwa Throw (To crouching foe) 1 / Down-BackFreePlusPunch Yes
Kan-Shoshi Throw (To crouching foe's back) 2 / DownFreePlusPunch Yes
Juji-Senraku Throw (To crouching foe behind) 2 / DownFreePlusPunch Yes
Konsentai Throw (Lying with legs facing foe) FreePlusPunch Yes
Suiboku-Kosentai Throw (Lying with head facing foe) FreePlusPunch Yes
Yoki-Chochu Hold (Against foe's high punch) 7 / Up-BackFree Yes
Hoto-Choshitsu Hold (Against foe's high kick) 7 / Up-BackFree Yes
Suimu-Hateki Hold (Against foe's middle punch) 4 / BackFree Yes
Hotai-Gyoso Hold (Against foe's middle kick) 4 / BackFree Yes
Senri-Goan Hold (Against foe's low punch) 1 / Down-BackFree Yes
Ryuso-Senkyaku Hold (Against foe's low kick) 1 / Down-BackFree Yes
Ryusui-Rakuyo Hold (Against foe's jumping punch) 4 / BackFree Yes
Zaban-Tetsu Down Attack (To KO'd foe) 8 / UpPunchPlusKick Yes
Zenku-Hon Down Attack (To KO'd foe) 8 / UpPunch Yes
Toshu-Richu Down Attack (To KO'd foe) 2 / DownPunch Yes
Haisei Special Move 4 / Back4 / BackPunch Yes
Back Dash Special Move (To foe behind) 6 / Forward6 / Forward No
Hekika-Kuhon Special Move (Next to wall) 4 / BackPunchPlusKick No
Kuchu-Hon Special Move 9 / Up-ForwardPunch Yes
Taishin-Hon Special Move 7 / Up-BackPunch Yes
Kozento Special Move 3 / Down-ForwardPunchPlusKick Yes
Kokoto Special Move 2 / DownPunchPlusKick Yes
Nehan-Tenshin Special Move (When knocked down) PunchPlusKick No
Appeal: Gyoshin-Inshu Special Move 4 / Back6 / Forward4 / BackFreePlusPunchPlusKick Yes
Appeal: Shogo-Koko Special Move 2 / Down2 / DownFreePlusPunchPlusKick Yes

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