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Michael Delaughter Michael Delaughter 26 June 2022

Rumors about Dead or Alive 7.

Rumors have been saying that Dead or Alive 7 was cancelled.

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IalocinnicolaI IalocinnicolaI 5 May 2020

Fanon: When Namco Bandai predicted Helena Douglas as a concept for Nina Williams in Tekken 1 before DOA 2 (what if Koei Tecmo financially merges with Namco Bandai?)

Imagine if Helena Douglas was in Namco's Tekken 7...

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IalocinnicolaI IalocinnicolaI 3 May 2020

So, the concept art for the first Tekken game had a certain illustration that predicted Helena? Hence the bikini top, ribbon, and other aesthetics

So, when Namco released a book titled Tekken Chronicle circa 2003, therefore in one page of the said book, it even mused a concept art for 1994's Tekken 1.

And on the centre part of the page, it eventually displayed an illustration of a blonde human female boxer whose hairstyle possess similar physical aesthetics to Helena Douglas, who later marked her first appearance in DOA2 five years after T1 was released via arcades. 

But this would be no Ryo Sakazaki-esque (because of Dan Hibiki), Ken Masters-esque (because of Rufus), or Paul Phoenix-esque (because of Guile) blog discussion here (as it says so, meme magic). 

As [deeply] no one have ever seen this concept art before, it also examines that the female boxer I am talking about was not just a f…

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 29 September 2018

About the Remake version of Dead Fantasy series

The animator Uiyahan created a remake version of the late Monty Oum's Dead Fantasy series, three years after his death. This animator's creation has a work of art but also costs him too if you like to support him at Patreon. I just hoped Team Ninja and Square devs can support him rather than criticizing by many for stealing someone's work who was already dead.

Oum's work in Dead Fantasy remained incomplete after releasing the preview of Dead Fantasy VIII and a few previews of Dead Fantasy VI which is a battle between Rikku and Ayane and became more focused on the RWBY series. I guess Uiyahan made a remake version of the series is a tribute to him.

There are changes in the remake version was using realistic characters with facial expressions,…

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JJBisNowHere JJBisNowHere 10 June 2018

Missing page: Dead or Alive 5 Infinite

Can someone please create a page (Dead or Alive 5 Infinite) because it's traditional Chinese? The page was missing since I don't have ideas to create it. It was released on August 2017, I think.

Official website:

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Zeroxfrost Zeroxfrost 4 October 2016


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Xboxgrend Xboxgrend 27 March 2016

Hit me up!

Please feel free to talk with me on Twitter, or add me as a Friend on Xbox Live or PSN.

I can't promise I'll be on much, but I'll respond when I can.

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Klahanrickytang Klahanrickytang 29 August 2015

Kausmi's screenshots from Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round (PS4)

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 1 June 2015

The facts in Dead Fantasy VI to IX after Monty's death.

After Monty's death, he never finishes the whole Dead Fantasy series and he's more focused on RWBY series instead. I don't think someone who make this epic fight after him?

Here are the facts in Dead Fantasy series which he never finishes after showing the preview of Dead Fantasy VIII.

Dead Fantasy VI:

Rikku and Ayane are fighting in the underground sewers which it was briefly viewed in youtube. But it seems that Rikku would demonstrate in changing dressphere against Ayane. Her Tokkosho weapon is probably will be sliced in half by one of Rikku's fan-made dresspheres which is why Ayane changes weapon to Fuma Kodachi. I believe Rikku is going to win the one on one fight.

Dead Fantasy VII:

Both Rinoa and Rachel continues their equal fight. Unfortu…

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J.J. Chambers J.J. Chambers 25 May 2015

VS Battles

Hello, everyone!

Can you join it? If you're interested in them, then here you go.

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AgnessAngel AgnessAngel 19 April 2015

Marie Rose

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AgnessAngel AgnessAngel 19 April 2015


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Kana Kana "Saki Kuro" Clark 1 November 2014

I need help

I'm a DOA fan and I heard Kasumi can have braids, pur her hair down, etc in DOA5. But here's a problem:

I only have DOA5+ and I'm having problems putting her hair looser. Can you help me how to do that on the Vita?

From, Kana "Saki Kuro" Clark

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ILoveVisuals ILoveVisuals 13 September 2013

What's up?

Did I like, say anything to offend people with my previous blog? I'm just curious because ever since then, all of my wiki edits, no matter if for Dead or Alive, Final Fantasy, etc., have all been getting deleted. What gives? Look, I'm sorry if I upset anyone by getting upset over something, but seriously...if it affected anyone enough to produce spite towards me, that's a shame. 

Besides, I often post in the "Trivia" section, which makes it even more interesting because that area is for interesting notes and facts pertaining to the corresponding game. As I've said, I make sure of the proof to what I post BEFORE I post it. Why people feel such a need to remove any edits I make is beyond me, but it's getting ridiculous!

I didn't join Wikipedia…

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Masoulchild85 Masoulchild85 21 April 2013

DOA6: New 16-17 year old characters?

16 & 17 Year old Characters in DOA6

Dead or Alive 5 takes place two years after the events of the destruction of DOATEC. These characters that were sixteen and seventeen during that time:

  • Kasumi (17, oldest)
  • Kokoro (17)
  • Ayane (16)
  • Elliot (youngest,16)

They are now 18 or 19 years old by the events of Dead or Alive 5. Who will the new young characters be? What fighting styles would they have?...

Young character seems to have a certain "speed" ability to them. I imagine having a character like Eileen of Virtua Fighter. Maybe a young character with praying Mantis? Shaolin Kungfu? These would be quick styles for the new youth of DOA.

I could easily see the young character beholding the preying mantis style compatible in tag battle with Christie while the…

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Masoulchild85 Masoulchild85 21 April 2013

Tag Alliances

Dead or Alive 6 New Tag Alliances

We are happy to see from DOA5:

  • Leifang & Hitomi
  • Helena & Kokoro
  • Kokoro & Akira
  • Tina & Sarah
  • Tina & Mila
  • Bass & Mila
  • Bass & Rig
  • JannLee & Rig
  • All Virtua Fighter with some together

Leifang has Hitomi as a full partner (2 tags), JannLee has Rig as a new full partner (2 tags), and Tina has two new full partners, Mila and Sarah (2 tags each), and the sisters, Helena and Kokoro are given their sisterly alliance and tags.

For DOA6, it would be nice to see:

  • Jann Lee & Hayate
  • Kasumi & Hayate
  • Kasumi & Kokoro
  • Zack & Mila
  • Hayate & Hitomi (add another)
  • Ayane & Hitomi
  • Leifang & Kokoro (only one)
  • Leifang & Pai Chan
  • Leifang & Elliot (add another)
  • Helena & Pai Chan
  • Helena & Akira (only 1 tag)
  • Hitomi & Rig
  • Hitomi & Mila
  • Christie & Rig
  • Elliot & Pai Chan…

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ILoveVisuals ILoveVisuals 5 October 2012


Is it really necessary to edit wiki posts that have been revised to prevent major details from being uncovered too soon? The only reason I deleted the line for Kasumi's trivia "Keep in mind that her first two chapters are about Kasumi's clone", is so people whom haven't played before don't have such information ruined for them before they get the chance to find out for themselves. I know what it's like to have such things ruined for you - it sucks! Letting people believe Kasumi was actually killed, especially by her brother and sister, really adds more of that "wow!" factor; grabs their attention and makes them want to play even more to see if their theories or thoughts were right, don't you think? Is the element of surprise REALLY that ov…

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BlueSmasher10 BlueSmasher10 25 March 2012

Dead Or Alive 5 Specific North America Launch Date?

The Online Retailer Shop & well known American shop GameStop may have revealed the Release Date for the North American Release of Dead Or Alive 5, Orignially it was September 2012 but the date is now more specific according to GameStop's site.

The date is the 25th September 2012 For North America, It releases on a Tuesday like most normal games in North America.

Do you think this is True, Could you wait that long for this game? Have your comment below telling what you think about this.

BlueSmasher10 14:25, March 25, 2012 (UTC)

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BlueSmasher10 BlueSmasher10 25 March 2012

Whats Your Favourite DOA Theme/Music?

We have a lot of good Theme Songs in the DoA Series, but which is your Favourite?

My Favourite DOA Theme Song is the DOA5 Main Menu Song, Thats pretty epic.

BlueSmasher10 14:00, March 25, 2012 (UTC)

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KillHil KillHil 23 March 2012

Win a DOA 5 Demo Code!


Good news DOA fans. I've got five PS3 and five X360 codes for the Dead or Alive 5 demo that is normally only available in the Ninja Gaiden 3 Collector's Edtion. The code gives you a demo stage and access to four playable characters: Hitomi, Ayane, Hayabusa, and Hayate.

Want a code? Then you gotta do three things: Log in (or create an account), leave a comment telling me who your fave DOA character is and why, and tell my which version you prefer (PS3 or X360). I'll pick the 10 responses on Monday, March 26, and deliver the codes. KillHil 16:30, March 23, 2012 (UTC)

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Rcisim319 Rcisim319 17 March 2012

Hi everyone! (im new)

Hi guys, ive been on this wiki for quite sometime and ive never gotten the chance to actually introduce my self. Im Rcisim319 you can call me Randy. Im a fan of DOA. but i only have DOAD. I plan on getting Dead or alive 5 when it comes out. I hope to have fun on this wiki and try to help as best as i can. :)

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Sonic100jam Sonic100jam 14 May 2011


Bad news! A vandal has been posting some hidious pictures on other wikis on Wikia. We don't know who the vandal is because he has been banned multiple time and he keeps creating multiple accounts. But what we do know is that he goes by the name Meepsheep.

These are the Wikis I know that has been vandalized:

  • Sonic News Network
  • Glee Wiki
  • iCarly Wiki
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Kasumi Ryona

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